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Review #1, by GalawenInsignificant : A Special Day

18th July 2013:
Ouch. Normally these kind of stories have Rose as just a bystander in the corner, longing from afar but making her Scorpius' friend makes the last line all the more painful so I congratulate you on that. Being so close to what she wants but yet so far seems to me to be much more heartbreaking than being at a distance - it means she has had more hope than usual and also means she is much more exposed to the relationship that she feels should be hers. Some of your paragraph structuring and line spacing made this a little hard to read but the story itself overtook that little annoyance. I liked how you made their relationship a gradual climb, it made it seem much more realistic and I also enjoyed how you kept the ending veiled throughout the story. There is always the hint that its not going to end as the reader might hope but then the actual ending still comes as a surprise so very well done.
I found this line particuarily poignant: " “I’m marrying a Weasley today.” because I can imagine Rose thinking to herself "the wrong Weasley." Great job :)

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Review #2, by GalawenRomeo and Juliet: Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

18th July 2013:
Oh my god. This is wonderfully irreverent and I LOVE IT. I probably screeched with laughter throughout the whole thing without feeling a shred of guilt even though I am a Scorpius/Rose shipper. In fact I think its because I love them so much that this was brilliant. Sco/Ro done well can be great but there are a million and one cliches that authors fall into (and I think you showed most of them here!) This line especially stuck in my head "Snogging is how good couples solve problems meaningfully. This is truth." Sometimes I get so frustrated reading stories with that as its maxim because its so ridiculous! I also loved that you highlighted the fact that Rose has to continuously remind Scorpius that she hates him.despite the fact that usually she's been doing that for years!
It isn't just the fact that you were unnervingly accurate in your cliche-identification, your writing managed to stay completely top-class despite the unfortunate content and you managed to keep the atmosphere upbeat. What I mean by that is that this never felt like it was descending into a complaining session about Scorpius/Rose fics. Instead it came across as a good-humoured and witty poke at something - kind of like how you'd tease a brother or a sister. The combination with Romeo and Juliet helped make it over the top dramatic and entertaining.

Simply put you made me laugh at Sco/Ro yet not dissuade me from my favourite pairing. Well done!

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Review #3, by GalawenAssassination by Assumption: One

18th July 2013:
First of all I adore your title. It's perfectly sums up, not only the subject of your own story but what assumption can do to all of us. For Rose it seems like it's been self-assassination by assumption unfortunately. And she is certainly not alone in this. I think that's what made me enjoy this so much, because to be honest how many girls have been victims of their own same assumptions. Reading too much into accidental glances, seeing things that aren't there because we want them to be there so much.
These lines especially sum it up "She thought she knew him. Oh come on, Rose. How can you know somebody you were never friends with and only ever argued and fought with?" Rose's feelings and (that dirty word again) assumptions had clearly blinded the logic and intelligence she was so proud of. And in a way your story highlights the fact that emotions are not controlled by the brain - you can be the most intelligent person in the world and still find yourself acting like a fool for love. The words and imagery you used perfectly encapsulated Rose's obvious frustration and self-disgust and made me feel for her in a big way. Especially at the end, when she had just spent the past while realising how foolish she had been, but one moment is all it takes for her to convince herself again that it is right for her to hope "He’s going to stop the wedding, she thought, her heart beating so fast and vision going all wank. She couldn’t bear to stand."
Unfortunately there is no stay of execution from her assassination and she remains betrayed by her assumptions.

