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Review #1, by EarthsTrueGreenOblivion: The Dream to Come

17th October 2015:
Made my day. I have a theory on how this happened, but I don't care if I'm right or not because Scorpius is alive. I can't wait for what's next. I really don't want this series to end. Please do a fourth, or another next generation story. I just love the adventures you give them.

Author's Response: Alas, I won't do a fourth; these guys have earned their rest. I also don't think I COULD write another Next Gen story, or I couldn't use Albus, Rose, Scorpius - I just can't write different versions of them. I guess I could theoretically manage a very different Scorpius, but I never had much interest in the more Harry-like Albus, and a different Rose would feel different for difference's sake. But I will still be writing more. I already have irons in the fire!

And yep. He's alive. It's not a trick. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by EarthsTrueGreenOblivion: Thy Doom is Mine

9th October 2015:
If you don't some how try to save Scorpius again, then I think you will kill off Rose. I mean killing the one you love, even for the right reason, is something that a person just doesn't get over. I can't imagine her trying to have any semblance of a normal life after this. I mean relationships would be out and she would probably be really career driven, but this is way worse than her at the beginning. Yeah she may be more accepting, but I think her life is forever and permanently scarred. Anyways, you said in a review response that it would be a satisfying ending and that's why I think you're going to hack off Rose. If Scorpius doesn't live, then I can't image Rose just coming to terms with it as being all that satisfying as her dyig would be. But, as a loyal reader, I TRUST that you still have some tricks up your sleeve (I mean you did bring Scorpius back to life when you had almost everyone convinced that you weren't going to). Also, you keep saying that this is Scorpius' story and yet there is still a lot more chapters left, so... Anyways, thanks for the quick update. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: It would be quite a lot to end this plotline with just, 'And Scorpius is dead.' I mean, obviously I might kill him, but there would need to be more to it for it to be satisfying; we certainly don't have all the answers yet.

Then again, if Rose died, wouldn't that just make everyone equally miserable?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by EarthsTrueGreenPride and Scorpius: Well met on the Hogwarts Express

25th April 2015:
Okay, I've been neglecting my duties as friend to have not reviewed before now...life ( go figure) hasn't left me with much reading or review time. Anyways I really liked the way you shapped the chapter. We had talked about that some when you let me read the story before, and I love the details that you added into it. I like the dialogue between the characters and can already see the potentially for them to grow. I'm excited to see where this is going to ultimately go. It looks like you are going to take them through several years of school instead of just keeping them in first year, which I like because I agree with you that I don't think children that age should develop a relationship of such seriousness until they are older. It will be nice to see their development over time, but i am curious if this is all going to happen in this installment of the book, or if you are planning a year by year thing, or are you going to show the few chapter from their first year and them jump to their 6th or 7th year? Just curious. Anyways, like I said before, sorry for being a rotten friend, I do hope to review again soon for the next chapter, and keep in touch. You know I'm always willing to talk.
P.S. what a pleasant shout out from you in the authors note. I was not expecting it and was very surprised. I'm glad I could help you in anyway.
Again, I'm excited to see where the second chapter how you developed the second chapter from what you originally sent me all those months ago, and even more excited to reqd the newer chapters that I haven't been privy to.
Hope that all is well,

Author's Response: This was a very welcome and pleasant surprise to see a review from you. To address one of your last points first, the shout out was well deserved. I sent you the chapters to just get your ... not even approval, I just wanted your opinion that publishing them wouldn't embarrass myself. The constructive comments that you made on the first chapter allowed me to publish a significantly improved chapter than what I originally wrote. Due to you: I improved my descriptions (especially of Scorpius); I improved my reasoning and explanation for why Albus had never heard the name Malfoy; and lots of sundry little ways. One of the greatest things you told me was to 'damn the torpedoes' - if I was telling the story I wanted to tell then I should just do so, take on board constructive criticism certainly, but to keep true to my intent. I'm not sure how this story would be without your vital and early on input. I am ever grateful.

Life certainly does have a habit of throwing things in your path, but I'm grateful you took the time to review.

Albus probably won't change much throughout the course of this story, he is already a pretty well rounded person - what the reader shall see, I hope, is a young man grow into his potential, but his story takes a back seat in many ways to the character of Rose especially and Scorpius too.

Scorpius will grow up. He has to develop from the timid young man we see here, into someone who can keep up with Rose. One of his most trying moments is already over, because he has found a true friend. Friendship with Albus promises much and should deliver.

It is Rose who we shall see change significantly over the course of the story. Unfortunately she will have both the pride and the prejudice and both must be punctured to allow her to transform into someone truly worthy of our esteem.

