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Review #1, by dezheatherThe October Hollow: Aftershock

8th June 2011:
I really got into this story, I liked it because it was different. The only things I had issues with is how Draco treated Hermionoe yet she keeps thinking she's in-love with him? I mean I get that she would be inclined to miss the human contact but I just felt it jumped too fast for love because he didn't show her kindness really. Don't get me wrong I loove Dramione but I just got confused.

Second thing. WHERE IS THE SEQUAL?? Oh please I need to know! I know there is more to this story, Hermione wouldn't just give Voldermort her powers & immortality because then Harry would lose! Let me know when it will be out so I can read. Thanks! Good Job.

Author's Response: yeah there have been voiced issues with her feelings. I agree, I probably moved it along too fast, which was my fault entirely. and the sequel is probably never going to happen, which is very sad and unfortunate but I hardly write anymore fanfiction so hope for the sequel is pretty bleak :(
thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by dezheatherThe Wedding Night of Her Dreams : The Worst Story Ever - The Wedding Night of Her Dreams

6th June 2011:
I thought it was a good worst story. I've read plenty of Dramiones that are just awful (not on purpose either). Good job

Author's Response: I love Dramione, but I know what you mean... LOL!

My 'worst' story took a different spin on what would make a bad Dramione... and well... killing him on their wedding night should fit the bill... XD

Thanks so much for reviewing... but honestly, I'm about to delete it since it is so ridiculous.

Hope you it made you laugh.

Thanks again for taking a minute to review!
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by dezheatherAttack of the Damned: Discoveries and Mistakes

2nd February 2010:
So I like this story, I do. Im just confused as to why Hermione was so much more in distress about the war than the other people. She was very withdrawn because of that & now she doesnt even mention the war! She is just a loner, lonely & sad her friends hate her. I hate Ginny so Im glad shes a bitch in this story lol. I hope we get to see a somewhat normal Hermione before this story ends! I feel trapped in her miindset! Good work, just need more answers! Oh & whats up with her bleeding nonstop? Is the sword cursed?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review hun ^_^ Hermione is the cleverest, and has throughout the books always ben open with her emotions, she is also, a woman, who are commonly more open. Ron and Harry are ashamed to be sad, they want to be happy that it is over, and they are men, who sometimes find it difficult ^_^ Hermione starts turning normal in the next few chapters, she gets her fiery spark back :) The sword wasn't cursed, it was not fully healed, stretching of any scar or wound can re-open the wound, I have had that experience with an operation scar, and she was unable to heal it well because of stress and inexperience.
Hope it helps

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Review #4, by dezheatherChanging the Past: Anya

11th January 2010:
Im lovin it so far! More please! lol Where did this chid Anya come from? Like their future daughter or something? Is Hermione pregnant?! Dont tell me. I cant wait to read more

Author's Response: Ooh! Hahaha thanks for reviewing! I can't tell you all the details, but yes! Haha now which one am I talking about??? ;)

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