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Review #1, by MuggleMaybeThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Knocks Me Down

30th August 2015:
Hi Tammi!

I thought it was amazing of you to do your reviewing spree, so I stopped by your profile to return the favor :)

I have a hunch that I'm going to LOVE this story.

The idea of Wizarding comics is so cool! I don't know why I've never thought of that before! I don't actually read comics, but I have a lot of respect for them. (My big brother would disown me otherwise ;)) It's fun to read about a character with that interest.

And James Potter = YES PLEASE. I don't know your James well enough to say more than that yet. But I like him already.

I think romance stories sometimes forget about how important platonic relationships are. Having a fight with your BFF is the WORST, and I'm thrilled to see that as a prominent issue in this story.

Looking forward to reading more!

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Review #2, by MuggleMaybeFirewhiskey: Chapter 1

30th August 2015:
Kaitlin, you are a mad genius! Almost anyone would have asked for a different pairing given this combo, but you didn't. You went for it - and with very impressive results!

I have to say - and this is probably a completely inappropriate comment ;) - I think Poppy was quite lucky! Charlie always sounds rather, um, appealing, and she isn't exactly young. Props to her!

Of course, I understand that isn't the point at all. The point is, you do a beautiful job of capturing Charlie's feelings of grief and guilt. He's torn wide open. It really made me ache for him and gave me that feeling of wanting to cry.

I think situations like this have a way of bringing people together out of necessity, and I could really see Charlie's desperation for affection and connection. And I can easily imagine that Poppy felt that need, too. So, all in all, you managed to make this a believable pairing despite it's apparent randomness.

This is an exceptionally captured moment. I'm so glad you pointed me toward it tonight!

You're brilliant!

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybeThat Night: That Night

30th August 2015:
Hi Gabbie!

I'm here for the swap :)

I couldn't resist reading this story when I saw it, since I already read This Is Audrey Tang. I LOVED seeing these events through Percy's eyes. Although I quite like Audrey and you wrote her story very well, I think I liked reading Percy's POV even more.

He comes across as such an enigma in the novel, but in this piece I got to see him more clearly, and get a little more clarity on what he's gone through. It really makes me want to go reread the novel, and I probably will as soon as I submit this review :)

The complexity you show in Percy's relationship with George really appealed to me. There's a lot of fondness and love, but also pain, and envy. I would never have thought of Percy being jealous of his brothers, but it really makes so much sense!

I'm so glad you wrote this one-shot for a little bonus time with Audrey and Percy! I'll try to stop by again soon to check out some of your other stories and pairings.

Great job, hon!

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Review #4, by MuggleMaybeThis Final Adventure : Chapter 3

30th August 2015:
Goodness, Meg, the way you've written voldemort and the cave and the lake and all of it - it gives me chills! It's all so perfectly creepy.

I was doubtful that Regulus would know about Horcruxes, but you cleverly beat me to the punch on that with you reference to the Black family library. ;) (Usually I love libraries, but I think I'd skip that one...)

Kreacher's panic as they near the center of the lake is touching, and Reg is admirably collected and brave. I really liked the line
"This would be his greatest and final act."
It betrays his Slytheriness, and that helped me feel connected to his journey and appreciate the difference between his motives and Harry's so many years later.

I'm trying to come up with some constructive criticism, since this is a WIP, but honestly I'm drawing a blank. This story is extremely well written, and if you can maintain this quality for the remaining chapter(s), I honestly think you have nothing to worry about.

Thanks for sharing your story with me - it was a very enjoyable read!

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Review #5, by MuggleMaybeThis Final Adventure : Chapter 2

30th August 2015:
The scene with Kreacher and the cave is very well done, but I have to jump over that because, OH my goodness, this scene with Reg and Sirius is so incredible!

It's clear they don't fully trust each other. Perhaps they even hate each other - but they are still brothers, and the history of that relationship comes out here in such a believable way. They're estranged, and yet they still remember their inside jokes. They can't help but speak like family. I think having Sirius decide to believe Regulus was a risky moment for you as a writer, because that's a moment that could have felt forced, or overly sentimental - but you managed it really well. Sirius takes his measure and it's in a very skeptical, scientific way that he seems to accept what Reg says. I think that was a brilliant way to go about it.

This chapter was even better than the first!

See you in chapter 3, dear!

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Review #6, by MuggleMaybeThis Final Adventure : Chapter 1

30th August 2015:
Hi Meg!

