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Review #1, by rw_hrgAbandoned...: Abandoned...

17th December 2006:
this was well written but it left a little unanswered. oh well great job.

Author's Response: That's how it's supposed to be... Thanks for reviewing.


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Review #2, by rw_hrgThe Man Who Was Supposed To Be Dead: The Death

17th April 2006:
pretty goood..... yeppers

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Review #3, by rw_hrgYou're... Me?!: Quidditch Match

17th November 2005:

Author's Response: lol, i know, confusing!!!

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Review #4, by rw_hrgDaddy: St Mungo's

4th November 2005:
It made me cry... yah Im corny

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Review #5, by rw_hrgOnce Again: Reminiscing The Past

4th October 2005:
didn't really follow but its nice

Author's Response: thanks a million! =)

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Review #6, by rw_hrgHidden: First Day of Classes

1st October 2005:
cliffs arrrggghhhh

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Review #7, by rw_hrgI guess I need you: I guess I need you

22nd March 2005:
good I guess

Author's Response: thanks i guess

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Review #8, by rw_hrgFinding Out How: Meeting Nicky

10th March 2005:
awesome story you must write more

Author's Response: thank you and its coming.

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Review #9, by rw_hrgDark Circles Intertwine: Castles in the Air

3rd December 2004:
omg! Ron and Hermione this is the best! write more

Author's Response: *sirens start wailing and confetti comes down* RE-URE RE-URE (those are siren sounds) Congrats! You're the 100th reviewer!! I've been waiting for you for SOOO long haha. well, i have the next chapter planned out in my head, its just the whole point of actually finding enough time to write it hahaha!!! WHOA I'm so hyper lol well im going to a bball game right now so I'm out! Adios!!

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Review #10, by rw_hrgOne Crazy Day: One Crazy Day

7th November 2004:
ok weird. But i get its all a dream huh

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Review #11, by rw_hrgHow can I love you?: Chapter One: This is just the beginning...

7th November 2004:

Author's Response: Thanks! LOL...

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Review #12, by rw_hrgThat New Girl: A Violent Encounter

6th November 2004:
if there is a fight make it bloodly LOL

Author's Response: Lol...I'm thinking about it. Oh...the possibilities....gwahahahaha =D

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Review #13, by rw_hrgJust Breathe: Two Weeks Later

6th November 2004:
UPDATE!!!! o and r/r my fan fiction

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as I can. I wanna have at least two chapters done before I update again. I'll r/r your fanfics as soon as I can. Promise. Keep reading and tellin me whatcha think. Thanx again

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Review #14, by rw_hrgI Don't Want You I Need You.: Who I Am

4th November 2004:
oh my why make hermione a punk NOOOO! Hermione, but yah I can relate but instead of cutting myself I go for walks

Author's Response: First of all thanks for revewing and just becouse a person dresses a certain way doesn't mean they are punk. Thanks for reading. ange

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Review #15, by rw_hrgI Canīt Have You: I Canīt Have You

3rd November 2004:
wow sad

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Review #16, by rw_hrgHermione's game: Who am I?

3rd November 2004:
OMG Great story

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Review #17, by rw_hrgDark Circles Intertwine: Black Sun

2nd November 2004:
Omg! write more write more so god *drools*

Author's Response: lol when you get a reader that drools, you know that you are doing something right :D all in due time, love. all in due time. *my comp at home is not working, so I haven't been able to connect to the internet for the past couple of days, so sry it won't be up for a lil bit.*

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Review #18, by rw_hrgA Fallen Rose Petal: Chapter 4

1st November 2004:
ARIEL Ariella, Thats is so good write more write more

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