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Review #1, by Chimera_tmWe Are But Strangers: One Should Never Tell

28th February 2010:

Any way of persuading u to update sooner? I really like the story and I have really high expectations of it since your other Hermione/draco story -prey- is my favorite dramonie fanfiction. U’re a wonderful writer

Author's Response: I can definitely be persuaded to update sooner, I respond well to nagging XD In any case this story is the next one up for an update so it should be ready very soon!

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Review #2, by Chimera_tmSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Cold, But Loving Heart

4th February 2010:
Hey! For starters I wanted to say that I really enjoyed the story…more like loved it, though I like my Dracos more…manly, but that it beyond the point and it sure as hell doesn’t make your Draco less adorable. As for the ending… when I pressed the next button of chapter 25 I knew they would die, I just knew it, and I was oky with the idea…I guess. But nevertheless I was shocked at what Draco did. It has absolutely no base what so ever. Firstly, as all of us know, you need to really mean the death curse to actually cast it (impossible in this case as Draco was in love with her). Secondly, though I have read that you wrote this when you were 15, you have to think that Draco is somewhere between 17, maybe 16 dunno, but in Hogwarts years that means like 20 something in our world (don t u feel they all mature really quickly, after 7th year they get a job for crying out loud!!!), and even though his actions are childish throughout the whole book, this last one exceeds expectations (in a…for lack of a better word, shocking way). And lastly, Draco changed his mind and argued with his self the whole story… he kept changing his mind every 10 seconds; so don t you find it a bit odd that he would agree to kill Hermione in just 12 lines? It just ruined his authenticity. I hope you don t mind what I have written. I still love your type of writing and sure as hell you ll be in my fave list

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Review #3, by Chimera_tmDon't Touch My Mudblood: Christmas with the Weasleys

15th December 2009:
One of the best stories I have ever read. I like your type of humor, as well as the plot. I believe it is useless to ask for a quick update because I (recently) found out how long it takes for our stories to be validated, but I do have a question: do you have other stories posted under other names, or –if I understood correctly you are a pair- separate stories? I would really like to read more of your work.

Author's Response: i have some original fiction on fictionpress but that's just about it. as for skye, she's been incredibly busy, so she no longer writes.

and hey, since you like this story, while i'm sorry for taking forever to update, the last chapter should be up in a few days. :)

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