I'm here for our swap :)

It think the way you've set this up is very creative and effective. It's fascinating to see the moments that led Reg to betray Voldemort.

His relationship with Kreacher is very touching. It also shows a depth of character to Regulus, and makes me look at both him and Sirius in a different way. They are both deeply flawed characters, and I think the stark contrast in how they viewed Kreacher says so much about the relationship between the brothers, too.

So far I'm really enjoying this, and looking forward to the next chapter - on I go! :)


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Review #7, by MuggleMaybeStolen Moments: Small stolen moments

30th August 2015:
Oh, I love this! I especially love how you took that line,
"Two friends taking comfort in each other, nothing more."
and made it's meaning shift. And I think you did a great job of getting in Ginny's head and imaging how she might be feeling, even down to still thinking of Voldemort in terms of the diary.

Great job!

p.s. I am even more excited for the challenge now that I've read how great this format can be! :D

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Review #8, by MuggleMaybeBeside Yourself: Beside Yourself

28th August 2015:
Why Katie, WHY?

I came here from the Dobby recs and this is NOT OKAY. Or, rather, this is far more than okay - it's brilliant - but it wrecks me.

Your Lily. Oh, my word. She is so *tangible*
There are no "Mary Sue"s here!

And Sirius! He is also so powerfully real, and his pain is boiling right alongside Lily's cold denial.

You capture depression with bone-crushing accuracy, so much so that I can't imagine it isn't from personal experience, although I hope very much it isn't. If it is, I'm ever so sorry, but I applaud you for having the courage to write this! Truly. :hug:

This is masterful. 10/10

I'm going to go cry in the corner now. Thanks a lot. ;)

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Review #9, by MuggleMaybeA Foreign Affair: Chapter 1

28th August 2015:

I already love this! Astraia is the sort of character I can't help but like immediately, and her family dynamics are certainly interesting! Also, it is so true that sometimes you just can't help but have a favorite, and a lot of times everyone has the same favorite.

This read as mostly an introduction to the character, which was really fantastic! That said, I'm looking forward to chapter 2 to get a better idea of where you're heading with this - and hopefully to meet your version of James!

Adding this to my currently reading list, for sure! :)

I hope it's an absolutely lovely birthday!

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Review #10, by MuggleMaybeSea of Love: II

25th August 2015:

I can totally see why this is your favorite chapter. It is incredibly sweet and lovely! So often Rose and Scorpius's relationship is written with all this drama and ups and downs and chaos. But in your story, you let it come easily. You let them be truly happy, and that is something it can be really difficult to let your characters experience. (Or maybe I am secretly cruel hearted? I don't know. I hope not!) My very favorite thing is when she asks if she's getting hair up his nose. It's such a "real" moment, not the impossibly suave, romantic lines that writers so easily fall into in scenes like this.

I hope your birthday is a lovely as this story, dear!

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Review #11, by MuggleMaybeKeep Calm and Carry On: A Guide to Keeping Calm and Apparating

23rd August 2015:
Hi J!

I said on the forums I'd leave a review for the next people to make Dobby recs in each category, and you were one of them. So, yay! (It worked out brilliantly, since I wanted to read this anyway.)

I'm really loving the direction this story is going! I think the way you've developed the wizarding world in the post-war years is very original and interesting. There such a sarcastic charm to this story, and I love the way you've characterized Lorcan.

Houses.. I'm guessing Peter was a Ravenclaw? And Lily... Maybe a Hufflepuff? I don't know, but I look forward to finding out!

Can't wait for chapter 4!

Author's Response: Hey Renee! Thanks so much for the wonderful review and the offer to review! It's great to see those threads getting a little more love.

I'm glad you like the story so far! I hope you continue enjoying it in future chapters. :) Lorcan is nothing if not sarcastic!! So I'm glad you think it's charming haha.

It's interesting to see people's guesses and assumptions! :D I think the House thing will unravel over time. :)

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #12, by MuggleMaybeAcquitted: Prologue

23rd August 2015:
Hi Lotte!

I made my way over to R&R your new story, because I promised on the forums I would leave a review for the next person to suggest a Dobby nomination in each category, and you suggested Forest. So here I am with your review!

And lucky me, to make my way here when you have this intriguing and brilliant new story just started! I love the idea for this. (Although, I do NOT love that Teddy is dead!) Mysteries are a lot of fun to read, and your Victoire is well-suited to play detective. She has a clear motivation to find the murderer, and a brash enough personality to go through with it.