You drew me right into this story and made me relate it to my own experiences, a wonderful skill from any author and I fully enjoyed it. Well done :)

Author's Response: this is one of the loveliest reviews i've got, i have to say, so for that i thank you to the ends of the earth ♥

the good bits about writing a story based loosely on personal experiences is that it isn't very difficult to write. you don't have to sit around and potter about with words, wondering if it'll make sense to the reader or not. you already have a plot -- there's very little thinking involved. the other good part is that you can be certain that there are others who have shared that personal experience, and for me, reading that in another person's work is the most gratifying thing that exists, and i'm glad i was able to accomplish that to some degree!

everything that you've gleaned from rose's character and the gist of the story is spot on, and put in such lovely words. i'm so glad you enjoyed this, and i really, really adore you for this gem of a review ♥

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Review #4, by GalawenAnd Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Ten

18th July 2013:
I loved this entire story! Your characterization of Rose was so different from what most people do. Usually I see a completely in control and serious Rose with very sensible tendencies and despite having a temper she never makes a fool of herself. Well your Rose was certainly not like that especially evident by the line in this chapter "I’ve made such a great impression on this school’s faculty. I don’t think any of them believe for a second that I am my mother’s daughter." and I loved it! She was so much more believable, even she was slightly crazy and as a result I loved the Scorpius you created to compliment her. He is more steady and more friendly than most other ones and he acts as the calm to her storm. Even their relationship was clearly more banter than genuine hatred and as a result when you had them kiss at the end there was no feeling that it was incongruous. Instead it just felt normal!
To summarise I loved this story, it was light, easy-to-read and you would never be able to tell that you're not well-versed in romantic comedies and considering I've read some of your much darker fics, that's just a testament to your writing skills. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it -- I had so much fun writing it, and hearing positive things about it is really encouraging. :) This Rose was largely inspired by an old story of Toujours Padfoot's, but her fun, zany, wacky, lovable Rose always stuck with me. When I did get the idea to do a next generation-era romantic comedy, that sort of Rose/Scorpius was the very first thing that popped in my head. And, of course, someone that flighty and floaty needs a strong, sensible Scorpius (woah there, alliteration) to nail her down!

Reading over reviews for this story has made me realize that I do miss writing something like it. I have a little chapter outline for a sequel tucked away somewhere, and who knows? I may just get around to writing that soon! I miss Scorp and Rose here; they're like wacky friends.

Thank you again for reviewing this for me! You've said such lovely things, and even though it's taken me a while to respond properly, that reflects nothing on your awesome review. It was really nice hearing from you! ♥

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Review #5, by GalawenTo Drown: Drowning

18th July 2013:
The imagery and hidden meaning within this is beautiful, even if it is only I finding the hidden meaning. Your use of subtly negative words to describe Scorpius and their relationship is amazing and hard to forget. For example the lines "He stared at me for what I could pretend was hours with a haunting intensity that reminds me of death after a tsunami. The calm after the storm" because of course the calm after a storm isn't calm at all. The air is fraught with tension and fear, not knowing if it really is over, not knowing exactly what you could have lost. And whether you meant it or not I find myself attaching the same emotions to their relationship. The same when you use the words "He is like bleach. I am a raw surface." once again you might see bleach as cleansing, as renewing but not when tied together with a raw surface - then only pain is felt. But it is a pain with a purpose - usually to cleanse a wound and I find that ties together with your last line "He is anchoring me to life." Rose might feel pain because of Scorpius but pain is part of living, it reminds us that we ARE living and maybe in some part of your Rose she needs that reminder.

Beautiful writing. Very well done.

Author's Response: I'm extremely grateful for your beautiful review and intriguingly - and frighteningly - accurate understanding of what I was trying to convey.
I love how you have your own interpretation of the story. You really don't know how much this has inspired me and brightened my day.

Thank you!

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Review #6, by GalawenThe Observer: The Gathering Storm

15th July 2013:
I went to read "How a Heart Behaves" as soon as I finished this and I absolutely love how you've clearly used it as inspiration but undoubtedly but your own touch and style to the tale. Your writing feels more abstract, it feels like we're floating above this story - it feels exactly like we're observers. You've managed to capture how such a large family as the extended Weasleys can have issues and problems hidden within them perfectly. Most of the time they're depicted as completely happy but no family is perfect and this is a very believable account. I'm not a huge fan of Victorire/Dom/Teddy triangles but I admire your style of writing very much and love that you chose a little-known member of the family to act as our looking-glass.
Great job :)

House Cup 2013 Hufflepuff.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It really made my day (when I first read it, and also today). I'm glad you thought my representation of a large family was realistic. Coming from a small family, I've always found the dynamics of that hard to wrap my head around. Also, I love that people like the choice of Lucy as narrator. She is so underrated but has a lot of potential, in my eyes.

