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Review #1, by jetteblackEliza Prat: Dean

2nd April 2014:
So far I am really enjoying it, I think I will really come to love Deand and Eliza's relationship, the mutual growth will be something special I think.

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Review #2, by jetteblackTogether, Unbreakable: Always

6th May 2012:
you write what jk didn't.

Author's Response: I think this is a compliment? If so, thank you so much!

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Review #3, by jetteblackWhy Not?: Time Goes On

31st October 2011:
seriously you do such a good job for Percy- I want to punch him, he makes my blood turn. hahah I know it is good writing when I actually get a physical reaction from a character.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I'm glad you think I've done Percy justice and are enjoying the story still. That makes me so happy to hear. Hope you enjoy the rest of it!

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Review #4, by jetteblackWhy Not?: Hogsmeade

31st October 2011:
bloody percy- drives me inssannneee

Author's Response: Hahahah! I love writing Percy, though. It's odd, because I never really felt a pull toward him until I started writing him in this fanfic. Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by jetteblackAs Stupid As Me: Epilogue: The Joy of Children

29th October 2011:
hahah this is perfect

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Review #6, by jetteblackAs Stupid As Me: Chapter Nineteen: Truth

29th October 2011:
o i am crying. seriously. you re really good at this hahah- i started tearing up at seamus finnegan, got worse at the mr smittens flashback with the photo, the dinner and now this...

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Review #7, by jetteblackAs Stupid As Me: Chapter Seventeen: Finalities

29th October 2011:
i am only halfway through, but the bit with Seamus- great! Really emphasised the decision. Had to quickly write this- got to get back to it!

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Review #8, by jetteblackAs Stupid As Me: Chapter Twelve: Weakness

29th October 2011:
love it- i want moments like this- with out that friggin drama but the nice moments with someone you love

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Review #9, by jetteblackStill Delicate: The Contenders

29th October 2011:
ah shit is going to get so real right after this chapter, silly rose

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Review #10, by jetteblackBroken: So it ends so it begins

27th October 2011:
This was fantastic, I was absolutely compelled the whole time, damnit! I have an essay due tomorrow hahaha, ah weelll I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time. It really was fantastic.
One of the best I have read on this site-- and golly I have read alot of them :)

Author's Response: thank you for the lovely review! glad you liked it

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Review #11, by jetteblackQuiet Connor: Swing and Miss

23rd October 2011:
that was the best chapter-
James is such a good friend,
and the last line is the bombdizzle.

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Review #12, by jetteblackEve Tempted : Reconciliation

17th October 2011:
Okay, you need to do some editing- creating paragraphs rather than HUGE chunks of dense text, having a more consistent flow of tense and story line etc. Also some parts- like Imogen's potential rape were really bizarre- what did it achieve exactly? if you decide it's necessary you might want to introduce was it Nott and Avery(?) as bad, dangerous, threatening blokes from the very beginning...
Just some advice to make it better, good though.

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Review #13, by jetteblackThree Reasons Why: Just Another Laurie

16th October 2011:
ooh, i'll be your girlfriend charlie...

Author's Response: Haha! Wouldn't we all love to be? :P Thank you for the review!

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Review #14, by jetteblackEliza Prat: Epilogue

16th October 2011:
LOVE IT! Eliza is wonderful. And her relationships with people were lovely, she is very real, her floating is endearing. i really liked it.

Author's Response: Thank you for your reviews! I'm beyond happy that you loved this story and Eliza. Thanks you
: )

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Review #15, by jetteblackEliza Prat: Prologue

15th October 2011:
this is going to be good, i am already excited to see what can happen to this little girl. I am still waiting for my letter, ahahhaha

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Review #16, by jetteblackKeep Holding On: "Kindly stop ogling, and leave"

12th October 2011:
the holding hand, and grabbing her wrist. cute. i love ow/oc stories and this is such a nice one

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Glad you like it :)

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Review #17, by jetteblackFalling To Pieces: I'd Rather Be Any One Else But Here, Or Any Place Else But Me

26th February 2010:
I think it is brilliant, but I reckon the next chapter should be Sirius' point of view recapping his intake on what has happened. The first time they say each other, the "we can't be friends" confrontation, the duel, the friends chat. Just to catch up on his head space. Just a thought? Brilliant though,

Author's Response: that's true, we're back on not knowing what Sirius is thinking... but the way I've got it planned out in my head it's going to be Dee for a little while I think... but I'll bear that in mind! thanks for reviewing

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Review #18, by jetteblackSusie Q: Youth of the Nation

11th February 2010:
this story is the best in the whole entire world.
also susie makes me think of christina from greys anatomy- if you know who that is?
it is wicked you are the bomb shizzle fo nizzle

Author's Response: Christina? Seriously? :D I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, but seriously? CHRISTINA!? Wow, that's awesome, I LOVE Christina, she's just hilarious xD I'm just curious as to HOW Susie is like Christina?

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Review #19, by jetteblackQuiet Connor: A New Target

6th February 2010:
"have you died yet?"
'no" as she trys to suffocate herself.
i love this exchange between them,hilarious.
Nice I love it already!

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Review #20, by jetteblackJust to See You Smile...: Epilogue

3rd February 2010:
heavy days. wowee, you wrote the epilogue realy well.

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Review #21, by jetteblackSay, what?: Ur-ine Pain

15th January 2010:
this is my favourite chapter of all time

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Review #22, by jetteblackSay, what?: Paige Holly Springer is not a hopelessly-in-love wimp

15th January 2010:
okay and this chapter, all of its pretty bloody brill

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Review #23, by jetteblackFall For Anything: It's All About Reading People

6th January 2010:
Stick to Dee for sequel, but definately have Sirius in there somewhere. Or have it in Dee;s POV but have her have really accurate observations on what she thinks he is feeling. It is more mysterious and beautiful when Sirius finally will explain what he was feeling in detail as he explain's it to her or something? Does that make sense?
Continue fowards minions it is brilliant!

Author's Response: eah that sounds about right... apart from it;s dee! she doesnt have an accurate idea of how he's feeling ever! but yeah i get what you mean about him explaining it to her. awesome. thank you!

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Review #24, by jetteblackAccidentally on Purpose: Of Forgotten Wedding Dates and Distractions

18th November 2009:
keep writing please.
it is so good and man oh man your left it hanging!!
its excellent!PLEASE!

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Review #25, by jetteblackHold Your Tongue: Floating

15th November 2009:
keep writing crazy kid this is wicked. Fantastic imagination, i wish i could could do something as good as this!!!woweee... wicked shizzle mo fizzle nizzle


Author's Response: Thank you!

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