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Review #1, by ChuChuBabyRose and Scorpius: A Romeo And Juliet Story: Chapter 9: Unclaimed and Forgotten

4th January 2010:
Ooooh. Shelby :) my bestest fwiend xD You better send me chapter 10!! You're so lucky I can't hurt you until the eleventh. Oi, are you in for a lot of pain. SO, I wonder who this mysterious person is, but I won't waste much of my brain cells because I know you're going to tell me xD...please? Love it, Shel. Scorpius was a total jerk in this chapter, but hey, he's single. *wiggles eyebrows* xD -Chu-bacca

Author's Response: Chu-bacca is retarded. But love ya! :D I am going to start on Chapter 10 this weekend. I have been procrastinating too much.

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Review #2, by ChuChuBabyImperium Cognomen: Imperium Cognomen

9th December 2009:
oh my god.
I never thought that would happen! It's so...
just wow.
I can't even type right, I'm just so speechless. I'm trying to find the words but I...
Your story just blew me away. You put a twist on it I didn't expect. Usually with regular Rose/Scorpius fanfics, they break up because they loose feelings, but in this one he was under the Imperio Curse Lucius cast on him.
Brilliant! Just brilliant. Although, it left me a bit melancholy towards the end. :( poor him.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you think this was original, that means a lot. I always take it as a compliment when I leave readers speechless ^_^

Lovely Slytheriness

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Review #3, by ChuChuBabyand sometimes words fail: then i'll be smiling

8th December 2009:
I feel as if this will be a long, well-written story. I love it and you kept my entertainment going for the while I procrastinated with my report. xD
Though it's chapter five, it feels like it's so close to the beginning.
I can't wait to read more of this story. Keep writing! :D
Update soon?? :D

Author's Response: thanks! please keep reading...your right tho i plan for it to be longer

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Review #4, by ChuChuBabyRose and Scorpius: A Romeo And Juliet Story: Chapter 6: Masquerade Night

25th November 2009:
^ - ^ Shelly!!!
You'll let me read Chapter 7 before everyone else, won't you :D
Wait.I already did!! xD
Heehee :D I have privileges!!
I love it, Shel. Gimmie Gimmie more, otherwise, I'll have to hunt you down in school. Again.
^ - ^ Loves you!!

Author's Response: Haha. I have already finished Chapter 8, which you haven't read. Lol. Mwhahahaha!

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Review #5, by ChuChuBabyRose and Scorpius: A Romeo And Juliet Story: Chapter 5: Meaningless Controversy

16th November 2009:
HAHAAH! I read this before it was posted! :) I read Chapter 7 too!! Now, Shel, at school you'd better give me Chapter 8 if you ever finish it!! GEEZYY, You write the most addicting chapters. >:[] Don't forget Chapter 8, otherwise, I'll hurt you. Muhahahah.
~Hugs and no Kisses for you

Author's Response: Nobody wants your kisses except Jake. Lol. So I do not care. Thanks for reviewing ChuChutters! :]

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Review #6, by ChuChuBabyShadow Upon My Heart: Decision Time

13th November 2009:
All these cliff hangers. I swear, they're everywhere!!!
Update soon! Please, before I go mad and have not one single strand of hair left!
I must admit, I was getting angry when I read her going up to the alter, but then I was happy because Hermione ran from him. HAHAH!!! Take that Ronald. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for r+r!! Aww i'm sorry! Next chapter should be up soon, but the Q is rather long still so try to keep your hands away from your hair hehe. LOL at 'Take that Ronald.' :-)

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Review #7, by ChuChuBabyTemptation: Scared of Lonely

12th November 2009:

:( You cut us off.
I hope you intend on posting another chapter soon! :(
[Loved it though! Heehee :)]

Author's Response: i'm making you all go cold turkey haha! lol new chapter will be here soon! x

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Review #8, by ChuChuBabyShadow Upon My Heart: Scattered Mind

7th November 2009:
:) Heehee
My friend reccomended that I read this story. I was more focused on the whole Rose/Scorpius coupling, but now, I think you just made me a Dramione fanatic. I love, love, love it. Update soon!! :)
By the way, I think I just skipped my Saturday School to read this hahah!!

Author's Response: Thanks for r+r!! Wow thank you very much! I'm so glad this made you like Dramione a little more. :-) I'm really glad you liked it, thank you for taking the time to read it...i hope you're not in too much trouble!! lol! :-)

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Review #9, by ChuChuBabyRun Home Rose: home sweet home.

22nd October 2009:
I LOVE IT! You should write more!
You left a great cliff hanger there at the end. :)

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