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Review #1, by Annemarie WillowHey, Fred: Hey, Fred

5th July 2010:
It's so beautiful. There's no pain, no angst, just pure love, affection, and it's make my heart wrentch. I'm crying now.
Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked this (: I'm really glad you picked up on the no pain/angst thing, I think that's really key to how I imagine George after Fred's death. Love and nothing else. Thanks again (:

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Review #2, by Annemarie WillowHow to tame a Marauder: Epilogue

30th May 2010:
Hi melian!

To be honest when I read the first ten chapters of your story I bored to death. But your writing style, your original, colourful character keep me read the fiction until the end. There's some cliche in the chapters but I guess it come with the theme - the main pairing.
I like how you potray J.K. Rowling's characters, they're seems to be real, vivid, full of life, not shallow and pretending to be perfect. And I simply love that you followed Rowling's hints about the era.
Well the end is slightly heart wretching. To see that their hapiness wasn't last out for three month... I've almost cried. I see your point, and I guess I would do that in your shoes.

Thanks for sharing us this enchanting story!

I look forward to your stories!


Author's Response: Hi Anne! Thanks for the review!

Yes, I'm the first to admit that this story takes a while to get going - something to do with the coming-of-age aspect of it, I think - so I thank you for persevering. And yes, there are a couple of cliches as well (Yule Ball, anyone?) but there were plot points I couldn't get out any other way so I had to succumb.

Anyway, I'm very pleased that you enjoyed my stoyr regardless and I thank you again for reading all the way through, as I realise it's probably overly long. I'm also pleased that you engaged with my characters because I'm very big on characterisation so thanks for that as well. As for the ending - well, yes, it is sad, but I didn't have a lot of room to manoeuvre given the canon.

cheers, Mel

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