Even though it's obvious from the summary what will happen in the prologue, you did a great job of building up the tension to make it suspenseful.

I know you said you want feedback. The only thing I can think of is a grammar thing (or maybe just a typo). It should be "I wasn't blind to the guards either" (either instead of neither). Seriously that is the only suggestion I have at this point. This is excellent!

I hope your fingers are flying, because I can't wait to read the next chapter!! ;)

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Review #13, by MuggleMaybefirst: first heartbreak

23rd August 2015:
Yes, I know the chapter is called "First Heartbeak" but I couldn't help but hope you were just trying to mislead us...

Despite the sad feels, this is an excellent chapter, and both characters are growing and changing in very believable ways. I'm especially proud of Esme and her mother for getting away from bad relationships. That isn't an easy thing.

You know I love this story - I can't wait to read the last (hopefully happier) chapter!

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Review #14, by MuggleMaybeSchrodinger's Cat: Anhedonia

21st August 2015:
This story is powerful and beautifully written and I hated it. It's too devastating. I can't handle it, honestly! It's tearing me up!

But, don't worry! This only proves all the more how extremely talented you are and how excellent this story is!

You have captured depression so vividly, that simultaneous, seemingly contradictory emptiness and pain. And the feeling that the problem is utterly unchangeable and unsolvable.

Schrodinger's Cat is an excellent analogy for a crumbling marriage. If you never say it, if you never ask.. there's still a chance.

I don't know how you managed to write this without simply melting into a puddle from emotional exhaustion.
But I'm very glad you did! It is a work of art!


Author's Response: Howdy Renee! Thanks so much for your kind words.

One of the interesting things is how differently people have interpreted the story, but also how it's come back to the crumbling marriage and the analogy, just like I hoped. I'm glad you thought it worked for the situation and the individual relationship.

Truth be told, writing it WAS emotionally draining and I took a break from attempting to write for a couple of weeks afterward.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this and give me your thoughts! Every piece of feedback I get is always incredibly appreciated and it helps me learn new things about my stories and how readers feel about or what they see in them!

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Review #15, by MuggleMaybeShenanigans and Hi-Jinks: Fruitless Research

20th August 2015:
Hi Beezie!

I found your story on the Dobbys Rec/Review thread.

What a fun story! I love your characterizations of Vic and Fed - especially Vic! I think she is frequently type cast, and I love that your rendition is feistier. Shenanigans and Hi-Jinks indeed!

The new plot line with the comb is quite intriguing. I never really thought about students going out in the Forest just for something to do. In the original series, it was usually by force or out of desperation that they went to the forest, not just for fun. But I find it very believable that students would do this, and be a bit reckless about it.

What a funny, entertaining, a charismatic story!
Keep up the good work!

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Review #16, by MuggleMaybeIgnite: Melt Into Me

17th August 2015:
I have no words.

That's a lie. I have many words, but they are all jumbled with the emotions in my head from reading this. Perhaps a list...

1) I got only one hour of sleep last night thanks to my total disregard for anything other than this story.

2) THIS--> 'Get in the queue for hell, but be ready for a long wait 'cos some people have got express tickets.' --> WHAT A LINE! :wub:

3) Everything about this chapter was just so overwhelmingly, emotionally amazing. And then you go and close with that letter from Harry, who I already love so much, and MY HEART WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!!

4) Also about the letter, but I feel the poetic justice in Harry giving Sirius's watch to Scorpius deserves its own accolades. So brilliant, so moving.

THIS STORY IS UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! Like, why aren't you published yet? (Or maybe you are?) I would pay the outrageous price at a bookstore to own this book. In hardcover. Even if it wasn't on sale. Sincerely.

I hope you are VERY VERY VERY proud of this story, because you should be!!!

In awe,

Author's Response: I'm still only a LITTLE sorry about not enough sleep due to story reading. *cough*

Sometimes I give Scorpius good one-liners. Actually, no, sometimes Scorpius breaks into my brain and delivers good one-liners, then yells at me until I write them down. He's finnicky like that.

I was so excited when I got to write the letter from Harry! The bond with him and Scorpius wasn't planned at ALL, and then I was writing the very first chapter and the similarities between them struck me. I knew I had to revisit it, which was tough as they're separated by quarantine for the whole bloody story. But the letter seemed apt, as did Scorpius getting Sirius' watch.

