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Review #1, by EllaShantiSuperhero: A Paper Person

16th April 2014:
Awww, it's over. That was as perfect ending, I think (despite the lack of Rebeiran).

Cute Guy (Luke, I guess, but after 14 chapters of CG I think I'll have to stick with that) is perf. I almost started shipping Rebecca/CG. Almost. But loyalty to Kieran and Elizabeth's literary memory (plus the fact that I generally don't like stories where deceased person's boyfriend/lover/husband gets together with deceased person's grieving sibling/friend and they help each other through their pain and blah blah blah) rea**erted (oh, for heaven's sake) themselves and nope. But I love him, as much as you can love a character after a one-sentence appearance.

I'm kind of glad she stopped being the superhero. I wasn't sure if you'd go with this route or the keep-being-superhero-so-Elizabeth-didn't-die-in-vain route (although I'm not sure that would entirely make sense), but I like this much better.

I'm also glad you mentioned that she stops wishing herself dead. After all, what would be the point? She'd just be wishing pain on Elizabeth (and Keiran? Couldn't resist :D) and it is much better to focus on what she did.

Re chapter 13 review -

Oh, just down to the beach to visit family and chill, etc. It was good but not much to do...I finished the books I brought in the first couple of days and the house's bookcases were stocked with murder mysteries. Result = occasional weird dreams. But forced relaxation is good.

I knowww! It's tomorrow now - not sure when I'll get to see it though coz we have family coming! Definitely next week sometime, that is confirmed with the various friends who are also keen.

Re chapter 14 review -

Hahaha if you do I will definitely be onto that one faaast.
Aw, it's alright - It was a long time ago...I think I was about 11.

And now...I must farewell you. Keep on writing, my lovely - I'll keep checking!

(By the way, I did read Lily's Love when you wrote it, but I don't think I ever reviewed it. It was lovely, anyway. Just remembered that when I went to check if you'd put any stories up I'd missed.)

I will see you, hopefully, in your next story!

Author's Response: Sorry I've left this for about two weeks! I've been super busy with college work and A Level exams n stuff, but I'm taking the night off. :)
Anywho, many apologies for the blatant lack of Rebeiran. :(
Yeah, I still think of him as Cute Guy :D I think they did become close, but in a brother/sister grieving sort of way. I think, because Elizabeth loved him, she decided to trust him and was the only person she talked to about it, really, I think. (That's only personal speculation, though). Yeah, I am a bit disappointed there wasn't more CG scenes now :D
I don't understand those either. Like, if your girlfriend or whatever dies because your'e a superhero, surely you'd continue to be a superhero in spite of them dying, rather than because of them dying? I'm glad you agree :)
Yeah, I think she was still immature when she wrote all this down. It took her a while to see herself... well, how the rest of us see her.
RE chapter 13 review:
Oooh books! That sounds like fun :D I sometimes think forced relaxation is necessary for sanity.
I hope you enjoyed the movie!
RE chapter 14 review:
I'm not sure how I'd do it. But I want to do it. :D

Farewell, lovely Ella. Look after yourself, alright? I've got some ideas in the mix... :) I'll always be writing.
(I'm glad you enjoyed it!)
I'll see you then. Until then, however, I hope everything in your life is awesome. xxx

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Review #2, by EllaShantiSuperhero: prettynerdyunigirl

12th April 2014:
:'( tears and sadness.

This was a lovely chapter. Filler-ish, of course, but very necessary and very lovely and very sad.

That's such a sweet story about how she became the superhero. I suddenly realised this chapter that we didn't really know why she did that, and after reading that first sentence became very curious, because after all she there were no genetically engineered bugs in THIS story.

Question - were they friends before they became roommates?

The last sentence reminded me of my grandmother's funeral - I remember the kids wearing colours coz she wouldn't have liked all bland.

Re chapter 12 review (which I didn't do in my last review, I just realised)

Aww.I'm almost grieving more for Rebeiran than for Elizabeth. Almost. Okay, barely close. But still. :(((

Ah, my lil shipper heart's taking a battering today. Oh well.

