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Review #1, by lovestingsLife According to Demeter: Chapter 18

3rd August 2015:
I read this story all in one day and loved it!! I'm not usually one for reviews (even tho I'm a writer myself a love getting reviews on my stories) however I couldn't not leave one with such an outstanding story!

I hate reading stories that aren't complete because I don't like waiting for updates but your bio for the story caught my eye and I was hooked. I'm so glad I decided to read this and I'm looking forward for more!!


Author's Response: I love hearing people say they binge read this whole thing in a day! I do that all the time, so it makes me happy when other people like it enough to read it all at once! Thank you!
I know what you mean about reviewing. I rarely leave reviews even though I love getting them. Sometimes I'll read a story that I absolutely have to review though. It's so sweet that you thought my story was good enough to review :)
I'm not one for reading incomplete stories either. I'm very impatient, and sometimes I'll get hooked on a story that never gets updated again :/ I'm so glad you read and reviewed this, it made my day!! An update should pop up as soon as I finish the next chapter!!
P.S. I love the name Lexi!! It's seriously my favourite name ever!

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Review #2, by lovestingsThe complicated life of an idiot also known as me: One

17th May 2015:
Hi! Stopping by to leave you a review since you have been leaving my sweet ones! I'm going to apologize in advance of this isn't long or there is mistakes because I am on my phone! So, I've read this great first chapter and I'm going to say a few things that I hope you don't mind -

1) I love the name Gemma!! So original and creative - I always try to use creative Names for my character as well. My only main issue was the fact that it's not possible for her to not know she's magical until she was 15 unless this goes along with your plot line??? I haven't read farther so if I'm wrong I'm sorry!!! Just something that bugged me

2) The dialogue was great, especially with the boys however when you wrote what people were saying in between "()" it was rather confused and made it difficult for me to understand. Perhaps try to use more commas as well because it'll help others the flow.

All and all, I thought this was a very solid, enjoyable first chapter and I will be reading your other chapters tomorrow! I am in desperate need of sleep but I am looking forward to see what is ahead for Gemma :)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to me.

I like the name Gemma too! it was my mums dogs name when she was a kid and I've liked the name since she told me that when I was 6 and have always called characters stuff like that
the bit about not knowing till then is part of the plot line but isn't in this chapter and as i'm the only one who knows the plot which I sometimes forget and when answering reviews am like what? how come they don't understand? but don't worry I will come through at one point... in the future...hopefully

thanks! i'm glad you liked the dialogue although I don't know what you mean about things in "0" did you mean things in speech marks because on my screen they are but something could of gone wrong if there not on yours

and commas of course are my main problem, I can't use hem to save my life, it's because (I think anyway) I read really, really quickly and don't stop for breath or anything really till I have to turn the page, this means I don't notice . and , but I do try but sorry if its annoying, it a bad habit i need to get rid of.

thanks again, and don't worry if you need a break, I'm just grateful that you've decided to read it in the first place

thanks so much

from me xxx

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Review #3, by lovestingsFor Her Freedom: Screaming

25th January 2015:
Please continue this, I like it a lot!

Author's Response: I will be continuing it, don't worry. The next chapter will be up shortly!

Thanks for reading!

~ Laura

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Review #4, by lovestingsPsychos and Psychologists : Problem Number Eleven

2nd December 2014:
It made me smile when I saw you updated. Please keep it going, I know you may have lost some inspiration, but this is one of my favorite stories. xx

Author's Response: lexi! hi :) thank you so much for your kind words! don't worry, i don't have any plans of abandoning this story! so you don't have to worry about never seeing another update again! i'm so happy that this is one of your favourites ^_^

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Review #5, by lovestingsOver My Head: Of Supposed Best Friends and Extreme Ginger Syndrome

6th April 2014:
Hello! So glad to see this story so I decided to pay it a visit and I'm glad I did!

I'm a BIG next generation lover and I am the writer or two current stories so I was glad to see a new one. I'm really loving this so far! The chapter was short but it gave a lot of information so it was still very nice!

