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Review #1, by rebornpheonixAn American in Hogwarts: A Romeo and Juliet Story: Chapter 1: Finding the Damn Platform

10th April 2005:
OMG, I love this story! Would you like me to make it a banner? Lol sorry... I just love it so much! If you do... email me! update soon!

Author's Response: I WOULD LOVE YOU TO MAKE A BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel the love mate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by, Dog?: Letting it Out

14th March 2005:
update chev, now!

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Review #3, by rebornpheonixGod Blessed the Broken Road that Led Me Straight to You: Centaurs and Falling

13th March 2005:
REally really good so far! Please update soooon ^^

Author's Response: Thanks just submitted 2 chappies. so 4 and 5 should be up soon.

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Review #4, by rebornpheonixHidden Flames: Chapter Thirteen: More Problems

15th January 2005:
wow! that was awesome! you HAFTA update soon, i waited FOREVER for that chapter!

Author's Response: Ahehe, yeah, it did take me some time to update. Sorry about that!

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Review #5, by rebornpheonixSomething New: "Doing the right thing"

8th January 2005:
awesome fict!update soon

Author's Response: i just posted chapter eight, so hopefully it will be up sometime tomorrow or this evening

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Review #6, by rebornpheonixTaking Care of Baby Harry: Moment of Truth

4th January 2005:
update razz update > : o ~phEonix

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Review #7, by rebornpheonixThe One Everyone Wanted: I Can't Take This

3rd January 2005:
noooooo! kill draco or something... X_X ~phEonix

Author's Response: kill draco????? hes too hott to die!!! thanks for the review

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Review #8, by rebornpheonixThe Wolf, Dog & Snake: Stone cold

2nd January 2005:
very nice fict! going on the favs. update soon!! ~pheonix

Author's Response: thanks so much for reading, i'll be updating soon :)x

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Review #9, by rebornpheonixCry of the Wolf: Cry of the Wolf

30th December 2004:
hey sky, i finally got my story up on my account, so go review your little heart out!! xoxoxo pheonix

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Review #10, by rebornpheonixTaking Care of Baby Harry: Moment of Truth

27th December 2004:
nice job razz, im readin this at 2am! aint it great, im high off something and i miss u and the skypules and the-boy-lilly. =( update soon and get back fromtaiwan so u can come over! lol. byes!

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Review #11, by rebornpheonixWhen Unknown Feelings Surface.: Chapter 3- Completely Oblivious.

18th December 2004:

Author's Response: If you die how would be able to read it if I update? ;o) Thanks for taking teh time to review, it means heaps! Jo.

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Review #12, by rebornpheonixChanged By Staff: The Truth

18th December 2004:
AHHHH *falls over* dont bloody leave it at that!! WAH Y_Y you better update soon... before i DIE of cliffhanger-ness. keep up the goodness!!

Author's Response: lol! yes, cliffhanger-ness is a deadly deaease which many of my reader are currently suffering from! Don't worry as soon as Chrismas is over the next chapter will be on the way. Im just soooo busy at the moment!

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Review #13, by rebornpheonixLife Goes On: Anger Unleased

18th December 2004:
ahh bloody brilliant i say! keep it up... and UPDATE SOON! x pheonix

Author's Response: Thanks, it's good to get such nice things said about your ideas. I am trying desperately to have an update ready for Sunday evening. Thanks again.

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Review #14, by rebornpheonixThe One Everyone Wanted: I can't get out of bed today, or get you off my mind

18th December 2004:

Author's Response: im working on the next chap right now, itll be up soon

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Review #15, by rebornpheonixTaking Care of Baby Harry: Wand Trouble

8th December 2004:
Razz... that is wierd. O_o. RaWr. gjgjgj

Author's Response: ok, i do not want PHOENIX to review

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Review #16, by rebornpheonixDefeating Pottie: Defeating Pottie

2nd December 2004:
hahaha toe tal lee! Too much popcorn and me by her side prodding her with the FLAMING SPORK OF DOOM. xP! lylas ~pheonix (i was about to sign phyeonkx O_o im high off something *thinks* BUBBLES!!!)

Author's Response: umm...okay.

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Review #17, by rebornpheonixLife Goes On: Forest, Willow and Stone

2nd December 2004:
Nice job, update again soon.

Author's Response: As soon as I get another typed it'll be up. thanks for reviewing.

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Review #18, by rebornpheonixThe Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction: The Golden Trio Reads Fanfiction

30th November 2004:

Author's Response: thanks a lot, phoenix. no wait, i'm mad at you. I DESPISE YOU EVIL SOULFIRE!!

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Review #19, by rebornpheonixUnsung Hero: Chapter One

22nd November 2004:
so effing good!

Author's Response: lol! thanks!

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Review #20, by rebornpheonixChanged By Staff: Under The Hood

22nd November 2004:
holy-beep. that was GOOD damnit! do me a fav and email me when you update? thanks so much. you roxerZ my soxerZ =P

Author's Response: lol! i will email you if i can from hotmail (i have no idea) thanks so much for the praise!

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Review #21, by rebornpheonixanother time, another place. (marauder's era): Platform 9 and 3/4

25th October 2004:
oooooo, wait, who are you? not alix, i knew that. i thought you were my friend, im such a bloody vamp man, sorry bout that, probably convinced you that im some sorta... well lets not go there. anyways, good writing anyway!... whoever you are xP.

Author's Response: Haha. You amuse me, but I'm glad you like it.

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Review #22, by rebornpheonixanother time, another place. (marauder's era): Secrets Unveiled

25th October 2004:
nice. haha, but she cant steal sirius! hes MINE ^^. <3

Author's Response: Actually hes MINE . HAHAhaha.

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