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Review #1, by HyenniCrossing into Chaos: Colloquium

24th April 2012:
ah an update! i officially love you more than anything.

(kidding, that could be a little weird.)

that last sentence has me so over-excited for the next chapter. for crying out loud, Ginny had better get herself together and work out that she's in love with the stupid boy at last, although if those goes anything like HYD, she probably won't realise it for ages yet. (even so, i'm going to cross my fingers and pray that she's as intelligent as she told Blaise she was.)

i'm still annoyed with Blaise, although actually - i'm less annoyed than i thought i'd be. you did a really good job at Draco's attempt to patch things up, and it was such an interesting little peek at their relationship! i absolutely adored the fact that him nearly beating his best mate into the ground was not something Blaise seemed to be overly angry about - just something Draco.

i would love to see a little bit more of their relationship - perhaps further understand Blaise's motivation. it really frustrates me that the loyalty between them is so far only really on Draco's side (although, given the pummelling Blaise received in this chapter, that could be debatable ;D ) - i'm really hoping for a moment where you can see Blaise reciprocating.

Tonks was fabulous as ever. her line about Draco/Blaise had me grinning - even in a situation as serious as that one, you managed to give it moments of real humour. and it's not just shallow humour either; you've so perfectly constructed Tonks' character that she manages to be realistically funny - the D/B line had echoes of her past situation and her rubbishy marriage. i'm so, so envious of you right now.

genuinely, your characterisations are so beautiful. i hate you for it, because i'm a bitter little jealous cow, especially when i read your story and fall a little bit more in love with each character as we go along. they're all so FLAWED. it's so refreshing and so right for the lead guy to be a good-looking-but-not-Greek-God-quality, seriously flawed, imbecilic brat - and for the lead girl to be so ridiculously stubborn but with an edge in comedy and angst at the same time. no one is ridiculously happy all the time. no one is ridiculously angry all the time either, and your characters are just so true to life in that way - they react to situations like a normal person, there's no terrifying coincidences which happen to be major plot points (there's a real cause-and-effect), and yet their chemistry and their emotions are all so real at the same time.

(i'm currently studying for a literature exam, so forgive me if i got a little too much into the analysis. if anything, take it as a sign that your story inspires me to think deeply.)

i'm sorry for the length of this, i know how long reviews can be really daunting to read and reply to, but i've only said half of what i wanted to say (darn studying >.>)

you'll be seeing me next chapter, which will hopefully be soon...? :D

~Jem ^^

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! This review has made me completely giddy.

Blaise and Draco's relationship is certainly very complex. They trust each other with their lives, but they're still Slytherin. They've been trained since a young age to scheme and put their own self-interest ahead of everything else. So, conflicts happen and they're boys, so they beat each other up, but then discuss how to outsmart their parents and settle back into a groove. If Ginny hadn't been involved with that skirmish with the Death Eaters, and Blaise hadn't been an observer during that incident, and Draco hadn't found out, they would have probably come to blows, dusted themselves off and shaken hands. So now they're in new territory - Draco's main loyalty is no longer to just his friends - Ginny is a huge factor.

Tonks is so much fun to write. I often toss her into scenes when really she probably doesn't fit, just because I love the dynamic between her and Draco. You see those two together, and you see the one 'real' person in his life (one of the people who he'd trust with his life) and how she interacts with him, and you understand part of what draws him to Ginny.

Thanks for reading! I hope to post again soon. And never apologize for long reviews - I love them, particularly when they are as insightful as yours!

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Review #2, by HyenniCrossing into Chaos: A Firewhiskey-Fueled Grand Gesture

11th December 2011:

I don't think I've ever reviewed this story before, because I was under the impression that it was never going to be updated again. I barely even go on this site anymore, but I had a sudden craving to read this incredible story, so here I am.