I wondered if I should split up the story into portions, but I decided against it as there will be significant time slips - I think fourth and fifth years will largely slip by with only a few apropos highlights. By detailing their 'relationship' from their first meeting, it gives me time to allow the 'hate' to grow and then to fade. I truly believe that your Temptations series is the benchmark for these sort of hate-to-love Rose/Scorpius fictions. You had to bring the two together so slowly or otherwise their eventual union would not have been believable. I know I have to do the same.

This review finds me well and happily writing away.

Thank you for your review, as of this response the total reads for the whole story are 1241 and this chapter has 344 - thank you all.

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Review #4, by EarthsTrueGreenOblivion: Through All This Tract of Years

8th January 2015:
Although I wasn't happy with the way Starfall played out, I'm interested to see how this plays out. Although I'm not going to lie if Scorpius doesn't show up somewhere in this story I don't think I'll be able to continue reading it. Once you have a favorite character die with no chance of return your heart just isn't in it for the rest. But I'm sticking with it for now because, like many others, I think your going to do a Scorpius back from the dead plot and I really hope you do. Not just because it would bring him back but because you would write it flawlessly. Anyways I Liked the time gap, I think it was needed. Matt's as annoying as ever (Im just too big of a Rose/Scor fan to hive him a chance). Although I do have mixed feelings about their scene at the end. Part of me was happy to see Rose atleast attempt to have a life and move on, and although I'm not a fan of Matt I don't think he is exactly a rebound. Maybe it started that way but not anymore. I think there is some genuine feelings there. So its going to be interesting to see where you take this. Update soon.

Author's Response: Obviously I couldn't offer spoilers. I don't know if you'll get what you want, but there are twists and turns for this story yet.

Rose has tried to move on. She's having a tough time. Certainly she's got feelings for Matt, but it's also certainly not happily ever after. We'll see how the relationship pans out, there's a lot of ground to cover and if they're ever going to get to a truly healthy, good place, there's work to be done. From them both.

Updates coming all the time, about weekly, as much as the queue lets me do so regularly! Cheers!

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Review #5, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Daybreak

23rd November 2014:
I'm so glad your taking this two years into the future. I was thinking that that was what you might do to allow for a cool off period for the characters. As for Lockett was she the one who told where the five were or was that someone else who is working for the Council and they just brought Lockett in to work on this project. Cough cough which I believe is to somehow bring Scorpius back to life because he was part of the ritual for eridanos making him the tool that the council needs and their only option. Because if that's the case yeah I can totally believe that Lockett would sign on to this project considering her and Scorpius relationship. But if she isn't the one to turn them in the I think it was deffinetly Selena's mom who did it. That woman just doesn't sit right with me and I think she was the face in the fireplace. As for the story, good ending I still have hope for Scorpius to cone back, you have put him in an indispensable position with the council so... Also Matt needs to get a life, how crummy would it be to always be the second best. Seriously dude work on your feelings because your not going to compare even if Rose does actually give you the time of day again. Also love your a/n im presuming that's your way of saying you've got it covered. Anyways thank you for the fascinating story I spent many of days checking for updates from you and I can't wait to start reading Oblivion after the new year.

Author's Response: Couldn't comment on what Lockett's up to, either in her own motivations or in what the Council's up to. Lillian Rourke is an interesting guess on the Face in the Fire; nobody's cited her before!

Matt's going to have a tough time always competing with Scorpius' ghost when it comes to Rose. Some day he'll find his own path, maybe, but he's got a long way to go before he gets over the girl, especially now setting himself up to be her rock and shoulder to cry on. Whether Rose ever reciprocates... guess we find out in Oblivion.

A cooldown period between the stories is necessary. How long was up for debate, but it's always been between a year. Technically it's winding up 2 years, 4 months, but the specifics of the duration aren't THAT important. A While Has Passed.

And you bet I got it covered. ;)

Thanks for reviewing, and following the story this far!

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Review #6, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Wander Forth the Sons

17th November 2014:
I have never cried over a piece of fanfiction before, but this chapter broke my heart and made me cry twice for your character's heartache. Good update can't wait for the last chapter.

Author's Response: I do put these poor kids through the wringer, don't I? I'm not sorry it hit you in the feels. I hope they were good, cathartic feels, mind. Else I am a bit sorry. Last chapter Incoming. Cheers!

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Review #7, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: That Either Makes Me

15th October 2014:
Not this again. Stop killing people off its breaking my heart! On another note, good update.

Author's Response: I fear I can be very cruel, or so I am often told. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by EarthsTrueGreenWaltz: Waltz

29th March 2014:
This really was a charming one shot. I really wish that you would expand this into a full fledge novel or novella. These characters are so unique. "To be human is to be beautifully flawed" and that is what you did in this story, you really made their flaws beautiful. This story honestly left me wanting so much more and I am sad that this is all I get. Thank you for writing it.