*Sigh* I said I'd do a longer review this chapter, but I just saw the last chapter's up...will you forgive me if I leave you now?

Author's Response: :( I know. I'm sorry.
Very filler-ish, I agree. But it's also the beginning of the end and I've wanted to convey real grief for a long time, so this was my chance to do both. Thank you.
No, no genetically engineered bugs. Maybe in my next story. ;)
(oh god, I actually want to do something like that now)
They were not friends before they became roommates. Rebecca responded to an advert in the paper looking for a roommate and Elizabeth had put the advert out. After the ex-boyfriend incident, they became close friends :)
I'm sorry. But yeah, I took that from my own grandma's funeral.
RE chapter 12:
:(( poor Rebeiran. I know you liked them.
Of course I'll forgive you. There's nothing to forgive- thanks for all your lovely reviews, sweetie xx

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Review #3, by EllaShantiSuperhero: Stained Red

3rd April 2014:
Hellooo my lovely author! Sorry I haven't reviewed for a few chapters, I am officially and completely addicted. However I did feel a little guilty once I hit chapter 8, so here

Damn harry locking his employees up and stealing their wands. He is great.

I have to say, I thought Elizabeth was going to find out there (about the whole superhero and possibly the magic thing too) and got very excited, but no. I suppose you're probably going to torture your poor obsessed reader for a while with that? Ah well, such is life.

Three questions (which I guess you have license to answer mysteriously)

Is anything going to come of the while premonition thing? Is there some secret there that's going to come out? I'm intriiigued.

And, are we going to meet Cute Boy or Rebecca's mum? I'm kinda hoping for CB to turn up, at least :P

And...Kieran? Rebecca?

Author's Response: See above :)

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Review #4, by EllaShantiIn My Head: To Be Good

27th May 2013:
Oh no.
It's over.

So Ellie's mini-letter extracts were adorable 'i think the sexiness of the situation is going to make me burst' - giggles. And James breaking in to hug her? The ADORABILITY of this situation is going to make me burst.

AND SHE GOT IT! I got so excited when Gardner started talking about it, I KNEW she would get it when she did,asdhfksb.

WE GOT A JACK/LILY SCENE. A mini one, but I can imagine the extended one that comes later. Hehehehe.

James referring to her as 'short one'? I get that too, dear partner in (lack of) height, Lily.

And she's at peace with the universe. Smile.

Oh, I was mentioned in an author's note. I feel special. I'd like to thank my family and friends for helping me achieve this great honour. Also the phone I wrote most of my reviews on. The bus I sat on while writing many of said reviews. The horse I was sitting on while reading one chapter, and the friend who patiently waited for me to finish reading it before we went for our ride. Have I forgotten anyone? Oh, and GingerGenower, because you know, without her story I'd have nothing to review. Small details.

...There's a way to favourite authors? I really need to get up to date with this site. I still don't know how to nominate for awards, or when, or anything. Hmm...

Now, onto the question of what do I do for the rest of my life?! Wait, I know. Go and re-read In My Blood. Hmm, I'm rather good at this. Maybe solving deep philosophical questions is my true calling. Right, now on to 'to be or not to be.'

I just have to add - 'don't mess with the ginger' is definitely a life lesson. One of my best friends is ginger, and she scares me to death. I am not kidding. But I love her., the story and Jack are all wonderful, fabulous, amazing, every positive adjective you can think of. Please keep writing...anything. I'll defs try and read the rest of your stories now. And I'm extremely glad you didn't kill off Lily. Unbelievably so.


P.s. I don't think I ever told you this, but your chapters ALWAYS get 10/10!