Any publishing I have received is all self-published, and science fiction crime thrillers, which isn't always the cup of tea of my Harry Potter fanfic fans. If only I could publish this, alas. JK would rightfully have me. :-D

Thanks a whole bunch for your kind words and review!

- Cath

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Review #17, by MuggleMaybeIgnite: Fever Pitch

16th August 2015:
MuggleMaybe here for the Review & Rec Dobbys thread. :)

Oh my goodness! This story is too addictive for it's own good! I meant to stop and review every chapter. I meant to stop for the night after chapter 5. And now here I am at the end of chapter 7, and I really don't know how I got here because it was all one suspenseful and exciting blur of plagues, bat-boogey hexes, centaurs, and teenagers too proud to admit they might actually fancy someone rather than hate them.

In other words, I am loving the HECK out of this story!!

I really enjoy your version of the next gen characters. Scorpius Malfoy, who I generally love, remains lovable in his way. Rose is brilliant and biting and short tempered. Al is level-headed, responsible, goodhearted. All of this *sounds* very typical of next gen, but somehow you've managed to make it all fresh and new in your rendition.

Frankly, I have to leave a review, because I want to leave a Dobby's request and this was the previous rec (and because this story absolutely deserves the review! I'm giving it 10/10) - but I honestly can't think of anything more to say because I am too distracted with finding out what happens next. THAT is how amazingly engaging this story is!

So, yeah. Bye. ON TO CHAPTER 8! :D

p.s. it seems rather likely I'm going to be up way too late tonight now... ;)

Author's Response: Woo! I love it when people find this story anew. So glad you've been enjoying it, and so glad you've carried on reading!

Scorpius is easily lovable, so I'm more pleased to know you love Rose, who sometimes gets a bad rap from readers at htis early stage of the story. But she is brilliant and flawed.

Thanks a whole bunch for the review and I'm a LITTLE sorry you stayed up too late. But not that sorry. ;)

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Review #18, by MuggleMaybeAll Of Me: All of Me

15th August 2015:

¡Me encanta esta historia! It's very powerful how their love stays so strong, even though it can be difficult at times. It fit well with the song, too.

I thought you did a great job weaving in the Spanish. :) My favorite was: "¿Aún no estás lista?" I always prefer "lista" over "ready" - it just sounds right somehow.

Each scene read like a crystallized snapshot of their life together. It was so well captured. I really loved it!

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Review #19, by MuggleMaybeNearly Forever: In Death

12th August 2015:
Jenn, what are you doing to your poor readers?!? This certainly did take a dark turn! I am so sorry for Victoire. That's just too sad!

I have to admit, I am a little angry at Harry for not spotting the traitor. Although, knowing Harry, he's already plenty angry at himself.

You did a good job keeping the tension up right to the end, with the possibility of help arriving in time. Alas, not.

I think my favorite line in this, simple though it may seem, is "They crossed the threshold hand in hand." It seems to say a lot about their love, somehow.

Thanks for sharing this story! I enjoyed it. (Even if it was SO SAD!)

Author's Response: Hi Renee!

I am really glad that you gave this a read and reviewed!

This was super hard to write, but it is one that I am truly proud of and feel that it really shows my growth as a writer. At least that is what I think.

I have never written this ship before or anything quite like this so I am glad that you felt it worked tension wise until the end.

I was a bit angry at Harry too, but I am sort of able to trust that Harry can be human and make mistakes even if they result in something huge.

I am actually really happy that you liked that line. It was meant to signify how much they were in this together no matter what happened.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!! :)


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Review #20, by MuggleMaybeSea of Love: I

11th August 2015:
Aww, Cassie, this is the most darling story I have ever read! And that is not an exaggeration!

I worked with kids at my old job (although I'm very grateful to say they were healthy), and when I left they gave me cards like this. It was the BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE. I'm so glad you let Scorpius have that experience :wub:

I always love reading your stories - can't wait for chapter 2 :D

Author's Response: Hi Renee!
Thank you so much for this sweet review! I really appreciate it!!!
I'm so glad you liked this, and I hope you'll stick with this story! It's a short one (only 4 chapters) but it's been so much fun to write. Chapter 2 is in the queue now!
Cassie :)

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Review #21, by MuggleMaybeSweetheart Tom: The Gold Children

10th August 2015:
Finally here for the review swap - sorry for the delay!!