Author's Response: Hey there, EarthsTrueGreen! Thank you so much for this lovely review; I'm so happy enjoyed it! I've actually been toying around with the idea of revisiting these versions of Rose and Scorpius and showcasing them in a novel. They might be more background characters rather than the two leads, but I've got a new Next Gen novel idea in the works, and I was thinking I might involve these two - give a little more background on them? Either way, I'm very happy to hear that you'd like to see more of them! I can only hope that if I do revisit these characters, people are as receptive to them elsewhere!

I love that quote. It's so very true. It really warms my heart to hear you say I made their flaws beautiful! Ah, you're so lovely! Okay, well, I can't make any promises, but I'll take another look and see if I can't find a way to expand their story! How's that? ^.^

Thank you again for leaving such a kind review. *hugs*

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Review #9, by EarthsTrueGreenThe Other Woman: XIV

24th March 2014:
Yay an update. I have been waiting forever for this. So I really enjoyed the chapter, partially because there was some good Scor/Rose action, but also because Rose is finally starting to realize that he has somehow wormed his way into her. This could either be very good or very bad. I really hope that she doesn't start to pull away from Scorpius because she is scared, but I have a feeling that she will. She is so caught up in her ways and I don't think Rose is one for change. I think I have said it before but I would really like a chapter from Scorpius' perspective, just because he is so mysterious and I kind of wonder how he thinks in general not just about Rose. But I know that you have already outlined the rest of the story so I understand if there isn't one. Speaking of the outline being finished, may I ask how many more chapter do you have left? I am so happy that you updated and I hope you have another one real soon. This is seriously my favorite story on this site.

Author's Response: Hello EarthsTrueGreen!

I'm so so sorry it took so long for me to update this, life got in the way and then I just had complete writers block. But anyway, here we are. Rose is definitely starting to realise that Scorpius maybe means more to her than she's been telling herself. She is very caught up in this idea that she can't let people in and is reluctant to accept change, even though she knows it's happening already.

I would love to get inside Scorpius head and I'm probably going to do a one shot or something from his perspective after this story is finished but this one is going to be just Rose I'm afraid. In total the plan is for twenty-five chapters plus and Epilogue. There are a few more chapters since you reviewed this! Thank you so much, I love your reviews!


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Review #10, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Come Fly With Me

20th March 2014:
UGGG MEN! Albus I know you are smarter than that, don't let a pretty smile ruin this whole thing.
Anyways other than that please update soon, I check like everyday to see if you have a new chapter. Really interested to see how they move on from here.

Author's Response: A chapter's in the queue as we speak, worry not too much! Albus isn't quite as fooled by a pretty face as he might seem, either - but he's a sympathetic soul, he's not going to be horrible to the girl just because he's suspicious. Imagine she WAS everything she said she was and the gang treated her like a possible risk and were cruel? That'd be pretty traumatising.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by EarthsTrueGreenChasing Madness: Park Bench Performances

20th March 2014:
So I have been reading your story over the past couple of days and I am really enjoying it so far. I like your character progress from where they were at the beginning of the story and to now. I'm also excited by the little cliff hanger that you left at the end of this chapter. Hmmm It seems like Rose may really know how to read palms after all. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Well thank you!

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Review #12, by EarthsTrueGreenSirrah Malfoy: Consultations

4th March 2014:
Well this was an unexpected but lovely surprise. I loved the update. I know you say that your are not crazy about where this story is going but thats the beauty of being author, if you don't like it you can change it. I personally feel that you are getting on the right course. The ball was announced two weeks ago and there hasn't been a single word from James... Yet, which is good because I think he needs to man up some, and the thing with the business is a great distraction for Sirrah. I also think that the conversation between Rose and her was nice, funny how she threatened to have a talk with Scorpius if Rose's grades kept dropping. Anyways thank you for the update, I hope you give another one soon and keep up with this story. I always enjoy reading it.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I am so glad you loved the update. I know I don't know how I feel about it, but I am trying to move the story along to get to the more fun parts. And some of this, like the Leighton scene, I had written I don't know how long ago, although most of it was newly written. The Rose scene was hard at first, but then I got kind of into it. I'm really happy you liked it as I do want Rose and Sirrah to be friends. I did intend to put in a Scorpius scene but that just didn't happen, maybe later. And James, I've already got plans for him... that's all I'm going to say.

But again, thank you so much for the review and I hope to update soon but I never know. There are some other things I want to write.