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Review #7, by GalawenSoul Set Aflame : Chapter 1

14th July 2013:
I have never, ever stopped to consider what house-elves could have witnessed or been forced to do whilst in thrall to their masters and I am completely ashamed of myself for it.
I was engrossed in your story from start to finish and it was darkly refreshing it that makes sense. Obviously the subject is horrific, not least because I doubt it was the first time Tully had experienced something like it. And when I saw the words “Tully,” she heard her Master shout and felt fear stab into her. “Kill the child.” my heart stopped for about a minute. But despite that it was wonderful to look at the War from the point of view of someone not many people would think to use. I felt so proud of James when he thought to try and save Tully at the end even in the midst of the chaos surrounding them. Her death still makes me angry and so frustrated at the tradition of house-elves (makes me want to join S.P.E.W!) but I love that the last thought you gave to her was one of peace and at least she is now free of the horrors she had been forced to experience
Brilliant job.

House Cup 2013 Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hi there! Honestly, I hadn't thought much about it before writing this one shot, either!

I'm so excited that you enjoyed this! I definitely don't want to make your heart stop, but I'm excited it gave you that feeling!

Adding in James and Sirius felt like a must with the darkness of the rest of the piece, and it makes me so happy that you liked James trying to save her! I really wanted to give it a realistic ending, and sad as it was, I felt like her not making it was the most realistic option :(

Thank you so much for leaving this awesome review! ♥


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Review #8, by GalawenFear: Fear

14th July 2013:
First of all I have to stay that I disliked the Voldemort part of this alot - and considering that's the way I'm meant to feel you did a great job! Reading the lines "And he was angry with Severus for having to die. Death was such an inconvenience. One that only lesser men had to deal with," made me so angry! Especially when you followed it with the heartbreaking accounts of what death does mean to those who are capable of love. Voldemort's dismissive thoughts highlight his narrow and blinded thinking and even as I recognise that it is he who is missing out on more it makes me angry that he will never knew the pain of losing someone he loves.

Phew. Once I got over my anger there I felt the tears come, especially during Ron's part. Ron to me is happiness and light-heartedness and it is when he becomes angry that you truly know something is wrong.
This line killed me.
"And now Remus was dead too."
It's just so final and definitive. There is no escaping the fact and while I'm biased because I love Remus, I feel like Ron also understands the senseless orphaning of a Remus' newborn son at home. I know thats a lot to get from only 6 words, but like I said your writing just made me feel so much!

"By the time this war was over, would she be all alone too?"
I feel like this fear is at the root of a lot of Hermione's actions - she seemed to find it so hard to make friends at the start of Hogwarts that the thought of her losing the family she has built up around her is the single most terrible thought she can imagine.

I also have to say that I'm pretty ambivalent towards Harry, but your words "Saving everyone else was enough" makes me feel slightly ashamed of that. Because ultimately that was it boiled down to in the end for him, he went willingly to his death for everyone he had ever loved and for many he had never met.

I traveled across the emotional spectrum reading this and I just want to say great job! You managed to raise a different emotion in me for each character you represented and presenting a new side to some of them.

House Cup 2013 Hufflepuff

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Review #9, by GalawenTheir Dance: Their Dance

14th July 2013:
I have always had a soft spot for Regulus. It always seemed like his ultimate sacrifice and contribution to the battle against Voldemort was brushed aside in the books and not given the importance I felt it deserved. As such I adore when a story focuses on Regulus even when its as heartbreaking as yours. Making Regulus the preferred brother in this one instance makes me happy and I love the brief but deep glimpse you gave us into his personality at the start. "But the other boy had sat straight backed in his chair, his clear grey eyes scanning the room in avid curiosity." It just sounds so like the Regulus I picture - his posture is completely correct because he knows he is representing his family and must keep up their image but the part of him that doesn't belong to his family is drinking in his surroundings and enjoying new experiences.
I like how you enclosed the story with the image of Ana dancing for a last time on her own where they used to go together. It shows that for at least one person Regulus hasn't been forgotten and never will be. I like thinking that there were happy times in his life, no matter how brief and thus I finished reading this with mixed emotions.
But those emotions have nothing to with your writing as ever and I loved this.

