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Review #26, by bri_5_starsOff Limits: Merlin Must Hate Me

3rd May 2012:
Blerg! *flails arms wildly from inability to find right words to express the amount of like and stuff about this chapter*
OMYGOSH! This chapter was great, it has all of the drama, mixed with the funny, mixed with cute, and a smidge of romance-y stuff. Don't you dare abandon this story, it's too good! On to the next chapter! *trumpets sound*

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Review #27, by bri_5_starsWounded Vexation: A Letter Can Change Everything

13th April 2012:
You are very descriptive, I like it. This chapter was a little bit sad because of Narcissa, but I'm guessing it's supposed to be. Anyway good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing.

I have been working hard on being more descriptive so I am glad that you pointed that out. I am still working on figuring out just how I write.

Yes, it is sad and as you said it's suppose to be. The other chapters are a bit sad a well, but they come with a good lesson on life in general.

Thanks again! =)


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Review #28, by bri_5_starsCrows + Locusts : Crows + Locusts

13th April 2012:
This is so adorable. Yet somehow foreboding at the same time, since as the reader I know that Lily and James are doomed. Which makes your depiction of their relationship, (the sentimental moments, tension and arguments) even better, for lack of a better word lol. Any way, I love this. Kudos on the awesome writing. :D

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I think it was really obvious that this was a Halloween fic but everyone who reads it tries to deny it haha. Dont' worry, I did it while I was writing it as well.

Thank you!

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Review #29, by bri_5_starsWinner Takes All: Why Should I Complain?

8th April 2012:
So weird, when I was reading this I totally started to feel what I'm sure Rose would have been feeling. I really like how you've set the situation so far. I hate it that when the ex of Rose or whoever, starts dating or gets married someone in the characters family the author usually lets everyone just be okay with it and no one seems to mind. I'm so glad that you haven't done that. It's right of Rose and the rest of her family to be mad with Scorpius and Lily especially for what they've done. Bravo! I really does seem that this is the great story I've been looking for. :D

Author's Response: It's great to hear that you like how the story is coming along so far! I agree with you that the characters shouldn't be okay with Scorpius's behaviour - it would be really weird if all the Weasley-Potters were fine with the new marriage arrangements, and totally out of character. I can imagine that Rose had a hard enough time convincing everyone that she and Scorpius were a couple, but for him to change to another of the cousins, AND do so behind Rose's back... lots of problems there.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story, too! :D

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Review #30, by bri_5_starsRunning Back, Moving Forward: Ron's proposal

6th April 2012:
Wow, you are very good at showing and not telling. I salute you. It is sort of a slow beginning to the story but that's not a bad thing since it eases you in. Though it does sort of end kind of abruptly after Ron asks whether getting married is a good idea. Still its a good beginning and I love Ron/Hermione. :D

Author's Response: Hey :) Thank you for the review.

I'm glad you think I did well at showing not telling and thank you for that! It sort of does end abruptly because of the not-proposal and that's how I really did want it :)

I'm glad you like this Ron and Hermione! I don't tend to write them very often

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Review #31, by bri_5_starsThe Chair: The Chair

2nd April 2012:
Awww! Now this is a cute story! I don't often think that I'll like stories about Percy, since they are about Percy. But then I actually read them and find out he isn't so bad a character after all (mostly because I am used to him from others POV). Especially when he is in his niche. I really like how the chair is what helped him find love. :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it so much, I'm a HUGE Percy Weasley fan and I love Percy/Audrey.

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Review #32, by bri_5_starsThe Delusions of Draco Malfoy: The Delusions of Draco Malfoy.

2nd April 2012:
Oh gosh! This was so cute! I really liked Draco's narration, and commentary. Truly giggle worthy :D. Also. Mr. Cat lol, is he like where Draco puts all of his insecurities? And how Draco acted when he met Astoria and immediately decided that he was in love. Lol This was a great read!

Author's Response: Yes, poor Mr.Cat, he is the one Draco puts all his insecurities on. :) I'm glad you liked it! I hope you like the sequel as well! :)

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Review #33, by bri_5_starsVoldemort and the Tell All Interview: Voldemort and the Tell All Interview

31st March 2012:
SO MUCH AWESOME! This was so great, I love these Voldy stories you've written. I liked the one with Vader, but dude, this is tops! Especially, with the Cedric coming back as a vampire. And that Harry is a famous author (also the phrase, 'swaggering like a boss' floored me)! The characters are great, and this is so hilarious! I love it!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #34, by bri_5_starsTHE MADNESS OF HARRY POTTER: The slow descent

24th March 2012:
This was a good beginning, maybe a little confusing due to the formating, but still good. Nothing bad grammar-wise. I would like to read on, to see that is actually driving Harry to have his hallucinations.

