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Review #1, by IlasiaGlory: Glory

25th July 2012:
Ugh, you wound me. Every! Time!

This is pretty and haunting and poetic and so, so good. I'd quote the best lines but copy/pasting the entire thing strikes me as overkill.

But genuinely, the best part of coming back to fanfiction is the reading up on the bounty of Rachel stories that I missed while I was gone.


Author's Response: OMG ZINNYYY ♥ DOES THIS MEAN YOU'LL BE WRITING SOON??? I miss Zinny pretties :(

Thank you so much for such a gorgeous review, lovely. It's so lovely to see you back!


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Review #2, by IlasiaLearning From Love: London

21st July 2011:
I can already tell this is going to be really, really beautiful. Even from the opening paragraphs, it was so very poignant and real. Lucy's personality shines through already, and I like her very much. This felt quite personal - and it's only the first chapter - and I'm seriously in awe of how you managed that. For lack of better adjectives: this is so, so good.

This review is nothing but ramblings, but I really am lost for words. I'm so excited for the next bit!

It's been too long, Rachel! I've missed you and your gorgeous writing ♥

Author's Response: Zinnyyy ♥ I've missed you terribly and thank you so much for reviewing!

I'm not sure how I managed that myself but thank you. I really want Lucy to be strong enough to stand on her own in this story. I've never written anything about one main character only so it'll be a bit of a challenge.

Thank you so much, my lovely. I'm really happy that you liked iiit.


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Review #3, by IlasiaSparks of Beginning : A Vow

18th January 2011:
Liza, I really enjoyed this! I think it was a great departure from love-centric stories, and as Helena's relationship with her mother seems to be rather uncharted territory, I'm glad you gave it a chance.

This is the first piece I've ever read with Helena, and you've successfully opened up my mind to all the possibilities of her characterization. I think you did a lovely job with her; the ambition, passion, and desire she has to simply be the best at something is very realistic and something I would definitely expect from a character like her (and by that, I mean with powerful parents who always seem to outshine them.)

As I was reading this, I almost detected a hint of hysteria within Helena, as though her drive for being better than her mother meant she would do anything to reach superiority - even if it took her to the grave. I thought there was a very ominous feeling to reading it, which was fantastic and mysterious and so chilling! You did a fine job of setting the tone in this piece.

Really enjoyed this one! Keep up the fantastic work, lovely.


Author's Response: Yay! I'm happy you enjoyed the story. ^_^ It was my first time writing Founders, and I was very nervous about how it would turn out. The reason romance wasn't included was because I really had no idea how to include it and stay true to the era. I was too lazy to study about courting and whatnot, so I decided to leave romance out. xD That, and Helena never struck me as the type for love and romance.

Really? This was the first story you read with Helena? I feel so special, hehe. Helena's relationship with her mother is uncharted territory. For some reason, people seem to focus more on the Founders than Helena. It's a shame, really, since Helena's character and her relationship with Rowena is quite fascinating.

Ah, so glad you picked up on that! Yes, Helena was a bit mad - she was constantly trying to outdo her mother with failed results. And in the end, I think that's what caused her to steal the diadem. She would've eventually gone loony, I think, with her deep desire to be better than her mother.

Thank you so very much! I'm definitely pleased you liked this story so much. ^_^ I'll see you around, darling.

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Review #4, by IlasiaBlack Canvas : Black Canvas

18th January 2011:
Hey Liza, Zinny here for another (super late) review! I promise I'll be quicker with the others, I've just been swamped with work now that the end of term is quickly approaching.

Anywho, I really liked this one as well! I think it's a fantastic little companion piece to your "green" story, and I'm enjoying this take on different colors you have going on here. I loved the imagery you used - where he was a canvas, and she the colors that painted him. It was very poetic and clever and I think it fit well within the story.

But when she came into his life, she brought her colors with her. And she painted on that black canvas making it beautiful and a wonder to behold.

When she left, she took her colors with her.

^ I loved that bit to pieces! It was so, so pretty and heartbreaking to think that once she's gone from his life, so is all the color and beauty of the world. That she was the embodiment of beauty and color for him is very touching, and a very beautiful connection.

