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Review #1, by inthedeadofdayThe Sea After a Storm: Prologue/To Be Number One

26th December 2010:
It seems great so far! I can't wait until you continue it, love.
Though may I ask if in the actual story-you know, after the intro and prologue and all- there'll be more... dialogue and such?That'd be lovely. ;)
And, I think that if you're going to switch POVs in the rest of the story, you ought to not do it in the middle of chapters, for that makes it look all choppy and like... that's just a suggestion, though, feel free to disregard.
Anyway, update soon!

Author's Response: there's a lot of dialogue in the next couple of chapters. The only reason I switch POVs in the middle of chapters is because, in my personal opinion, switching them is necessary at that time, and because validation takes a little while, I don't want to have tiny little chapters that are like a thousand words taking five days at a time to update. It's faster this way. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by inthedeadofdayScorpius Malfoy Must Die: Magically Masculine

23rd November 2010:
Oh gosh, haha, I love this story and all, but I think I'm too much of a Rose/Scor shipper to be completely satisfied...
Do Rose and Scorpius at least go back to being friends sometime?
Sorry, I guess that's irrelevent, but it's where my mind goes so that's whatever.
I do enjoy the story though!

Author's Response: I guess you'll just have to find out. ;) In all honesty, I haven't given it much thought. It is a Scorpius/Lily II story, after all. But thanks for reviewing, I hope you keep reading!!


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Review #3, by inthedeadofdayVenom: Venom

12th September 2010:
Wow, it's funny how something so horrible could be written in such pretty little words... The writing is magnificent, and it was rated M for a reason, I suppose. ;)

Author's Response: ^_^ thank you! i appreciate it

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Review #4, by inthedeadofdayHazard: Shane

4th September 2010:
Awh, oh whoops... I guess I missed the last chapter whenever you updated it.
But oh well. so now nothing's going right in the life of Rose, not that it had been to begin with... poor dear.
And Shane? I betcha he still loves her, but shhh don't tell him that.
I still ship Rose/Scorpius in this story, even though it's leaning towards Jace/Rose and Scorpius/Lily. I believe it should be the opposite. Rose/Scorpius and Jace/Lily.
Sorry, just had to put in my opinion. =D

Author's Response: I appreciate your opinion! Thank you very much for your review


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Review #5, by inthedeadofdayWolfsbane: Intoxicating Shampoo and Redheads

14th August 2010:
The guys' prank? That was horrible. Just awful.
And I think Charisma should talk to Rose? Because that's horrible of her? And she must have a good reason?
Finally you update!
I've been waiting for you, my love.
This chapter amused me. But I still can't believe you had Rose do that!
Anyhow, great writing as usual!
And update soon, please?

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad that you liked this chapter.

The guys prank was really mean wasn't it? But they're all pretty short sighted and wouldn't be able to see the consequences that they may have caused. :)
As for Rose and Josh, you'll have to wait to see what happens :P
I feel like a puppet master.
The next chapter is in the queue, I hope that you enjoy it as much as this!

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Review #6, by inthedeadofdayThe Properties of a Rose: Part Two

8th August 2010:
I shall save a review with any substance whatsoever for when I reach the end.
Now I'd just like to say that you need to appreciate Hufflepuffs more! If I went to Hogwarts I'd be one... and you peoples' stupid prejudices against the house is comepletely unfounded. We are particularly good finders after all... and oh dear, I hope you've seen AVPM or else that isn't going to make any sense at all to you...

Author's Response: First off, I would like to say that I have nothing against Hufflepuff. I simply said they had a bad Quidditch team, which says nothing about the house itself. In fact, I believe I have Hufflepuffs later in the story (and other stories) that are written as very kind people. I don't really appriciate being considered narrow minded or whatever when you have only gotten to Part 2 of my story.

And no, I have not seen AVPM.

Please continue reading, as I would like your opinion on my writing after you have read more of my writing and can say something about the story itself, not just what you assume that I am thinking.


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Review #7, by inthedeadofdayblood.: Not Exactly Friends

23rd July 2010:
Aww, that was so sweet of Dex =D I'd have just killed Scor, although I think that he had a slight idea that Scorpius was under the imperious (though he wouldn't have guessed it was from Al) and therefore, he would've felt a little guilty...
Well, update soon! I still feel the worst for Scorpius out of everyone, and I think only the Weasleys/Potters are supposed to die, just a theory (oh, and Teddy, of course.)
Much love!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm super embarrassed about the delay in responding, but they mean the world to me none the less, and I'm working hard to catch up on responses. So,I hope you continue to read now that updates are coming fast, as it is always so good to hear from you.

