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Review #1, by Sara_SjSectumsempra: A House of Darkness

13th August 2012:
WOO kudos to you for picking such a fantastic character, that would make so much sense and is just perfect.
Something bothered me when I first (re)read your fic and you mentioned Narcissa not doing much, just denying the fact that Voldemort could even hurt her son.
and BAM you hit me with this.

Your writing is amazing and I'm so happy I decided to reread.
It's wonderful seeing your story advance and, though I'm sad I've hit the end of your updated chapters, I look forward to new ones.

Author's Response: Hello my dearest. This review is from FOREVER ago but I'm going through and finally replying. Thank you for your kind words, you are truly wonderful.

It looks like I'm not going to have much time to write (see the response I left ILoveHarryPotter) but I promise come December 22nd I will be writing like CRAZY.

Hope you're doing well,

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Review #2, by Sara_SjSectumsempra: When Words Fail

13th August 2012:
Hmm...may I guess who it is that's sending the messages? As much as I hate your cliffie and just want to go to the next chapter I'd like to have the full "reading experience."

My first guess WOULD be Dumbledore...if I didn't know your writing better. Dumbledore would be the obvious answer, but he's got so much other important things to do.

So my guess will be...Narcissa Malfoy. Not a popular guess I'm sure, but based on the character of Narcissa that I have in my head (and my fanfiction), this would fit perfectly.

I'm excited to find out and hope you do tell us in the next chapter.

Author's Response: You're brilliant, you are. ;)

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Review #3, by Sara_SjSectumsempra: Saved

13th August 2012:
Oh wow 7 AM, it's 5 AM here :D DO YOU SEE MY DEDICATION?

I ESPECIALLY loved getting to see Draco's dreams. They were beautifully worded, especially the one with Hermione helping him "see outside of his prison." That was brilliant.

I see you trying so hard to keep Draco in character and I must say, it is definitely working.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me!!!

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Review #4, by Sara_SjSectumsempra: Origin

13th August 2012:
“Harry and Ron aren’t going to be easy to sway. I hope you know that. It’s going to take a lot for them to believe you.”

OOH PERFECT OPENING FOR DRACO TO BE SNARKY! Something like "Darn, so a kiss each won't be enough?"
gah that sounds terrible but you get the point

and OMG cliffhanger is evil.
Thank goodness I can read on after I send in this review. Once again, fantastic.

Author's Response: AHAHAHA wow, in a less serious story I would TOTALLY do that, bahahaha.

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Review #5, by Sara_SjSectumsempra: Proving It

13th August 2012:
AH! PERFECT ENDING for the chapter.
I absolutely loved it! I'm so glad I came across this again and decided to reread/catch up!

I must say your story is that much more amazing than what it used to be...and that's saying something! I love it I love it I LOVE IT.

One little teensy weensy thing *hides* (I know you hate me and were so glad to have gotten rid of me :P) is that I don't believe Draco would be able to call Voldemort "Voldemort" right now. Maybe a little later, as he slowly turns "good"? I'm pretty sure at this stage he'd still be calling him "The Dark Lord." Just a thought.
Oh and maybe he wouldn't call Harry by his first name, but his last. Let that friendship progress perhaps?
Or ignore me completely.


Author's Response: Hmmm, some good points. I'll keep them in mind, thank you!!!

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Review #6, by Sara_SjSectumsempra: The Blackest of Hearts

12th August 2012:
Okay. So you may or may not remember me, but I was an avid reader of this fic once upon a time. It's been a while. I grew up, went to college, etc. :P
I had the fic bookmarked up until the chapter I had read and figured I'd just continue from there (even though I barely remembered the fic :/).

Then I read my last review, and your super kind response to jog my memory. It helped, but wasn't quite enough. Oh and your sweet response was encouraging (:

I then went to the next chapter and saw my username up top thanking me for some tiny thing I did and sngjgks it was so...idk how to explain it. I didn't expect that, and it was incredibly sweet of you to thank me. Really, it was, and is, nothing.