Great job with this, Liza! I can't wait to read the rest of your stuff ♥

Author's Response: Aloha Zinny! :-) Oh, it's fine. Your reviews are lovely, so it doesn't matter when I get them. And I know about how RL has the pesky habit of getting in the way sometimes.

Thank you! I actually didn't think of it as a companion piece for a long time - not until I realized they were both focused on colours and Snape/Lily. :P Hehe. I was going through a colour faze - it's very easy to relate things to colours. After all, we see colour every day and it effects us in some way or the other.

I'm so glad you liked that line! You flatter me, dear, you really do. Snape had a hard life, that's well known, and he had a very dark life. For him, Lily was just so bright and happy and beautiful. And she truly did paint on him with her vivid colours - she showed him the beauty of the world. That's a very special gift to give to someone. He depended on her so much; his love for her was borderline obsessive at some points. So I think when Lily left, it really hit Severus hard. He could no longer see the beauty of the world - all the colours - because Lily wasn't there with him. I hope this one-shot reflected that in some ways, and it seems it has! ^_^ Thanks for the review, dear.

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Review #5, by IlasiaGreen: Green

9th January 2011:
Hey, Liza! Zinny (your-not-so-secret-santa) here from TGS to follow up on those reviews I promised you! Apologies for the outrageous wait, school has a knack for taking over my life.

Anywho, I've got to start off by saying that Severus is my absolute least favorite character in the series. Now, that being said, he's a character who has one of the most incredible back stories in the entire series. I'm just not partial to him :P But regardless of my bias when it comes to the character, I really did enjoy this! Maybe it had something to do with Snape not getting the girl, but who knows. You almost had me pitying him, which is near impossible to do, so kudos to you!

Everything was very poetic, and the diction was very pretty and - for lack of a better word - flowy. That's one of my favorite types of stories to read, and you did a really nice job with it. Tying everything back to the color green was a neat choice, and I think it worked well here.

Overall, I really liked it! Great work, lovely ♥

Author's Response: Zinny! *squishes* Oh, it's all right. This was a lovely surprise to find! ^_^

Ah, Severus. He's an interesting character, isn't he? ;) I can't help but feel respect for the man. I mean, he didn't get the girl but he still helped her son- the son with her eyes who looked exactly like the wizard he loathed. And yeah, I do pity him in some ways. Though I'm sure he wouldn't like that. :P Still, I'm glad I had you feeling bad for him.

Aww, thank you so much. ^_^ I'm happy you liked it! Thanks for reviewing hun.


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Review #6, by IlasiaShadows and Sunlight: One

4th September 2010:
Oh, my gosh.

...did you just get me to read something with Snape in it? And...enjoy it? Immensely? WHO ARE YOU?!

Alright, in all seriousness, I was stalking your author's page and even in the myriad of Lily/James, was drawn to this. (Don't tell anyone at TGS or they'll shun me, eh? :P) I think it was the whole unrequited love thing that I'm insanely drawn to, and MY GOSH was I ridiculously surprised and insanely pleased while I was reading this.

First of all, this is the first piece of yours I've ever read which should pretty much be illegal, since you write indescribably beautifully. Let me tell you, after encountering this gorgeousness, I'm going to frequent your author's page quite often :P Second, I'm a hugehugehuge fan of the soft, delicate sort of style you have - dreamlike and very whimsical. That being said, you can only imagine my immense excitement as I was reading this and it was just such soft, sweet description.

Anywho, I just loved this to absolute pieces! Fantastic job, Jess! :)



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Review #7, by IlasiaWhile You Were Sleeping: While You Were Sleeping

31st August 2010:
Hey Megan, Zinny from TGS here come to lurk your author's page (as is pretty customary with new TGSers!) I'm really glad I came across this, because it really resonated with me.

I really like how you've made it so everything isn't completely perfect after the war is over - especially Harry's post-traumatic stress of sorts. I think having him plagued by nightmares was a really clever idea, both because it essentially pays homage to the nightmares he's had all his life and also because it's just an extremely realistic choice.

