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Review #1, by Kelsea13Jules: Jules

29th February 2008:
loved it
very adorable

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #2, by Kelsea13Who kissed Lily Evans?: Who kissed Lily Evans?

28th June 2007:
haha that was cute

Author's Response: thanks for the review! glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #3, by Kelsea13Welcome To My World: A Frosty Day In December

4th June 2007:
so basiicaaallly
you are an amazing writer


i love the story so far
Nami's depth in thought is intense
pretty much i'm hooked on this story

my only sugestion is grammar tidbits here and there
keep up the good work cant wait to read the next two chapters
and then some

Author's Response: haha!! grammar mistakes. Aww well, grammar schgrammar.

thank you tres mucho for the review!! her indepth, intense thought kind of fades i think, so i'm going to revive it in the next few chapters.

hehe glad you're hooked xD

thaannk youu!!

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Review #4, by Kelsea13A Business Affair: Part One: Rebecca

12th December 2006:
I actually REALLY like it so far!
I'd say hurry it up with the next chapter and get the Weasleys in there!
I've been looking for a good Fred or George romance, i think i found it :)

Author's Response: thanks a bunch! and i share the same spirit towards Weasleys too (at least the boys) and the next chapter will be up next week or so. thanks again:)

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Review #5, by Kelsea13Keep Holding On: Welcome to My World

7th December 2006:
alrigghhttt, it was kinda confusing. and a little random at times, like when Oliver showed up out of no where in the end. So far though, it's a pretty interesting theme, i think what could use big fix ups though is more detail and maybe a bit more personality to Valencia and Wood? otherwise good start i hope to see more soon!

Author's Response: ooh! thanks soooo much for the advice! i'll try to add more in the next chapter ;)

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Review #6, by Kelsea13Only a Name: Chapter One

7th December 2006:
i like it so far, i was actually surprised to see it was Tom, which is props to you. you have some gramtical errors, but it's not too severe. As for the overall writing i like the descriptions and detail you give, it makes a really good picture, i'm looking forward to the next chapter

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Review #7, by Kelsea13Blind: Blinded by Love, Hate, and Fear

22nd July 2006:
aw that was sad, but i liked the moral, my mum justwalked by and i told her i loved her hehe, nice job hun

Author's Response: Good for you and thank i hope I made you feel happy today i guess i just wanted everyone to know that they should appretiate something they love because you'll never know when its going to leave you!

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Review #8, by Kelsea13No Wands Allowed: No Wands Allowed

21st July 2006:
i deffinalty thought the last sentence was hilarious

Author's Response: Yeah, I was going to leave it with Ron and Hermione walking out of Hogwarts, but I decided to insert one last laugh into the fic.

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Review #9, by Kelsea13:

21st July 2006:
"Madness!! That's what this Weasley is talking!! MADNESS!!"

perhaps one of the funniest lines in the universe

to me :] hehe

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

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Review #10, by Kelsea13Manipulations: The Ball

17th May 2006:
Chyeaaaa good reading so far, very much liked on my behalf :) keep it up

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! I'm perfecting chapter 3 right now, so...yeah.

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Review #11, by Kelsea13Welcome to My Litter Box: Vindictive Elves and Stolen Wands

10th January 2006:
This story seriously makes me crack out loud, and i laugh loud when i am REALLY laughing so loud my parents have come up a few times to tell me to quiet down.. Good story i dont think i ever want it to end

Author's Response: Hey there Kelsea! :) lol Sorry to hear that your parents had to intervene, but I'm thrilled that you were that amused!

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Review #12, by Kelsea13Come Closer: Rash Decisions

28th August 2005:
YAY! it finally came out!!!!!!

Author's Response: Yes it did!! Thanks for reading!!

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Review #13, by Kelsea13Spoiled: Spoiled

29th July 2005:
i love this story

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Review #14, by Kelsea13Families: Unexpecting Decisions

23rd July 2005:
I love this story! But i cant beleave hermione denied Ron of being the father of her child! THE SUSPENSIVE SOAP OPHRA-NESS OF IT ALL IS AWSOME!!! lol but yeah keep up the good work i want to know what happens. -kelsea<3<3<3

Author's Response: Thanks! Yea it is kinda like a soap opera. Well don't worry this story isn't ending yet. ♥ Lisa

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Review #15, by Kelsea13Come Closer: Leaving

12th April 2005:
magic your foot up his ass??? niice... good one... lol ... awsome cahpter but you should of had her have a spasm wehn hearing they were wizards it would have made it more dramatic but it was still great!

Author's Response: Thanks. And many people say that but she won't bring up until she gets some rest. I tried to show her overwelmed by all the info so she had to sleep so she can bring it up when she is ready.

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Review #16, by Kelsea13Come Closer: Not Ready

27th February 2005:
Good stuff... I dont blame Tony for wanting Ron hell if i were a straight guy i would go gay just for him ;) awsome chapter.

Author's Response: lol, yeah but thank god i'm not a guy, that would suck ass...

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Review #17, by Kelsea13Come Closer: Caught

2nd February 2005:
Another great one! Hurry up with the next!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I will!!

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Review #18, by Kelsea13Come Closer: Clubbin'

21st January 2005:
I LOVE the banner for this one. You are a terrific writer keep it up! -kelsea

Author's Response: Thanks!! that was by ladylupin, check out her stories! Their awesome!!

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Review #19, by Kelsea13Come Closer: Night Out

14th January 2005:
Woohoo another great chapter! Awsome job!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #20, by Kelsea13Downfall: Chapter 7

12th January 2005:
AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME! LOVE the story LOVE the plot LOVE the comedy LOVE the LOVE. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you for the awesome review!

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Review #21, by Kelsea13Eclipse of the Sky: Prologue - Lightning Strikes

12th December 2004:
I agree that this one is better then the other. Great writing keep it up and dont hurt yourself again!

Author's Response: Well I never try to hurt myself intentionally, but I can't give up rock climbing! I refuse! So if I get hurt again I give you permission to attack me with a pitchfork? Sound good?

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Review #22, by Kelsea13I Don't Want You I Need You.: Who I Am

6th November 2004:
I liked it you shuld keep writing. Nice job

Author's Response: Thanks for reveiwing and I am glad you like it! ange

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Review #23, by Kelsea13He Will Be Loved: Dark Rooms and Teasing

3rd November 2004:
I love the story line. Keep up the good work. -Kelzo

Author's Response: thanks! glad u love it!

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