I loved the ginger syndrome comment! It had me laughing so hard and really original! I can't wait to see more and hopefully you get some positive feedback! xx

Author's Response: thanks :) I'll be sure to update soon, or I'll try, anyway. Reviews are always inspiration for me to write more, and are greatly appreciated :)

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Review #6, by lovestingsGet in Line: Death To Cats Everywhere

22nd September 2013:
Hi! So I found this story and decided to read all four chapters and can I just say that I am IN LOVE with this story. You are such a beautiful writer and you make me laugh so much. I seriously cracked up about the whole Jasper/Scorpius/Rose scenario. I found it endearing and funny. Let me also say I can't wait to see how this whole James/Mose relationship works out. I'm thrilled to have found this story and can't wait to see more! xx update soon!

Author's Response: Oh my god THANK YOU! I'm excited to see how the rest of the story turns out and I'm glad that you guys all want to see too. Hopefully I'll get the next chapter done soon xx

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Review #7, by lovestingsBang: Emotional reunions are not to be held at best friend's weddings.

7th September 2013:
I have been dying for an update and I am so surprised that she is pregnant! I found this story around two weeks ago read the whole entire thing in a whole night with no sleep. I got addicted and it was amazing. I'm not gonna lie - I never liked Dan so the whole paralyzing doesn't bother as me that much. I don't really picture him that much with Lucy but maybe they'll be good for each other! I'm glad Aimee is back to at least talking with James and I'm really happy that Lucy finally got the wedding she deserved. Will Aimee ever find out what really happened with the car accident? I think it's a little bit weird for her to just believe this whole car racing like it's the norm. It may be for Dan but I couldn't picture James doing it. Can't wait for more xx

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Review #8, by lovestingsI'm Nott in Love With Potter: Chapter 5

12th June 2013:
I finished reading and I really am enjoying the story! I can't wait to see where you go with this and how it'll all work out in the end!

Author's Response: Thank you! x

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Review #9, by lovestingsI'm Nott in Love With Potter: Chapter 1

11th June 2013:
I really like how this is going! I'm off to read the other chapters! Check out my newest Albus story? xox

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Oh I saw that when i was looking for Al stories the other day and I was just about to read it but I didnt have time haha, promise i'll review! x

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Review #10, by lovestingsThe Troubles Of Being A Malfoy: Potions Anomalies

10th June 2013:
This was super fun to read and I laughed a lot :)

Author's Response: Awww thanks :)

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Review #11, by lovestingsTeases, Winks, and A Whole Lot of Love: The Wedding

25th May 2013:
I just read all eight chapters and I'm in love! I cannot wait for more, girly! Hopefully you'll update soon. Such lovely writing!
- Lexi

Author's Response: Thank you! I love writing this story :) A new chapter should be up soon :)

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Review #12, by lovestingsThe Troubles Of Being A Malfoy: The Unbecoming Of My Innocence

20th May 2013:
So, what caught my attention was your hilarious story description. I sat here at my computer laughing at the simple line of,'I have no sex appeal', for god knows how long! Lovely story and I can't wait for more! I just posted an Albus.OC story in the que so when it is up i'd love for you to check it out. This made me smile though i'm curious, is this an Albus or James end up? Love them both so I don't care but still just curious :)

Author's Response: Actually I'm afraid I can't reveal who she'll end up with :p Sorry
And thank you, I spent so many times changing the story description I think I'm finally satisfied with it. Less is better right? And thank you, I love that you liked it:)
And yes I checked your story out. Your plots are amazing. You're an awesome writer ^_^
I just love your plotlines :)

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Review #13, by lovestingsFalling into the arms of the Enemy : Head Girl Hermione

30th January 2011:
There are alot of mistakes no offense. No need for bolding. Overall I believe I will continue on to the next chapter. Hopefully the next chapters are a bit more clearer.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, from what i have heard they aren't much more of a help but i'm diligently working on clearing them up. So I hope that you stick with the story, Thanks for pointing out the Mistakes.

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Review #14, by lovestingsSee.: In Which We Meet Our Heroine.

