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Review #26, by lovestingsSafe: Revelations

29th December 2009:
Oh My gosh! This is so amazing! You are so talented! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm truly thrilled that you enjoyed! :) Have an amazing New Year! xoxo

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Review #27, by lovestings No Call Me Draco: No call me Draco

27th December 2009:
Well i will tell you honestly it was okay. There were lots of typos and miss-wording sentenses here to. Sorry if i sound rude. I dont think the concept was that brilliant but it was enjoyable to read, if you could r/r mine.

Author's Response: I'll r/r yours now, you were not being rude just honest.

I wrote it along time ago and put it up to see what kind of responce it would get.

thanks - Sarah

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Review #28, by lovestingsFate: Lots of beer and ton of cute boys

23rd December 2009:
Great chapter. I think i know what is going to happen. Just a guess of course. I think that your plot is also a good one. I can't wait for Draco to enter the story. I also just wanted to say love you story blood red, i believe it is called? Anywhoes i thnk it was great and could you please review my stories??

Author's Response: im sorry, i abandoned this story...but thanks for the review! and im glad you like my other story, and yes it is called blood red.and yes i'll review your stories.

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Review #29, by lovestings3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy.: Waking Up.

7th December 2009:
Beautiful Chapter!! I really would love for hermione to forgive draco it would be so wonderful. I love the role Ginny played in this chappter. Especialy the part at the end, 'invite me to the wedding', hehe you are just so special. You are super creative! You are very talented when it comes to writing! Great acciement i am so happy for you. :) I have reviewed your stories so i helped!! :DDD Anywhoss were are you from in Britan,i have been there and love it there :) and cue Jude Law, love it

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you thought it was beautiful I wasn't exactly going for that more like humour with a bit of monolouge- alright a lot of monolouge from Draco but oh well.
Ginny I love to work with 'cos she's just such an interesting character. I nearly always end up making her quite headstrong, funny and understanding with a bit of revengence thrown in for a bit of fun and good measure.
Yeah I thought that'd get a few laughs and it seemed to have worked.
Thank you so much for telling me that I'm talented at writing I always worry when I put a chapter out because I don't think people will like it for some reason or another.
Yeah you have helped me by reviewing and I am so grateful so thank you so, so much for that.
Surrey, England and Jude Law I know he's a lot older than I am but oh he's fit. Surrey's where they filmed The Holiday which is why I may just like it so much. Right rambling again so, thanks again for the reviews they really do mean a lot to me so thank you,

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Review #30, by lovestingsAbove the Clouds: Mess

29th November 2009:
AHH-MAZING! I have been waiting for this chapter since ages ago it feels! :) I swear i have been stalking you page looking if you updated. When i saw you did i almost jumped out of my seet! This was a great chapter. :) You really are an amazing writer. :) I really dont want this to end. :'( Do you think you can write a second story for it? I would read it and i know alot of others would to. I think everyone was great and i wonder what Pansy did? Maybe she is sueing them!! Or maybe she has an arranged marriage with draco!? I would scream about the last one,hehe. Well wonderful write more. :) LS

Author's Response: Thank youu! hahaha, aw, that is the sweetest thing ever!
I'm so happy to hear that you like it so much.

I've been thinking about a sequal, but I don't think it's going to happen, I mean.. It will probably feel finished. But I'm not saying no, but I doubt that it will happen. I would have to come up with a killer plot! xD

Hm, what did Pansy do? Or what is she planning to doo?

Thank you!
- Cathy

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Review #31, by lovestingsLady Malfoy: For What It's Worth - Prologue

28th November 2009:
Great! You wrote this very propper and no spelling misteaks! :) In the begining it was a bit tense for my taste but when it got more into it i started to enjoy it. I Was just wondering why hermione GRAGERS parents last name was not GRANGER. Sorry for sounding like someone a bit to demanding but well i kinda am,hehe. However i love

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Review #32, by lovestings3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy.: Clubbing and Surpries.

