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Review #26, by meadowlarks_criesMidnight: His Soul Stretched Tight

10th December 2009:
oh. my. god. Thank you for writing another AMAZING chapter! Wow, this is absolutely one of the best dramione stories I have read in a very long time. I love your developments in character and cannot wait for your next update!
happy writing!

Author's Response: Very much my pleasure! I'm so happy you're enjoying my little fic. I really enjoy writing it and playing with JKRs world.

Writing is always happy :D Happy holidays!

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Review #27, by meadowlarks_criesApril Fool's Day: Who said tricks are for kids?

5th December 2009:
hahahaha, this was great!!! It really made my day, thank you!

Author's Response: No dear, thank you!! You made my day with your review!!

Thank you so much for reading&reviewing. It means the world to me =)

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Review #28, by meadowlarks_criesMidnight: Lost Sea Voices

30th November 2009:
wow this story is amazing...its so dark but addicting! I really hope you keep with it because so far its one of the best Dramione stories I've read in a while. Please keep updating, and thank you!
ps. i can't wait for some dramione action too :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I certainly intend to keep writing it - next part's done & in the queue.

I think you'll enjoy the next chapter :D

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Review #29, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: Cassius Lestrange

25th November 2009:
3 things:
1. I want to strangle Hermione in this story and tell her to get her butt to St. Mungos as fast as she can.
2. I hate Natalie and I don't even really know her character that well yet
3. You are doing a GREAT job with this story and I can absolutely not wait for another update! I am, however, begging you to let Draco and Hermione have their happy ending. I know you probably want to have a huge dramatic ending where they realize their mistakes too late, but please! have a happy ending!
Good luck and happy writing!

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Review #30, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: The Real Lady Malfoy

25th November 2009:
whoa!( just read the little excerpt from chapter 31) If that's not draco saying that to Hermione there might just be a reader (me) who will be loosing her mind until there's another update...Well off i go, I'll see ya on the other side! *crosses fingers*

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Review #31, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: Alone

25th November 2009:
phew...ok that last chapter kinda gave me a heart attack but this one was good!!

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Review #32, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: Battle of the Minds

25th November 2009:
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! omg if this story turns out to have a super sad ending I will be so sad!!! and mad! OMG DRACO CANNOT BE DEAD! :(

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Review #33, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: The Cover Up

24th November 2009:
Well I am a bit confuzzled...but that is usually a good thing cause it means you had a good twist! but...pls Dramione time? or more Bertha-of-jane-eyre-esque things??? :)

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Review #34, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: Wasteful Dreams

24th November 2009:
who's natalie? and i cannot get the jane eyre images out of my head...lol great so far!!

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Review #35, by meadowlarks_criesLady Malfoy: The Shadows within the Darkness

24th November 2009:
omg this is totally reminding me of Jane Eyre...

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Review #36, by meadowlarks_criesTruth: Downfall

24th November 2009:
this story is AWSOME! it reawakens the nancy drew in me ;)...I CANNOT WAIT until I find out what happens!!! I really really really hope Draco and Hermione end up together...and I really want to see a Draco+Hermione comforting each other scene!!!...aw man this story's great! update soon please and keep it up!

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Review #37, by meadowlarks_criesA Rather Large Contour of Love: A Rather Large Contour of Love

17th November 2009:
OMG! can you PLEASE make this into a novella?!?! or Novel...but really it would be hilarious and totally cute!!! I loved this though, it was hilariously random, good pairings too! (consider the novel) :)

Author's Response: Um I'm not sure. I might! Maybe just make a whole chapter on each character or something.

Thanks for your review! :D

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