House Cup 2013 Hufflepuff

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Review #10, by GalawenKissing You: Kissing You

14th July 2013:
Wow, the sorrow emanating from this story is almost palpable. I always find this kind of love to be much more painful than unrequited love. It was Pansy herself who was the cause for her own heartbreak and pain. And that makes me so frustrated!! "Because now only she knows what he was to her. Now only she knows of his gentle patience and the honey warmth of his touch." It shouldn't have had to take his death for her to able to overlook her pride and see the love she felt for him. And it is a strong testament to the strength of your writing that I feel so strongly about that!! In so few words you brought me right into their life and the bittersweet relationship they shared and lost. I also found it interesting how you portrayed Pansy, I had always imagined Seamus as a fiery passionate kind of person but had never thought to attribute those characteristics to Pansy too. But you did it in such a natural and effortless manner that I didn't find myself second-guessing it at all.

You made me feel sad, and in this case that's a good thing! Great job :)

House Cup 2013 Hufflepuff.

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Review #11, by GalawenNot Just a Bystander: And then I run into another wall...

6th November 2012:

Ahem, there's nothing more coherent coming from my mind at the moment.

Author's Response: N'awwhh. That's lovely :)


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Review #12, by GalawenNot Just a Bystander: And then the proverbial excrement hits the metaphorical fan...

29th October 2012:
Oh wow.

Wow, wow, wow.

That was perfect at the end. PERFECT. This whole story has had Autumn discovering that she is her own person and she doesn't need other people to tell who she is and this is the perfect climax to that journey. She doesn't need to pick either because she deserves more then a best friend that spreads rumours about her and more then a boyfriend that tries to make her choose so he can win some stupid competition with his cousin.

So I LOVED the end. Obviously I have no idea where you're going with this but I really want to know that the rumours were. And to be honest whether she ends up friends with Dom again, or in a relationship with James or both or none then I just hope that its with her discovery that she's worth more than she thought. I also kinda half hope that she has a confrontation with her mother.

10/10 as always.

Author's Response: Galawen, this was such a lovely review to receive and I was so shuffled when this arrived! Because in my mind this story is completely about Autumn discovering herself and learning that she has a worth and oh, well, I'm really excited about all of this and thanks for leaving me such a lovely lovely review :)


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Review #13, by GalawenNot Just a Bystander: And then there is a deviation into toilet humour...

11th August 2012:
This is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

I'm going to leave a proper review on the next chapter about how much I love this story over-all but I'm afraid I'm laughing far too hysterically to do so right now.

Author's Response: Thank you so much lovely! Your reviews regularly make my day :D

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Review #14, by GalawenBrains & Brawn: Every Saint has a Past...

10th August 2011:
I feel a little guilty because I've been following this story for quite some time yet I've never actually left a review before. Please don't hate me! But seeing as you said its coming slowly to an end I wanted to left you know how much I enjoy it.

Your characters are believable and approachable in such a way that I feel like I'm reading about people I know. I find this especially startling considering that you seem to write in an almost old-fashioned style. Some of your wording and quite a lot of the beliefs within the story are old-fashioned yet I still feel that the characters are relatable! If that makes any sense!

For such a restrained and quiet person it is strangely easy to like Charlotte and I find myself disliking Drew A LOT mostly because I feel he is wrong for her. I probably have a prejudice seeing as I adore Oliver Wood but even so I find myself constantly WAITING for a Charlotte/Oliver romantic moment *lives in hope =P*

There are some times that I feel like some of your other characters are a little one-dimensional and slightly annoying - like Claudia and Piper and there have been moments where I've been confused by the relationships within the story. And by what is meant to be the main plot-line But those are minor complaints and certainly not universally applicable to the whole story.

