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Reading Reviews From Member: Sleeping Dragon
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Review #1, by Sleeping DragonMy Notebook Will Explain: Meet Me at the Lake

23rd February 2010:
just putting that out there

haha my mates tried to make me give up anything harry potter for lent
i told them to try giving up sex and anything to do with sex


Author's Response: Haha. That's funny.
Thank you!

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Review #2, by Sleeping DragonLove Story: The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

22nd February 2010:
when are you going to write more?
i NEEED you to write more!!

Author's Response: Sorry! I really am sorry. It's really hard to find time to write right now. I am president of my school and there were a lot of events I was in charge of. School is becoming a little more mellower until finals come. So I hoping to get a lot of work done before hand. I am also coming out with a new story, 'Fear to Love'. Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it.

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Review #3, by Sleeping DragonLetters of the Summer: a L/J Humor Fic: Chapter Two: Neon Pink Walls

19th February 2010:
is snuffles sirius?

i like :)
is there more coming?
sleeping dragon

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Review #4, by Sleeping DragonI Love You More.: I Love You More

6th February 2010:
aw :)
i love it the most :D

Author's Response: awsome, i love hearing these comments.

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Review #5, by Sleeping DragonSo Is My Life.: Of Flights and Family

23rd January 2010:
aww :)
so cuteee

hehe i love sirius black

i lovethis story :)

how long await for the next chapters?

Author's Response: aww you're a sweetie! thank you for the lovely review! i love sirius too! couldnt resist putting him in there!
ill try to put in the next chappie tomorrow. but valdation will take a long time (it always does for me. am i the only one?) oh and i need to give it to my beta! sorry! but it will be in soon! promise! cant resist the reviews!

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Review #6, by Sleeping DragonWhite Houses: Chapter Six. Spun.

5th January 2010:
dya know you somehow have written to all my favourite songs?

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Review #7, by Sleeping DragonHome Is Where The Prat Is: Dances and Kisses

5th January 2010:
just leave me hanging like that
not nice!

i love it

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Review #8, by Sleeping DragonYou Belong With Me: Part II

28th December 2009:
i have tears in my eyes :)
so freaking adorable

Author's Response: Gah, thanks for reviewing. I'm so overwhelmed & happy (not that you had tears in your eyes but that my story could cause such emotions). Thank you!

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Review #9, by Sleeping Dragon12 Days Until Christmas: Day 12

27th December 2009:
ahh :)
i love love love love this :D
you're fantastic

Author's Response: Wow, thank you!

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Review #10, by Sleeping DragonSound Soldier: Music Is My Boyfriend

25th December 2009:
i really like your story
its really creative
would you mind reading one or both of mine and giving me some tips
i'd like it very much

you have a real knack for this


sleeping dragon

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Review #11, by Sleeping DragonWhat Happened Next: The Rest of their Lives: Summertime Sunshine

25th December 2009:
awww :)
i dont usually read anything other than Marauders stories
youve renewed my faith in the good old golden quartet :)

i love luna :)

Author's Response: That's great! Thanks for the review :)
Can't beat the golden quartet for me, but Marauders are great too, as are next gen. So basically everything really lol

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Review #12, by Sleeping DragonTell Me To, and I Will.: Tell Me To, and I Will.

25th December 2009:
i loved it :)
merry christmas to you too

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Congrats on being the first =)

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Review #13, by Sleeping DragonA Spell Too Far: A Spell Too Far

24th December 2009:
crazy good.
i was crying
amazing :)

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Review #14, by Sleeping DragonDare Queen: Dare Queen

24th December 2009:
hahahahahahaha i love it :)

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Review #15, by Sleeping DragonThe Last Piece of Cake: Cake

24th December 2009:
that was so cute, weird and funny
love it :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

Hugs and Kisses,

super Granger

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Review #16, by Sleeping DragonFear of Flying: Fear of Flying

24th December 2009:
thanks that was so cute :D

Author's Response: I was a bit worried about how this would be taken, so it's so great to hear that! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :) It means so much.

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Review #17, by Sleeping Dragon12 Days Until Christmas: Day 11

24th December 2009:
gah :)
i can't wait for the last chapter
i am so excited it isnt even funny
this is like the best christmas ever!

thankyou so so much :)

i look to see if theres a new chapter to this story like every half hour :D

im a bit desperate :D

merrry christmas
sleeping dragon

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so flattered!

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Review #18, by Sleeping DragonEnvy and Denial: Hogsmead Village

23rd December 2009:
how long til the next chapter is up??

Author's Response: As soon as they validate it. thanks for reviewing.

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Review #19, by Sleeping DragonMesmerised: The Spectacular

17th December 2009:
i stayed up all night!
and read and read!!


Author's Response: awww, oh no!! You know, ordinarily I would assuage your fears and tell you how the next chapter is coming along. But every time I do this, I completely jinx whatever progress I was making so I'm going to just say that I'm definitely working on it. I'm glad you liked it though!

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Review #20, by Sleeping DragonTake a Chance on Me: when you're feeling down

19th November 2009:
haha i love this
except i dont really enjoy the concept of being Lily usually
but you've made it work really well
you dont understand how much i wish James were real!

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