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Review #1, by SwanseaAutumn's Sonatas: (winter music)

7th August 2010:
You've outdone yourself. I don't know how you make prose into poetry and still weave such beautiful stories.

"He peels oranges and she dances on street curbs and she is learning what it is to be him. He forgets Victoire and finally knows victory."

..One of my favorite lines. Really lovely, it's so beautiful how they found each other and helped start up the other's life again. Please update SoS by the way, I'm desperate here.


Author's Response: Thanks so much! Really, I think it's so incredible the kind of support this little story has received!

I'm so glad you liked it! :D And yeah, TSOS is in for a new update some time soon. Chapter six should be coming within the next few days (I'll guess around Tuesday...or so.)

Thanks again for braving the journey, Nora!

- Celeste

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Review #2, by SwanseaA Certain Lady: The Coming Deluge

7th June 2010:
I adore your writing, Rita. I love Elise too, she's like a Jane Austen character. All of your characters are, they're rounded and believable even beneath the weight of the old traditions and titles.

Also, I just wanted to tell you that I have a rabbit named Napoleon and his hutch is called the Island of Elba. I'm going to try and get him a Josephine this summer :)


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Review #3, by SwanseaAnd the American Svengali: Part One: A Veritable Climax of Sorts

20th May 2010:
This was an incredibly well written fight scene! I want more!
Does this mean a new part is coming up soon? Are each parts 20 chapters long? :P


Author's Response: Thanks! Did my best! :D
Well, this part isn't quite over yet. We've got one more on the way - and then yes, the next part is already 8 chapters in! (Can't believe that we're getting so close to what I have written!)

Parts... well, I have it planned out, but length is another story. We'll just have to see won't we?

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by SwanseaAnd the American Svengali: Part One: Inside the Potrait Filled Room

2nd May 2010:
Brilliant - dramatic, but not melodramatic. Love Harry in this chapter, and thanks for explaining things so nicely (easiest to follow chapter so far!)

Update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hey Swansea! How're you? I'm glad you like this chapter! I did... and I'm happy you were able to follow this easier than the others! And I'm happy you like Harry.

Of course I will! And thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by SwanseaAnd the American Svengali: Part One: Truancy in the American Dream

14th April 2010:
Arggghhh this chapter is so intense.

I love this story - but I think you could work a bit harder on making sure everything is understandable to the reader. Sometimes I have to read things over multiple times before I can comprehend what's happening. I'd recommend trying to read over blocks of text separately and see if they make sense on there own.

...also, Harry is dumb. Stupid hero :P

You have also managed to write one of the only stories with Harry as the main voice/protagonist that I actually like. This entire story is brilliant, I love the premise and the details.

Author's Response: Thank you Sansea! And I'm sorry you're getting confused. I do go back through every once in a while to tighten things up. This is by no means the published version :P but I want the first part uppp! Three more chapters to go.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to post them.

He is a bit dumb, isn't he?

And I'll take that as a massive compliment XD

Thank you so much for the reviews.

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Review #6, by SwanseaPirates: Teasing Teasers and Tossing Tossers

5th April 2010:
5 APs? What are they? I'm in 4 myself and hopelessly struggling.

And that was mean! I was expecting a full chapter :P


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Review #7, by SwanseaBeat It.: Tryouts.

28th March 2010:
Hi! I've enjoyed reading this chapter. It's short and sweet and nicely introduces everything. I'm actually the artist working on your banner right now. but reading this is a lot is a lot more fun :)

I really like this story! It helps that my name is Nora :P

Author's Response: I love the banner! haha, it seems like everytime I request something at TDA it always comes out WAY better than what I thought it would:D great job on it! And I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter:D

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Review #8, by SwanseaYou're Nothing Without Me: A Holiday Guide for The Modern Young Widow: Numb

28th February 2010:
Update now, Rita! I adore your stories, but this one is working out to be my favorite. It's absolutely immaculate besides a few mild typos, and your writing is oh so lovely.

Scorpius is a great character. I love how you've personified him and his family. I love Tidley and Tidley Station. I love Rose.

Just update, mkay :D

Author's Response: Hehehe, forgive my typos! It is my greatest flaw, among many others :)

I'm glad that you like my Rose, Scorpius and Tidley. They are very close to my heart.

Currently writing the new chapter and if I'm lucky, it'll be done by next week.

Thank you!

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Review #9, by SwanseaJericho Anon: What Cracks Say

17th February 2010:
I really like the characterization of Daphne and her relationship to Arthur. Not nice to leave us with a cliffie though ;)

Update soon!


Author's Response: I love cliffies! Despite what I keep saying, I will update this soon! It's almost summer, and well, summer brings on more writing! So everything will be updated. Thanks for the wonderful review Nora ^_^ I truly appreciate it.


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Review #10, by SwanseaWhat A Wonderful Existence: What A Wonderful Existence

30th January 2010:

Why does this have no reviews? It's lovely.

"Because there is no way to know what happiness is without experiencing sorrow."

So true.

I just love Molly in this, I can't explain it, but you portrayed her perfectly. I don't know how to get the all of once-ness of it all either, the way every sentence kind of sways forwards and back. It's just such a great piece.


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Review #11, by SwanseaA Measure of Uncertainty: A Measure of Uncertainty

27th January 2010:
I loved this - it was funny and well thought out and impeccably written. Brilliant last line, great concept. I've personally experienced similar situations, and you've captured it perfectly.

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks, that was such a nice string of compliments. They are especially meaningful to me as those are things that I really try for in my writing. Especially realism and I'm happy to hear that I can connect to a reader on a level like that. Thanks again. And I really like the last line too!

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Review #12, by SwanseaThe Morning Waffle: Sweetheart Pants

25th November 2009:
Why are you so brilliant? This is one of the few stories where I actually read every word. Please break through your writer's block - I want more updates.

Author's Response: I will try to update ASAP. :-) Thanks for reviewing!

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