I picked this story because I'd seen your status updates about it on the forums and was interested, but I didn't know what it was about. I was SO EXCITED to discover it draws from fairyt ales. Other than Harry Potter, most of my favorite books are fairytale retellings. :)

There is something very literary and complex about this story, which makes me want to leave a more complex and literary sort of review. i hope that's okay!

So, language -
Your opening passage of the first chapter shows both your (very impressive) strengths with language, and where to improve. This line: "Caressing, whispering almost, the light – pale and weak in her beauty – glides through the forest canopy and along the trees, passing bats and rats and foxes on a night-time prowl, until it stops and glows, yellow on irises, throwing all else into shadow." IS SO BEAUTIFUL. What a way to open a story!!

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Review #22, by MuggleMaybefalling. : falling.

10th August 2015:
Hi Erin,

Wow! I am so impressed how you managed to make the sentences in alphabetical order like that. I thought about joining this challenge, but it seemed so difficult, and then you make it look effortless! Amazing!

This is a heartbreaking piece. It particularly hit home for me, because I have an important person in my life who has OCD. You really nailed the helpless feeling of not being able to solve the problem, how you are desperate and angry and sad all at once. But also you love the person-- I don't think I can explain anymore. Too hard. I'm getting upset. But this is really a great depiction of those emotions, and I applaud you for it!

You've written beautifully. This line especially stopped my heart:
"there is nothing I can do, but don’t you dare fade away from me"

and also:
"Now, tied together by invisible strings, they were planets attracted, yet set apart from each other."

Just gorgeous! I loved it!

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Review #23, by MuggleMaybeAnti-love Rules: Random Partners and a Hot Date

9th August 2015:
Hello again!

I really like that the makeover didn't really accomplish anything - she got asked out when she was confident and outgoing. Much better!

I was dying to know why Layla wasn't friends with Hugo anymore. Truth or Dare is often a little contrived, but having Hugo reveal that Layla was his first kiss (rather than that he likes her/is in love with her) was more subtle and less cliche. Good choice!

I hope you'll keep writing! This is a fun, fluffy story!

Author's Response: thanks again for reviewing.i don't like the concept of flawless hero and heroines. nobody is perfect. not even Layla. she is just an ordinary girl yet extraordinary in her own ways.
hope you are satisfied with the reason behind the fallout of Layla and Hugo's friendship. there will a few more glimpses into Layla and Hugo's past in future chapters.
keep reviewing. i love them.

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Review #24, by MuggleMaybeAnti-love Rules: Head Girl and Head Boy

9th August 2015:

I meant to review the first chapter, but your writing style is addictive - I was reading chapter 2 before I realized!

So far, you are setting this story up very nicely. I like the idea of a Muggleborn who knows the Weasleys. It was clever to have her meet Hugo at school - I don't think most witches/wizards who have magic parents go to primary school, but I can totally see Hermione insisting that they get a good education right away. (And Ron being completely confused, haha!)

Layla is very easy to relate to. She seems like a person I could meet in real life. And Hugo - I like that you've cast him as the love interest. He doesn't get as much love as James, Albus, or Scorpius. It's nice to have a change.

I really enjoyed this so far, but I'll try to give some constructive criticism , to make this review more helpful:
I think adding a little bit more narration - as opposed to dialogue - would give readers a chance to get inside Layla's head and get to know her better. You have this great first person POV, so capitalize on that! Let us know what she cares about, what she worries about, what her dreams for the future are, what annoys her.

This is great so far - definitely reading chapter 3 right now!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing. and i am happy that you are enjoying this story so far. i will keep your suggestion in mind and try to write more about Layla's thoughts and feelings.

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Review #25, by MuggleMaybeWhen It Matters: When It Matters

8th August 2015:

I'm so glad I found this story. ScoRose + Fluff + winter on a sticky august day = PERFECTION!

There is a lovely, elegant sort of simplicity to your writing that I really admire. It works perfectly in a piece like this.

I love Scorpius' determination to come clean to Rose, and I love that he waited until that last possible moment to tell her. Honestly, I have been there!

Rose's fascination with the snow is something I can relate to - it's just so beautiful. And I love the parallel of her being caught up in that beauty while Scorpius is caught up in her.

The dynamic between Scorpius and Al is great, too. Part affection, part sympathy, part ruthless teasing!

The discussion of the wrapping paper, and how he chose it for her hair: SO SWEET.

I hope your birthday has been every bit as sweet as this story! (Although, that would be quite impressive)
:hug: Renee

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