Overall, I found this written almost poetically. As I read through it, I was left with the feeling that I was almost walking beside James, listening through the door with him, hearing everything he did. Your description was really just spot-on, and diction was just really lovely!

Apologies for this short, incoherent review, I shouldn't be allowed to write when I'm distracted by sports matches :P I just had to drop by and let you know that this was really wonderful!

Hope to see you around TGS soon!

Author's Response: Hey Zinny! TGS seems like a really awesome place, and everyone is so friendly, I'm really glad that you took the time to leave me a review!

One of the biggest things that bothers me is that in most Next Gens, it seems like everything is perfect. Sure, things would be calmer than they've ever been before, but it wouldn't be as though the war had never happened. Nightmares are pretty common with people who have PTSD so I figured that it would make sense that he were to have them. I honestly didn't even think about the fact that he had always had them though, but that just makes it make even more sense.

I'm really glad that you liked the descriptions, I always find everything I write feeling very vague, so that is something that I struggle loads with. And thanks again for taking the time to leave a lovely review!


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Review #8, by IlasiaSimple: Simple

28th August 2010:
Hello there, Zinny (Ilasia) from the forums here with the review you requested! I'll try to address all the concerns you mentioned, and as I said, this review will be divided into two parts:


- You said you were a bit iffy about the beginning being too vague. Personally, I thought the ambiguity was spot-on, in the sense that it adds something extra to the one-shot. It doesn't have the reader thinking that the story is going to be another 'Hermione-loves-Ron-and-she's-telling-us-so' situation, which is really lovely. Also, leaving it vague has us wondering who she could be talking about, and it'll keep us reading on to check up on whether it's Ron or not.

- I enjoyed the concept of this for two reasons: first, you don't see too many Harry/Hermione stories that aren't Harmony and that focus on the unique relationship the two have. This is really a breath of fresh air, your taking on the Harry/Hermione friendship and keeping it platonic - even so, you have Hermione contemplating herself with Harry, which is very realistic. I'd be surprised if the girl hadn't of pictured herself with her best friend at least once during the course of their friendship.

Second reason is because I do love how you have her essentially discussing how Harry is the total package (for lack of a better phrase), and how he's a good man. And yet, she loves what she has in Ron - faults and all - and he's the man for her.


- I found the ending rather confusing. I found myself having to reread it to try and understand whether Hermione was in denial about her loving Harry, or if she was just expressing her strong bon with him. At first, I read it as though she was in denial, but after going back I realized that's not what you meant at all, was it?

I just found it to be a bit abrupt, as she's talking all about how fantastic Harry is in the beginning and then suddenly she's saying she loves Ron. I think it would be beneficial to perhaps stick in a paragraph or so, just having her talk about what she loves about Ron - maybe even taking the 'faults' she describes previously and having her say she fings them endearing and has grown to love his imperfections. I think it would help the overall flow, and have it make a bit more sense.

- As for your summary, I'm partial to short ones, so I implore you to keep it that way. Especially since this one-shot is under 600 words, and I think that a long summary would just contrast against a quick one-shot.

Besides that, I find your two sentences to be almost too contradictory. Love isn't always as simple as everyone makes it out to be sounds very definitive, and then you say it might just be simpler - it's a tad hard to wrap your head around. Perhaps something like "They say love isn't simple as everyone makes it out be. But sometimes, just maybe, it is" would suit it better?

Overall, I did enjoy this. I do hope I covered all the points you mentioned, and feel free to re-request another piece. Hope I helped!

Author's Response: Thankies! This was lovely!

I've never really given a ton of thought to Harry/Hermione just because I was ALWAYS a Ron/Hermione fan. So this was really just a bit of challenge for me.

But I think it's pretty much impossible for Hermione to never have thought about the option of being with Harry.

As for the ending, it's supposed to be obvious that she's in love with Ron. *insert blunt statement here*, you know? I didn't really want her to move over to things that she liked about Ron or how she'd grown to enjoy his faults. Because the point was the simplicity of it all. She loves Ron, not Harry. No reasoning, no way to explain it. She just does.

