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Review #1, by ruthiemareeEclipse of Time: Fire Falling, Shadows Calling

11th September 2011:
Oh lord now I remember why I stopped reading this.
I love this story so damn much I'm actually crying.

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Review #2, by ruthiemareeThere and Back Again: A Potter's Tale: Godric's Hollow Ambush

15th March 2011:

pleaase keep writing this!

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Review #3, by ruthiemareeTrials and Tribulations of A Wannabe Ballerina: Prima Drama

15th March 2011:
i waas just going along through dramoine stories, and i stumbled aacross this!
and i love every second of it!
it makes me want to dance again :)

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Review #4, by ruthiemareeGolden Rules: Rule Number 1: Donít Fancy Your Boss

5th February 2011:
i do believe this is one of the most awesome stories i've come across :D

Author's Response: Thanks. Hope you keep reading, hun! ^^'

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Review #5, by ruthiemareeArabesque: The Perfect Arabesque

25th November 2010:
i read this in one hit from start to finish.
it made me cry.
you have some serious talent :)
aand your words, make the tragedy of his deaath easier to read.
i absolutely loved this story!

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Review #6, by ruthiemareeMemories Are All I Have: Memories Are All I Have

22nd November 2010:
instant fave for this being ADTR♥
you incorporated the song really nicely into your story.
not to mention my favourite characters and band :D
i love it!

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Review #7, by ruthiemareeAnd Somehow this Hell is Home: Nowhere to Run, Pointless to Hide

22nd November 2010:
dracos such aa cutiee!

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Review #8, by ruthiemareeAnd Somehow this Hell is Home: We Toss and Turn...

21st November 2010:
why is hermione so stubborn!
great story!
i like it :D

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Review #9, by ruthiemareeFeigning Ignorance: Story Telling

21st November 2010:
i have seriously been reading the most amazing fics lately!
and yours in up there with the best :D
i seriuosly hate ron!
hes such a prick sometime!!

Author's Response: YAYNES! and yes, yes he is =]

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Review #10, by ruthiemareePerfection: Paper Bag

21st November 2010:
its aall so true.
what your writing about, and hermione's thoughts, her experience.
it aactually maade me sob.
i know, i would never have the strength to write about this. even aafter recovering from anorexia. you really have a talent for writing.

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Review #11, by ruthiemareePerfection: Eat Yourself

21st November 2010:
. . .
i sort of went into shock for a second.
i was wondering when draco would make his move ;)
another well written chapter!

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Review #12, by ruthiemareePerfection: Wand-Pox

21st November 2010:
this story.
is one of the best i have ever read.
you have real talent!

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Review #13, by ruthiemareePerfection: Dreaming

21st November 2010:
i really appreciate this whole story.
having recovered from an eating disorder, when i read things like this, it does give me an incite onto the decisions i made when going through it, and how wrong i was, and enlightens me onto the choices i made.
i appreciate the notes.
aat the end.
and i too have to stress. anorexia is a disease.
a very serious one.
and if you ever have thoughts like this, get help . IMMEDIATELY!

thankyou so much.

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Review #14, by ruthiemareeConstance: Daughter

21st November 2010:
i love this story too!
you have some amazing talent :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! *blushes* And thanks for the favorite add!

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Review #15, by ruthiemareeThe Underground: Darkroom

21st November 2010:
i loved it.
dracos still so mysterious :L
i cant waait till the next updateee ^.^

Author's Response: Haha thank you :)

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Review #16, by ruthiemareeKeeping The Deal: New camp and Training

21st November 2010:
i seriously hope that the next chapter or next 5 :P
are in validation!!
im seriously in love with this!

Author's Response: sorry i hav not responded to u in a while. i am a uni student and i hav ongoin exams at the moment. i will be free on the 27 NOV and then i will start writing the latest chapter. sorry for the delay. i hope u can understand

read, review and recommend :)

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Review #17, by ruthiemareeKeeping The Deal: Boys Night Out

20th November 2010:
:O aand he smokes!!
they better be dunhill blues ;)
ohhh my!
noir is seemingly sexy.
can you give me detailed description?
i want to draw himm!

Author's Response: i actually based him on myself. I had green higlights in my black hair. so does he. he is 6 foot, lean and sharp features. like the banner

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Review #18, by ruthiemareeKeeping The Deal: Duels and Sublte Hints

20th November 2010:
i cant read this fast enough!
thank you thank you thankyouu!
for writing this ^.^

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Review #19, by ruthiemareeKeeping The Deal: Draco, Riddle and The search

20th November 2010:
i think im in love with your ideas!
i alwaays, AALWAAYS waanted a naruto/hp fanfic!
thankyou so much!
its brilliant ♥

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Review #20, by ruthiemareeKeeping The Deal: Aftermath

20th November 2010:
i love this.
simply because Naruto has to be one of my all time faves!!

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Review #21, by ruthiemareeSailor Moon M: The Beginning of Something Different

20th November 2010:
first anime i ever watched ^.^
i love it how, the chapter wasn't too short.
keep writing XD

Author's Response: zomg! You're my first review! Hahaha! Thanks for reviewing it. I wish I had a cool banner to go with it but alas TDA is busy. Oh wells. XD Anyway! I'm glad you liked it! Sailor Moon was my 1st anime too and I love it still!!! Once again, thanks for the review...I'll be updating as soon as I can!

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Review #22, by ruthiemareeVertigo: Who Are You?

20th November 2010:
i went to read the next chapter. . . and there was none!!
i almost cried!!
i really like this story.
its casually awesome!

Author's Response: Haha, aww, I'm sorry ;) I know that feeling!

Thanks for reviewing, and I'll try to update soon!

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Review #23, by ruthiemareeWhen Preppy Met Punk: Arriving at Williams Manor

14th November 2010:
i haave been waiting for so so so long, for the next chaapter, thaat i almost forgot aabout it!!
im so happy, its greaat!

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Review #24, by ruthiemareeThe Underground: What Humans Feel

14th November 2010:
this is quite amaazing.
i like the whole underground concept going on.
its intriguing :)
and dracos so mysteriouss, i like it alott :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! So glad you like it :)

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Review #25, by ruthiemareeMade the Fool : Chapter Five

13th November 2010:
im so happy that when i go awaay for a while and come back, theres a new chaapter!!
made my nightt XD

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