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Review #13, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Upping the Ante

3rd March 2014:
This Story is getting so good. I literally stocked this story for five days waiting for an update.I loved this chapter. It's nice to know that Rose and Scorpius have started to have their conversation and at least he knows that she didn't tell Matt anything. Also Eve, I'm really excited to see how this plays out. Thank you for the update please have another one soon.

Author's Response: Haha, I had a bit of a lull but I have a perfectly good buffer, there should be more chapters forthcoming from here on out. I have a buffer of about 10 anyway so I really have no excuses.

Every Rose/Matt conversation has happened on screen. Matt didn't even lie, he just said that he and Rose had TALKED, which they had, and had made enough educated guesses that a paranoid Scorpius assumed Rose had told all. But their conversation still needs resolving - and will do, soon!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #14, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Let the Chips Fall

13th February 2014:
Please remain being sucks into starfall because this bad boy is awesome. Great chapter loved the tension between Rose and Scorpius, I just hope it gets resolved soon. Scorpius' brooding gets a little tiering after a while.

Author's Response: So far, no sign of Starfall stopping. Scorpius' brooding IS irksome; this is meant to be the resolution of those particular issues, unwinding and exploring that damage. I won't say 'once and for all', because he will always be stroppy, but in Ignite we didn't really FIX all the things wrong with him. Anyway, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by EarthsTrueGreenHonour Among Thieves: the end (part three)

11th February 2014:
This was really good. You left a great gateway for a sequel still with so many questions about the future of Scorpius and Roses relationship. I'm super excited to read what's next. Also poor Hugo for almost all of the story I though he was the traitor and then when you killed him off I had the worst guilt trip for thinking that he was the traitor. Uggg. Anyways thank you for writing and I can't wait for the one shot and sequel.
P.s. Can you tell me the names of the one shot and sequel that way I can keep a look out for them? Thank you.

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so glad you liked my story, and you liked the ending! I was worried it seemed rushed, but in the end the story was as much Carrow's as it was Rose's, and his story ended with his death.
I'm sorry about Hugo! There was never any chance that he was the traitor, if thats any consolation?

The names of the one shot will be 'Heart Without a Home' and the sequel will be called 'Thick as Thieves'. Thank you for continuing to read! :)

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Review #16, by EarthsTrueGreenClash: Hold

10th February 2014:
Sorry i haven't reviewed for a while. Ive been busy. But i absolutely love it when you update. This chapter was great, even though there was no Scorpius (i hope that we will see him in the next chapter.) anyways I loved seeing Albus in the chapter, his character is really fascinating and i love reading him in your story. I enjoyed Rose and her interaction with other people in her job, it seems like she is really settling into a routine, even if she doesn't like it. Anyways i cannot wait until the next chapter, i really hope that you update super soon because i have to know what happens next. This story is one of my favorites on this site, if you abandon it i will hunt you down. Thank you so much for writing it and please update soon.

Author's Response: Hey no prob, glad you decided to stop by anyway :)

Yes, Scorp's coming up next chapter, and we'll get some more character development for him. Glad you're enjoying Albus--the soft, needy side of him to write here was especially hard.

I'll try to update as soon as I can! Unfortunately school is kicking my butt right now but next chapter is in the works!

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Review #17, by EarthsTrueGreenA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: A Sick Gigi

7th January 2014:
No she's not dying but I bet she is pregnant.
Good story please update soon.

Author's Response: Are you sure she's not dying? Are you so sure shes pregnant? LOL :D

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Review #18, by EarthsTrueGreenThe Abundance of Potters: Endings, Back-Stories and Weddings Days