I think you should know that this story has had me watching HYD late at night, which is especially odd considering I never watch anything except my english telly and some US sitcoms. but this story and your writing has had me becoming totally obsessed with it. and even how much I'm beginning to love HYD can't compare to how much I love this story.

a lot of people would say stories like 'Delicate' and 'Still Delicate' are the best HPFFs there are, but as much as I enjoy those, it can't top this. not to sound stalkerish or fangirly or anything, but I've reread this story so many times, wishing for an update. i'd review each chapter if it wasn't so difficult to explain how much I love this story in each one. even now, I feel like I'm doing a really clumsy job of explaining it.

this chapter was incredible. maybe that's just because it's an update, but I highly doubt that. it was such a Ginny thing, saving Hermione, and as much as I adore Draco, his struggling is good. it's like he's being knocked into place, learning to appreciate her that bit more. I'm almost dying in anticipation of what'll happen with Blaise next too. he's meant to be with Cho, and whilst I'm happy Ginny's got sorta what she wanted at the start, I'm praying for the moment she just turns to Draco and says "you know what? let's make beautiful babies".

in an non-creepy way.

I won't pressure you for an update. that's not the aim of this review at all. I'm just trying to put into words how much I adore this story, and if you decide to update soon, then i'd be ecstatic, but I get how life gets in the way sometimes, so no pressure (:

thank you. so much.

Author's Response: Thanks so much - you're very kind. I do plan to update much sooner than I did last time!

As for Ginny getting what she wanted... hee hee hee. You've seen HYD, so you know what's coming, but it still remains to be seen whether or not getting what she wants turns out to be the for best.

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Review #3, by HyenniCross Your Fingers: The Opening Practice

11th August 2011:
this wasn't a bad chapter! don't be so hard on yourself, i enjoyed it (:

i loved Ainsworth. she's the textbook definition of psycho young journalist, and i loved how you wrote her. i was expecting some Rita Skeeter copy, but Gemma's a million times worse than her Aunt :') at least Rita Skeeter couldn't seduce information out of anyone.

i can't wait to see Ron and Pansy socialise for a bit longer! maybe they'd actually get along (;
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: I'm glad! It was the first in a year, so a bit experimental, but if you liked it, then I'm happy.

Also very happy you liked Ainsworth, though I am unsure of where I'll fit her in next. Also am happy she's worse than Rita! That in itself is a compliment.

Anyways, them getting along is some ways off, but it's coming! Thanks for all of your lovely reviews, Hyenni :)

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Review #4, by HyenniMalice: Chapter VII: Resolution

11th August 2011:
this just gets more complex and exciting by the chapter! you seem to have everything in here - action, politics, romance, drama...and i love it.

this Hector bloke doesn't seem like a particularly nice guy. (; i'm praying he gets taken down by Xavier and his group of people!

Issy was a right cow in this chapter. i'm half stunned that you've managed to make such a despicable yet realistic character, and half disgusted :p plus, Noah is a complete sweetheart and i love him to pieces already - although his moodswings are pretty baffling! i assume you have your reasons for this sort of thing though, so i'll forgive his evilness last chapter and the chapter before for now (:

another fun chapter with some sweetness between Noah and Evie - awwh, seriously, that was adorable. i loved that scene so much.
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing this chapter because of the Ministry scene, so I'm glad you liked it! Hector isn't the same evil as Voldemort, he's more cunning and human in my mind... but that doesn't stop him from doing terrible things. *foreshadows*

Haha, Issy is really fun to write because she's so horrible! Noah is a sweetheart too... when he wants to be. ;) I'm glad you liked their little moment!

Thank you for doing all of these reviews for me, I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and I will be updating soon! :)

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Review #5, by HyenniCross Your Fingers: In Which the Elusive Parkinson Shows her Face

11th August 2011:
you do seem to have a great way of ending your chapters. that last line about Pansy's nose really just killed me with laughter. of course Ron of all people would be wondering about her nose.

(also, just a side note - the idea of Ron as a ladykiller really cracks me up. it's not unfeasible, but - ah, compared to canon Ron from the books, this version of him is hilarious.)

Pansy is a right little madam! i'm assuming she and Ron aren't going to be the best of chums. and i, like him, am dying to know what's gone on between her and Malfoy - will he be showing up? because, lord, Ron meeting Malfoy would be a meeting and a half. and probably pretty funny as well :')

another good chapter!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Sometimes it's a struggle trying t end the chapter, but sometimes it comes easily and this was one of those times where it came easily. Ron isn't a very introspective person, I don't think, and I don't like to pretend like he is.

And isn't it a bit funny? I suppose anyone whose a world famous wizard and Quidditch star has the chance to be a ladykiller, and unlike Harry, Ron goes for it!

