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Review #1, by padfootloverAll her life: I have loved her...

13th May 2010:
I really really like this! It is really sweet, I think that people don't spend enough time on Lily and Snape's relationship. This is really well written too. I have a quick question. Where do you find the challenges? I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find them! Anyways, I loved this story and if you could answer my question that would be great! Thanks so much!

Author's Response: Wow, glad you liked it. I wouldn't have spent much time thinking about Snape/Lily either, if it wasn't for the unrequited love challenge - I think unrequited love, I automatically think Snape/Lily!

So, as to where to find the challenges - they're on the forums (sixth link down in the first box on the right of your current page). It's a bit of a faff joining - you have to join, then post in specific topics, then get validated - but a) the forums are awesome! and b) there are tonnes of things like challenges there. Oh, and c) while there are steps to take, it's actually pretty straight-forward as it's all thoroughly explained.

Anyways, hope you get a chance to join - once there, just go to the giant topic called "story challenges", and have a browse!

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Review #2, by padfootloverTelling Secrets: Cats and Dogs

19th March 2010:
This is so cute! Of coarse, i've read the hard copy of it, but i needed to review! Thank you for advertising! i love you!

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Review #3, by padfootloverTelling Secrets: Not an Ordinary Library Book

21st February 2010:
I love your story, and you too. Yes that sounds like i'm a creeper if i was just some random person on this site, but i think you can guess who it is. I'll give you a hint-
I love you Prongsie!
P.S. I'll see you at swim practice!

Author's Response: Aw Padfoot you really like it? Well I'll lrt you know on this little secret I love ur stories too!
C u soon,

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