What IS universal is the enjoyment and relaxation that your writing gives me and while I may not be on the edge of my seat, I'm definitely snuggled back into a chair eagerly awaiting each chapter.

Keep up the great work!
- Galawen :) (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: firstly, thanks for the review! :) i really love hearing what people have to say.

secondly, though you have great points, i'd have to disagree with you about claudia. claudia, at least, to me, is definitely not a one-dimensional character. in many ways, claudia is equally, if not more complicated than charlotte.

on the other hand, i can see how piper and alex may seem one-dimensional.

and i'm confusing the relationships in the story for a reason! and the main plot-line is fuzzy, but again, that's on purpose. :P

the story still has about 10-13 chapters left, and by the end, hopefully, it'll make sense.

thanks, though, for the reviews and for the compliments! :D they mean a lot. and the more feedback i get, especially feedback like this, the more i can push my writing forward!

thank you ♥

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Review #15, by GalawenAnomalous: Magic's Skip

7th August 2011:
Oh I really liked this! Its strange, I have read a few 'Lily is a squib' stories and they all have her reacting quite positively to it. Like she had always known and accepted her fate. But she was 11years of age, she shouldn't have been able to be so mature about it and I like that you have her upset, you have her devastated. Its much more realistic that she would have felt exactly as you have portrayed her and I'm so glad you did.

The moment between herself and Harry is also believably lovely as he doesn't attempt to tell her that there's still a chance but instead shows her the opportunities she hasn't lost. This is a sweet moment at a family that may have been famous but still has problems like everyone else. Very well done :)

- Galawen

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Review #16, by GalawenOff-Kilter: sour as

29th March 2011:
Oh wow. I'm going to say something that could be taken in a negative way but I mean it in a completely positive way.

This is probably one of the strangest stories I've ever read.

I NEVER knew where anything was going, who everyone was going to end up, what was going to happen at ANY stage. And I loved it. Like seriously I normally get frustrated with stories when I'm lost but it was perfect for this story. You threw me Off-kilter as well as the characters and so while I felt lost so did absolutely everyone else! I've said to you before but even without giving a background to the characters you still managed to make me sympathetic to them and really curious about what was going on with them!

And those last lines have killed me. Killed.Me.
I had resigned myself to the fact that Corinna and Oliver wouldn't be together because neither of them wanted it.
"Five: because I hated her.

Six: because she was with him.

Seven: and I wasn’t."

Gah. You have messed with my mind and I bow before your powers =P

Author's Response: I like being strange. With all my stories, but particularly this one, I wanted to be unpredictable, or at least flout tropes and cliches that are generally found in this genre. I started worrying about the unpredictability factor towards the end with people saying "I knew this wouldn't happen" and etc :P But yeah, I really did want to take everything about this genre and turn it on its end, and I'm so, so relieved and happy that it worked.

And teehee, the last lines. They never cease to amuse me. And your reaction is exactly what I wanted, so eee I'm so happy.

Thank you so much, Ruth, for all of your support and reviews and your general loveliness. So glad to have had you along for the ride. :)

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Review #17, by GalawenOff-Kilter: awkward as

17th March 2011:
=O =O =O =O =O - that is my face at the moment. I am in shock.
S H O C K.
That was totally and completely unexpected.
*pulls herself together*
I loved the end of the last chapter - it was really sweet and completely believable even though like Corinna I'm not sure if her and Oliver really are ok - although the whole half four thing is suggestive =P. Gah I'm sorry I can't write coherently. I'm still in shock.
POOR PIPER! Gah I really hope Corinna puts him in his place straight away and doesn't humour him for a while because she doesn't want to hurt him. I mean I'm fairly sure Corinna is the kind of person who would have no bother telling Cedric she doesn't like him.right?!!?

Author's Response: S H O C K was my intention. As I'm sure you could guess.