I really like your version of the summary! Definitely changing it to that, thank you. :DDD

And thank you for this awesome review! I will definitely be re-requesting. As you may have seen, I've got a few one-shots looking for love. :P

Magically Yours,


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Review #9, by IlasiaThis Tuesday: And the Return

17th August 2010:
Door opened, instead of bear was Charlie. Although difference not immediately apparent.

...reaction to that line MAY have caused a multitude of stares from onlookers, as I read this in a room full of people and just could not contain laughter. Probably shouldn't read your stuff when people are around as I typically burst out laughing and get all sorts of funny looks :P

Anywho, I think it's fairly obvious by now that you're just a characterization genius and that you're going to get me to (fully) like Victoire by the end of this. That being said, she's hysterical and witty and completely amusing - I'm just now starting to realize how repetitive my reviews for you are, as all I do is rave about how much I love your characters. But oh, well, they really are fantastic to there goes any intentions to make this review any sort of constructive!

CHARLIE HAS A GIRLFRIEND? WHO'S NOT TONKS? WHAT. Oh, well, even if this technically refutes what just may be my OTP, it's still totally awesome! Totally lovable in that burly, cave-man sort of way, and I'm hoping there's more Charlie goodness to come? I rather enjoyed how he came across, even if you're a bit iffy about it!

Can't even say much about Louis here because it's just swooning, laughing, and wishing he was real most of the time - this being no exception!

Super duper excited for South American shenanigans to start happening, update for me soon please!

Really enjoyed it, as per always, Jack!

Author's Response: I'm trying this new thing of being funny when I write. Sounds like it's working out alright so far :P

Ooh characterisation genius! Have to say I like the sound of that. Maybe I can get some buttons worked up or similar xD Seriously though, my plotting is so all over the place that I need SOME way to bail it out. If I can keep distracting readers with pretty characters it all works out in the end! As for Victoire, I do hope you like her by the end of it, can see why you would hate on her, but liking her is a much better way to go xD

I KNOW I KNOW! My theory is he was completely shattered and twisty after she a) chose Remus and b) died. Give him a good few years of being single, that's why Victoire is all like... the what? Umm probably not much if any, was really only throwing him in for fun, doesn't really have a role to play unfortunately.

Louis is Louis. Just does his thing, no matter what.

Shenanigans all over the place! Major excitement. So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reviewing lovely!

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Review #10, by IlasiaIn Which There Is No You or I: Four

17th August 2010:
Oh, Annie, this may just be my favorite chapter so far! There was something about it that was just very poetic and I totally loved it.

Hestia, I think, could not be more humane in this. Her emotions are totally spot-on and completely believable, and I'm just in awe of how well you've characterized her. What really struck me was when she was comparing herself to Hera - it flowed almost effortlessly, and the bit with Susie Homemaker and Eugenia Bookworm was just really, really clever and beautifully written all-around.

I wish I could find the right words to say how much I enjoyed this chapter, but I tend to review when it's late and my brain is half shut off. So apologies for my much-to-be-desired vocabulary in this review. :P

Anywho, loved it! Can't wait for more ♥

Author's Response: Zinny! Hey!

Your favorite chapter yet? Oh wow! This was a hard chapter for me to write actually. I couldn't quite get the meeting of Hera and Ryan to flow quite right, so I ended up not writing them meeting specifically and trying to show it all through what Hestia was feeling. I'm so happy that it turned out well! Hera really is a Susie Homemaker, but its almost like watching a bull in a china shop, because she could do so much more. She's a really complex character.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to review and I'm glad you liked this so much!


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Review #11, by IlasiaStill Delicate: Turning Tables

17th August 2010:
I just about fell over when I saw the update! That may have been the mother-of-all cliffhangers, and this is a very entertaining follow-up chapter!

I don't know what to think about the chili incident. Scorpius seems rather adamant that he told Daisy about Aidan's allergies, and maybe it's the fact that Daisy/Scorpius is getting in the way of Rose/Scorpius that makes me suspicious of her? :P

Anywho, characterizations were spot-on as always, and I was rather surprised at Rose's reaction to the whole ordeal. I think that her calmness in this situation shows personal growth on her part (and terrific character development on yours!) and her own disbelief over her reaction made it all very believable.

