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Review #26, by xo_draco_xoSeek Me, I Dare You: Hey, Ho, the Mistletoe

6th June 2010:
i really realy like this story a lot! its very interesting and its a bit of a twist from other oliver/oc that ive read.

im guessing that nova has cancer or a disease like that right? that why shes so sick and not eating?

keep writing! its a great story! :D

Author's Response: thank you so much! yea i've read a lot of stories on here so i'm trying my best not make it too cliche. some of the stories i've read, i forget what happens in each one cuz a lot of them are the same. but worry not, i have some plans for this one. nobody's gunna get knocked up at the age of 16 and elope to paris hahaha. xD

i'm not giving any answers, you'll just have to read onwards as i post more chapters!!

thank you so much =]] your review really helps. in fact i think i'll start writing my next chapter right now =]]

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Review #27, by xo_draco_xoDéjà Vu: Morpius Salfoy, Date Sabotaging and Barbie

6th June 2010:
hahaha! i loved that chapter! that was fabulous!
my favourite quote would definately be:

"Merlin, he looks like freaking Bambi.


that was the best! XD

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm glad you liked it

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Review #28, by xo_draco_xoA Time For Us: The Years Have Been Kind

28th May 2010:
That was a fantastic first chapter to the sequel! There wasnt really anything I didnt like in it, it was just that fabulously written. Great job :)

Author's Response: I love you. I do, seriously. I love you very much indeed. :D

When I get reviews like yours, I choose to ignore the glaring flaws in the writing JUST to bask in the golden glow of a good review :D Thank you so very much! I'm glad you liked the first chapter!

Thanks so much for the review!

Cheers :D

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Review #29, by xo_draco_xoLadylike.: Of Running and Moments.

27th May 2010:
that was a fabulous chapter! oh it was great (despite the angst) it kinda made me feel very happy and that is an amazing acomplishment seeing as im stressed to the max right now due to a math exam! kudos to you! :D

ps. i think you should right an Oliver/OC story, because i absolutely love them and i dont see enough of them :)

Author's Response: Yay! :) Math exams are hellish, I think. So I understand how stressed you are. (:


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Review #30, by xo_draco_xoExotic Bloom: Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me.

28th April 2010:
i love this story. it gives me a completely different perceptive of narcissa and bella and lucius and i enjoy it greatly. great job :)

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Review #31, by xo_draco_xoDeja Vu: Homecoming

25th April 2010:
oh that was amazing! great ending for an amazing story! :D im excited for the sequel!

Author's Response: Oh yay!

I'm glad you liked it :D I'm rather fond of the ending of this chapter :D

And I'm just as excited for the sequel!! :D

Thanks for the review!

Cheers :D

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Review #32, by xo_draco_xoTwists and Turns of Fate: Chapter VI

25th April 2010:
i loved this chapter! it was very cute :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) The story needed a little cuteness after the whole Hermione-falling-down-the-stairs thing.

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #33, by xo_draco_xoDéjà Vu: Ice, Hurt and Electric Shocks

25th April 2010:
omg! bad artemis! very bad artemis! gahhh! poor james i feel so bad for him! i just go right up to artemis and smack some sense into her! jeeze.

on the other hand, i simply loovee you! you are a fantastic writer, i cant wait for the next chapter!

*picks out all the yummy red skittles, then throws the rest at you!* XD

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Review #34, by xo_draco_xoDeja Vu: The Radio Show Host vs. The Quidditch Star

20th April 2010:
NOOO! AHHH! thats sooo cruel!!! i love you but i hate you!!! ah!!! update sooonn!! XD

Author's Response: YES!! And I know it's cruel! And it's ok that you hate me! I love you lots though for reading and reviewing :D

Epilogue should be up really soon! :D I hope you like it! Do let me know!

Thanks for the review!


