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Review #1, by itsbananasStill Delicate: Daughter Dearest

27th March 2010:
Quick updates definitely make up for the five month absence! I am loving this - I don't particularly know how this is going to end up which is always a good thing. UPDATE SOON haha.

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Review #2, by itsbananasAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: Al and Score are Evil Soulmates

27th February 2010: Argghh, I can't believe you updated XD I'm really stupid at writing reviews, I feel so redundant everytime but YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER. The way you write humour into your stories is sooo good, this had me smiling and laughing like a crazy person. I honestly cannot wait for your next update (which I hope is soon ^_^). KEEP WRITING YOU AWESOME PERSON YOU.

Author's Response: Don't worry, I think you're good at reviews :) You're trying to tell me I'm awesome, right?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by itsbananasAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: James Ruins Everything

5th February 2010:
Puh-lease, James, Neville is a total bamf. LOL, WHOO, UPDATE! I love this chapter, James makes me laugh even if he is a total attention-hogging, show-off but oh my god, WE NEED MORE FRED IN THIS STORY. Louise and Fred are both hilarious XD I love so many individual characters in this story it's insane. I would love to have Faith as a friend hahah. I hope you update soon, I'll be eagerly waiting as always XD

Author's Response: Agreed :)

As soon as possible, I promise.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by itsbananasObliviate. : Prologue

30th January 2010:
The summary pulled me in - damn, this sounds like an interesting plotline. I can't wait to see how it progresses! I'm not a D/Hr shipper but the D/H's got me interested, haha. I've read so many amnesia fics but I honestly want to know what's going to happen next. I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm mostly a Draco/Harry shipper, but I do write D/Hr occasionally. This plot bunny attacked me, and I just couldn't get rid of it. It's quite the challenge to make it work, I tell you..! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review =)

Lovely Slytheriness

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Review #5, by itsbananasAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: Then Suddenly It Was Christmas

27th January 2010:
Yay, you updated! This story always brings a smile to my face. Every character that you introduced to the story are so lovely even if they're not intended to be. Like Rose, she's a real ... selfish brat but I (okay, maybe just me) don't hate her. Oh, let's see - oh my god, Teddy is adorable! I would love some more Al/Score interaction, haha, they're just too cute for words. Thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Yay, you reviewed! ;) Lovely happy reviews always make ME smile.

I'm glad you don't hate Rose. I never meant her to be really hateable, I just think I might've overdone personality a little bit.

I promise there's some very adorable Al/Score interaction in the next chapter. *evil smirk*

Thanks for the review! *hugs*

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Review #6, by itsbananasAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: Rosie Continues to Suck

13th January 2010:
I just want to .. I don't know, kidnap Avery and kind of stare at him for a while. He just seems so friggin' awesome, har har. Anyway, awesome chapter, I enjoyed it! Kitty is so cute, she sure is special XD I hope you update soon, I love your story.

Author's Response: Avery: *stares back, somewhat bemused*

Thank you!

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Review #7, by itsbananasOh, Ollie!: In Which Oliver and Kenna Are Again Interrupted

31st December 2009:
Hi, I read 'Flavour of the Month' and this story in two days! I was quiet proud of myself, the sequel sounded much more interesting and less teenage-angsty so I was really looking forward to it. I wasn't disappointed! This is pretty awesome, I can't wait till you update next and your writing has improved heaps from the first story. I admire you for having such a long, completed story under your belt! Please update soon, this story is funny and lovely and so sweet at the same time XD

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you stuck around through the teen dramatics. And I'd argue that my writing hasn't really improved all that much; Ollie's just more sane and has a tendency to think more in complete sentences. :) Plus, I finally got a keyboard that types what I want it to instead of whatever it feels like. Regardless, I'm happy you've enjoyed both of them so far, and I hope you come back! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by itsbananasBlasphemy: Blasphemy

18th December 2009:
This is brilliant. Ginny is a poor, delusional girl and just wow - she's like completely lost it? She is worshipping Harry, a married man nontheless and I had a good time reading it.

Author's Response: haha, i'm so happy to hear that and i do hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

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Review #9, by itsbananasThe Octane Generation: Not Right in the Head

29th November 2009:
Lemme just say that omfg, banter is so loveable. Scorpius, gosh, I know Al's like the leading man here but Scorpius is so adorable. Even before the whole baby racoon thing, him and Al have lovely banter, hilarious without making it seem to try-hard.

Lovely chapter, I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Scorpius is the more sensible, sensative one while Al is sort of a wild man. Basically I wanted them to be as different from their parents as possible.

Thanks very much for the review. Chapter 3 is in the queue. :D

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Review #10, by itsbananasAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: The Daily Prophet (is a lying liar who lies.)

14th November 2009:
Um, LOL?