Anyway, yeah, Dex acted pretty normally here. It's a good thing he didn't kill Dex, even though a lot people would've...but thats not the way in which Dex is bad, I suppose. But, Scorpius' character is certainly the most sympathetic at the moment, poor thing.

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #8, by inthedeadofdayThe Secret: Party Like It's 2007

21st July 2010:
Awww, I love this. I hope you update it soon. I've read the book this was based off of, actually. I came across it randomly in the library two years ago.
Anyway, keep'em coming =b
Much love!

Author's Response: Yeah, it's an interesting book. It didn't end the way I expected, but it was good. I'm glad you like my story :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #9, by inthedeadofdayRose Weasley's Guide To Girls: The Art of Remaining Calm

20th July 2010:
I love this story! I started reading it a while ago, but just finished it. Moving on to the sequel! Yay!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and hope the sequel is to your liking as well (: Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #10, by inthedeadofdayAct One Disappearance : The Vanishing Act

20th July 2010:
Ahem, I expect a sequel, for the record.
Much love!

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Review #11, by inthedeadofdayblood.: Wanderer.

20th July 2010:
That spells trap all over it, I don't know why. So I hope Teddy gets her down. it's part of the poem too, the Teddy and Victoire part... 'bodies suspended in midair and then dropping to the sea" But I suppose you knew that when you wrote it. I still don't think it had been Albus before, and I'm still guessing it was... Lorcan or someone?
I'm loving the fast updates, for the record. And the story!

Author's Response: Hello and thank you for the review! Sorry, for the terrible delay in responding!

And right, that does spell trap, doesnt it? though, a very corny part of me gets a kick out of people using the phrase "spells trap" during a wizarding story, because of the double meaning. see, super corny, aren't i?

Anyway...I also apologize for the extreme decrease in the rate of updating. More will be coming fast and soon because my muse has returned which is nice!

Thanks so much again!

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Review #12, by inthedeadofdayStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

18th July 2010:
I loved it.
It's been a while, and I had to refresh what had happened, but I still loved it.
I love how... intimate? that scene in the broom cupboard. And, I don't really blame Daisy for being upset (even though I'm just sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for her to suddenly disappear). I hope you're happy despite having a death in your family, and continue to update soon!

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Review #13, by inthedeadofdayblood.: The Possibility

17th July 2010:
... well that was entirely unexpected.
I don't suppose that we'll figure out Al's motive for this whole thing? Or maybe he was just insane...
I mean, seriously? Killing off his family?
Wouldn't it be terribly strange if this was all some twisted fantasy of someone's? 'cause I don't want it to be real...
And poor Scor, is Al going to have him take the blame with the use of his imperius curse? Or maybe Al's under the imperius? ('cause I really can not find a motive he'd have to killing everyone)
Well, I hope you get your kicks out of being unpredictable, update soon!
Much love!
P.s. I think I feel worse for Scor out of everyone, I mean killing the one you love without being able to stop yourself...

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Review #14, by inthedeadofdayblood.: The Missing

14th July 2010:
I have this random theory, actually, that... maybe if they really are basing it on the poem, then Scorpius and Dexter probably won't die... 'cause they aren't in it... Lysander either. I still think its Lorcan, and maybe he has Lucy helping him? (Just some random theory, 'cause you never specifically said she died... you said someone grabbed her under the water, right?) And, er... I can't believe you had posted two whole new chapters by the time I got back from a 4 day vacation... its astounding =b
Update soon! The story is getting good!
Much love!
(Maybe it's Rose who dies next, or Hugo is too late to save her or something...) Just some random ideas...

Author's Response: Hmmm...that is a very interesting theory. I guess we will have to see. And yes, im updating fast and faster with this story.

Update soon! Promise!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by inthedeadofdayHazard: Trance

13th July 2010:
Awww, I still love this story so much!
That last ending was sad so far...
and I'm still a die-hard Rose/Scorpius fan so... just saying, Scorpius better not end up with Lily
And... well, that's basically it.
Update soon!
Its getting good.
Will Rose end up meeting Scorpius with him trying to attack her or something? 'cause he's getting training too...

Author's Response: Uh oh...hmm, I don't know... ^_^ Haha, thank you for your review, I'm glad you liked it so much. More coming soon!


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Review #16, by inthedeadofdayblood.: Treason

6th July 2010:
ooh, yay. I was randomly thinking about this story yesterday and hoping it would get an update soon. Off course, I also think I've got some sort of psychic powers when it comes to fan fic updating. I can have not remembered a story in a while, and then I'll start thinking about it randomly and look to see that it was just updated... pretty weird stuff, that.
I love the story, and I really don't think it was Scorpius. Maybe it was Lorcan? After all, w've never seen what happened to him, did we? (or did we and I just forgot...?)
But it probably wasn't him either... well, I'm kinda confused about it. But I don't think it was Scorpius because I think he's going to end up dead next. (And then wouldn't they feel sorry?)
Much love, and update really, really soon!