Author's Response: I felt the exact same way when I ended it.
It's completely plausible, though, isn't it? Lily- I'm having a bad day. James- I will do what the man I was named for did and BREAK IN TO THE CASTLE. ...that was easier than expected. *hug*
Excitement! :D
Ahh, come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.
I'm actually average height, but I do have many friends I constantly tease about their height (and lack thereof) and so I know it gets brought up at all the random moments, to make it more funny :P
(see previous review for my sarcastic answer to this.)
Click on the author you want to favourite, and next to 'penname' it says 'Add To Favourites'. Click that, and yay, you're there! As for the awards, I have no idea.
Always to be. I'd rather regret something I've done rather than something I haven't.
Apparently all gingers are scary (not true) but if it's 'the ginger'- don't mess. If it's a ginger that doesn't take cr*p, they will not beat around the bush. Like most humans, really. It's weird how that happens sometimes.
Thank you so much. The new story is a slow work in progress, although I am thinking of giving myself a break before I start it, so that I'm really ready. Me too. I was scared I'd have to.
PS. Thank you so much :)

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Review #5, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Predictable

27th May 2013:

The best chapter so far! You are wonderful. Have a cyber medal from me. Now,

Gardner. I wasn't sure what I thought of her until now, but she is awesome. Intense-mcfarland speech was brilliant. If.. you're like her, good for you :D

Bringing Ginny back in was great, too - I love the mother-daughter relationship there, always makes me laugh or want to cry. This was the latter - of course I coildnt actually burst into tears as I'm on a very crowded bus right now, but you know what I mean.

ELLIE! You fixed her! Random stroke of genius with the dark magic binding to the spells, and it worked. And she kissed Al -aww! Best couple. Besides Jack nd Lily, of course. So will she be doing her NEWTS, then? Like coming back to Hogwarts?

Finally...the letter from Jack. That have me chills, no joke. It was so...touching, and wonderrfl, and explanatory. Mother and sister with Huntington's, that's awful. So we finally have a reason why his dad's so...well, messed up, for want of at better phrase. But how can he not love jack! That is physically impossible. Conveniently forgetting I was mad with him last chapter.
HE WAS BREAKING UP WITH HER! So that means...he's single...sbwodbwjbd...woo! So, Jack and Lily scene now? Pretty please?

So the story's moving very fast now, so I guess it's ending soon? *sigh*. But it's been wonderful. Bestest chapter (yes I know that's not a word), keep writing!

P.s. I just finished a viciously difficult history essay, so was extraordinarily pleased to see TWO chapters up. I'm off to read the next one now!

Aww, thank you. I'd like to thank my parents, for always loving me, my keyboard, for putting up with my fast typing and never breaking on me, my reviewers because they're all wonderful, my pet guinea pig (without whom I would never be calm), and my mirror for ensuring, when I do on rare occasion leave the house, that I don't look like a train wreck. (Yes, I have read your other review. Yes, I am mocking your sarcasm. ;) )
I love their relationship once Lily is being honest- I think up until then, it's far too strained to be really happy. Poor bus-people, I hope you didn't scare them!
OF COURSE I FIXED HER IT WAS THE RING ALL ALONG MWAHAHA. Yeah, in this she's hoping to start her NEWTs at home and in the second year go back to Hogwarts- she has to build up her strength and adjust to everything she's been through.
Yeah. We'd actually- jeez, I came up with the plan for this a long time ago- done about Huntington's disease in Biology when I was at high school really interested me and it just slotted perfectly into this story, so I used it. I feel so bad for his dad, but that's his issue, not Jack's. *forgets*
Singledom suits hot guys. IT MEANS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS HAVE A CHANCE! Ooh yeah, go Lily...
It is indeed. Thank you so much sweetie :)
PS. Well done for getting it over with! Reward yourself with chocolate... lots of chocolate...

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Review #6, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Letting Go

21st May 2013:
Well, this was brilliant. I actually think this is the best chapter we've had so far, or one of, coz it really gives an insight into how fully disturbed (is that the right word?) Lily has been by, well, everything. It really makes you feel and understand her so congrats, Lady Genower :D.

The part when Harry and James were there - that was adorable. I love it when they go all fatherly/brotherish. R when anyone is being all comforting. Like Teddy. Or Jack.

Speaking of which...I'm hanging out for Jack-Lily confrontation/forgiveness/Tina explanation scene. We got a short one, but Gardner cut it so please, I will give you chocolate. And money. Money in chocolate. Whatever ;).

Oh, quick question: was Lily a virgin before McFarland(e?)?
I didn't think she was, but I'm not entirely sure.