She is! Very sassy, I like her. Malfoy will certainly be making an appearance as well.

Thanks for your review, Hyenni! :)

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Review #6, by HyenniMalice: Chapter VI: Contrition

11th August 2011:
oooh, what does this auror with the pocket watch mean? arrgh, i'm so curious and confused and i want to know more, please! :D

oh, Evie. I feel terrible for her. it must be so hard to come to terms with her guardians' deaths, only to realise that she's to blame for the rest of the deaths and injury as well. plus, Noah's still being a bit of a prat (even though he looked after her! *squee!*). you've written it so convincingly - hence i feel so awful for her - so well done! your writing style is actually amazing, i love how realistic Evie seems and just generally how fast-paced this scene was.

i really enjoyed this chapter.
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: The auror with the pocket watch is in fact a teaser for a later fic! He won't pop up again in Malice, but he will return ;)

I suppose she is the reason why they all went, but it wasn't her fault that there was a battle and people were hurt - that's just Issy being a cow as usual ;) I'm glad you liked it! And thank you for suhc an amazing compliment!

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by HyenniCross Your Fingers: Spicy

11th August 2011:
hahaah, that ending just made me laugh. it was so unexpected. can i just say that Mr. Shah is fabulous and I want him to be MY new best friend?

i'm still trying to get over the he said, as quiet as a mouse:
"Scary Spice is my favorite."
i don't know why, but it just made me laugh.

Harry, Hermione and Pansy are coming? I can't wait! Ron's definitely grown up a bit from the books, so i'm highly curious to see what your versions of the other members of the trio are :p

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: I think everyone that's reviewed this chapter wants Mr. Shah to be their best friend!

I reckon that my Ron has a bit of a complex after years of being the sidekick, as well. Thanks for your review!

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Review #8, by HyenniMalice: Chapter V: Desolation

11th August 2011:
At the time, Noah had pulled funny faces to try and distract Evie until Xavier shooed him away.

n'awwwh, that's so cute! Noah's being so confusing right now, i literally have no idea what's running through that boy's head. and to be honest, he's just being a bit of a git. Evie's got enough on her plate without him acting all strange and weird and that. i felt especially bad for her at the end of this chapter - it must be hard to lose both parents and then be unable to cry about it. although it's not unheard of for people to be so upset they just freeze, i guess. :/

and oh dear, there's gonna be a bit of action in the next chapter, is my guess (; i can't say i'm not looking forward to it! maybe it'll even cheer Evie up a bit :p or just emotionally scar her even more D:

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: Yep, Noah is definitely being quite annoying right now! That's just him though, he'll always be confusing and have mood swings. Fun to write. :P

It's great that you felt sorry for Evie, I really wanted to portray her sadness and her mourning for her parents as well as I could. It's a shame it's interrupted...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by HyenniCross Your Fingers: A Chat with Walpole

11th August 2011:
an intriguing start, that's for sure (;

i love the idea you've got going here - it's definitely very original, and if I do smell the Ron/Pansy 'ship in the air, then it's even more unique than i first thought. i've never actually read a Ron/Pansy, so no pressure, but you're my introduction to the 'ship :P

i can't wait to read some more - i'd love to see how your incarnation of Ron interacts with people. i'm also curious about where Hermione and Harry are, and just generally, i'd love to know some moe about his character (which is pretty solidly built so far XD).

so, i'm going to read on and try and find out some more (;
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: You do, in fact smell a Ron/Pansy ship in the air. I'm willing to share that much! :P The rest, you'll just have to wait and see, I'm afraid. It's a bit on the Ron-centric side, but there's still a bit of Pansy.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #10, by HyenniMalice: Chapter IV: Change

11th August 2011:
attend the funeral? somehow, i cannot see this going down well.

i'm going to be predictable here and tell you how much I dislike Issy. seriously, that woman is a proper drama queen. does she have feelings for Noah, or am i reading too much into the situation (i do that a lot)? and my guess is that Noah is being oddly friendly towards Evie for a reason... (;

a lot of characters were introduced in this chapter, so it's going to take me a while to get used to them all. as of right now, i can remember Eden the Healer, Issy the Irritating, Noah the Smoking-Hot, someone called Xavier and someone called Robbie. i think there were more than that :') either way, i'm hoping we'll get some more in-depthness of their characters soon (:

this was a lovely chapter, HQ is definitely intriguing (:
Hyenni101, Slytherin :D

Author's Response: Haha, you are definitely not the first to comment on her! She really is a nasty piece of work, but unfortunately for everyone else they all have to stick together.

