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Review #1, by Professor SkrewtThe life of Harry Potter, and my part in it.: Part one

18th December 2009:
I've just submitted the first chapter of my only story and this is my first review, so please forgive any breaches of reviewing etiquette that I may commit.

On time travel: this aspect of your story is intriguing in itself. Time travel has always interested me, and is one reason that PoA is a particular favorite of mine. I'm curious whether there will be more of this in the later chapters, or you're using it just to get Harry's book to Hermione. I suspect that it's the book that's important here.

On grammar, spelling, and punctuation: there are numerous errors in punctuation especially. I personally find them distracting. Perhaps you could have a picky friend check your work before you submit it.

On Helen: I'm amused that each author has a different idea about the name of Hermione's mother. I wonder what name JKR chose for her.

On Harry's purpose in giving the book to Hermione: this element adds suspense to your story. I'm looking forward to finding out the answer.

On strange things: you have some clever ideas for the things that happen to people who annoy Hermione. I especially liked the blue hair.

On Hermione's reading compulsion: the King Canute comparison was excellent!

I'm going to rate this chapter 8/10, since I enjoyed it and found its premises interesting but have no other fanfics (yet) with which to compare it.

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