Author's Response: Your psychic powers are incredible! It's like I heard you and was like, I should update blood! :P Maybe we have a telepathic connections?

Interesting theories you have there...

Updates are coming!

Thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #17, by inthedeadofdayMe Versus Everyone: Muffins And Chicken

6th July 2010:
uh-oh, awkward. I'm loving the story so far, it's amazing and I can't wait until you update furthur =)
Much love!

Author's Response: I can't wait for you to read more =) I have alot more where that came from!

I'm happy you like it! It makes me all fuzzy and warm :3 Thanks for the review.

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Review #18, by inthedeadofdayThe FLB Annoyance: The FLB Annoyance

6th July 2010:
Haha, it made me laugh. I was just sitting here.. laughing. And loving your story, because it's pretty awesome =)

Author's Response: Bahah, story of my life. I just sit here, in my dining room, with my laptop, and just laugh.

Mainly at myself and the silliness I write ;P But I'm glad you loved it as much as I loved writing it! They are just the best pairing :D

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Review #19, by inthedeadofdayArcanum: the Lovers

19th June 2010:
oh, that was so pretty =) I loved it.

Author's Response: im pleased you liked it!

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Review #20, by inthedeadofdayLove, Lies and Lipstick: Bliss

19th June 2010:
Nah, I prefer just knowing later if Scorpius likes Rose and whatnot. Most people can't pull of that two person POV and it takes away the spell of the whole thing. Not that you couldn't do a really good one, but I'd rather not know if you could than have you ruin it. And I really don't want Rose to screw over Scorpius in the end because I'm thinking that she's starting to realize that Amy is a bitch (that's like insulting myself in third person... it still scares me...) Anyway, if you did do a Scorpius POv it should be that one hide and seek game. Because that would be fun. But anyway, I loved the chapter.
Yay for the quicker update.
Much love!

Author's Response: Haha, I really do love the name Amy :)
Thanks for your review and I'm SO sorry that I haven't written back, I sort of gave up with writing but hopefully I'm back now :) xxx

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Review #21, by inthedeadofdayBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Not Quite What I Anticipated

19th June 2010:
I just think it takes several hours. That's all we really found out.
I really like the story so far =)
Katie amuses me. I especially liked the michaelangelo part. I could just imagine it all happening.
So, do update soon if you will.
Much love!

Author's Response: Thanks for that. I'm going to go with the idea that it sakes about seven or eight hours. She doesn't really go into detail there does she? :P Thanks for the feedback and I appreciate your thoughts on Michelangelo. I'll update asap. Cheers. G.

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Review #22, by inthedeadofdayToo Good To Be: The Beginning

16th June 2010:
Hey! I liked it and all, but as long as you don't mind, I may want to do some critiquing.
Sorry, but the dialogue (and parts of her personality) were just kind of bugging me. It all sounded way too formal, especially Rose with her parents. It's things like 'you are welcome' versus 'you're welcome' and that sort that tell how close people are. And as for her thoughts, it just sounded sort of stiff. As in, I can't imagine people actually thinking like that.
But I did like the way the night progresses, and the story and such.
Sorry if I sound mean, I just was trying to help. I haven't read your other story yet, but think about that as you write it. =)
Much love!

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing and letting me know! I thought it was a little off too but I just really liked it. I may go back and edit it some another time but I'm really busy with my other story now. I think you'll like that one better if you check it out...

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Review #23, by inthedeadofdayThe Devil's Game: Falling

16th June 2010:
Aww, I love your writing. It makes everything sound all pretty and sparkling, and I can visualize it all in my head. Especially the water scene.
Update soon =)
If you want to, of course.
&& I was right! at least a little =)

Author's Response: *glomps you* Pretty and sparkling? That's so lovely to hear! What a brilliant compliment. So pleased you're enjoying it dearest.

Lovely Slytheriness

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Review #24, by inthedeadofdayDear Cupid: Nail Polish and Punches

14th June 2010:
famous last words. Let's watch her eat them =)

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Review #25, by inthedeadofdayWolfsbane: It Was Only a Game

14th June 2010:
Oh, gosh. I absolutely loved the update! It was so amazing.
Though I am sad that it had to end here. I wish that it didn't. Yes, a longer chapter next time would be lovely, thank you.
Much love!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm glad that you loved this one :P

I promise the next few will be longer, I was kinda cheeky posting such a short one this time round.

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