8th December 2013:
Doesn't it feel awesome to go & change the status of your story from a wip to complete?
So I want to point out just how alike we are because there were a couple of things in this chapter that I had planned to do with my own story that you did.
First, Im not going to lie the whole freakin reason that I planned out an entire sequel to Fighting Temptation was because I didn't want them to be one of those couples who "'lost it' to each other... and stay together for all eternity" like no joke as I was reading it I burst out laughing & I was like that pretty much sums up the entire reason I came up with Confronting Temptation. So basically you summed up my entire story in one sentence.
The SECOND thing that you did that was almost exactly the same, as something that I might (have to use might because I can't give any plot away of CT,) but IF I had ever planned on my Scor/Rose from the Temptation stories to get married it might would have gone something like Scorpius shouting "MAYBE WE SHOULD JUST GET MARRIED" Rose slamming the door yelling "FINE!" oh the irony. I almost died laughing when I read your proposal from Scorpius to Rose.
But enough about my story onto the more important topic which is yours. First I liked it, I was just the slightest bit disappointed from the lack of Albus in the chapter, because he was such a big character in the story, but I suppose them getting married is still the happy ending that I wanted so... I do have one question, how old where they suppose to be? It seems like you tried to explain it through the years of Milla's marriages but I was too lazy to figure it out, is it around 27?
I really loved how you left James & Milla a little bit of an open book. I felt bad for Milla in the chapter though having a husband die, that cannot be easy, especially one that balanced her so well, but I really do think that you gave her a good summary & ending. You really did leave the impression that her & James would get together eventually, you still left the subject up for debate but at the same time not really. So good job on that. Also the whole thing with the only child that she can stand is Will, yeah liked that too. Although I did notice one thing which was at the beginning when she said "Weasly" take the stick out of her butt, did she use Weasly as a jab at Rose for not accepting her & Scorpius relationship? or was that your way of covering up the fact that Rose & Scorpius were married until you wanted to talk about it? Or was it an accident that just happened to be something so in character even though you didn't mean for it to be? Just curious.
As for the whole Rose & Scor thing, Yes Im extremely happy. I felt that the way you described their relationship was perfect, because I do think that in being so young along with teenage parents, that their would be that struggle to maintain a relationship together. It sounds like they never strayed too far away from each other, but that their were a few moments when things would get stressful & they just had to take a break. Which I feel is very realistic & accurate, because if they had stayed together all the way through then it would have been a little bit fluff & too sweet. In doing that you gave them a stronger relationship in the long run. Also I loved the mention of Scorpius in the chapter as she was walking down the isle, I can't express how much I love their friendship.
As for Kat & Al, alright I know that someone said that it is unrealistic that all your couples would be on & off relationships, but it just wouldn't have been right if they all stayed together form high school. I mean Rose/Scor wouldn't have been able to do it, & I think James was more of a rebound for Milla when they first hooked up, & it wouldn't have felt right for Kat if her & Al had. I liked that you separated them & brought them back, she got to go & live her life a little & then settle down. It would have been out of character for Kat to not do something because of her boyfriend. So that's my take, it would have been more unrealistic in the long run if any of your relationships had stayed together from school.
Overall I was happy with the story, & how it turned out, I loved the backstories for James and Milla, & I loved how everything that I wanted to happen did happen.(So yes no ninjas will be hunting you) Also enjoyed the summarization of the plot with her dad, I think you ended it perfectly. I do think that it is so creepy & Awesome how I randomly guessed one name, & that ended up being the name of Rose/Scor 2nd child. I mean that's like one in a gazillion chance. We really do think too much alike. I never said it in the last chapter but I really loved the name Iris.
Anyways Im sad it is over, I will never forget how I came across this story I was just tanning by the pool over summer & was like I want me some hpff & I usually never read stories that isn't the main character of Rose/Scor but I was like yours looks good & it was so worth the read. It was brilliant & awesome & I really do feel like we have bonded as well and I cant wait to get some feed back from you on my own stories, although I will say if you really want a rant worthy story from me I would read Twelve (also Scor/Rose), simply because the plot is more rantable. But then again I don't care which one you read.
I also want to note that I love how I said you should do a James and Lilly story & you already had one (which I did read) I felt like such a bad reader when I saw that, if I was smart I would have checked your authors page first. Oh Well.
I loved the shout out in the A/N & I hope you enjoyed this extremely long wopping review/essay. (Had to go out with a bang!) I look forward to your Scor/Rose that sounds so much better than a James/Lilly. Thank you for writing this great story, & Im so glad I could inspire you through my many ridiculously long Rants. So I guess that this is good bye for now. Aww sad day.