As far as the previous chapter goes, I think they're okay as far as friendship goes. They are friends again. What they could be beyond that has yet to be... realized, I guess you could say.

But this chapter -- my poor Piper. I've come to adore her quite a lot. Then again, me being me, I like torturing my characters. I like your read on Corinna, but you never know, right? /Right?/

As always, updates are never far away! And as always, thanks so much for reviewing, dear!

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Review #18, by GalawenOff-Kilter: loud as

27th February 2011:
I just genuinely love this story. I quite possibly couldn't tell you exactly WHY I do though! I mean we've kind of just been thrown into the situation with little background and its all action.
BUT don't get me wrong! That is not a criticism, because I still find myself drawn in and having favourite characters; even though I don't know them very well I feel like I do!
If that makes sense?! Gah there isn't meant to be much sense in this review I just wanted to share that this was AMAAAZING! And I love your updating schedule.
Seriously XD
- Galawen(Ruth)

Author's Response: THANK GOODNESS FOR EPIC. I was so worried about this chapter, you know? The huge build-up to the actual show was because I was terrified of writing something so, you know, epic.

I totally understand what you're saying about background, but I do have a reason! That reason being, Corinna narrates this from her own perspective, and in her head, she doesn't have to explain the true dynamics of her relationship with people. It's like telling a story to an acquaintance at a party or something, where it's mostly plot (or in my case, definitely lack thereof) and just the teensiest bit of background. Hopefully that makes sense? But yeah, that's my reason, and hopefully you feel like you know everyone better as we get even further along!

So glad that you enjoyed the chapter and my pretty prompt schedule! Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #19, by GalawenJust Another Tuesday: Just Another Tuesday

15th February 2011:
I find this strange. You're pretty much the only writer I can read slash from I mean I've tried other pieces but they just felt awkward. In fact "I Never Told You" is one of my favourite one-shots ever!

Remus and Sirius are two of my favourite ships, but usually with female OCs and when I try to read them together it usually just doesn't work. But this one does! I don't know how to explain it, you just seem to write with a simple assurance and of course it helps that your characterization is brilliant. Harrison's pursuit of Remus was subtly obvious - if that makes sense! What I mean is that I could see that there was a crush there but it wasn't ridiculous that Remus didn't consider it.

I really enjoyed this piece and I'm not surprised seeing as it was written by you!
- Galawen :)

Author's Response: Seriously, my cheeks hurt from reading this review! It means a lot that you allow yourself to go out of your comfort zone to read my stories. That's a compliment in itself, but yeah, still smiling like a goof ball right now. :)

*blushes* So glad that the pairing seemed right to you. I was really scared that a lot of people would react badly to the twist of it, because it's so out of nowhere (unless you happen to follow my writing, then it's completely expected).

Totally get what you mean. I really wanted it to be clear to the reader what was happening, yet not to Remus. So hard to find that balance, so I'm really excited that it worked. Remus is so intelligent, but I figure when it comes to matters of the heart, he's always a bit blind (as with Tonks).

*still blushing profusely* Thank you so much for your very very kind review!! --Jenna

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Review #20, by GalawenOff-Kilter: confused as

17th January 2011:
Ok I'm not going to lie. I am a little confused. I don't understand the four girls' friendship and their relationship with Oliver, and of course why Oliver is with someone as crazy as Gemma :P
BUT even with this confusion I am, really enjoying this! I kind of like picking up hints here and there about what's going on!
Your characters do seem insane, but in a completely endearing and hilarious way! I love love Piper already; her mumbling during Gemma's rant and of course her reaction to Cedric's flirting was brilliant! Fav lines:
"When an obsession is the type that Piper harbored, you can’t cross that line. Otherwise you risk putting the obsessed in some sort of shock-joy-coma."
I'm really intrigued and can't wait to find out more! :)
- Galawan(Ruth) :)

Author's Response: I believe I explained their relationship already, but for anyone else puzzled: they really are friends, but they aren't afraid of each other. Or, in this case, of Gemma; they realize that she needs saving from herself, and as such, "conspire" to rock her and Oliver's relationship. Because Gemma and Oliver were together before, Corinna and company are vaguely familiar with him.