But why did she say they were lies? Is she still going to be crazy-abuse-roxy-and-teachers-hook-up-with-every-male-in-hogwarts or just still a bit messed up without telling anyone?
Well, I guess you'll show me in the next chapter...soon? *bats eyelashes hopefully* . Wonderful chapter, lovely!

P.s. last review, where it said 'wish, love triangle' that was meant to say 'whoa' and my phone autocorrected it. Silly HTC thinks it's smarter than me.


P.p.p.s. I may overdo the compliments in reviews, I've noticed...but whatever. You deserve them. I express my feelings through adjectives. Blah. Just thought I'd randomly chuck that in there. :P

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much. I think 'disturbed' is as good as any- she's been changed by it, and certainly not for the better. Thank you very much, Duchess Ella. ;)
I think when I write them I'm basically indulging myself, because I adore how lovely they are. They're just genuinely nice people and I wanna hug them.
Yep! There's gonna be an explanation, maybe forgiveness, maybe Tina explanation. Yeah, don't worry, it's al planned out. I've got it sorted, I swear! (chocolate money like at Christmas, please and thank you :P)
Actually, she was a virgin before McFarland. I'll put a little comment in the next chapter about it so everyone else knows :)
Probably the latter. Maybe the former. :D
I'll do my best to get it up soon! Aww, thank you sweetie :)

PS. Silly, silly phone. (I kinda guessed it was a typo)
PPPS. No, compliments good. Compliments keep me writing. Compliment feed me like time energy feeds Weeping Angels.

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Review #7, by EllaShantiIn My Head: All My Fault

20th May 2013:

Okay so wow. Jack...Tina? Girlfriend? I mean we knew there was something fishy about him but..! (I'm practically incoherent with horror..and this isn't even speaking.) He was supposed to turn up and be like Lily, it's okay you didn't get the apprenticeship because I love you so let's get married now and you can have my babies.


Well, this chapter was of course still your wonderful bundle of gorgeous exciting story, and I of course love a bit of a plot twist. It was good to have a bit of a sudden change in the plot. That bit with Roxy was adorable, only I thought it seemed a bit of a random addition in the story...I'd kinda forgotten about her and then it was like wish, love triangle happening here. Not a bad thing though, always nice to have a few side plots and it'll be interesting to see how that one turns out.

Now, back to the owlery she really his girlfriend? I'm getting a bit of a feeling she's not ,or there's more to that story then we know right now (well, that's obvious, but you know what I mean). He was trying to say something, after all...well, here's hoping :D

Finally...I'm sorry, but HIM? She's rebounding on a SLYTHERIN? THAT slytherin? The CREEP? That's disturbing...I maybe it's meant to be though...? But still, that freaked me out a bit. Just too weird.
...she won't get pregnant, will she?

And...oh dear, that seems to be something approaching a cliffy. Which means, I AM ON MY KNEES BEGGING YOU TO UPDATE SOON even if I am currently in the midst of the exam tornado ;).

So yeah. Love you, your story, this chapter and Jack, too, I suppose. Possibly. Keep writing, wonderful!

Author's Response: Rants are good. They usually involve coherency immediately after. ;)
Yep. Yep. Indeed we did! Yeah... sorry about that...
Now THAT would have been an awesome way to end it early! :D
N'aww, thank you :) Ahh, you see, it was a poor attempt at foreshadowing. Roxy gets let down by a friend-boy romantically, and so does Lily. Plus it fit nicely with her previous whining about it. Coolio, glad it's not retracted too much :)
Right, let's get down to business (to defeat the huns). Yes, Tina is really his girlfriend. Isn't there always more to the story when it's me? :P had to be. Yes, she is. Yes, him. Uh-huh. I didn't want a random-er, I wanted a slimy git that was already hated.
*cliffhanger celebration dance*
Exam tornado? I'm stealing that. That's an awesome phrase. UPDATE SON MY LOVELY :)
Thank you, thank you, aww, poor Jack. I will! thank you for all your reviewing, sweetie :)

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Review #8, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Freedom

10th May 2013:

Sorry, had to get that out of my system ;) and of course this was a gorgeouslywonderfulfantabulous chapter :D:D. But that Ellie-farewell part was awful (in a GOOD way! it was very touching...nothing about his story is awful. I mean, it has Jack in it, come on).