24th December 2010:
This is so cute!
I love the ending

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. :)

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Review #15, by lovestingsDelicate: I'm Not You

22nd November 2010:
Im leaving reviews every chapter or so.
I really liked this one.
Though I would have liked Ron to round on scorpius

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Review #16, by lovestingsDelicate: Prologue: The Test

22nd November 2010:
That was so hilarious!
I know im a bit late reading this, but I heard it was amazing.
I love how she explained what would happen to her family, it was to funny (;

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Review #17, by lovestingsJust Ordinary: Laney Becks: World Class Pessimist

27th October 2010:
I love this! very goood! :D
My first chapter to my JAMES{ll}/ OC isn't approved yet, sadly. I stopped writing last year but I am continuing again now. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And that's cool, I'll be sure to check it out sometime. :)


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Review #18, by lovestingsI Hate This Part: I Hate This Part

20th May 2010:
Sad but wonderful (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)

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Review #19, by lovestingsHide and Seek: Malicious

11th April 2010:
I love this! (:Ineedmoree!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate it!

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Review #20, by lovestingsWaiting for you: chapter 2

3rd February 2010:
Its a nice beginging, but you should try to be a bit more clearer sometimes :]

Author's Response: i'm so sorry for not replying earlier. actually i got pretty busy with my work so couldnt write further. but now tht i've read ur opinion i'm sure gonna try. thanx once again for reading and reviewing. take care :)

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Review #21, by lovestingsThe day: Mudblood

30th January 2010:
So i have read this whole story already but however just in case you make some changes i am going to keep checking it out! :]So here are some tips just to make it a bit 'better'
1. When you have people talking it is quiet confusing. It looks as if you forgot to include some sentences from example with the hat talking, you never said hermione didn't want to be in slytherin.
2. Thus reading this, i understand the whole plot, however you should try to elaborate your writing style. For example i am the type of person who enjoys to either right it as if i am explaining a old tail i never told or write in third person.
3. Keep up the work, and never loose hope.
And also maybe you should get a banner, if usually attracts peoples attention :)
Check out my stuff and review, love.

Author's Response: Thanks but since im working on the sequel and other stories I won't be fixing this one! but i will keep it in mind as i write the ones im writing!

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Review #22, by lovestingsIt's Funny, It's Drama, It's Steamy, It's...Sirius?: Love Potions, Suicides, and Sports Bras

25th January 2010:
Hello. :) I am just trying to finish my first chapter of a sirius/OC story so i am reading a couple, mine is going to be based of the song Trouble by nevershoutnever (you should hear it if you haven't it is a great song) I wanted to let oyu know, that so far i like the story. I think it is interesting. :] WEll i am going to continue reading. I think it is always nice to leave a review if i have time, so here you go,.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review...I quite enjoy them...lul

I hope your story goes well, I'm sure I've heard Trouble, it does sound familiar...I'll look it up when I get the chance...

Thank you again for reviewing!! Enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #23, by lovestingsRoad to Recovery: Carriage Rides and Memories

15th January 2010:
GREAT. :] Sorry not a big review but i am in a bit of a rush sorry! 9/10

Author's Response: haha it's ok.any review is a nice review!

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Review #24, by lovestingsRoad to Recovery: Back to Hogwarts

15th January 2010:
Okay, so i love it! :] I know i am late with reading but i am going to read the next chapter and so on! :] You are a great writer just try to re-read and in the begining it was a bit odd, because you were expressing your view on her but thats okay! 10/10 rate and review my stuff?> I just submited a new story! not approved yet but it wil be soon! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! It's better late than never, in my point of view! I would love to read your story! and I hope you enjoyed the rest of mine!

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Review #25, by lovestingsSafe: Crucified

30th December 2009:
I Love it :) I know i dont review really often i only review if i have time. I wanted to apoligize for not reviewing more often for this great story. You are truley talented and i am jelous. Non of my stories are even have good then yours. You keep the reader begging for more. you leave us with cliffhangers and questions to put together. Honestly i am in love with draco and i think him and hermione are the forbidden love ment to be :)

Author's Response: Hello lovestings! I cannot think of a truer username :). I so appreciate your support. You are much, much to kind to me. I love your passion as a Dramione shipper, and I completely agree with you (but you cannot tell them I think so :). Never be disappointed in your own work - no one is perfect as a writer and practice is everything. Never ever quit :) Thank you for being so wonderful and I hope your New Year is fantastic. xoxo

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