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Review #1, by cacophonyPig-Head Potter: Pig-Head Potter

26th November 2009:
This, dear, should have been a chapter to Pigs Can Fly!
It actually fits very well.
I quite enjoyed it... especially the length.
(I know, I'm being a hypocrite, my chapters are always short)
There were a few errors here and there, nothing too big.
All in all, I love James. I was just waiting for Lily to lose it and kiss him in the middle of class... Too bad she didn't!
I shall be favoriting this, letting you know:)+-

Author's Response: Hahahahaha. It does fit, aye? Mhm.. should've considered that.. But I'd written Pigs Can Fly two years ago... and this idea came to me pretty randomly last month :) I'm glad you liked it though :D


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Review #2, by cacophonyThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie OíNeill.: Izzie, Quills, Biscuits And Me

7th November 2009:
x) Awesome.
I really like those Digestives, too.
They're really yummy.
Especially the ones with chocolate.
Yum. Well, I shall no be pressing the >> Icon.

Author's Response: thank you.
i only like sweet meal digestives ;)
so nice to dip into tea.
hope you enjoy the next chapters ;)

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Review #3, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Teapot Therapy amd Rayne's Sight

30th October 2009:
Haha, s'okay. I won't shoot you^^. JUST GET SOMETHING IN NEXT CHAPTER O.O. Haha.

Dude, it looks like you like the word whilst XD You repeat it a bit, it's really cute.

D: This chapter is really serious ._. I'm scared! Update whenever ya can:)

Author's Response: I will I will and it's just for you!!! I hadn't even noticed I used whilst alot, oh well I'm just slightly barmy at least you think it makes me cute not a total barmcake! I know it was a rather serious chapter and the next one has started quite heavy... I don't even feel depressed it is all a great mystery!
Will update as soon as I have written next chappie, but I could procrastinate for Britain so... hold tight hun.
Sparkle x

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Review #4, by cacophonyTop of the World: Top of the World

27th October 2009:
So sweet! I absolutely love it!
Really original and beautifully written:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! :)

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Review #5, by cacophonyToo Late: Too Late

27th October 2009:
I love it.
So sweet.
And I love how he doesn't see the mum, I don't know why :P

Author's Response: I thought it was better that way because it left him a small glimmer of hope that he hasn't met her yet, y'know? Thank you so much for your review! :)

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Review #6, by cacophonyHappy Birthday, James: Ugh!

25th October 2009:
Haha I really like this:)
I love how James thought they were gay.
I couldn't think of what they would be doing in the room, the cake tasting was smart ^^
There were a few spelling errors, nothing major.
I'm favoriting, btw, this is pretty great.
Oh, and would you mind checking my story out? (I'm Norah).
I'd like to know what the authors of stories I like think :D

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Review #7, by cacophonyDon't ever let go: In the Beginning

23rd October 2009:
There were some spelling errors, not to serious tho.
And a few more commas couldn't hurt:)
But I really like the plot.
I gotta go now but when I'm back I'll read some more!

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Review #8, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Punkish Clothes and Flutterbye Schnapps

22nd October 2009:
P.S. (at the beginning)DUDE! Second shout out :D That's just awesome x)
Hehe, so to the real review.
D: I can't believe I didn't get to see Sirius be weird. I was totally expecting that! when I was scrolling down and there was just a bit left but I still couldn't see the end I was thinking "Hmpf. Small part for Sirius."
I really hope he's in the next chapter!! You better have him in there being jealous!
Haha I'ma go now :)
Ran out of weird-o things to say.

Author's Response: Aww sorry but Sirius doesn't even know himself that he's going to be jealous and at the moment he isnt realy. But I will add in some jealousy just for you!!!
Sparkle x

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Review #9, by cacophonyMy last summer.: chapter one.

19th October 2009:
Oh sweet juice.
I love stories with lists.
I can't wait to see what you do with this (which can be wonders)!
I'ma favorite it, so I can see when you update.
Oh, and by the way, it's disease, not decease. Decease means to die (I think) :).

Author's Response: thank you for your review :D
yeah i have loads of lists. like, with everything :/ haha
thank you very much :D:D:D
yeah i SUCK with spelling :S xxx

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Review #10, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Leafy Classrooms and Citrus Fruits

16th October 2009:
Hehe I can see Sirius getting jealous and not knowing why RIGHT NOW.
Yesh, that's right.
I love you!
You amazing author :D

Author's Response: Wow! Thankyou! You're an amazing reviewer and I love you right back! Glad you like my humble offering!
Big love,
Sparkle x

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Review #11, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Thoughtful Baths and Surprising Peters

16th October 2009:

Author's Response: Ha, thanks! It makes my story look better to have more reviews so I appreciate that!
Sparkle x

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Review #12, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Like Liking and a Wobbly James

16th October 2009:
Can't believe I didn't do that earlier.

Author's Response: Woop!!! Thanks for adding me to your favourites.
Sparkle x

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Review #13, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Demon Cats and Ditzy Girls

16th October 2009:
James was a seeker v.v

Author's Response: Hey,
Apparently JK Rowling has said that James was a chaser and the film got it wrong so I guess it's free to interpretation.
Sparkle x

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Review #14, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Sherbet Breakfasts and Veggie Ears

16th October 2009:
I'm afraid now.
Do you stalk me and write about me ._. ?

Author's Response: How did you guess??? Ha, of course I don't! No need to go checking behind you, I just channel your spirit it seems!!!
Sparkle x

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Review #15, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Horrific Carriage Rides and Stupid Boys

16th October 2009:
Hehe, just like I thought, a lot like me.
I have a chair named Bob.
And If I see anyone sitting on it, they die:)

Author's Response: Ha well if I ever meet you i will stear clear of bob!
thanks for the review!!!
Sparkle x

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Review #16, by cacophony50 Colours In Her Hair: Apocalypse

16th October 2009:
Katrina reminds me a lot of myself x)
This looks like it's going to be a very fun ff:)

Author's Response: Ha thanks. It's good that you relate to the character even if that does make you slightly barmy! Haha
Sparkle x

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