Overall, I really enjoyed it (as per always!) Can't wait for the next one, Heather!



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Review #12, by IlasiaShe's Sitting Down Now: Waiting

17th August 2010:
Oh, this was just so terribly sad! I've always admired Molly and Arthur's relationship, as it seemed very concrete. They were two characters that I could really, truly feel that unwavering adoration for each other with, and I think you've captured a true essence of Molly Weasley in this!

I also applaud you immensely for using the given phrase so well - I'd never have thought of it being such an integral part of the fic, but you've pulled that off beautifully! The flashbacks as interlude, each with the phrase woven in there, was totally genius.

Overall, this was a completely lovely concept and you handled a a ship with a lot of substance very, very well! It was sweet at the flashbacks and so very sad at the other parts, and I really enjoyed it quite a bit.

Beautifully done, Melissa!


Author's Response: Zinny, lovely!

Characterizing Molly and Arthur was so nervewracking, you have no idea how much it means to here that their characters turned out well. I initially started the fic with the idea of using the phrase in a variety of different contexts, and it morphed into this tragic little fic.

Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by IlasiaLosing Neverland: Chapter 5: The Invitation

16th August 2010:
The fact that I haven't reviewed this is simply ridiculous, as it's all sorts of amazing and I love it very much. We'll just blame my horrific procrastination for the not-reviewing-until-five-chapters-in thing, yeah?

Alright, so! I am falling hard for this bad-boy James of course. You oftentimes see him portrayed as a carbon copy of his grandfather, all jokes and mischief and whatnot, but James' characterization in this is really good, and a total breath of fresh air as well. And James II is my favorite too, so I'm supremely picky with how he's portrayed - I totally adore him in this though, so that should give you an idea of how outrageously good your characterization is!

You are insanely good with the suspense in this too! You've got me going crazy trying to piece together exactly what he did from all of these hints that are being dropped. He stole from Lily and left Al for dead? Totally was not expecting! Though, I didn't really know what I was expecting, as you did such an awesome job keeping us on the edge of our seats. Anywho, you gave just enough information to have me satisfied that I have some idea what's going on, and yet I'm still practically bouncing from suspense!

I don't even know what to say about the narration, because there's no way I can formulate a sentence to tell you how fantastic I think it is. There's this undertone of mystery in it and I'm just totally in awe! I don't know how else to describe to you it's loveliness.

It's time to end the review when I run out of adjectives to tell you how gorgeous this is :P

I'm going to blame the poorly constructed nature of this review on the fact that I'm about to pass out from exhaustion but enjoyed this so much that I had to tell you so!

Brilliant, as always lovely! ♥

Author's Response: Oh Zinny, I can't thank you enough for this review. My reply is 7 months late almost to the day but you know what, my apology is going to be pretty half-hearted. If this wasn't in my 'unanswered reviews' section, it might never have caught my eye and LN would still be an unfinished wreck in a hidden corner of my computer. It was rereading this review that kickstarted my muse and I really cannot thank you enough.

So, if you waited until it was five chapters in, I think I've worked my 7 month late reply in as revenge :P

Oh not another oneee! You lot are all psychos. You're not meant to love him yet. Stop liking the bad boys. They'll only mess you up. Wait until chapter 7 onwards; that's when you can fall in love with him.

I'm so glad you think he's different though, and that you 'adore' him. Enormous undeserving compliments there but thank you, thank you, thank you.

All is not as it seems but yes, that's the current gist of it! I'm glad you didn't have any idea beforehand. My suspense actually works! Whoo!

Honestly, Zinny, I can't even express how grateful I am for this. It's over and done with now and I love you forever for leaving this one review which has made the entire thing happen.

Thank you to the ends of the earth and back again.


