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Review #1, by brennuhhCatch Me.: Catch Me.

19th May 2011:
I absolutely adored Lily's personality. It was so intense! I don't know what it is about your writing but I could just feel every emotion Lily felt.
I do have to say that while I loved the story as a whole, the bit where James gives up seemed to fizzle out in comparison to the beginning of it. But, the ending where james wanted to "do it right" was really funny (:
definitely one of my favorite stories now!!

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Review #2, by brennuhhFrozen Moonbeams: Frozen Moonbeams

27th February 2011:
i really like this! i don't often read fics about luna so this was a nice change (: i especially loved the line "It is not irony, rather the tears of the heavens mourning their loss." Beautiful!!
And don't worry about your chronology, it worked so well with this!

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Review #3, by brennuhhRun: light up

21st February 2011:
ahh this is so sad! i don't think people realize how awful it must have been for lily (and james of course) having to protect harry, knowing that the man she loved had just been killed and she was close it too.

i love how you described past events about james and lily, and then when 'the floorboards groan' ahhh. thank you for writing this (:

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Review #4, by brennuhhRed, Red Rose: Bloody Hell...

30th January 2011:
i like the title of this story! and it definitely has potential to be awesome (: i just have one constructive criticism! Everything seems kind of random, and maybe that's how you intended it (i don't know :P), but i am just suggesting making things flow a little better. maybe put what happens in between those different scenes, or at least a little lead up (or maybe even more development! esp. b/w scorp and rose (; )?

it's your choice obviously! but i really do like the story, it's very cute. and poor rose, dylan with another girl ):

Author's Response: I kinda wrote the first few chapters in a hurry so it will probably be really random. I'll try to read over all of the chapters and make them less random, thanks though

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Review #5, by brennuhhUnconditional Love: Unconditional Love

30th January 2011:
i adore how you wrote this. normally first person is annoying for me to read but i really really liked this! you pulled it off magnificently (: her thoughts kind of bounce around from one thing to another, just like real people's thoughts do! i like how lily justifies why she likes him, again just like real people do. basically i just like how you wrote this, before i repeat myself hahaha :P

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that you felt like Lily was real. I was afraid this wouldn't come out so good, so thanks for the positive feedback!

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Review #6, by brennuhhForgetting To Live: Forgetting to Live

29th January 2011:
ahhh this was so sad and heartwarming at the same time. Dumbledore was very in character and it gave me chills of a sort how you made snape and harry find the mirror around the same time. it's weird to think about what could've happened behind the pages we don't read about in HP (: i liked this a lot!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! x

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Review #7, by brennuhhInsanity: Insanity

29th January 2011:
omg this was hysterical. i adore how carefree the marauders are! i was laughing the whole time i read this, especially where they were like "are you serious?" and Sirius was all "no I am!"
I have honestly never heard that one before, and I thought I had heard all of them :P
i really liked the way you didn't elaborate on who was saying what very much either! they seemed very real and genuine.
thanks for entering my challenge, i'm really glad you did! (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it. So glad. :)

And, you're welcome! :)

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Review #8, by brennuhhFailure By Design: Letters Again

10th January 2011:
it's nice to see Lupin with kind of a "crazier" side! most people make him the guy next door and he doesn't develop much beyond being a werewolf but i like how you made seem in this chapter! sadface only one left ):

Author's Response: Oh, well thank you!
And I'm sad too, trust me :/

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Review #9, by brennuhhTorn Furniture, Shattered Walls: Torn Furniture, Shattered Walls

9th January 2011:
i wasn't a big fan of tonks/lupin but i decided i'd read some of their fanfiction anyways (for some odd reason xD )

and boy am i glad i did! i think you've changed my mind on this ship (:

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Review #10, by brennuhhSurrendering My Broken Heart: Progress

20th December 2010:
truly fantastic, you have a gift for writing.
i adore how you described everything, it all felt so real and vivid.

wow, i'm impressed.