There was a lot of characters introduced here and I tried to introduce them gradually! You only missed one, Adam hehe. Noah is indeed the Smoking Hot ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by HyenniLovely: precious

11th August 2011:
oh. Dom. ):

haha, i don't think i'm meant to be upset that he's gone. because if Rose is right, then he's a bit of a prat. but still, i like to think that Rose is, despite being cold and callous and cruel and calculating (gosh, that's a lot of 'c's), wrong about him. he told her he missed her, which definitely seems an improvement from before :D

and bless, poor Jamie. he seems like a genuinely nice bloke as well, which makes it a pity Clara's being such a toad and using him. although Clara's friends aren't the greatest influences either - Olivia seems pretty calculating and hardfaced as well. Blimey, they're all pretty flawed, which I quite like.

anyway, i've loved it so far and hopefully some of those many questions will be answered soon? :D
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

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Review #12, by HyenniMalice: Chapter III: Worlds

11th August 2011:
Evie is great. her and Noah just seem to bounce off each other but it's so believable at the same time! can i just say, though, if Evie and Noah don't get together, i'm quite willing to console Noah over his issues about being a Squib. just saying.

i actually gasped when i read about what the Ministry was doing to Squibs. seriously, that's barbaric! no wonder Noah and Evie seem to be on the run; i don't want to know what would happen if they were actually caught.

the next chapter should be exciting - i can't wait to find out where they're going and what's going to happen next!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: Evie and Noah together are so fun to write, especially in this chapter, so I'm glad you liked it. And I'm afraid there's already a queue for Noah, teehee!

It is indeed very awful, so I'm glad you reacted like that! The full extent of their wrongdoings is revealed over time.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by HyenniLovely: sweetheart

11th August 2011:
This Rose is so cruel and calculating. i have to admit, actually, that there's something very intriguing about her. if i met her in person, i'd probably be severely creeped out by her, but to read about - she draws you in.

...i'm reading a dark fic, but i'm disappointed that there's no Dom in it. i'm glad this isn't all focused on the romance so far, because it would detract from the overall point of it, but i liked Dom. and the relationship between him and Rose is definitely highly mysterious - i'd love to know a little more of what's actually going on between them (:

and bless, Jamie is a nice guy too. Clara doesn't deserve him! although i get the weirdest feeling that she's not the villain in this story. is Rose the baddie? i don't know, but i'm bursting to find everything out!

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

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Review #14, by HyenniMalice: Chapter II: Death and Discovery

11th August 2011:
i'm enjoying this. a lot.

it's like Harry Potter being introduced to the wizarding world again, but a female version of him in Squib form and in much more dangerous conditions. (so barely like Harry Potter at all, then, I suppose.)

i'm really intrigued by this whole mind-thing Evie did. is it like a resistance to spells, like Hagrid and giants supposedly have, or something different? haha, i have no idea, but i'm looking forward to finding out.

something else i'm looking forward to finding out would be the identity of the bloke who saved her. he seems like a nice guy, and possibly very entertaining as well (;

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: That's a pretty good way of putting it to be honest, haha! I hadn't thought of that before. :)

What Evie did is pretty unique, even in the wizarding world. I will eventually explain it, I'm not sure when - it might even be in the sequel. Still, it's ever so fun to write :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by HyenniLovely: honey

11th August 2011:
oooh. and the drama thickens.

i don't know why, but i really like Dom. am i meant to like him, or am i just being weird? there's just something about him that, despite him being wrapped up in this whole mysterious death malarkey, seems very human. obviously, he's a bit strange and i've got no doubt in my mind that he's using Rose right now, but still. i like him.

