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Review #1, by Ann RavenwoodThe Garden: The Wedding

3rd February 2010:
Very sweet.
Ususally when a chapter begins with the phrase "nothing can go wrong," something does...I must have missed that part.

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Review #2, by Ann RavenwoodStarting Over: Illusions and conclusions

28th January 2010:
A lovely ending! Far too happy.

Author's Response: I know, I know. I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Maybe I could revise it... He wakes up and she has turned into Professor Trelawny? :)
Oh, wait... Alan and Emma. That's been done before, hasn't it?

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Review #3, by Ann RavenwoodStarting Over: The Charm

28th January 2010:
Snape so shallow? An interesting twist.

Author's Response: Yes, he has a shallow side. Hopefully he'll come to his senses. :)
Thanks for liking the twist. It's a challenge to come up with some unusual plots for Mr. Snape so it requires the reader to stretch imagination a bit. Thanks for sticking with it!

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Review #4, by Ann RavenwoodThis Longing: Hidden Smiles

25th January 2010:
Well-paced. I liked the Minerva/Grimm chemistry in one of your other stories, so I'm pleased to find this one.

Author's Response: Thank you for trying out this one as well! :D I hope that you enjoy the story!

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Review #5, by Ann RavenwoodDraco Stirs Things Up: Chapter 1

21st January 2010:
Nice group dynamics--that can be tricky.

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Review #6, by Ann RavenwoodQueen Of Hearts: Queen Of Hearts

20th January 2010:
Very nice!
Several silly typos - Honey Ducks seemed to stand out most.
You captured Luna and Harry's characters rather well.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, and sorry for the typo's, Its one of my worst habits - I'll go back over the story when I have time and try to fix all of them = )

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Review #7, by Ann Ravenwoodschool never killed anyone right?: The beatings from school

15th January 2010:
Emotionally very effective.
Stylistically, very hard to read/interpret when riddled with typos, spelling errors (the kind that give a different meaning, not the kind that are easily figured out) and misleading punctuation.

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Review #8, by Ann RavenwoodFor the Love of a Marauder: Home Again

7th January 2010:
A good beginning. It's pulled me in.

Author's Response: Excellent! Hopefully I can keep you stringing along, lol.

Thanks for the review, ch. 4 should be validated any time now.

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Review #9, by Ann RavenwoodNaughty Girl: The End of the Affair

5th January 2010:
What a well-written, manipulative person you've made her!
10/10 for consistent character portrayal.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading and letting me know what you thought! I'm glad that you found her characterization well-written. Your support means much to me.

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Review #10, by Ann RavenwoodNaughty Girl: Seduction

5th January 2010:
Definitely a different take on Lily--Manipulative still with a dash of vulnerable. Not bad.

Author's Response: Yes, I wanted to try something different. I hope you found this take on her interesting.

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Review #11, by Ann RavenwoodCicada Hills : Mr. Tremble's Pixies

5th January 2010:
Pleasant. Gotta confess, the gorgeous banner pulled me in to read it.

Author's Response: First off, sorry for responding so late, I just got back into school. I realized when i was writing this that this would be pure fluff. (and you can thank Billion for the amazing banner magic, I just found the pics)

Thanks for reading..

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Review #12, by Ann Ravenwood:

4th January 2010:
Lovely characterization of Lupin!

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Review #13, by Ann RavenwoodMy Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Chocolate

3rd January 2010:
"There're no dragons in Canada, it's too cold for them. Duh." While the other chapters have been fun, this is the first LOL line for me.

Author's Response: Teehee, I like that line, and I'm glad you do too! It's great to make someone LOL. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Ann RavenwoodA Lifetime of Insensitive Teaspoons: Dress Robes and Poor Old Harry

3rd January 2010:
Fun--Love the title!
Some of the narrative's a little choppy, but characterization and humor are on target.

Author's Response: Sometimes I get caught up in all the banter so my narrative does suffer... thank you for pointing it out! :) I'll go through it and try and tidy it up a bit.

Thank you so much for your review! And for saying my characterization is good. Always means a lot to me that one :)

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Review #15, by Ann RavenwoodThe Fires Within: Six: With a Little Bit of Luck

2nd January 2010:
"Severus Snape had claimed another friend in the strange world that both resented and required his presence"
Best line so far!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #16, by Ann RavenwoodThe Fires Within: Four: Speed of Sound

2nd January 2010:
The first few chapters (which I neglected to review individually--sorry) were a very pleasant narrative to set up your quite likeable OCs, despite your warning about them not adding much to the plot.
For this chapter, well, the train compartment would be crammed solid with first years clamoring to sit with Lily if all the fanfic characters were there at the same time. Glad you spent more time on the boats instead.
You did make me wonder, in Grimm's review of the sorting, how Pettigrew ever made the cut into Griffindor, even though I think that's canon.
Nice work!

Author's Response: Haha, that train scene! It's perhaps the most overdone and improperly done in all of Marauders fiction - so much so that even JKR couldn't resist including it in DH. :P It was definitely more fun to spend more time on the boats, which got so little notice in the books.

Peter is an odd character because he doesn't seem to fit into Gryffindor at all (except I see him as slightly like Neville at the end of PS, when he stands up to the trio). But perhaps the Sorting Hat either makes mistakes, or can see through people in a very unique way.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! It was a surprise to receive new reviews for it, but I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! :)

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Review #17, by Ann RavenwoodLand of the Living: When Last We Met

31st December 2009:
"McGonagall investigated the backgrounds of prospective new staff members thoroughly before hiring them"--sounds like a sorely needed new protocol.

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Review #18, by Ann RavenwoodLand of the Living: The Crux of the Matter

31st December 2009:
Cool explanation of Snape's horcrux!

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Review #19, by Ann RavenwoodThe Will of Severus Snape.: The will of Severus Snape

31st December 2009:
Well done! Poor Alice.

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Review #20, by Ann RavenwoodThe Ton-Tongue Toffee Incident: The Ton-Tongue Toffee Incident

31st December 2009:
Predictable. I was hoping a more cunning misdirection would be employed by Fred and George.
Good characters for the sketch, though.

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Review #21, by Ann RavenwoodStains: Stains

31st December 2009:
You've drawn out a scene of the sort of atrocity I've long suspected Snape had to deal with, although the canon would never have been able to tell it.

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Review #22, by Ann Ravenwood:

31st December 2009:
Like a Seinfeld episode...very deft at not saying anything.

Author's Response: Compliment, yes? ;-) Thank you for reading/reviewing.

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Review #23, by Ann RavenwoodFaith: Chapter 2

31st December 2009:
There had better be more...9/10

Author's Response: There will be; never fear. No promises as to when, though!

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Review #24, by Ann RavenwoodFaith: Chapter 1

31st December 2009:
Very nice. I like Harry's thought processes for this.

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Review #25, by Ann RavenwoodHarry Potter and the Princes of Slytherin: Trust, or Lack Thereof

30th December 2009:
I'm sure there's a resolution later...I trust you as an author for that. But the pace of this is just right.

Author's Response: Thank you; I am honored by your trust. The resolution is slow in coming, but it will, eventually.

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