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Review #14, by IlasiaRun Away With Me: Run Away With Me

14th August 2010:
Hey Erica! Zinny here from the forums with a review for this fantastic one-shot :)

First of all, this was such a sweet concept. I love the prospect of Victoire having to trust in her love and relationship with Teddy so much that she's willing to pick up and leave with him on this 'adventure' of sorts. It was really heartwarming to see that she believes in him so much, and that she'll do whatever/go wherever just to be with him!

Also, I completely adored the bit where Victoire asked the difference between leaving where they were and going somewhere! It was really clever, and until Teddy answered I never really thought of it that way. I also think that the way in which Teddy delivered the answer really resonated with Victoire, and it was just a fantastic question/answer interaction between them.

Usually I try to find something to critique in a review, but this was just so sweet and I can't even pick on anything! Lovely one-shot, Erica, I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Aww. Thanks for stopping by. You guys are all way too sweet.

*blush* I'm so pleased that you like it. This is really boosting my ego as far as my fluffy romantic fics go!

I'm so happy you like that part because I really struggled to find the right words and I was still pretty unsure about it when I posted.

Thank you so much Zinny(: You're an absolute doll for this lovely review.

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Review #15, by IlasiaAfter Hours: Result!

2nd August 2010:
How did I not get around to reading/reviewing this sooner? I recall reading the first chapter and loving it, and then the whole story-neglect of this started and that's totally unacceptable on my part :P

Basically, you're a genius and this is fantastic and I'm in awe/totally hooked/eagerly awaiting the next chapter/in love with your characterizations (as per usual.) And the thing is, the girls are all so different than how I've normally seen them portrayed! Especially Lily, and my goodness, it's so refreshing! You've managed to give them completely different personas than we often see, and you've pulled it off fantastically! But this is you we're talking about, so there really should be no surprise on my part!

Gorgeous Nigel is...well, gorgeous. And adorable. And sweet. And clever. And he would be fantastic with Lucy. Make it happen, Rita! I can hardly wait!

Anywho, apologies for the shortness/lack of coherency in this review, but I'm really just rather speechless!

Totally lovely as always! :)

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Review #16, by IlasiaThis Tuesday: From London to Bucharest

24th July 2010:
Already told you how utterly fabulous this is, but am here to do it again!

I'm immensely excited that you're delving into the world of Curse-Breaking. Totally underwritten, and I'm beyond curious as to where you're going to go with it. Always rather envisioned Victoire as this prissy little thing, but clearly that will not be the case. I haven't always been fond of her either, but here you go with another ridiculously good story that's probably going to make me like her :P

Anywho, might be completely off on this (I can't for the life of me remember where I got this from) but you study something with international politics or something, right? Makes sense why your plotlines are always completely amazing - this one being no exception! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, am completely excited for whatever is going to go on in Peru / Lily's strike!

Best bit about being as good as self is able to do pretty much entirely own thing. Loved this line. The Delacour-Weasley kids just embody awesomeness, and it's fantastic that they're very aware of it XD

As always, your characterization is flawless and such and I'm just running out of different words to praise you with so I'll just leave it at: Wow. Can Victoire/Louis/Dominique be real? Please? They are actually the greatest!

Have got to agree that your narrative always ends up making me write like this. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it really is rather fun!

Loved reading this even more the second time, and I didn't think that was possible! This is totally fantastic and I can't wait for more.

PS - You are most definitely on a roll, Jack!

Author's Response: You are a lunatic Zinny! Just saying, like.

Curse-Breaking is indeed COMPLETELY and criminally underwritten. Oh well, such is life I suppose. Prissy little thing? With Bill and Fleur for parents I think not! I shall be immensely sadface if you don't like her at the end of this, so please do?

Ahhh yep. Pretty much. Well, close enough anyway. Definitely wouldn't call them amazing or anything. Probably is an element of what you read/think about/talk about finding a way into your writing. It making you who are or whatever. Pretty sure something awesome, can't really tell you though.

I like that they're so aware of it! Dom and Victoire especially. It just amuses me that they're arrogant enough to think that, yet self-aware enough to know it's arrogant, but then so arrogant that they don't even care :P Does that work? I think it works.

Man, I don't want them to be real! Well, maybe a bit. They're scary though!

