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Review #1, by helena7654Tangled Web: Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Cottage.

23rd July 2014:
This is a really great story. I stumbled across this late last night and ended up staying up till 2am to finish it! I hope you continue, I really did enjoy this :) xx

Author's Response: lmao wow that is a lot of chapters to read in a day! I'm really glad you enjoyed it though. it makes me happy knowing that I have a story that makes people feel the way I feel about my favorite fanfics! it means a lot. check back soon! I'm working on the next chapter now. thanks for the review, dear! :)

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Review #2, by helena7654Warning: There are no cliches present in this story: Illogical

22nd July 2014:
Ha! Very amusing, I enjoyed it!

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Review #3, by helena7654I Wed Thee Not: Sob Stories and Changes

16th July 2010:
Woo, you did update! :D
Another great chapter! Can't wait to know what Victoria wants to say to her...
Looking forward to the next chapter! 10/10 as always! xx

Author's Response: lol, yeah, i didnt realize that it was so long! but alas, here it is, and victoria never has anything too apetizing to say *evil smirk*

glad that you liked it and i hope to post again before, or soon after, the queue closer :)


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Review #4, by helena7654Simply Irresistible: In Ireland

16th July 2010:
Another great chapter... so they finally admit their feelings for eachother! xx

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Review #5, by helena7654I Wed Thee Not: Confusion, Just Because, and No Howlers

14th July 2010:
Gosh, every single one of your chapters from the couple of stories I've read of yours are just amazing! They are written really well, and are all interesting and entertaining!!
Keep it up, you'll make an amazing writer one day!
Anyway, I'm gonna go stalk other stories of yours :P Hope you update this one soon xx
ps you need to get some story banners :p

Author's Response: thank you!! im so glad that you like my fics. it makes me feel so happy and i just cant wait until one day i can see my name at the bottom of a published book :)

but yes, yes go stalking!! haha, i finished the next chapter for this just the other day and will put it up, probably tomorrow :)

oh yes, banners would be nice. i really must get some


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Review #6, by helena7654Hide and Seek: Ginger Wits and Brute Muscle

14th July 2010:
Your story is abs fab, very entertaining and really well written!
Very enjoyable read! Thank you for the brilliant story xx

Author's Response: abs fabs? I can get on board with that! Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'm excited to see what you think of the next chapter!!

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Review #7, by helena7654Lost Passion: Draco's Proposal

14th July 2010:
Hi... good start to the story.

I don't think you need to worry about dialogue, I could follow pretty easily, and it was written well.

One thing that I felt like I needed to point out ... when you get butterflies in your stomach, well that IS feeling nervous, they are one and the same... anyway I guess people interpret sayings in different ways.

Also, as this is your introductory chapter I'm just gonna assume that in your following chapters is where you're gonna go into more detail about why Hermione isn't satisfied with Ron or why she can't talk to him about stuff...if not then I guess maybe you should think about doing that?

Other then that, good start! xx

Author's Response: I do plan on writing a follow up. I just wanted to get some feedback so I could improve on it before posting more to the story.

Thank you for leaving a review.

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Review #8, by helena7654The Wrong Wedding: A Memory, A Meeting, A Shouting Match And Silence

9th July 2010:

Interesting story line. You could improve on spelling and grammer, but you're already aware of that so I'm sure you're trying.

Sometimes its a bit difficult to understand who is talking and saying which line, so maybe you could end it with "said Hermione, shouted Ron, cried Ginny" etc...? Obviously you don't have to for every sentence, but I'd think the first line from someone should be made more clear.

Anyway, other then that it's interesting, will keep a lookout for an update.

Author's Response: thanks xx :D xx
will update soon thank you xx

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Review #9, by helena7654Contours: Chapter Seventeen

26th June 2010:
Absolutely adore this story, really well written and very interesting! Looking forward to the next chapter! xx

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Review #10, by helena7654Simply Irresistible: Lunch at Malfoy Manor

13th May 2010:
Another lovely chapter! Really enjoying your stories. Looking forward to your next chapter in any one of your stories! lol

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Review #11, by helena7654Innocent Deception: Keys and Love's Definition

6th May 2010:
Ive abs loved this story, really really good!! Your a really good writer, enjoy reading your stories!

Author's Response: thanks!! so glad that you enjoyed my story and i'm happy that you like my writing style :) hope to see you on my other fics!


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Review #12, by helena7654Catch Me When I Fall: Prologue

2nd May 2010:
Very interesting!! I like to guess stories, so Im gonna take a stab and say that Emma is actually Remus' child with his long lost love Susan... but the blood confirmation is throwing me off! Lol. Will be looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha thanks :) You'll have to wait and see. The next chapter should be up soon, it just needs to get through validation.
Thanks for reading, it means a lot :)

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Review #13, by helena7654Love comes: The Night

20th March 2010:
Yay! Ive enjoyed this alot, am sad its finished though, but it was a great story!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I was unsure :)

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Review #14, by helena7654A Beautiful Mess: Change Your Mind, You Let Go Too Soon

9th January 2010:
good story, looking forward to the nxt chapted. i think the change in POVs is good!

Author's Response: thanks, glad you like it! hope you keep reading.

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Review #15, by helena7654Innocent Deception: News of a Good and Bad Variety

4th January 2010:
your story is brilliant, very entertaining! keeping me going through revising for exams, so pls update soon :P xx

Author's Response: thanks!!! i'll post again as soon as i can :)!


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