Author's Response: Oh god, it was absolutely wonderful! I feel so proud!
Haha- we are just too alike ;) We must be both a little cynical but definitely, I'm glad we agree on that! I've read some amazing fanfictions and stories but that whole losing it to each other and staying together till they die always either ruins it or brings it down a notch for me. So thank you for getting that! I just thought that proposal just summed up Rose and Scorpius :D Oh Merlin please, IF you were ever to get your Rose and Scorp married, please use that fluffy proposal! You would so do it justice :)
I didn't want everyone to have a 'this is what happens the end' sort of story, so I wanted that question with Milla/James. I wanted to give Milla more depth and show that she'd had her fair share of struggles too. I kind of did the Weasley jab by accident but then noticed it but left it. I think Rose to me will always be Rose Weasley, not really Rose Malfoy (even though she will wear that name proudly). So I think Kat would still call Rose, Rose Weasley just because she's still just Rose Weasley, the fifteen year old best friend. But yeah, Milla used it is a jab because high school history and it felt in character. I hope that makes sense!
Fab! I'm glad you liked ScoRose's ending. I do just think they would need a break at some point because raising a young kid whilst being a kid yourself will be hard enough without balancing a relationship. Kat and Scorpius' friendship is one of my favourite things in this story :)
No, I don't think it would've been right either. Kat and Albus are very independent: they're not people who have to be together 24/7 (I know a couple like that and OMR it's irritating). They want other things too. James was definitely initially a rebound at first and then just a best friend with a question of might. I wanted Kat and Albus definitely to live a little and be young before being tied down!
Thank you! I'm glad that everything worked out for you- I was very happy too. The plot with her dad was important for me to conclude- I hope it wasn't too unrealistic. I know! It's so weird but also really cool and nice :) Well great minds think alike!
I'm so sad too! Haha, I get cravings for HPFF at the weirdest of times (usually either in maths class or when I have no wifi). I am so grateful that you came across it! I really do feel like we've bonded too :) Oh great, thanks for the advice! Over the Christmas holidays I'll read it and leave fabulous ranty reviews for your pleasure and in return for the lovely ones you left me!
Haha don't worry about it! I was actually going to do a longer one eventually once I get round to it. Don't you dare feel like a bad reader!
Haha no problem! I'm glad you appreciated it; definitely had to go out with a bang. Well, I hope you like it as it has a bit of a twist (try ghosts?). I'll let you know when I put it up because I'll be reviewing your stories ;)
Thank you for another epic essay of a review which is, as usual, interesting, funny and lovely! Thank you for all the whoppers you've left :) You have inspired me so much. It's goodbye for now but I'll be seeing you again soon, don't you worry!

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Review #19, by EarthsTrueGreenThe Abundance of Potters: Names, Realisations and Canteen Confrontations

3rd December 2013:
Alright the ninjas have been sent home to spend Christmas with their families. Oh this chapter was perfect everything was perfect.
The scene with Scorpius looking and holding the baby, so consumed that he didn't even notice his girlfriend was so perfect, because it shows how good of a father he is going to be. As for Rose, I really loved the whole realization of being a mum, I thought that it was sweet and surreal.
The whole scene with Milla, I'm glad you kept her strong as a character and not come across as whinny. I'm not happy that she got hurt, but at the same time I feel that (and you are well aware) That Rose and Scorpius were always supposed to be together. They way she realized everything and came to the conclusion that had sort of always been hovering over everybody's head, that Scorpius was always going to love Rose, I felt that Milla wasn't too bitter about it. Also the fact that Kat couldn't comment on it because she knew it was true. The insight that you gave to Kat about how she wanted Milla to be right for Scorpius because she was the one who stuck by her, was really brilliant, I couldn't have explained that myself.
Now on a random note, the whole James going to talk to Milla thing, does that mean that maybe they are going to get together? Just curious because I brought the subject up in a earlier review, and you said you hadn't considered it, but you liked it?
Alright now for the other best part finally Kat realizes what I have seen all along that Albus is the one. It's always been him, and James may have led off course from her feelings, but that doesn't matter, like the other love triangle everyone found their way back to each other. I love how she was the one who ultimately ended up fighting for him, throughout the whole story and some of the reviews I know there was the issue of James and Albus needing to man up and fight for her, but the fact that she was the one who ultimately did the fighting, was something that I found so unexpected, and yet so in character for her. I really think that it elevated her (in my mind) as a character.
Once again I loved the chapter, this story can't end yet, I have oddly become excited to read the responses to the reviews I leave. I know I probably sound crazy but I feel like I made a friend while reading this story and getting your opinion on my rants. It's going to be sad not to have that anymore. So anyways if you ever have the desire to come and rant about one of my stories feel free to I would be happy to respond, and do let me know if you post another story, I will most certainly read it. Maybe a James and Lily one, for some reason I really think you could make something fun about that.
Until the epilogue. I'm so excited but sad. Man conflicting feelings suck!