IT'S FUN and probably a bad thing. If you actually write a story like this, then I'll be worried for you. I think you're okay until then though!

Thank you so much lovely, I'm really just glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #17, by Ilasiablood.: Wanderer.

20th July 2010:
Um, you have me totally stumped.

Completely - and that never happens! I usually come up with some ridiculously elaborate theory where the most obscure of people are the culprits, but now I'm just totally left with no idea as to whodunnit. Of course, that is absolutely brilliant!

Dex and his 'heartfelt' words...should I be suspicious? I can't really figure out if I should just accept the fact that he's trying to be compassionate.

And oh! You used Devil's Snare! I always thought that plant was exceptionally creepy, so it added a wonderfully dark vibe to this chapter.

Overall, fantastic and addicting and suspenseful as always! Lovely job Miranda, I'm on the edge of my seat ♥

Author's Response: Zinny! Hi, hi, girl! Thanks so much for the review, and sorry about the delay...but, you know how it is. :P

And YES! STUMPED! --does small victory dance-- And hmmm, interesting theory...should you be suspicious? is that the ploy of an evil mastermind...who knows? Well...I do, but I'm not saying. I'm glad you enjoyed my inclusion of the Devil's snare!

Thanks again, Zinny!


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Review #18, by IlasiaStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

18th July 2010:
Hi Heather! Zinny from TGS here, finally come to tell you just how brilliant this is ♥

Of course, I've been addicted to Delicate/Still Delicate for ages, but I've been far too much a procrastinator to leave a decent review. So sorry for that, because I think your characterizations and plot twists and everything are just totally lovely!

My opinion on Scorpius is just like a roller-coaster, and I'm still horribly undecided on whether I love him or hate him. He has his jerk moments of course, but on the other hand, he's totally lovely and I go ahead and swoon all over again.

"If you stop loving me, I can stop loving you."

And there it is.

Like that! Adorable and sweet and I loved that Rose was suspecting that he was going to say something along those lines. Lines like that are what have my faith for Scorpius rising!

Once again, totally lovely job on this chapter! I can't wait to read what happens next :)

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Review #19, by Ilasiablood.: The Possibility

17th July 2010:


(I would SUPACAPS that but alas, not possible -weeps- )

But I always get it wrong anyways, so I guess that's to be expected. :P Speaking of things to be expected, expect this review to be absolutely awful and terribly rant-y because it's one o'clock and I'm running on espresso.


I really loved this chapter of course, especially Scorpius' being the one to off Rose! Pretty clever on Albus' part, since Teddy was suspicious of Scor from the beginning and now there's substantial evidence. But really, imperio!Scorpius killing off Rose was very tragic and sad and aaahhh this is a terrible review because I just can't get over the shock and brilliance.

Something that struck me was Rose wilted and faded away, probably because of the whole flower wilting/dying this - I thought it was very clever! :)

I need to shut up. Really I do.


♥ Zinny

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Review #20, by IlasiaPest Control: In The Flesh

16th July 2010:
Rita, you genius, you've done it again! You'd think I should be used to it by now! :P

I love Serefina so far, of course! A lovely mixture of blunt, brave and vicious, but I can sense she has a distinct stubbornness. I can definitely see that interfering with her working with Wesley to catch the manticore - that is, if she/the Ministry can compromise on the details of the capture. Anywho, Spout-Hole Spavin's nickname still has me giggling, and I just love the characterizations of Scamander and Fiametta - and this only the second chapter!

Lovely as always, Rita! Can't wait for the next one ♥

Zinny x

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Review #21, by IlasiaIn Which There Is No You or I: Two

16th July 2010:
Um, shame on me! XD

That's all I can really give as excuse for my not reviewing this yet - I promised myself I would because I really do enjoy this a lot, but I'm so horribly behind on reading/reviewing that I just procrastinate more and more...

But nevermind that! I loved this chapter, Annie!

The first meeting of Hestia and Ryan was beautifully done; very realistic and believable. Already I can tell I like them together a lot, as their personalities seem to come together really nicely. They're also very cute, bonding over books! :)

So sorry for this terribly short review! I promise I'll make up for it next chapter! But lovely job nonetheless, Annie, keep it up!