Author's Response: Hi. Firstly thanks for stopping by.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the beginning of this story. I wanted to try something that would really be a continuation of the ending of the DH.
I really must get back to updating some of my earlier stories.
Thanks for the read and review.

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Review #35, by bri_5_starsThe Human Factor : The One With Rose Lollipop Weasley

24th March 2012:
This chapter was great! Pippa's hilarious commentary on everything is what I look for in good MC's. I absolutely love her interactions with her brother, and especially her cousin Scorpius. Its so great seeing him different and ridiculous( a good thing trust me), makes it not boring! And Rose, I've never read her like this and I love it, also Lollipop? LOL. This is a great story, and I'm glad we keep review swapping because I haven't been reading much lately. Love this! :D

Author's Response: Hey :) I'm so glad you liked this chapter! I'm so glad you liked what she said to say. Ah, her relationship with her brother, is an usual one and gets explored in later chapters. Thanks :) I always imagined that Scorpius would be really sheltered, loved and naive. Thanks, I like writing Rose like. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like my story, it means a lot to me. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day. xx

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Review #36, by bri_5_starsNocturne: Chapter One

24th March 2012:
This is a very beginning, especially since its your first shot at fanfics! I doubt anyone can tell, because it's quite good. I can totally get how and why the Trio would be having those sorts of depressed, paranoid and even violent thoughts after the war it only makes sense. I liked this, good job! :D

Author's Response: Hi,

thank you very much!!! I'm glad that you liked it! Sadly, I haven't updated this in over a year, because I'm sort of stuck with the plot, but maybe the bunnies will come back!


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Review #37, by bri_5_starsLoved and Lost: Who Wants to Live Forever?

21st March 2012:
Whoa... that's crazy good. A little bit depressing because of Ginny's mood, which means you are good at conveying emotions. I had never really thought of Ginny and Tom Riddle, but I can totally see that now that I think about it. While Ginny may have been infatuated with Harry first, after months and months of corresponding with Riddle it makes sense that she could/would fall in love with him.
This is a great one-shot, makes you think.
:D brithewriter

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I was surprised to see a review for this story, but it's lovely to hear that it both made you think and feel - I always hope for that with each story, and it means a huge amount to hear it was successful. :D

The whole Ginny/Tom thing was a passing ship from before the series finished, but as it was never mentioned in HBP and DH, it was soon forgotten, but I still find it an interesting idea to play with. There's something fascinating about it, a lot of potential to be explored. ;) Thanks again!

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Review #38, by bri_5_starsLuminescent: Luminescent

21st March 2012:
Aww, very cute. A fluffy little take on young love(like?) that can actually make the reader understand and feel the emotions of the characters. I never really read much about the less popular Next Gen kids, but as I read more, your one-shot definitely included I am thinking more so that I should. I really like your Lucy, she is a very realistic teenager which makes it easier for the reader to feel her emotions.
Good job!
brithewriter :D

Author's Response: Really? Aww, thanks. I like reading about the less popular Next Gen too, and yes, you should definitely read more Next Gen, there are some really good ones out there! Yeah, I like Lucy too, she's one of my favourites to read and write. Thanks a bunch for the review, and it's been fun review-swapping with you!
Cavell :D

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Review #39, by bri_5_starsTreat... or Trick?: A Bit of Advice

21st March 2012:
Aww, very cute and funny! It's so endearing to see boys especially Teddy have nerves when it comes to girls. And pumpkin pie! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #40, by bri_5_starsWinner Takes All: Now It's History

21st March 2012:
Blerg! SO. MUCH. LOVE! This is so great! Everything about it is just what I've been looking for in a ScoRose, maybe it's the anti-ScoRose-ness of it that I love. Not sure but this is great! I really liked the flashbacks as well. The way you write, the descriptions, well planned out thoughts, style, everything is enviable because it IS that great. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D I'm really glad that you like the style of this first chapter - it almost stands alone as a one-shot, very much an "end of the affair" kind of story. Most of the story is pretty Scorose-ish, but my own annoyance with the popularity of that ship kept getting in the way. :P It's wonderful that you've enjoyed this first part, though, and I hope that you also enjoy the rest!