Rose seems very cynical and calculating - i'm actually still on the fence about whether i even like her or not. she's a very well built character, that's for sure, but normally i've worked it out by the end of the first chapter whether i like the narrator or not. and Rose - she's just as twisted as Dom, and it's difficult to work out whether i'm meant to like or dislike her. :')
does that even make sense? :p

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

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Review #16, by HyenniMalice: Chapter I: Abandonment

11th August 2011:
oooh, that was intense!

what an opener to a story. i can see why this is getting recognised at awards, completely. it's got such a dramatic and intriguing start, and i can't wait to see what's going to happen to the baby girl who's at the centre of all this drama. i'm also desperate to know what's going on with the Squibs in the Ministry - because funnily enough, it doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs. :/

i feel so bad for Julianna. it must be terrible for her to fall in love with Jeremy, not be allowed to be with him, then have to leave her baby with someone else and never see her again. maybe she'll appear again soon? :D

next chapter!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: Hi! Firstly: OMG! Thank for for all of these wonderful reviews, it completely made my day when I woke up to them! :D

Also, thank you again for such wonderful compliments! I'm so pleased you like the opening, as it's recently been re-written. Yes, the Ministry isn't exactly the funnest place to be these days...

Julie has had a pretty rough year, indeed. And she may or may not crop up later on ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by HyenniLovely: darling

11th August 2011:
it's Rose?! that was a bit of a shocker, I have to admit. i don't know who i was expecting it to be, exactly, but for some reason, Rose has always been a bit of a goody-two-shoes in my mind.

arrgh. you answered my one question about the narrator, and supplied me with a million more. i'm not amused. i'm itching with curiosity and that's not a nice feeling. are you proud of yourself? :p

Dominic sounds like a nice, if strange and unstable bloke. i'm dying to know what he and Olivia have to do with this, and how Clara is supposedly involved in this overdose thing. ARGH. THIS IS TORTURE.

can't wait to start on the next chapter!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: I won't deny that the reason I picked Rose for the narrator (at first I had no idea what I was writing or who the characters were) was pretty much based in shock value. I do hope that soon enough, she will develop beyond any connotations the audience may have with her name. I actually can't stand most Roses I come across, which is why I torture her so when I get the opportunity.

Teehee, will you hate me if I am proud of myself? The questions pile up at a crazy rate, and it won't let up anytime soon. If it helps, I have a lot of similar questions myself, since writing this fic is like taking a shot in the dark -- it could go in any number of directions, and could lead to any number of resolutions (if any sort of resolution comes at all).

Dominic's a rather important character this early in the game. Strange and unstable, I think, are apt descriptions. And aren't we all dying to know?

Writers are all sadists at heart. That is my philosophy and I am sticking to it. But I'm glad you're putting up with it :D

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Review #18, by HyenniLovely: baby

11th August 2011:
this is so intense. and so, so intriguing. i literally don't know where to start.

prepare yourself for a bombardment of questions.

who's the narrator? who's Clara? what happened exactly to Clara's sister? why is the narrator so desperate to bring Clara down? what is this alternative way of ruining someone?

there are several more floating around my head, but that'll do for now, i wouldn't want to overwhelm you :') but seriously, i've been so drawn in by this chapter that it's unreal. your writing style obviously contributes to that as well - i loved the line about there being better ways to ruin and kill someone. that really stuck out for me, so well done! i'm mildly jealous. (;

overall, brilliant start!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: Eee! So happy to see you here -- a bit mortified that you picked this fic of all of them, since I have done so little work with it as of late, but I'm happy that you've got so many questions! I'm sure you're unsurprised that I can't answer any of them :P I'll say a bit in response to that last question, though. The form of revenge, or ruination, that our narrator seeks for Clara is something I think that isn't clear to that person, either. It's a very fluid concept, ruination, and I wouldn't expect it to be answered in full any time soon. -vaguely gleeful/evil cackle-

But really, this review in general is astonishing. Also, jealousy? Directed at me? Preposterous! But thank you so much anyway, this was such a pleasant/terrifying surprise.