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry it's taken me so long to answer this review- I didn't have time to do a satisfactory one so I left it till I did :)
Phew! I'm glad the ninjas get to relax with their families :)
Yeah, I like to think that Scorpius will be a good father. He just seems like he would be- if he'd had siblings, I think he would have been very protective of them. I wanted Rose to have that moment of realisation because everything has happened so quickly, I don't think it would've fully sunk in until just then.
Nah Milla is a tough old bird- she wasn't going to go down without a fight. ScoRose was always going to happen, you're right- they're meant to be! Milla is brave too- she won't whine/moan but she'll certainly be a little inwardly bitter ;) I'm glad you enjoyed that particular bit- I was quite proud of that moment. I do think people convince themselves of things to make things easier and Kat could definitely do that.
And I can't really say about James/Milla ;) But it was you and another reviewer who both picked up on it and I did really like it. So, I went back and wrote that scene in. I can't comment yet- they might, they might not. I just really liked to concept of the 'might'.
Sort of like a maze of relationships really isn't it? They all ended up where they started but have gone on one hell of a journey! Kat isn't a Mary Sue 'ooh look at all of these boys fawning over me, what do I do?' type. She's much more than that I like to think and even though she has those moments, ultimately I wanted her to be the one who decides and fights. So I'm glad that made a difference for you: she's more of a Hermione than a Bella (though ironically I think Bella from Twilight is quite a brave character but that just opens the whole Potter vs Twilight debacle so lets not go there... I digress).
I know! I don't want it to end :( I'll miss you especially- I love getting these huge, interesting and lovely reviews. I completely agree- I really do feel like I've bonded with you over this story. So thank you so much for taking the time to review :) Oh I will! I'll re-read Fighting Temptation again once my exams are over (cry) and we can begin our rants again! Thank you- I'd love to continue this in another story :D I am interested in a James/Lily (I've even got a title and summary!) but I was going to go with a Rose/Scorpius one next interestingly enough. But one with a bit of a weird twist...
Thanks again for the lovely, fascinating review! I'm relieved but sad too. They really do suck. So for the last time (for now) keep reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Fly-By-Night

2nd December 2013:
Selena is up to something. Good chapter, Scorpius really needs to get in touch with his emotional side, if he wants to stay in a relationship, and Rose needs to get her head straight. Thanks for the update, I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Rose has, so far, just let herself be distracted once, which isn't the worst crime - but she should be more aware and attentive in a situation with her friendships and relationship which have the potential to be SERIOUSLY explosive. Scorpius might have reason to be upset, but he's really going to need to learn to handle it more maturely, or at least express himself better.

But we'll see how it comes out in-play! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #21, by EarthsTrueGreenThe Other Woman: XIII

2nd December 2013:
A wait is a wait no matter how long. lol. This was a really cute chapter compared to the last few where there was so much drama going on. It is interesting how things have changed so much, the whole Rose and Will friendship is always fun to read. Also for Rose to always be the other woman its funny that she missed someone actually fancying her.
As for the Malfoys, glad Andrius finally got his act together. Also I was happy that both Rose and Scorpius apologized to each other, they both said some things that were not so nice so im glad they are on better terms. Also I noticed at the end that Scorpius actually called her Rose instead of thorn.
Thank you so much for updating, please try and do it more often. I love this story and I always look forward to updates from it. They make my days when I see one. Overall great chapter until next time.

Author's Response: Hello again EarthsTrueGreen!

I know, I'm a horrible person. I'm so sorry. I'm glad you liked it, it was actually pretty fun to write, especially the ending. Rose and Will's friendship is one of my favourites (not that there are many to choose from, it's Rose after all), they're just so different yet they seem to get along really well. Oh Rose can be pretty damn oblivious.

Ah yes, Andrius just needed a shove in the right direction. Yes, they were both (well Scorpius especially) under a lot of stress so said some things they didn't really mean. It's always good to clear the air. Oh my god, you actually noticed that? Yay! That comes up again in Chapter Fourteen. I'm so happy you picked up on it!

Chapter Fourteen is up and Chapter Fifteen is in the queue, I've made a plan for the rest of this story now so hopefully updates will be more regular. I know the wait for Chapter Fourteen was stupidly long and I don't really have an excuse. I really hope you come back to read it!

Thanks for your lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #22, by EarthsTrueGreenThe Abundance of Potters: Bickering, Births and Long Nights