But why is Jack missing?? If anything happens to him I WILL FIND YOU (joking...maybe). And he CAN'T NOT like Lily that would be more tragic than WW1!!!

And NOOO she didn't get it! D: Poor Lily - I can definitely relate to that feeling - you know that horrible throb you get in your stomach? Yeah. And then I was like...Lily, Lily, please chill, calm down, somebody give her a hug, oh yay for Teddy :D. Will Jack appear to comfort her?? That would be the cutest thing since...I don't know, sliced bread. (What is with that saying? I mean, sliced bread is cool, I guess, but it's not exactly cute, or funny, or whatever...I guess it's just something to say when there's nothing else to compare it to...but anyway back on track).

So of course, brilliantly fabulous *insert more adjectives here* chapter, I love Jack and pretty please with a cherry and icing sugar and whatever else you like on top update soon!


p.s. and WOO! Yes! PARTAAY because JKR wrote HP, without which there would be no fanfiction, without which there would be no IMB/H!

p.p.s. I should also mention Harry is pretty adorabubble too as a daddy :P

It's absolutely okay. Excitement is good for the soul ;) n'aww, thank you :) Oh, gawd, sorry. I've been a bit all-over-the-place and my writing sorta shows that, but at least it works...? Good ol' Jack, making everything better.
ALL IS EXPLAINED BY- like, the end of the story. You know what I'm like for not explaining everything until the verylastpossiblesecond. :/ scared now. YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE.
I know, poor Lilster. I love her to pieces, but she really can't catch a break. I *hate* that feeling, it sorta hangs around with you for a long time afterwards. Maybe Jack'll help, maybe he won't. We'll just have to keep reading... ;) (it is a weird saying. I always say 'coolest thing since polar bears/penguins/arctic foxes' though, to keep things interesting)
Aww, thank you very muchly :) I'll do my best, I've just got major life-determining exams atm so my updates are slow. Three weeks until they're completely done, though, so yay!
PS. I'm going to the cafe where she wrote them in Aug. Planning on taking HP&TPS to read in there. So happy!
PPS. He did raise James, after all.

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Review #9, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Escape

6th April 2013:
Wooh! Update! Seriously, this saved me from tragically dying of boredom, so you're a lifesaver, pat on the back to you :D

So, this was an ADORABLE chapter..except...I know you apologised but ELLIE! That was so sad! Makes you want to tear the brains out of Alecto and feed them, I'm not psychopathic...;)

And James...he's the best character. I love how he's so crazy and yet so sweet at the same time. And also the mother-daughter relationship of Lily and Ginny is perfect
:D. I also just have to say I love how you develop Harry as an older character; after all we never really found out how life went on for him and I think your take on how he aged is really good, even though it's a bit sad.

So please please please keep writing and update soon!

P.s. there may not be much Jack in this chapter to rave about but...I STILL ADORE HIM :P

Author's Response: Woo! Review! Glad I prevented an untimely death in my readership ;)
I know! I know, and I'm sorry, but the story and the characters sort of write their own story- ask any writer, you'll rarely find that any decent writer WANTS a specific event to happen- you just sort of get a mini-epiphany and you know that's the only possible event that could happen. So, sorry. :( I understand where you're coming from with that train of thought... ;)
He's wonderful- I'm pretty sure he's one of my favourite characters. Thank you :) Oh, thank you again- he's always been a bit tricky, but I think I've managed to do as well as I can with Harry. I think what'd important is that overall he's happy.
I'll do my best!

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Review #10, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Holding On

13th March 2013:
Ohmigosh they kissed! YAY I got so excited :D (wait this was their first kiss right? an my bad memory :D) I love this chapter It's so cute and JAAACK i looove him! So sweet him getting all protective. And poor ellie - although good to see her again

Re last review - friends obsessed with Percy Jackson? I can relate. Not me though - I'll always be a HP/RA girl at heart :D

And wow, I would cry if I lost all my data - actually I just updated my computer and lost some stuff but not everything but I sobbed hysterically for bit hehe. Exam stress + computer tantrum NOT a good combo.