So here I am rereading your entire fic so I can remember and see the edits you say you've done. i am once again already in love with this fic (: I LOVE IT. I can't wait to catch up and read more.
Thank you so much! xx

Author's Response: Thank you dearest, I really do owe you for all of your help. :)

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Review #7, by Sara_SjDirty Work: Some People Need to Grow Up

8th August 2012:
WOO an update!
Boo it's short :(
Hahaha I loved it, Ollie's so adorable when he's mad :D
I look forward to the next chapter (:

Author's Response: Yaayy an update!
I'm sorry :(
Glad to hear it; Ollie is rather adorable, isn't he? :D
As do I, as do I (:
Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Sara_SjWe Were Brave: Don't Forget

29th July 2012:
That. was. BEAUTIFUL.
I literally had that odd feeling at my spine.
It really brings out the fact that they WERE kids and that they really had the weight of the world on their shoulders...literally. This was beautifully written and I absolutely loved it, even the ending.
I've read the books so many times, and each time, it's so easy to forget just how young they really were.
Beautifully written. I loved it.

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Review #9, by Sara_SjDirty Work: Hieroglyphics of the Male Variety

11th June 2012:
AH BLOODY BRILLIANT. ahhh. Shameless promotions ftw indeed! In case you don't recognize my user (which I think is most probably the case), I am one of your many "Shenanigans" readers. I was intrigued when you mentioned it in your response to my review, and I /love/ Oliver Wood, so I just /had/ to read this. PLEASE UPDATE SOON THIS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT GAH.


I love Oliver. I really and truly do!

Author's Response: AH THANK YOU. ahhh. I do recognize your user name, actually. And I remember writing my shameless self-promotion (ftw) in a review response to you. ANYWAY, I'm glad you read it because there is not enough love for Oliver :( GAH. Update is coming soon, I promise.

Sir, can I have some more?

(I really hope you get this reference, otherwise this will just be awkward.)

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Review #10, by Sara_Sj(shenanigans): (chelsea) I think my mind was just blown.

21st May 2012:
“Erm - uh - the village? Listen, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to -”
That line killed me. It was so adorably insecure of him idk.
I feel like he IS being all evil-mastermind and isn't as sweet and chivalrous as he pretended to be, but I also feel like he IS as chivalrous as he pretended to be (deep down) but doesn't believe it. His moment of insecurity about being a bad person proves that.
If that makes sense.
I hardly ever do.
Oh don't mind me :P

I loved this chapter. It was so adorable! I laughed SO hard regarding Hunter's plight, you have no idea. I was literally giggling and laughing like a loon. I got quite a few odd looks from my dad :/ heh.

So YEAY! I'm glad that Chelsea wasn't all googly-eyes at him (I remember somewhat pointing out that her saying she had changed her mind about the date was dumb/oc, but I was GRINNING like a loon when I saw that she was saying more or less the same thing at the beginning of the chapter. I love it!).

I especially loved Logan. Laughing so hard at his curses and anger. AHAHAHA and his protectiveness was adorable.

I feel like Chelsea is treading dangerous waters, and I worry about how Al can hurt her so easily if he leads her on and such. Yet I also feel like, without him actually realizing it, Al's extremely fragile as well. He hates to admit it (heck I don't think he does) but he's really really fragile. She can say a few mean stuff, say he isn't worth much, compare him to James, and then break him to pieces. So this can work both ways. Though I don't think Al knows that.

I digress.

This was cute, adorable, and hilarious. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Aww, wittle Albus is indeed adorable, isn't he?
Hmm, well I won't say anything yet about what's going on with him because you will read it all in the next chapter.
Don't worry, it makes sense.
I hardly ever make sense either.
So don't mind me, and I won't mind you.

I love making people laugh :D Thank you for sharing. Don't know where that bit came from, it just appeared. Magically.

Yay for Chels! She actually has a brain! She's not another dumb OC! Hooray!

GAH. I really enjoyed writing Logan. More of him to come in the future. He's adorable as well.

I have to say that you are right about both of them. Both of them could get hurt so easily, and you really hit it right on the head with Al. He is definitely a lot more insecure than he lets on.


Thanks! A lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! More will be coming soon :D

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Review #11, by Sara_Sj(shenanigans): (al) I'm not jealous.

