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Review #1, by MysteryA Ghost From the Past: Going with Harry and Past Memories

12th February 2005:
i luv this story. it is the second d/h i have read...i am not really a fan of draco/hermione shipper but this story makes it feel really..um..connected. ok i am tokin crap....update asap.

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you like it!

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Review #2, by MysteryHarry Potter and the Silent Siege: Lovers and Friends

11th February 2005:
nice. is da story finished?

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Review #3, by MysteryPARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: You must be Blind

17th January 2005:
quick pls pls pls add next chapter...

Author's Response: as soon as it's writen

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Review #4, by MysteryHarry Potter and the Secret Apartment: Adventures and Last Days

15th December 2004:
great story, juz that i read the sequel b4 reading this. could u pls help me make a banner for my story When Twins Reunite? i tried making one myself but i kept on flopping it. my email is imperio725@hotmail.com if u need it.

Author's Response: yeah i'll make it for you and email you... and thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by MysteryThrough Another's Eyes: FINALITIES

10th December 2004:
i totally agree wif soccer chick! I WANT TO GO TO THE WEDDING!! And remus needs to get over Lily, real soon. happy engagement to lily and james anyway....

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Review #6, by MysteryThrough Another's Eyes: HEARTBREAK

10th December 2004:
*phew* James FINALLY proposed. *pat James on the book but did it a bit too hard and he is sent flying towards a puddle of slime* Er, oops?!

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Review #7, by MysteryOur Story: Skip to 7th

7th December 2004:
pls post 8th chapter. this story is goin great!

Author's Response: Will do when I have time from school, drama, church, drama, homework and ya know, drama... :) Thanks for reviewing

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Review #8, by MysteryVeritaserum Doesn't Lie: Two Years and Nine Months Later

7th December 2004:
this story rox! Is there a sequel?

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