I know I don't explain much (it doesn't get any better, trust me, but I hope it gets clearer) because I don't like being spoon-fed the intricacies of characters' personalities and relationships to each other in one paragraph. I've always considered this my love/hate letter to fanfic romance, so I try to subvert cliche as well as I can without undermining it so much. If that makes sense.

Endearing is one of my favorite words and it's a relief to hear that they are! Piper, actually, was an afterthought of a character because I needed another girl to round out the quartet. But she's developed quite nicely and I'm glad you like her! She and Cedric are the cutesy ones in the background of all the crazy.

I'm really glad you liked it and I hope you continue to! Thanks for dropping by, dear!

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Review #21, by GalawenJust Rose: They'd Overdone It A Bit

14th January 2011:
I'm gonna review both chapters here if you don't mind because, well because I'm lazy :D

First off I quite love Aunt Aubrey's idea of a family quiz, I'd like to somehow force my family to do one! I can picture the entire Weasley clan sitting down to and how competitive they would get even whilst thinking its a stupid idea! So personally I think that was a great way to start off the story - you've invited the reader into the world in such a way that encourages them to form their own image of your Weasley family.(If that makes sense!)

I love, love that Molly and Rose are friends here and that they don't have the usual personas you see; such as they are the over-achievers and insanely intelligent people in the family. Your characters are much more original and at the same time normal! Rose pities herself just like every other girl and Molly seems to have inherited Percy's determination, but in a much more relaxed way.
I feel very sorry for Scorpius at the moment :( I am curious, after this chapter, if he actually is following Rose around because he likes her or if there is another reason. :O
Either way even though you've described him as a rather dismal and strange person I still pity him, specially seeing as he doesn't seem to be getting the hint!

I don't have anything particularly constructive to say at the moment except I'm a little confused about whether Molly lives with Rose? Or was just visiting? Also what Rose does for a living?(I may have just missed this whilst reading through if so I'M REALLY SORRY!)
I'm really interested to see where this is going to go; is Scorpius the unexpected source of love or will someone else appear? And can't wait for another update :)
- Galawen(Ruth) :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! Thank you!

I also adore family quizzes! We don't do them in my family very often, because arguments and shouting often follow, but I think if I had someone like Audrey in my family who'd INSIST we did them, they'd actually be quite fun.

I think there's more to a person than their intelligence; it's all to easy to think "oh, they're brainy, let's make them annoying/boring/losers". Some of my own friends are very clever and they're nothing like the stereotypes at all. So what I'm trying to say is, I wasn't focussing on their intelligence when characterising, more what other traits would compliment them. Thus Rose is insecure because quite a few of her family are clever and she doesn't feel like she can compete. She can, of course, but she doesn't feel that way :P

Ah, that's an interesting point. I reckon Scorpius does have some romantic feeling towards Rose, but you'll have to wait and see to find out what happens there :P

Molly does live with Rose - I think somewhere it says they're flatmates but I know I wasn't sure if it was clear when writing it. I had a nice sentence about them being flatmates but it ruined the flow so I had to take it out. Rose's job shall be revealed in the next chapter, I'm getting there ;)

Where will this go? OH YOU'LL NEVER GUESS. The source of love will indeed be unexpected :)

Thanks SO much for the lovely review, Ruth!

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Review #22, by GalawenMorocco: CHAPTER SEVEN

5th January 2011:
I love this story, absolutely adore it. You mesh harsh violence and inhumanity with exquisitely woven soft emotion without any discord between the two. This chapter is a perfect example; you expose the brutality and desperation of a war intertwined with a beautiful growing affection, without detracting from either story. My brain is in mush at the moment after reading this because I've had to pull myself back out from Scorpius and Rose's world; your writing pulled me completely into the story and I love love when that happens. I don't have anything particularly constructive to say at the moment because like I said my brain is mush! Apart from the fact that I've read alot of Scorpius/Rose fics because they are my favourite ship and this is beyond a doubt one of the best characterizations of that relationship that I've ever read. I love the dynamics between the two of them and their individual personalities and I'm already dreading Rose deciding that they've gotten too intimate and it going downhill. That's how invested I've gotten - I'm dreading events that haven't and mayn't ever happen!
I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying this story and to thank you for giving it to us to read :)
- Galawen