28th November 2009:
I have been waiting for this chapter since forever! :) You are an amazing writer and i enjoyed this alot. The clubbing scene was not bad at all, it was rather good. I loved how Hermione Decribed Draco not knowing who he was. Smashing chapter, you write so fluently and truthfull. Sorry for my odd form of talking, just got back from england and i still have there.sence of speaking stuck with meh. Well any whoss very wonderful. if you have a chance i have two new stories one has its first chapter pending and the other has there first chapter pending and then i have one storie that has one chapter up and i hope that one of my chapters will be published today.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry it took so long it was meant to be ready for you guys on the 19/11/2009 but it wasn't because I had to put a subtance of use on my warnings because they were drinking so much.
Thank you for telling me I'm an amazing writer-I think you just made my day!- I try and keep everything fluent and I am a very truthful person which is why I'll say when I haven't had any experience ie of clubbing because then it gives me some leyway in being able to edit it at a later date if people say or give me advice as to how to improve it.
I decided it would be a wonderful little twist if Hermione was describing a guy who in her befuddled state was like Draco and then the readers discovering it was. But that was always the intention.
Are you saying us English confuse the Americans? You'll have to find me on the forums and tell me what you thought of our small island! And of course I'll have a look at your stories I always see whether any of my reviewers have stories because it interests me to see what they normally write.
So thanks for the wonderful review and once I've answered the rest of them I'll have a look at your stories.

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Review #33, by lovestingsSpeak of the devil.: And he shall appear

20th November 2009:
WONDERFUL! i cant wait for more this is great :)))

Author's Response: GREAT! love that you liked it Thank you so much for your review.

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Review #34, by lovestingsAddict: Slaying the Dragon

19th November 2009:
Again for like the 3 time AHH-MAZING chapter and GREAT author my darling! :) I think that draco is deffintlly.seduced by granger and need for her? Gosh i sound so weird like always. ANYWHOSSS [if u haven't figured it out that is my favorite fake/real word] i will continue reading and the best chapter 10 out of 10

Author's Response: Yeah, I liked this chapter as well... I am glad you do too. Thanks so much for continuing to review, I look forward to hearing what youthink of the rest.

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Review #35, by lovestingsAddict: Hungover

19th November 2009:
Again a great chapter. Again you are also a wonderful author/writer! :) Hermione and Draco are sucha strong couple i would think in my opion. Draco being a pureblood, he is very cocky, and his personalitie is very dominite. While hermione NOW is no offense i a little slezy, depressed, and her personalitie is that she is searching for anything to relieve the pain. To draco hermione is coming something he is satisfied and diseres, Addictive! :) Wondefull, lovestings

Author's Response: lol - thanks, I am really happy that you are still enjoying this. I hope you continue to do so. :)

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Review #36, by lovestingsAddict: The Fix

19th November 2009:
Amazing chapter. You are a wonderful writing, just to let you know. :) I think that flashbacks are very intresting and everything. I thought it was very.interesting that malfoy remembered her yet didn't say anything as if he wanted her. Haha im sorry i just sound so odd like im reading what i am writing and i am just like wowww. Anywhosss, wonderful chapter!

When hermione found out that draco knew about it i could picture her face,haha. and you said she ran away jw, did she put her clothing back on?? Hehe, jsut think of it hermione granger running around naked. Hm, not the best picture. Sorryy about writing a big review, great chapter i am going to go read moree. :) LoveStings

Author's Response: don't apologize, I love big reviews. Actually I picture her wearing a skirt and just lifting it... It's been a while so I can't remember if I added that detail, might have to go back and check. Anyway, glad you are enjoying and I hope you continue to do so.

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Review #37, by lovestingsBlood Red: The End

19th November 2009:
wonderful! i am like about to cry. great auther keep going on :)

Author's Response: thank you so much!!! ;p

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Review #38, by lovestingsBlood Red: Hermione steps up

19th November 2009:
i love it, and not to mean but hermione like is in love with EVERY boy lol :)

Author's Response: yeahh she is lol

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Review #39, by lovestingsBlood Red: The Trio Fade

19th November 2009:
Wonderful. I think that harry and hermione were just not ment to be honestly. Ron i think just in my point would be better with luna but lavender is also a great couple to be. :) i cant wait to see draco in the next chapters biii :)

Author's Response: i cant really see ron and luna. lol shes more of a neville person, you know? thanks for the review

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Review #40, by lovestingsBlood Red: Caught

19th November 2009:
nice chapter. Its not really my favorite because i dont like the hermionr/harry couple. ;( However i loved dracos point of veiw. of to the next chapter then :)))

Author's Response: yeah a lot of people prefer hermione/draco for some reason. thanks for the review

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Review #41, by lovestingsBlood Red: Draco: Slimy Ferret or Adorable enchanter?

18th November 2009:
Aww i adore the ending but just a little help in your future stories, dont emphises on all the adorable things about draco but great! :)

Author's Response: dont emphises on the adorable things about draco? hmm not sure what u mean...thx for the review though ;p

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Review #42, by lovestingsBlood Red: Chapter 1

18th November 2009:
Very good :) Hermione has some deep problems which is not common in many fanfics so i think this one will be wonderful :) I like the ending when draco asked her about the cutting and showed her his arm. :) off to read the next chapter

Author's Response: thx very much 4 the review :p

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