21st May 2012:
HAHAHA really funny chapter! Al is ridiculously full of himself! But he's changing...very /very/ slowly. Hopefully. I just wish the whole "fake dating" thing hadn't been so quickly dropped. It would have been interesting to see develop! James is adorable! I can't believe Albus (AHH I SAID HIS NAME! ABORT REVIEW ABORT! BUNNIES sagsgjfd) hates his brother so much, though. Like, really, there's a lot of hatred there! I just read your author's note and I'll definitely drop by your author's page later on! Not now though, for now, I MUST READ. I also wish Chelsea wouldn't be so easily swayed and asked to "rethink" his date. Just being told he fancies her shouldn't be enough...especially after he's /seen/ him lead on three different once. IDK just my two cents. But I still love this fic, you (in a totally author to author way :P), Albus, Chelsea, and James. Ohhh and Hunter. Chace Crawford? Oh yes indeed he IS God's gift to womankind :D hahaha. Alrighty, off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: HAHAHA thank you! Al is a completely ridiculous person, isn't he? But yeah, he is changing slowly, which we'll see more of. Yeah, I know the fake dating thing was dropped quickly, but it works better with the plot and I already kind of have a fake dating WIP called Dirty Work (check it out! shameless self-promotion ftw!). The James/Al backstory is somewhat interesting and we shall get into that later, I promise. As to your thoughts on Chels... well, we haven't seen what's going on in her mind yet. And that's all I will say about that. AND OMG CHACE CRAWFORD YUM. Thank you for the lovely review :D

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Review #12, by Sara_Sj(shenanigans): (al) I'm so selfless.

21st May 2012:
I'll admit, I first started reading this because of your responses to reviews. You seemed so genuinely sweet and kind I just figured I'd take a look. But now I really love your fic! It's funny, Al's funny, and I love "Chels." She's sassy and I like it! Please don't let Al win her over without nice and proper courting! I look forward to reading the rest of your chapters.

Author's Response: Haha, well as long as you're reading and enjoying, I don't mind. I always figure that since people took the time to write something for me, I should take the time to write back, and I really do appreciate every review. But I'm glad you love it now! You'll just have to wait and see how the courting goes... Thank you for the review!

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Review #13, by Sara_SjLying Josephine: Promises, Promises

21st May 2012:
Oh my goodness. This story is beautiful. It's painful. It's /real/. Not gonna lie, I did feel some wetness in my eyes, though I didn't cry. I've always loved Fred & George and hgkjdfhgdf I'm truly at a loss. Your main character, Josephine, though an OC, I feel like I've known her for quite a while. She's come off as surprisingly strong and has an amazing character I look forward to get to know. Her friendship with Fred was AMAZINGLY written. You have no idea. It was perfect. Fred & George are hardly ever given justice, I'm never truly happy with the way they are written. But this? This was perfect. Though I didn't see much, I can tell you, from what I can see, that you've done a great job. Please, I know how hard it is to write and update and keep up with life, but please please please update soon. I'm looking forward to your updates!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! I'm really so flattered that the emotions were so real for you that it almost brought you to tears! I adore the twins and just had to write a story for George after he loses Fred. And I'm beyond happy with what you've said about Jo! I've worked really hard on developing her to be realistic and relatable and flawed so it's great to see people appreciating her as much as I do! Also, it's so incredible to hear that I've written Fred and George in character so well! Believe me, I struggled over it for a long time before finally being happy with it and I'm so glad it paid off, because I agree that a lot of people don't write them correctly and I did not want to be one of them! And I'm terrible at updating, but I wrote more of chapter 3 last night and I truly plan to have it posted soon! I'm so glad you'll be sticking around to read more! Thank you so much for this magnificent review! I'm blown away. :-D

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Review #14, by Sara_SjClash: Fireworks

4th December 2011:
Wow, that scene was /amazing/. Truly wow.

Can't wait to read the rest. Where's James going? Why do I sense that there's much more to what's going on than meets the eye, even now that we know about Nora?

However, I felt pretty mad at Aggy in this chapter. she was pushing it a bit /too/ far. Normally I love her to pieces (she's such a flawed, yet amazing character), but she was kind of unfairly mad at James. But maybe that's just me. We all say/act crazy when we're mad and especially when we're hurt.

/AMAZING/ chapter.

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Review #15, by Sara_SjOld Padfoot: Chapter One

7th November 2011:
Wow, I just realized I hadn't reviewed this yet :O Imagine that!
Would you look at that? Your one-shot has more reviews that all my reviews put together! That's how wonderful this is.
I'm so glad you finally decided to put this up, and I'm glad to see so many people enjoyed it. You kept everyone just about perfectly true to character, and gave us a brief look into the "future." It was wonderfully written, and it was very cute.

