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Review #26, by lovesiickA Love To Forget: In Loving Memory

11th October 2009:
OHMY! this is the first story where it starts off as the two of them being polite to each other (well mostly him being polite, lol). im interested. anyways, awaiting more of this story ^__^

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Review #27, by lovesiickAmour Perdu: Amour Perdu

11th October 2009:
awwwh this one-shot was very bittersweet. they didnt have as much time with one another as they should have had. i loved the part where it was after the first task and cedric smiled at her afterwards just muttering how much it hurt, HAHA. it was adorable! but anyways, a good read i dont regret reading it. i often lurk around for odd pairings and ive always thought cedric / fleur would look good together ;D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #28, by lovesiickA Stranger in the Dark: What about me?

10th October 2009:
hello, new reader here :)
this story is interesting so far.
i can sense something stirring up between
the two of them but what im looking
for is the conflict in this story.
anyways, update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! This is the first thing I've wrote and that was the first review I've received. Would you mind giving me some advice? I'm thinking about Draco secretly taking care of Luna while shes at his manor then Draco grabbing ahold of someone when they apparate to shells cottage? Does that sound like it would be good?

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Review #29, by lovesiickThink of Me: IV

10th October 2009:
the ending, oh the ending! it crushes me that they both had to die. honestly, this has got to be one of the most captivating draco/luna story ive ever read here. the plot is interestingly different but i like it. the ending though, GOD. you killed me. i wish you'd make a sequel to this, a one-shot of some sort ..

but either way, this story 10/10 hun.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It is sad that they both died, but I felt it was the only way to end it, so I'm afraid it would have to be a postmortem one shot. Maybe one day I'll be up to it!

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Review #30, by lovesiickThe "L" Land: No Man's Land Again

10th October 2009:
im quite disappointed that it was a short story but nonetheless, a good read

Author's Response: I know but I prefer to write short stories. Thanks for the review.

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Review #31, by lovesiickSnake Bite: The Past And The Present

6th October 2009:
ooh interesting story. i like the cheating idea.
lol, she did cheat on zabini right? but anyways, update soon
hun cant wait for more

Author's Response: Yeah Luna did cheat on Blaise, Broken Dreams is the original story as this is a prequel/sequel showing what happens next and how the cheating happened in the first place.

I'm having a little trouble with this story at the moment, but I don't usually have writers block for long so hopefully I'll be starting with the next chapter soon!

Thanks for reviewing yet another story!!

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Review #32, by lovesiickDark Memories: Luna's Story: The Truth

6th October 2009:
OH MAN! a good read. ive been reading your stories like non-stop
today (i was suppose to be doing my english honors hw but i didnt
want to just because i was distracted LOL). i was just wondering
though in lucius's side of the story, will there still be
draco/luna pairing or will it be focused on lucius?

Author's Response: Non-stop?? Wow! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed them so much as to want to read them non -stop!!

Lucius story is written but I don't really like it. I may start to post it and see how it goes though & it is Draco/Luna, it continues on from their relationship, although Lucius is in it of course.

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Review #33, by lovesiickDark Memories: Everyone Has A Past

6th October 2009:
GAHHH ive been reading this story nonstop.
and now .. i shall read your sequel, lol.

Author's Response: nonstop? I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much to keep on reading!!

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Review #34, by lovesiickThe Shadow of Darkness: The Shadow of Darkness

5th October 2009:
awwwh ; he died at the very end to sacrifice his own self
for the woman he loves. bitter sweet ending but a good read

Author's Response: Oh god, I hated the ending!!! I can't beleive that I did it!! I haven't re-read over this since I posted it, I just can't bear to do it lol.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, even if the ending was so horrible!! lol.

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Review #35, by lovesiickPassion of A Dragon: Passion of A Dragon

4th October 2009:
GAH, luna / draco, one of my guilty pleasures.
i must say that this one-shot was astounding. very well written (=

Author's Response: Thank very much! I love Draco/Luna!! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #36, by lovesiickParadoxically Enough: Paradoxically Enough

4th October 2009:
your vocab use was just lovely. though the situation is a bit cliche, or so to my findings, i think that your use of words made up for it. and must i say that your title is very unique? haha, good job on this one!(=

Author's Response: i guess i can see why you might find it cliche, i've never taken any story as inspiration for this the concept of getting the girl back before it's too late is very popular anywhere... but thank you so much or the kind review, too!

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Review #37, by lovesiickDefine Shagging: Define Shagging

4th October 2009:
' would you like to shag with me? '
LOLLOL. made me laugh. nice one-shot here,
short and cute

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Review #38, by lovesiickDifference: Difference

4th October 2009:
such a bittersweet one-shot :(
anyways, well written hun!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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