So great chapter, can't wait for next one!

Author's Response: I know right?! So cute. Me too :) (yes it is) (first and last) (haha joking) (or am I?) They're just properly friends now- Lily's a bit more on his level, so it's a lot more banter-y, a lot less Jack bullying her into having fun. Which is nice. Is it? Ooh, good- there's a lot more of her coming up.
Re last review - she's nuts, but I love her anyway- I just had to speak 'or her level' for a while XD
I did cry. A lot. But my mum has magic ideas and has calmed me down considerably since I posted the chapter... so yay for that. I know, right? It's so hard- I just expected it to always be there... and then it wasn't. And I got pissed. Eee- that sounds like a painful combination :(
Thank you for reviewing again, sweetie!

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Review #11, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Wide Awake

27th February 2013:
Yay update!! And this is a very good thing or you might have received some death threats yourself (hahaha I'm so funny. But I'm the worst updater in the history of updaters so I can't talk. And I get that it's not always easy to find time :D)

So..I love Jack. I seriously do. He's the most adorable fan-fictional guy ever.
I can sense some excitement coming up with Alecto, yes? Or no maybe...but I'm excited :P

Anyway, pretty please keep writing :D and I hope your friend's problems improve soon :)

Author's Response: Yay review! :) Death threats? o.O Not sure my writing is worth that... but I like updating. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment when I see it's gone up. And don't worry- so long as it eventually goes up, it's fine :) It's better to have a longer wait and decent quality than a load of garbage you forced out.
He's a great guy, isn't he? I just want to hug him; the fluffy lil' bundle of adorable. Which ISN'T creepy, because he's only about six months younger than me! (my friend told me it was weird to fancy fictional characters, particularly when they're younger than you, so I said 'Percy Jackson' and she shut up.)
I'm still writing! Sort of... my computer's a bit messed up (and by that, I mean it won't turn on) so we might have to send it away... :( I'll update as soon after I get it back as I can, though! I'll tell her, thank you :)
Thnak you so much for reviewing again, you're so good to me.

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Review #12, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Sunshine

18th January 2013:
Ooh, is Lily going to fall in looove? Jack is so adorable with her! By the way, Lily's emotions are really good, it's so sad without being overly sentimental and feels so realistic if that makes sense. Great story, keep writing!

Author's Response: Ooh, I don't know ;) we'll have to se. I think Jack is just adorable. Thank you, I think I'm struggling to write this but I know more about how she's feeling. It's a hard story to write.
I'll try to! Thanks for all of your reviews, you're a great reader to have :)

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Review #13, by EllaShantiIn My Head: Living

18th January 2013:
Yay! Story! *giggles happily* I m can tell this is going to be just as good as IMB. Although Lily's having to deal with ellie is so sad :'(. Will we be seeing more of ellie in person soon by the way? Love her :D

P.s. you may have noticed I like my smileys...hope you don't mind, you'll probably be seeing more of them ;)

Author's Response: You're so sweet :) I'm really enjoying it. I do feel sorry for Lily- this kind of pain is horrible. We'll see Ellie for a couple of chapters, and pretty much a letter per chapter, but we won't SEE her regularly. Sorry. :/
You may have noticed I like my smileys too :)

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Review #14, by EllaShantiIn My Blood: Welcome to the Madhouse

18th January 2013:
Aww, this chapter was so sweet :D (except for the last sentence...)
Also, sorry for the not-full-coherent last review for 'day of the letters'...It was 1am and I was on my phone, result = clumbsy thumsie :P

Author's Response: Silly old last sentence- IT RUINED EVERYTHING. ;)
Oh, no worries! I knew what you meant and it was lovely, so I really don't mind.
'Clumbsy Thumbsie.'

...that's my new favourite saying. I actually love it.