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Review #19, by HyenniThe Dark of Night: V

9th August 2011:
oh, Rose is not a nice person. there's a much more apt word to describe her, but i'm not allowed to write it in this review. that was just plain rude and mean, what she said to poor Sally; although it has made me curious as to Rose's relationship with her boyfriend - how does he like her if she can act that callously?

the Scorpius-Albus meeting was almost as awkward as the Elodie-Albus one. :') i'm hoping for some sort of bromance, although i don't think that'll happen - maybe they'll just co-operate, or co-exist peacefully. i'd be happy with that.

and i'm definitely curious as to what 'ships might erupt out of this. you have a very realistic approach to this story, and right now it looks as if anything could happen - within reason. although i'm half-hoping that Elodie and Scorpius stay apart, because obviously all we've seen is them being cruel to each other. Albus/Elodie definitely sounds intriguing to me, although i'm still unsure of what relationships i'm actually rooting for yet :')

i'm loving this story so far, and i'll be awaiting the next chapter with baited breath! (:
Hyenni101, Slytherin XD

Author's Response: Rose is horrible. She's ambitious and intelligent, yes, but she uses her talents in the worst possible way - she's a bully, she's a female dog, she thinks that she can just walk all over people. She appears to be perfect. She thinks she's perfect and that, in turn, if where her biggest fault lies. She's not nice - even to her own cousins, if she thinks they might harm/ruin her or her reputation.

Aah, bromance. The unattainable goal. Hopefully it'll come sooner than you think. It'll be glorious when it happens.

I was so so tempted to go all Alpius or Scorbus on you but I'm not sure if it would work like that - Scorpius and Elodie obviously have some history, and we've got a bit of Scorminique sneaking in there. Who knows? Could be Scorose. Could be Alodie. Elbus. Who knows?

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by HyenniThe Dark of Night: IV

9th August 2011:
oh, wow. that was really...awkward all round.

Lily is not a nice person. I'm stating the obvious here, but seriously - wow, is she even human? I really do not like that girl - lying about orphanages and bonfires and that? that's just low. how did you manage to even create such a loathsome person? :')

and there is so much mystery going on that i'm not sure which bit i'm most curious about. i'd start asking questions, but you probably couldn't answer them without ruining half the plot line for this, and i don't think either of us would want that XD.

i'm psyched for the Scorpius encounter. i can't wait to see how that will go, and hopefully it will be a hell of a lot less awkward than the Elodie one :')

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:


Yeah, Lily isn't very nice. She's spoilt and petulant and a princess and is pampered and babied and completely deluded and annoying and everything. Her eldest brother is the same - although he's so cool and mysterious and cocky cos he's really hot, apparently.

Go on, I would ask the questions. I'm busy struggling to finish chapter six and I'm still asking myself questions.

Eh, it was awkward. Alscor aren't exactly bezzies. BFFLs. Whatever. They're room-mates and Albus is his stalker.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #21, by HyenniThe Dark of Night: III

9th August 2011:
oh, and we meet Albus! personally, i love your version of the middle Potter child - he seems so normal, but very much his own person at the same time, if that makes any sense :') and we've met James and Lily, as well!

i seriously dislike those two, which you probably meant to happen. normally, i have ample amounts of sympathy for even the worst of characters, but i can't find it in me to feel anything but disdain for the two of them. Voldemort was the way he was because of his childhood and his suffering all pushed him into it. Lily and James are just spoilt and ridiculous. i don't know how you've got me so set against two minor characters so quickly, but it's definitely a testament to how good your writing is :')

i'm waiting with baited breath for the moment when Albus, Elodie and Scorpius all cross paths with each other. it looks to be an interesting meeting, that's for sure.

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: He's very interesting to write, and I wanted to make him completely different to everything I've ever read about him. I wanted him to be a nobody, a recluse. A bit of a loser. I also think that he's a bit of a sociopath. He's so silent and observant, it's almost unnerving.

James and Lily totally suck. Really and truly. I wanted the pretense of a happy family - they are meant to be perfect and lovely and what not - and I supposed that it what Harry and Ginny think they have. They also think that Albus is just shy - they try to encourage him. They feel they have to make a special effort because he's so different. Albus isn't as stupid as they think though, and their apparent approval of his Slytheriness just comes off as patronising - which it is.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments, again, and sorry for the lateness in this response!

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Review #22, by HyenniThe Dark of Night: II

9th August 2011:
ouch. i have to agree with Scorpius there - why did he bother with her? she's been nothing but a nasty cow to him so far, and from what i've seen, it's been a bit unjustified! but somehow, i don't dislike Elodie, despite how evil she's being to Scorpius right now. (although he's not being so nice and friendly either, I suppose.)

i love how you've made Scorpius into a smaller version of his father, in a way. not exactly like Draco, but with some of his traits and that. in other fics, he generally gets made into the opposite of Draco, into some lovely nice guy who luffs fwuffy puppies and all that. your version of him is somehow more likeable that that :')

i'm absolutely in love with this story so far!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: It does seem a little like Scorpius and Elodie hate each other right now and they do - it's just they've still got this desire and attraction for one another which means they find it difficult to move on. It's a serious love/hate relationship. (And yeah, I kinda love Elodie too).

