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Review #1, by jessica sarahAll Was Well: Snakes Attack Lions

18th May 2011:
I squealed. actually squealed when i saw you had updated. And it didn't disappoint! I'm glad Scorpius and Al are becoming not friends but allies against Lions. Please don't leave us hanging for so long, this is my favourite fan-fic and one of the first i started reading!

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Review #2, by jessica sarahHazard: The Scars We Wear

10th February 2011:
Im so happy! So happy i am crying! I LOVE JACE

Author's Response: Haha yay! Glad you like him so!


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Review #3, by jessica sarahDaddy Dearest: Breaking My Own Heart

3rd November 2010:
For some reason i have been avoiding readig this, i think it was to do with Ron being abusive.
But this chapter proved that i was just waisting time. It was beautiful, believable romantic but not cliche.
Love it.

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Review #4, by jessica sarahTill Kingdom Come : All That Follows

26th October 2010:
mark? MARK!?
what is she doing with Mark?
Once again you leave on a huge cliffhanger, which annoys me as im very impatient.
anyway, i liked how simple this chapter was it showed the raw emotion of the weasley's without rambling and over using adjectives. Very touching.
One thing though, why didn't Scorpius go to Roses side straight after hearing? Or send a reply by owl to see if he should come over? My only complaint in this chapter

Author's Response: my feelings were that Scorpius would know not to barge in on the Weasleys' grief, especially considering how Ron would probably react. Scorpius knows Rose well enough to know she would want to just be with her family, and he would respect that. Thanks so much for the review, and all will be revealed with Mark!

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Review #5, by jessica sarahBlack and White: Hunted (The Present)

26th October 2010:
Ian is the leader!
or is involved with the brethren
i can feel it in my bones
Your writing is so chilling, yet romantic.

Author's Response: Ha ha ha! Thank you for the review, jessica_sarah!
I'm glad that you are enjoying the story, and your guesses are as good as mine at this point :)

I hope you continue to read and enjoy!


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Review #6, by jessica sarahI'll Be Seeing You: I Like You Too

25th October 2010:
That last so beautiful and pure. The way you worte it made it seem believeable so you some how managed to not make it cliche and soppy.
Update soon please

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it because you're right I was worry about making it feel real. So i'm beyond happy you think it is. THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING!

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Review #7, by jessica sarahHazard: At What Cost

14th October 2010:
literally in tears right now

Author's Response: Haha continue reading - at least I keep you on your toes ^_^ Thanks for the review


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Review #8, by jessica sarahRed: Red

26th September 2010:
Stunning absolutely stunning.
I think I have read this about 15 times, but everytime I forget just how potent the emotion is and how hard it hits you.
Bravo, not many people can envoke such emotion in as few words.
This is breathtaking, love it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much

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Review #9, by jessica sarahTill Kingdom Come : Heat of the Moment

6th August 2010:
Firstly I would like to say how unbearable the holiday was for me, aren't holidays meant to be fun, well i can tell you this i did not have fun waiting for updates, im very impatient
Secondly, I love your storyline, its so realistic, the way the story unfolds seamlessly, your writing doesn't come off as forced its seems just effortless. You have a talent

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Review #10, by jessica sarahHazard: Another Point of View

15th June 2010:
I love love love love love Jace
Brilliant story, so original, I dont know whether its my excitment about the update or that this chapter actually didnt have any stand out flaws or mistakes

Author's Response: Haha well I hope it's just that there were no mistakes, but I do miss some occasionally. Thank you for your wonderful review ^_^


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Review #11, by jessica sarahSee.: In Which The Author Gets Angry At This Stupid Chapter

12th June 2010:
I loved Oddballs of ravenclaw so i thought i would give this a read.
I dont usually like stories with an original character as the protagonist, maybe because the author doesn't think of something original, but your characterization of Izzy is very good and original.
You said you wanted to spice some bits up and I think a jelous ex girlfriend of James' could do just that, without having to change the storyline to accommodate her.

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Review #12, by jessica sarahHazard: Guilt

3rd June 2010:
My hands hurt from clenching them so much with hatred! If im honest Rose should have killed that monster Archeld and Malfoy.
That moment with Lily and Scorpius brought tears to my eyes, I didnt think I would feel anything but disgust in Lily but your writing changed my opinion of her.
On a brighter note I now and officialy adore Jace, and I dont really know why, i just have a good feeling about him.
Beautifully written, you have some immence talent!

Author's Response: Haha wow - so intuitive! And thank you! It's so nice to read a positive review. I just got finished with one not-so-positive ^_^ Thank you so much! More chapters are on their way! Keep checking back


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Review #13, by jessica sarahHazard: Identity

3rd June 2010:
Is it wrong that I like Jace?
Brilliantly written

Author's Response: Haha no! Not wrong at all ^_^ Glad you do!


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Review #14, by jessica sarahAll Our Future Sins: Disaster

13th March 2010:
The one and only problem i can gather from your work if that at some points its hard to understand what time frame or point of view this is coming from, other than this your story is brilliant!

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Review #15, by jessica sarahA Malfoy and a Weasely Who'd have guessed?: Oh dear Merlin...

5th March 2010:
very good
only thing is rose said she had a very little chest so i dont understand how D cup can be considered little (:

Author's Response: Woops, I guess I should remember what I write then!! I dont remember refering to her chest as little but thanks for pointing it out! I shall go and fix that! Thanks for reading and reviewing! - Kirsty xx

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Review #16, by jessica saraha long nine months: the test this chapter 2 SORRY!!

5th March 2010:
(: i love your scorpius
very good, not the rape, the plot
hurry and write more please

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Review #17, by jessica sarahThe Oddballs of Ravenclaw: The Wedding

4th March 2010:
brilliant, my favourite fanfic by far!
honestly everytime i got home since i read the first chapter i checked if you had updated.
bravo, give yourself a pat on the back

Author's Response: I know I say this alot, but that is REALLY encouraging! Thank you!

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