30th November 2013:
Hmmm. Well I have a bright smile on my face right now. Thank you very much. Don't get me wrong Labor is a bonding experience so I'm glad that Rose and Scorpius kissed because I have been gunning for that for a while. Not to mention that Kat said she already knew it was going to happen so i'm sure that means that Scorpius is choosing Rose and his new family over Milla. Thank goodness.
The way Rose felt guilty about it though I liked because it shows that she does have a heart and even though she wanted this, I also think that she feels bad because he is with Milla, which is completely ridiculous seeing as how she did just go through labor for twenty-eight freakin' hours, she shouldn't have to feel guilty for kissing the father of said baby. On another note I do think that the guilt shows the Rose from the begging of the story, when she was all sweet and innocent, so I feel (in a way) that it may sort of represent her going back to the person that she used to be, the one that Scorpius fell in love with to begin with. Not to mention Scorpius' reaction to the kiss which was relaxed and content, he knows he made the right decision, a person doesn't feel that way if they are kissing the wrong person. So I liked it, not sure if this means that they will get together immediately, but I do think it means that there is a future with them.
I also like how Kat didn't chew Scorpius out for it, and that she compared it to the kiss with Albus and how it was sort of the same situation. I think Kat is starting to realize that Albus is the right choice, just like she knows that Scorpius and Rose belong together, even if Milla is one of her best friends. Speaking of Albus, I got a kick out of the scene where Kat was wondering is Albus knew about what James had done. She would not have done that unless she wanted Albus. So once again I am really happy right now.
I'm excited for the next chapter, no matter what now I really do think that Scorpius and Rose will get together, regardless if it is now or in the epilogue, I just want them together. The same with Albus and Kat. I really do feel like the decision has been made.
Loved the note about the Ninjas. lol. Their on a coffee break right now, so unless something extreme happens that I don't like (Because I rule the world) I don't think that I will be needing them anytime soon.
As for the baby, I'm going to take a one in a gazillion chance and say that the name is Ava. Don't know why just am.
Thanks for the update, excited for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Haha! Glad you enjoyed it- have to say, as I was putting this up, I was thinking that you would be pleased. I think you deserved a ScoRose kiss- after all the torture I've put you through, count this as a treat.
Yeah, I wanted to show that Rose does still have a heart. She's grown a lot recently but you're right- she's finding her old self again. But, she's a lot more mature this time around!
No, I was never going to have Kat criticize Scorp- how hypocritical it would be! But yeah, the situations are quite similar and I think Katrina does understand what they're feeling (from personal experience really) and sort of guessed it might happen.
This was a pretty good chapter for you really wasn't it? Got several wishes :D The decision was always made- but will it be the ones you think...? You won't have to wait too long for the next chapter- putting it in the queue today :)
Haha, that was aimed at you! Phew, thanks for holding the ninjas back (for now).
Woah you strange creature. Ava isn't the name of the baby but it is the name of another baby that will be mentioned. You Seer!
Thanks for the lovely review. They mean a lot :) See you next update! Keep reading (and reviewing)!

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Review #23, by EarthsTrueGreenThe Abundance of Potters: Apologies, Fathers and Apocalyptic Beginnings

24th November 2013:
Sorry I'm late, school has been kicking my butt and I had to get a chapter for my other Scor/Rose story Twelve finished, and that took absolutely for freakin ever, but finally I got to read the chapter. I liked finally getting to meet her father, I think it was a little bit bittersweet in a way because he doesn't recognize her but... Also Im not sure how I feel about Milla and Rose getting along, I wonder if Milla will be singing a different tune after the baby is born, which will be coming up super soon. So Excited. Anyways cannot wait until the next chapter is up, please please please be soon. Also will we see an appearance of Albus in the next chapter sort of starting to miss him.
P.S. The ninjas are on hold until the end of the story.

Author's Response: Hey it's fine- I completely get it! School's hellish at the moment and of course your own story most definitely comes first! Yep, definitely bitter sweet- didn't want it to be a complete happy ending for that! And... Definitely only a semi-permanent truce, believe me. They'll never be besties! Baby is next chapter (girl or boy? What's your vote?) and there may be some moments that shock you ;) That's all I'm saying...

Albus will appear next chapter, don't worry! I'm going to put up the next chapter either tonight or tomorrow so you won't have to wait too long I promise!

Thanks for the lovely review as always. Keep reading (and reviewing)!

P.S Thanks! Phew :D Hopefully they'll be put permanently on hold...

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Review #24, by EarthsTrueGreenHung up: The wild one

23rd November 2013:
When it comes to spacing you have to hit preview and then go in and fix the spacing yourself by backspacing between the lines. Atleast thats what i have been doing for about two years. They used to reject chapters because of spacing saying that it makes it too hard to read, and i have to agree, i think you have an interesting idea but it really is hard to follow the plot and everything that is going on. I think the issue might have to do with the coding of your writing program. I wpuld try my tip, which really doesnt take that long only about ten minutes and I usually leave about one space between them, the only thing is that you have to hit save chapter after that, if you hit preview then it will space it out again. Another option is to try switching to simple editor that may help. Regardless the spacing is really holding your story back from what it could become and I personally found myself more focused on the spacing then your actual writing skills. If you go back and fix the other chapters I think I would actually really enjoy this story but right now I'm having trouble following the plot. Anyways I hope that I could help and I hope that you can figure out the spacing because it would really be nice to go reread the first there chapters.

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Review #25, by EarthsTrueGreenStarfall: Many Moons

18th November 2013:
I'm really enjoying the sequel so far. I'm excited to see what sort of trouble these guys will get into on third holiday. Also want to say congrats ignite is on the top ten list for most stories viewed this month on the website, as it should be. Update soon.

Author's Response: I fear Ignite will be bumped down soon, the lack of new updates just as it hits popularity shall be its undoing. Ah well. Let's see if we can replicate this with Starfall!

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing. I wonder how theirs will be? Thanks for reviewing!

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