Oh my god, I laughed so hard reading through this story. I don't usually actually laugh out loud when I'm reading something but - urgh, how can 11 year olds be so funny? You are a really talented writer and I found this story when I was on the forums reading the OC Archive thingy for Rose (which was brilliant, btw). I really hope you update soon because this is pretty much awesome.

I haven't read a story that's set in the Next Gen's first year yet + the Triwizard Tournament is bound to be interesting. I'm really looking forward to see how this is all going to play out, again, GREAT JOB!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you :) I love making people laugh out loud (especially if they're in public and get looked at funny, but then I have a weird sense of humour :( ).

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Review #11, by itsbananasHopeless...: Bridesmaid

11th November 2009:
I don't read/don't really like Scorpius/Rose but I had so much fun reading this one! Rose seems like a really well-balanced character, I actually don't like how Rose is usually portrayed in other fics but I really like the beginnings of this one. I already can't wait for you to update! I really like Rose, her personality is pretty much spot-on in the terms of it being balanced! Jesus, Scorpius sounds pretty yummy, ahahah. The story I can tell is going to be humorous and I'm very looking forward to it. I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Really? Oh wow, I feel really wonderful right now, what a great review =]
I'm glad I've (kinda) converted you to the joys of rose/scorpius, in a way. They're a really interesting pair, and completely blank canvases too so its fun to write with them
I can't tell you how happy I am that you think Rose is a balanced character because I was worried I'd let myself run away with the grumpiness, so glad you like her =]
And yes, mmm Scorpius does sound pretty fit lol he's just my type, I thought I'd write my perfect man to swoon over while I type
I've gotta update my other story but after that I'll update this
Thanks for the lovely review, hope you keep reading =]

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Review #12, by itsbananasGum: Gum

11th November 2009:
AHAHAH! Oh my godric, that was hilarious. I do not read Lily/James stories because most of them are so full of cliches but this one, I don't care what my brain screams at me - I'm going to enjoy it. Gum. I'm gonna get some now, lols. Good job, it was a good read and I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Aw thanks :) I'm getting a lot of requests for updates, maybe I should do a sequel?
Ah, that would take a long time for me to get it exactly right, I'll think about it!

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Review #13, by itsbananasCommitted: Day Twenty-Three

11th November 2009:
Ahhh, this is so awesome! I haven't read a Hugo-centered fic yet and this one is really good. I love the way you write, you're a very skilled writer XD Hugo sounds so adorable as well, I can't wait for you to update, I want to know more about Gwen! & Hermione is kind of adorable, in a creepy-stalker-mum kind of way XD

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Review #14, by itsbananasMy Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Delivery

7th November 2009:
Lancealot, AHAHHAHA - freaking awesome.
Oh, how I love Mellie, she is absolutely hilarious and oh my god, Sirius sounds so freaking gorgeous! I love this story, it's so funny and it's just made my day so much better. Mellie is such a loveable cook, I want to snog Sirius already ahahah.

Good job, I really hope you keep on updating this story because it's AWESOME x)

Author's Response: Freaking awesome? Thanks so much! I'm so glad you love it, and I'm glad it made your day better. I want to snog Sirius too.
I'll definitely keep updating, but not this month.

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Review #15, by itsbananasAre You Going to Put That Back?: Sirius Black Who Lives in a Shack

6th November 2009:
I keep making little huffing noises, like laughing but in disbelief. This story is so funny! Oh my god, Sirius sounds so squishy and adorable. I love James and Sirius's light banter, it's very humorous. I can't wait till you update!

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Review #16, by itsbananasAlong Came Lucy: Madwoman

5th November 2009:
I found this story by chance and I'm already thanking the gods for good luck! I've only read the first chapter so far but I am most definitely hooked, plus, anything with first-person!Scorp makes me happy x)

I'm really interested in how things are going to work out and I'll probably spend the rest of the night reading through.

Author's Response: I'm surprised that people are still stumbling across it, but I'm definitely pleased. Aha, Scorpius is amazing, isn't he? I just adore his POV, as he's so fun to write.

Really? I hope you enjoy the rest of it, then :).

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

~L. Kelley

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Review #17, by itsbananasStill Delicate: A Time For Wine

4th November 2009:
oh my GODRIC! I can't wait till you update, I have really enjoyed this story. I haven't reviewed any of what I've read yet, but reading from Delicate to Still Delicate, you're writing has improved so much! Or maybe it's just me, but Rose's characterization is spot-on and flawed and so balanced. The chapter, ugh, Scorp is making me want to throw my computer out the window x)

Still, very funny and lovely to read, automatically makes my day so much better. I really hope you update soon.

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Review #18, by itsbananasThe Delicate Art of Kissing: A worthy situation

31st October 2009:
Gnawww, this is so cute. I clicked on it randomly when I was looking for another story, but it was really good!

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