Zinny x

Author's Response: Zinny! Sorry I've been a bit negligent in replying to reviews -glares at schoolwork-, but I'm happy you think Hestia and Ryan are as cute I think they are. Those adorable nerds and their research! I also liked that they met at work, because it kind of adds another wrinkle into their relationship.

I love your reviews, no matter their length, Zinny. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me one!


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Review #22, by IlasiaThey All Fall Down: IV. Murder the Fourth

12th July 2010:
So, I found this whilst some people were madly squee-ing about a fourth chapter in the cbox and I thought I'd take a look.


This is really just completely addicting, Mel! There's just enough ambiguity to have us all utterly perplexed as to who's behind it all, and you leave us with such suspense that we're holding our breathes for the next chapter. It's so well written too, I just absolutely love the segments with the different points of view as well as the insight into the actual murder being committed - totally brilliant, really!

Anywho, I think it's this Jones person. His name is being mentioned an awful lot, and that makes me suspicious. But hey, I'm the girl that watches a murder mystery movie and picks the most obscure people as the culprit. Sometimes I'm right though, really!

Ah, well. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see. :P

Lovely job,

Author's Response: I find a lot of stories by cbox squeeing. :D I'm so glad that you found this too!!

When I began writing this last month, I was incredibly nervous about jumping from POV to POV... but it seems to have been received really well, and now I'm really glad that I stuck to it. Hmmm. Jones? That's an interesting theory. Well, you'll find out whodunnit in two chapters. :D

thanks so much for this wonderful review.

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Review #23, by Ilasiablood.: Treason

9th July 2010:
Miranda, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet!

I really do like this - the whole bit with all the sins and their inevitably being expressed through the actions of the characters is a really clever idea. Rose's treason struck me especially, because picking Scorpius over her own family is something I could imagine her doing (that doesn't really say much for her character, does it? :P)

This is so thrilling and suspenseful and just an overall addicting read, so fantastic job! Can't wait to see what happens next! ♥

Author's Response: ZINNY! HI!

And thanks!!

I'm so glad you enjoy the story so much, and the concept of the sins. Updates are coming fast so look out for them!

Thanks again, dear!


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Review #24, by IlasiaDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter One

8th July 2010:
Molly, this is absolutely, totally and completely amazing! I applaud you for not just an utterly genius idea, the fact that this is L/J, but also your crazy talent that has me gaping at this in shock/love/envy/awe! So, so, so good! ♥

Interaction between them was so believable and real, and I absolutely loved the bit about the harlequin romance novel! XD It was classic James, definitely! That being said, they're both characterized really, really nicely and I'm absolutely on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens between them in the fairytale!

Which brings me to...talking dog! Brilliant, of course, and you're incorporating Alice in Wonderland in there too which is just making me swoon like crazy!

Excellent, Molly! Can't wait for the next chapter! ♥

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Review #25, by IlasiaIn Which There Is No You or I: One

5th July 2010:
Wow, Annie! Shame on me for not reviewing sooner, especially since this is just lovely and deserves many, many more reviews.

I really love what you've started with here - it's a really good start/introduction, and you give us just enough information to have us wondering what on earth is going to happen next!

I especially loved the background you gave us on Hera and Hestia! I'm not quite sure, is Hera canon? I'll have to check the lexicon on that one but bravo on making such a wickedly cool contrast between sisters whilst taking Greek Mythology into account! I have a penchant for both sister/sister relationship fics and Greek myth so I have a feeling I shall be liking this very much!

And even though he's only briefly mentioned here, I'm incredibly interested in who this Ryan guy is already!

Lovely job Annie, on to the next chapter for me now! ♥

Author's Response: Zinny! I'm so flattered that you liked this! Hera is an OC, and really, so is Hestia (in the same way as the next gen characters). Hera is one of the most interesting characters I written, and I'm not quite sure I even really understand her. And Ryan is very...charming. I can't wait to see what you think of him!

Thanks for reviewing Zinny!


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