I cannot get over that. I am going to use that all the time. o.O

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Review #15, by EllaShantiIn My Blood: Dying

18th January 2013:
Wow, that was fantastic! I think it was the perfect ending.
I'm just a little confused about one thing; did James, Al, Dom and Lily really turn up to help or was she imagining them? And what happened to Alecto?
Anyway, I loved this story, don't stop writing! (i know that's a bit silly to say seeing as you finished writing these stories a while ago, but meh)
Well, I have to go read 'in my head' RIGHT NOW.
By the way, you have the best ANs/disclaimers :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! There were so many people who liked it but wished it was different- I'm glad some people thought I made the right decision completely :)
James, Al, Dom, Lily (Rose and Scorpius too) all really did turn up to defend Ellie. James and Lily were cursed, but the others held their ground until Harry, Ron, Teddy and a few other Aurors turned up.
Alecto gets mentioned in IMH :)
Not silly at all! I'm sort of writing IMH as I post it, which isn't the best method, but I'll explain why in the A/N of the next IMH chappie.
Hope you enjoy IMH just as much!
Thanks >.

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Review #16, by EllaShantiIn My Blood: Day of the Letters

18th January 2013:
Your story is amazing, I love it! So addictive :D lily is the best. James and al are adorable too.
Getting scary now too!I just read that line 'i'm going to find you' at exactly midnight...coincidence, I hope! Hehe
Anyway, your story is fabulous, i'll definitelybreas the sequel!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! :) glad you're enjoying it! Yeah, I hope it's just coincidence... o.O
'IMH' has a couple of chapters up, but finish this before you start that :D thank you for your time!

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Review #17, by EllaShantiHow to tame a Marauder: Mary

7th November 2012:
The end of that chapter made me cry :'( poor mary. you should be thrilled with the chapter it's amazing!! Really touching. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I still think there are things in it that need tidying up, but then again it's not high on my list of priorities so it might stay like it is for a while. Thank you for the feedback, though, because it can be hard for me to judge.

cheers, Mel

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Review #18, by EllaShantiLost Potters 1: Through thick and thin: Running

15th September 2012:
And Sirius never knew! (about his child) does he ever find out?? I was desperate to see what his reaction would be :) Poor Amelia *sob* that's my sister's name so too so it was soo sweet and sad anyway great story :D I read LP 4 & 5(which i loved btw!!) and was a bit confused and wanted to know the full story so decided to start at the beginning and I'm glad I did!! My favourite is still LP four right now :)

Author's Response: Does Sirius ever find out in the books? ;) I do think 4 and 5 are a good starting point, and I love them both but 1 will always have a special place in my heart, and the ending still sends a shiver down my spine

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Review #19, by EllaShantiSirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species: Lily Evans

23rd September 2011:

I'm begging you dude! pretty please finish it, I'm loving it! :D:D:D love this story :)

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Review #20, by EllaShantiSirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species: Girls Give Me Dandruff (prologue)

23rd September 2011:
I just read this again and I was just laughing so much!!! Love paragraph 4 :D
so good!!

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Review #21, by EllaShantiSome Things Were Meant To Happen: CHAPTER ONE: NEW FRIENDS AND NEW DISCOVERIES

22nd September 2011:
Hi cuz! Great story! It's estelle if u havn't guessed, although u'll probs neva see this review. If i'd known you and amelia had an account when u did I would have read your stories before this :)
Great story, I was sure she'd meet Tonks at some point! :D

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Review #22, by EllaShantiPetunia : Petunia

12th May 2011:
This is beautiful! I love it!


Author's Response: It's in validation. I have on in validation, the next one written, and working on the next one after that. My writers block is finally over!

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Review #23, by EllaShantiFighting Hormones: Bruce and Moments of Weekness

6th May 2011:
awesome! and interesting, I loved it.

Author's Response: Aww thanks! :D

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Review #24, by EllaShantiSirius Black and his Many Endeavours with the Female Species: Mary Macdonald

6th May 2011:
Quite interesting although some grammar mistakes but who cares! Please tell me this isn't abandoned I want to know what happens!

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Review #25, by EllaShantiI Could Be Your Hero : Babies

18th April 2011:
Oh. Wow. Confusing. But brilliant. Amazing. Wonderful!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Hopefully the confusion will be cleared up in the next couple of chapters.

Thanks for reading!

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