Author's Response: Hi there brennuh

I'm chuffed that you enjoyed this so much, it really put a smile on my face to read your review. I'm especially delightd by the fact that you enjoyed my description, I really put a lot of effort into that element of my writing so it's great to get feedback from time to time.
Thankyou for this lovely review

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Review #11, by brennuhhThe Sweetest Thing: Evolution in the Classroom

9th November 2010:
i like the dialogue! it's so natural. very cute so far.

two things:
1) i love your user name xD
2) you can get a banner at tda. com, make sure you go to the request a banner section (:

write a new chapter asap! can't wait!

Author's Response: Thanks so much brennuhh!
Haha, i thought it would be fun as a username, Im gad you like it!
And thank you very much for the banner advice, i'll hopefully get one soon!

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Review #12, by brennuhhThe Secret Behind the Marauders Map.: The Secret Behind the Marauders Map.

4th November 2010:
i love this! the ending was so good :3

the description you used at the beginning was awesome, everything was so vivid! good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing and the compliments :)

Ginny45 xxx

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Review #13, by brennuhhThe Last Laugh: The Last Laugh

3rd November 2010:
normally, i think people have a hard time conveying bellatrix's psychotic personality, they just don't quite get that essence. but i think you got it, and did a wonderful job with it (:

i love the point of view you used

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you mentioned that, because that's exactly one of the reasons I wrote this. Nobody seems to be able to capture that thin line between insanity and madness that Bellatrix is on, so that's what I wanted to try to do(that and I was bored in Spanish-I mean really, who wants to conjugate verbs for a whole hour?) Thanks again!

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Review #14, by brennuhhWarning: There are no cliches present in this story: Illogical

5th September 2010:
you are an absolute genius.
i laughed so hard throughout this whole thing.
as much as i adore dramione, there's only so many plots you can do after a while xD
and you managed to poke fun at them all, well done!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm SO glad the humour didn't fall flat on its face - I was afraid people might think it was serious or something! Thanks so much again :D.

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Review #15, by brennuhhMirror, Mirror: Mirror, Mirror

14th August 2010:
I adore this story. You can really feel the feeling in it, especially at the ending. Which was, by the way, awesome (:

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Review #16, by brennuhhAlmost Lover: Goodbye my almost lover

26th July 2010:
i got this major sense of deja vu reading this. did you have it put up before?

i adore a fine frenzy! and this story. it's adorable and i love the ending. good job (:

Author's Response: Nope, never posted it before, but I know others have done songfics to this song? But I haven't read anyone like this, haha. (I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing)
Yes, she is amazing! I love her as a singer, and i adore the way she dresses and everything. Got all her three CD's.
Thank you so much

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Review #17, by brennuhhEverything: Everything

14th July 2010:
stupid feelings ):<

cute story!

Author's Response: Haha, yeah feelings suck don't they. Thanks for reviewing and reading of course.

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Review #18, by brennuhhAn Actor's Folly: An Actor's Folly

13th July 2010:
that was wonderful! i enjoy how you used 3rd person instead of 1st (:

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Review #19, by brennuhhContours: Chapter Five

11th July 2010:
i love how hermione and ginny are watching the notebook xD

miranda sucks ):<

wonderful job so far!!

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Review #20, by brennuhhDancing with the wrong one: Along came you

9th July 2010:
i love how you wrote it as if someone was telling Draco what happened. you should continue this!

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Review #21, by brennuhhThree Years: Three Years Waiting

4th July 2010:
i love how descriptive that was. good job (:

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #22, by brennuhhIndefinitely: Indefinitely

1st July 2010:
that was really cute! i like how obnoxious Draco was, it definitely fit him well!

Author's Response: Haha thank you :D

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Review #23, by brennuhhA Slight Misapprehension: A Slight Misapprehension

1st July 2010:
that was really clever! i like the ending xD

Author's Response: Thanks so much :D

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Review #24, by brennuhhHappy Halloween: Happy Halloween

29th June 2010:
i really liked this! you can never go wrong with Halloween :P

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment! And you are right it is always nice to have a theme

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Review #25, by brennuhhSimply Irresistible: Pretty Woman

7th June 2010:
gotta love Luna.

write moree soon!!

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