I especially loved Sirius's gloating at the very end.

Sirius is just amazing. Always has been, always will, so I really enjoyed reading this.

Obviously favorited !

Author's Response: aww you sweet pea ♥
hahahah yeah well now I get a long review a few months after I published it!!
Thanks!! well obviously it was true to character, you were the one who edited it(;
xoxo ~

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Review #16, by Sara_SjAlgebra: X is not a number.

27th October 2011:
This was sooo cute (: I loved it! Interesting. I never thought algebra could be...romantic :D

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Review #17, by Sara_SjObliviate: Closer to the Edge

26th October 2011:
Is it done?

Much too much out of character. MUCH TOO MUCH :O

I was cringing at their professions of love, sorry :P

Author's Response: Just waiting on the validation of the last chapter. It's ok, u think so? I think Draco is the type to spill it but look at he did. He wasn't brave enough to follow through

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Review #18, by Sara_SjWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twenty – Adrenaline.

26th October 2011:
“I could kiss you right now!” He cried, still refusing to relinquish his death-grip on me.

My mouth fell open. You could kiss me right now? DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

“I won’t though, don’t worry,” he continued, laughing.



hahaha I absolutely loved that line :3

I loved this chapter (:

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Review #19, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: Almost

25th October 2011:
THAT WAS BRILLIANT. I loved Hermione's reaction to the article.
All in all, your entire story was absolutely BLOODY AMAZING. I honestly don't know how else to but it. Everything was perfectly written out, and the story flows flawlessly. I especially love your portrayal of Harry and Draco. Of course, Hermione as well. Everyone really, but those three (especially Harry and Draco) are perfectly spot on and in character.
Please update soon! I don't know how I can manage waiting for the next chapter! I read chapters 1-19 all in one sitting it was so good!

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Review #20, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: Desperate Need

25th October 2011:
This chapter was too amazing for words. I honestly don't know what to say that would do this chapter justice. The way you so slowly and flawlessly led us into where we are now is just spectacular. I know I've mentioned this before, but I absolutely /love/ the way you've portrayed Harry. He is EXACTLY what I would have imagined him and would have wanted him to be.

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Review #21, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: Shutting Doors

25th October 2011:
The interactions between Hermione and Draco are perfectly written and flawless. I could literally feel Draco's annoyance (yet also a spark of happiness, though he tried to hide it) every time Hermione timidly offered to help him or just talk to him. I love how much trust and faith she has put into him, and I love how that frightens Draco rather than making him more confidant or sure of himself.

Chapter 18, here I come ~

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Review #22, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: His Amendment

24th October 2011:
Draco IS acting ooc, but you so flawlessly lead up to this, that I felt like he was spot on and in character! I loved it so so so so so much, you don't even know. That one scene with Hermione and Draco was absolutely beautiful and brilliant.
I can't wait to see what happens next, seeing as this was a sort of important milestone, and thinks should pick up pace now.
Off to read the next chapter (even though I have a LOT of homework to do :D) ~

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Review #23, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: Electricity

24th October 2011:
No, not too much filler at all! Without fillers, stories won't have half the amount of depth and whatnot.
I love how slowly you're building the Dramione.

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Review #24, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: Vivid Dreams

24th October 2011:
Awww, poor Draco, I feel so terrible for him :(
but I'm a bit confused...what was the wolf all about?

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Review #25, by Sara_SjA Crow Left of the Murder: Healing

24th October 2011:
I just love the relationship you've got going with Harry and Hermione. It's so perfect...exactly how I imagined it! He's sweet, yet still annoying, and understands Hermione by just looking at her. That's exactly how I pictured it and I love how you're so spot on with it all!

However, I feel like Ron is being a bit out of character. Even Ron, who hates Draco Malfoy with a fiery passion, would never let him bleed to death and die when he could have done something to save him.

He's a bloody Gryffindor. And, if you remember, he went back to save Draco and Goyle in the Deathly Hallows. The only reason he was reluctant was because he wasn't sure if they'd all make it out alive if they attempted to save the other two.

Again, just my two cents :D

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