Scorpius is meant to have traits from Draco - his coldness, his aloofness, but his worst nightmare is turning into his parents. He's not fwuffeh or sweet or a Hufflepuff. He's still a Slytherin through and through... he's just a bit more level headed and more intelligent emotionally.

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by HyenniThe Dark of Night: I

9th August 2011:
i'd heard about this story in that little corner labelled 'formspring' and was planning to check it out already, then you answered my status on the forums and it was like fate O.o

this was incredible. i'm always positive in my reviews, mostly, but i really, truly mean that. you have such a beautiful writing style that i'm emerald-green with envy right now. and some of the lines that were in this chapter were just so clever that they stunned me. An impurity of the blood, they had said. oh, that made me smile - i can bet Draco wasn't please about that.

i am so intrigued by this. why is Scorpius marrying Elodie if he doesn't like her? why is Elodie marrying Scorpius? are they even getting married, or is there something else going on? what's really up with Astoria's sickness? where is Draco? and those are only the big questions floating through my head right now. i'm dying of curiosity right now.

i'm already desperate to click the next chapter button!
Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: That little corner of Formspring is all ours, obviously. It was like fate, wasn't it?

I'm blushing. Profusely. I'm blushing so much that my cheeks will probably retain this colour for years to come. Thank you so much. You are really too kind. And yes, Draco hates all that - he's still so obsessed with the whole pureblood thing that his wife having 'impure blood' would really make him angry.

Neither of them is getting married! Scorpius asked Elodie to marry him and she rejected him. Astoria is ill and dying and Draco is gone (who knows where?).

Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for reading and reviewing. It made my day!

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Review #24, by HyenniJust a raindrop: Just a raindrop

9th August 2011:
oh, this was cute. undeniably cute.

there are a few minor grammar issues in this, but pfft, they didn't really affect the overall story - which was adorable. i loved the fact you didn't have an instant fix to the Alice/Lysander thing and instead jumped ahead almost twenty years. the little flavouring of Louis' cousins and their relationships made me smile as well - i love learning about that kind of thing!

Louis was a real sweetheart - he just seemed like an average guy, and Lysander wasn't a ridiculous character by any means whatsoever - they were just two average blokes, and i loved that about this story. stories where everyone is beautiful and snarky and witty get old fast, so this was just sweet and refreshing.

Hyenni101, Slytherin (:

Author's Response: Thank's for reviewing!^^ And yeah, I've never heard of anyone getting over a breakup very fast, and I really wanted them to be older so my "little" jump in time was mandatory lol!:P I'm really glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun writting this story so It makes me very happy when i hear positive comments about it!^^

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Review #25, by HyenniTell Her This: Tell Her It'll Be Okay

9th August 2011:
that was a bloomin' revelation and a half! Em and Kayla are related?! i did not expect that one!

and the magic 8 ball...i think my love of Russell might have come up in passing before, but in case you missed it - RUSSELL IS INCREDIBLE. if i didn't love James and believe he and Em should be together, i would totally be supporting Russell/Em. As it is, I reckon he should be dating Lily (;

Ron's coming back? Yay! So. much. love. for that man.

an update would be absolutely spiffing at some point :p
Hyenni101, Slytherin! (:

Author's Response: Oh my goodness. Sending you a PM on the forums! :D Anyway, I'm glad you were surprised muahah, I enjoy luring people in and then BAM! Not that I condone the bamming of readers obviously. I think I might be in love with Russell to, he's every one of those 'dorky loser' types in american movies but the oh so British version :P Also, I'm pretty much in love with you for having separate ships for this story. Seriously, I love you now, you'll have to deal with that. Hehe, Ron will be back in a couple of chapters (or the one after this next one? I'm not sure how to phrase that.) The next chapter is already in the queue and hoping there's nothing in there that'll prevent it from being validated, its right on it's way to you. I look forward so much to your next review! Thanks so much :D Alex.

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