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Review #1, by Light BlackStill Delicate: Turning Tables

8th September 2010:
oh! tension! Loving the story so far. I hate update beggers.but please? :)

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Review #2, by Light BlackGrowing Up Gilderoy: Superior In Every Way

8th September 2010:
Really good first chapter! I love the whole "my family think I'm gay" thing and I have a feeling there will be some pretty humiliating/hilarious scenes to come?

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Review #3, by Light BlackStill Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

30th April 2010:
Wow. Some serious stuff has gone down since I last reviewed. I'm thinking James was in love, had his heart broken, then turned to the drink and not eating, and now he's just sick of life? I'm also really starting to get pissed off at Scorpius, he's was such a squib after the hearing! How can he go saying anything about Rose being friends with Brian when he went off to Vegas and got married without letting Rose or Aidan know? gr. I'm really hoping Roses life gets a bit better soon because shes just getting (ahem) poo thrown at he all the time! I just want to give her a big hug and tell her everything will be alright! Can't wait for the next chapter! Fi X

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Review #4, by Light BlackStill Delicate: Repercussions

29th April 2010:
"‘Satisfaction’ is her middle name"
One of the funniest lines EVER! I started reading Delicate about a week ago and am now on chapter 16 of Still Delicate. Needless to say, I like your story. I was waiting to review until I was up to date with the writing...but I couldn't! Now, I love Rose and all but, (and I feel bad saying this) I have to agree with Jenny! Rose has been so wrapped up in herself recently! (and yes, I know I'm talking about a fictional character here...) I also don't like Daisy, but I see where she's comming from! I want Scorpius and Rose to get back together...but Rose is just plain cruel to Daisy! ah. OK my rant is over! I loved the chapter and am now off to read more! Fi X

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Review #5, by Light BlackDear Lily: I do.

10th December 2009:
Oh such a good fic! I usually don't really like AU fics but I love this one! And the chicken...heeheehee! :D

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Review #6, by Light BlackDear Lily: Mr. Prongs, indeed.

9th December 2009:
Ooooh! Great start to a (hopefully) great story I'm off to read more!

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