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Review #35, by xo_draco_xoMy Hero: Two

18th April 2010:
i like this.:) its very interesting. cant wait for the next chapter:D

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Review #36, by xo_draco_xoBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Do The Rain Dance

18th April 2010:
oh my! that was freaking hilarious!!! XD i loved the whole michaelangelo-katie-fred thing. it was fabulous!!

and also... FINALLY! my god! i was waiting forever for the eric-potter thing to be told! lol. it was great. very dramatic, amazing.

loved it and love you! your an amazing writer! :)

Author's Response: I hope you enjoyed and I'm glad that you liked it so far. I hope that the thing made sense with Eric, I hope you liked that as well.


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Review #37, by xo_draco_xoChanging Charlie Weasley: You're a Jerk.

7th April 2010:
ohhh continue it continue it continue it pleeaasee! :) it sounds amazing and very interesting so far! XD

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Review #38, by xo_draco_xoWolfsbane: Why?

13th March 2010:
ah! omg! thats so mean! your leaving a huge cliffhanger! i believe im in the midst of a love/hate relationship with you right now. i LOVE your storys but the cliffy are just cruel! ahhh! kepp writing! XD (please!:])

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm really happy that you love my stories, it's so nice to hear. It's reviewers like you that make me want to keep writing.
Plus, I am a meanie. But it's fun. I will update as soon as I can. XD

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Review #39, by xo_draco_xoAn Object of Interest: Of Squished Couches and Crappy McCrap Crap

19th February 2010:
omg! im silently squee-ing right now! i cant wait for the next chapter!! oh i kinda hope Zoe gets brought back into the story! then georgie can pull a prank or something on her! also which i think georgie needs to do to tammy! XD

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review. If that is what you hope, then I hope you like what I have written instead. It's not exactly what you've written, but I think you may enjoy. XD

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Review #40, by xo_draco_xoArtificial: Choke

8th February 2010:
aweee. this chapter was so sad! but i loved it all the same. i cant wait for the next chapter:)

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Review #41, by xo_draco_xoWolfsbane: A Christmas Annoyance

16th January 2010:
oh i love this story so muchh! its still my favourite one ever!
cant wait for the next chapter! XD ♥

Author's Response: Thanks for the reivew. It made my day. The next chapter will be up soon. I hope that you like it. XD

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Review #42, by xo_draco_xoReturn After The War: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

30th December 2009:
I love your story so far! :D its one of my favourrites! i cant wait for the next chapter! hope it comes soon!!! XD

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Review #43, by xo_draco_xoJealousy: Hangovers suck

26th December 2009:
i love your story so much! XD im a huge fan! i cant wait for the next chapter!!!
what other site is the story published on? you mentioned it before but didnt say which one.
anywhooo...i love your story and i also love your name! its the best :P

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Review #44, by xo_draco_xoSlytherin Song: Part Two: Chapter Thirteen

25th December 2009:
OH MY GOD! i LOVED that chapter!!! XD
especially the monty python reference! i laughed so hard! you are my ultimate hero for that XD

Author's Response: Haha, monty python deserves a reference here-and-there :P. Thanks so much!

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Review #45, by xo_draco_xoHappy Endings: Willa; I AM Gryffindor!

29th November 2009:
kayso, you are officially my favourite fan fiction writer!
i really like this story so far, and i really hope you keep Willa and Lysander together! they are cute:)
and yes im super excited for the next chapter! XD

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I'm so glad that you like my story - and that I'm your favoruite fan fiction writer, I am now jumping for joy. Ok, joy dance partially over. Lysander is my favourite Next generation character ever! Just thought that I would share that with you. :P

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Review #46, by xo_draco_xoWolfsbane: He Lost Me

27th November 2009:
i love this story so much! its one of my favourite ones i've read so far, and i've read alot! please please hurry on the next chapter! i cant wait! XD

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review, it brought a smile to my face. The next chapter will be up soon, I am waiting for another my other story 'Happy Endings' to have chapter 6 validated, and then I shall put up Wolfsbane. XD

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