Author's Response: hi hun
thank you so much for a wonderful review!! I am so pleased you are enjoying this so far and wow, what an incredible compliment!! i work hard to ensure that this fic has a stable balance - it can't be all brutality all the time. there needs to be something softer, something deeper and emotional, to off-set that.

one of the best characterisations? wow thank you so much! I don't know what else to say to that only that I am really thrilled you like them!

thank you for reading and reviewing hun!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the fic!

Kate xx

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Review #23, by GalawenForgotten Memories: Forgotten memories

24th December 2010:
Aww this makes me feel so sorry for Bathilda! And really angry at Skeeter for taking advantage of an old and lonely woman! I always felt Bathilda must have felt awful after learning about what her nephew did and about the fact that apart from Voldemort he was considered one of the darkest wizards of the modern age. Knowing that a relative of hers; a child she had looked after and cared for was capable of such things would certainly have impacted heavily on her and I think you capture it perfectly.
I like how you seem to compare Bathilda and Arianna in a small way because essentially they are both such lonely individuals :( Very nice piece :)
- Galawen xx

Author's Response: Yes, I think that Bathilda and Grindlewald shared a passion but that she now regrets and fears that she had a big part in how he turned out. So the regret and guilt must be there.

I quite like Arianna and she's the person that I would have loved to read more about so I had to have her in this story... I always imagined Bathilda knowing something about her, witnessing something that she maybe had hidden so deep within herslef that Skeeter couldn't take it and put it in her book. :)

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #24, by GalawenSins of the Innocent: New Beginnings

24th December 2010:
I liked this chapter as well. You're continuing the practice of sharing only a little bit of information per each group very well- its certainly makes me more curious as to whats going on. I am a little confused though as to what year and house everyone is in and if they know each other at all but I'd imagine I'm meant to be that way at the moment?
I love the ending. Its vaguely threatening and this line;
"And the bird that at first had been captured by her song and her words was now contained within the golden cage she had brought with her there," is gorgeous, really really beautiful :)
I was just wondering as well where the song is from?
Keep up the good work :)
- Galawen xx

Author's Response: Haha the thing is that I don't really know either and as I write I find new parts of my characters that I didn't know was there...

What I'm trying with my story is to have many layers... like one of those russian dolls, you think you know something but then there's another layer underneath which kind of changes most things of what you thought :)

I'm so happy that you liked the ending! haha I made the song myself so that made me a bit more nervous of how people would look at it :)

Thank you again

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Review #25, by GalawenSins of the Innocent: Express thoughts on life

24th December 2010:
This seems like its going to be a really interesting story! I like the way you've built up a certain sense of tension throughout this chapter - bringing in something, developing it and then moving on before revealing too much. Your account of May's discovery of dark magic in the abandoned house reflects the tempting, alluring quality of that brand of magic very well I think :)
There are a few confusing sentences here and there such as,
“Hey Allie! Can you believe that they let Tom become our prefect?" but then a few lines later we're told; "Of course they made our Master headboy" so I'm just a little confused as to whether or not this is 7th year and Tom is headboy or 5th year and he's just been made a prefect? But overall its well-written :) Now on to the next chapter!
- Galawen

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!
With May as a character I want to show that not everyone that uses dark arts would be entirely evil but maybe simply fascinated by them, and as it is a revealed art it can in fact just strengthen the desire to learn more about it...

Oh sorry I hadn't spotted that mistake myself, the story is set the year after the chamber of secrets was opened the first time so it's the year 1943 and Tom Riddle is in his 5th year, so he's a prefect :)

thank you so much for the review, I'm so happy that you thought it was interesting!

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