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Review #41, by bri_5_starsDamsel In Distress: Damsel in Distress

21st March 2012:
Despite this being a rather long one-shot, it is quite an easy read. You can really understand what Hermione is feeling her distraught and sad feelings after the war. Although it is a little odd that two people who've never held much concern for each other before, become so close so quick, I'm fairly sure weirder things have happened in fanfiction ;) There are quite a few spelling errors that you might want to take a quick read through to fix, other then that though this is a pretty good one-shot. Good job. :D
brithewriter (from the forums)

Author's Response: I know what you mean about the length, this story was incredibly easy to write and it just kinda flowed from me. I didn't expect it to be that long in the beginning so I was rather surprised when I put it in for validation and saw the word count!! I have to say that I'm really glad you pointed out how quick things happened, in my opinion they wouldn't have in a different setting but because Hermione was so emotionally vulnerable to anybody that would really be there for her I think it works alright :) I was a little worried about how fast things went when I began writing it though! I will make sure to go back in and search out those errors! Thank you so much! :)

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Review #42, by bri_5_starsGlass Memories: Glass Memories

20th March 2012:
Whoa... I'm not usually one for reading about Minerva and Albus, but maybe I should, though only if its written this well because that is what those characters deserve. This is a really amazing portrayal of her, each of the excerpts from the times in her life with him were pretty much all capable of making me feel something. And the descriptions of the smallest details to her thoughts were amazing and enviable. Siriusly though your descriptive powers are awesomesauce. I salute you for another great story. :D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I don't think I can properly thank you enough for these compliments, either. McGonagall is one of my favourite characters, and being told that I've been able to capture her so well, deservingly well, means a huge amount. ^_^

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Review #43, by bri_5_starsThe Human Factor : The One Where Pippa Can't Sleep

20th March 2012:
Oh gosh I just love this! I totally identify with Pippa, who is a very interesting girl to say the least. Her commentary throughout is hilarious, entertaining, very fitting. Especially all of the stuff with Albus. Its so different and great to see him not looked on as brightly as he would be in others.
Anywho, yet another great chapter!
brithewriter :D

Author's Response: Hey :) I'm glad you like the story. I'm glad you think Pippa is interesting, she's a lot of fun to write and I'm happy you think that. And I'm glad you find it different! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xx

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Review #44, by bri_5_starsFall For You: The Beginning: Starting from First Year

19th March 2012:
Aww 11 year old conversations! Very cute! I didn't really expect the curse word, because at the time she's 11, though 16 explaining. And Rose and Scorpius were a bit snappy towards each other despite just meeting. But still a very good start to a story!
brithewriter :D

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing that out, I'll probably go back and change it later :P They both are very stubborn and prejudiced, even as 11 year olds, that's why they're snappy. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #45, by bri_5_starsTrying not to love you: Chapter one - Best Friends Forever

19th March 2012:
I'm quite certain that you've captured the feeling of being in love and infatuated really well, because I get exactly that lol. :D Siriusly, I totally get how Gwen feels about being in love with your best friend. You totally do an amazing job of portraying it. There is no way anyone could tell that this is your first fanfic, because it's great! Also, Quidditch is love! :D
Great job!
-brithewriter from the forums!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. I'm glad all the feelings in this came through, because that was one of the things I was trying to accomplish. Nice to know that it's working (:

Thank you for your kind words and yes, Quidditch is love (:

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Review #46, by bri_5_starsPride & Pestilence: Of the Prejudiced and Proud

16th March 2012:
So much love for this story! The dialogue is perfect and the plot line has just the right amount of Pride& Prejudice. And I love your Rose, and your Scorpius seems perfect in his attitude! Anywho, its great! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It means a lot that you're enjoying this story and its style. It seemed like such a strange idea when I started, and I'm shocked (and gratified) to see how much love readers have for it! ^_^

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Review #47, by bri_5_starsBend or Break: An Ending & A Beginning

10th March 2012:
Dude, that beginning is really quite intense and gripping. It makes me want to continue reading to find out more (which i'm sure I will). And the baby, aww!

Author's Response: Thanks! I am glad you liked it!

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Review #48, by bri_5_starsSeventeen Candles: Operation: Seventeen Candles

8th March 2012:
Blerg! I never thought I would love a Next Gen that isn't a ScoRose so much! Especially with the ScoRose ship being mentioned so casually, it makes me giggle and I love it. This was a great girly chapter, its got just enough of the girly stuff with out going over the top. And getting to meet some of the family was great too, their relationships are very believable. Also, Lysander, I like him and can't wait to see where that goes. Great second chapter!

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Review #49, by bri_5_starsShattered: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

7th March 2012:
Dude, omygosh! That was so heavy, but like in an amazing good way. That had to be challenging, because you certainly came up with this as the reward! Especially for it being about Petunia, just wow. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for this :)

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Review #50, by bri_5_starsA Happy Ending Wedding: The Wedding.

3rd March 2012:
Aww! Yay! That was a very good fluff piece. Rose and Scorpius are my favorites, and I loved how you wrote them. It was a great wedding story, with no terrible family drama for once. I like it, scratch that, love it. Good job!

Author's Response: I am so glad that you liked it! I wanted to give them their moment without all the drama. Thanks for reading and reviewing! =)

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