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Review #1, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyHazard: The Scars We Wear

17th February 2011:
Hello. :3

It's been so long since I've read this and now I'm just O.O trying to sink everything in. So much happened in quick succession that I'm slightly confused. Don't take that in a wrong way; I'm always confused. :D Yeah, so the only thing on my brain at the moment is that, well, Rose kissed quite a few people since Jace "died". Fine, just two but still. If it isn't Jace then I won't ship it. I want Jace! -end tantrum-

Err, yeah. I still love this story. :)


Author's Response: Haha wow well I'm sorry to confuse you! Once I complete the story I usually go back and edit, so it there's anything glaring, PLEASE let me know! Thank you for your review.


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Review #2, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyI Love Lucy: Cross my heart and hope to die...

17th February 2011:
I'm just so sdgjhsdlkjsdgfyuvbhcfgjh.

This is the second Lucy fanfic that I've read so far and I love it. :D

I once had a plot for Can You Keep a Secret and was torn at who I should use. Lucy never registered in my mind and the fact that you thought of her makes me feel so giddy. She fits perfectly.

From what I've read, I like how you portrayed her relationship with her sister. In my interpretation of the Weasley kids, Hugo and Lucy are the most overshadowed - by both their siblings and their cousins. I see them as the quiet ones.

I'm rambling 'cos I'm so happy. :D

Say something completely embarrassing? Gone faster than Molly’s virginity.

At first, that made me feel offended. xD I roleplay Molly on Facebook and I was all O.O Then, I laughed. zcbmfdb. I'm anticipating to meet your version of her.

Christian is... I forgot his name. -head desk- Yeah, the guy in the book. Err, yes. Him. He's like him. To be honest, I was too caught up in the euphoria of finding this fic to take notice of him.

Sarah? Err, she reminds me of the American exchange student. >.< Perhaps you didn't intend so and perhaps it's my mind's odd way of functioning, but that's how I see it.

Brilliant work. :3


Author's Response: You are just so sweet :)
This review made my day, it's ridiculous how much I am smiling right now.
It was a bit of a fluke that I chose Lucy, I just got this idea in my head about her and how she is usually ignored or like mini percy in most fanfics and I really wanted to explore her character. I for sure see Lucy as being overshadowed by Molly, who I see as a huge force to be reckoned with. I love rambling, please always do it haha.

I get why you are insulted, but believe me Molly will be explored more, I think I am going to have lots of fun with her character.

Christian will become more in this story nooo worries.

I for sure get where you are coming from with Sarah, to put it out there right now I am not american, this is not me putting myself in the story. She will be developed a lot more and not everyone will love her no worries. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts though, it helps alot!
Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Made my day!

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Review #3, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyMorocco: CHAPTER SIX

25th December 2010:
Your science was completely correct. According to me, that is. And since I recently did an exam on Genetics, so you can rest assured. XD

The pace of ScoRose is lovely. And I like how Scorpius is subtly loosening up. Very well written.

I can't wait to see how you write about Egypt. I'm intrigued.


Author's Response: hiya hun!!
YAY thank you!! i was worried about it, because i barely understand anything i wrote there, lol. I did genetics at school but that was a long time brain has become fuzzy with age :P
he is slowly loosening up, yes. he needs too.
egypt will be retold only - Rose doesn't get to go, so neither do we :(

thanks hun!

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Review #4, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyMorocco: CHAPTER FIVE

16th December 2010:

I am utterly speechless.

Well, not really. :P

This is so wonderfully written! The plot, characterizations, your writing, your OCs… everything is so lovely.

However, what I find the most appealing is your immense knowledge of Morocco. Living in a country in likeness to it, I find it astounding that you write in detail with such certainty.

For example, It was simply the atmosphere working on her; the sounds and sights, the smells, the muezzin’s call she heard every morning from bed and the deep sense of religious peace, in its happy co-existence with modernity, which floated over the city like a cloud. This was so true that when I was reading, my breath caught in my throat. There aren’t many HP fanfictions that I’ve come across that I can relate to.

Your descriptions are so... real, proving that you've either been there or researched a lot for this fic.

That being said, there was so much to take in this chapter. What I found most shocking was what Cass did to her son. She truly is as ruthless as she looks.

Anyway, update soon!


Author's Response: hey Jaz!!
thanks so much for a lovely review! I am thrilled you are enjoying it so far and thank you for the wonderful compliments!
WOW! thank you thank you thank you! I have been very worried about how I was writing Morocco. I have never been there, but I have been researching quite extensively in order to write this fic, so I am so glad it's come off as believable! I've found travel blogs an absolute asset xD a tragic character. ruthless, yes, but she is such a sad person. i think you'd have to be, to do what she continues to do. it's sadness and grief masked with anger and hatred :(
thank you once again for such a wonderful review!!

Kate xx

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Review #5, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyConfessions of a Marrying Murderess: Confessions of a Marrying Murderess

12th October 2010:
Hello :) I finally came around to review! Senior year and GLEE have me all tied up. xD

I did not kill my eighth husband.

I took him out of his misery.


This mere One-Shot gave a lot of insight into Mrs Zabini's life. When I first read it, I completely forgot not even her name was mentioned in the books. You utilized her many husbands and this was the result. Brilliant.

In a disturbing, illogical way, I sympathize for her. It's easier to kill people through magic and I have no patience whatsoever. xD

I really, really loved this. I loved the many one-liners you slipped in and Carla's voice was so natural in my head. It frightens me to think you might share some of her views. :P



Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

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Review #6, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyTutor : Choice

22nd September 2010:

Who can hate a well-written Marauder fic? Voldemort, that’s who!

I’m too lazy to write 3 reviews so I wrote one big one instead. *ashamed* Hope it will suffice!

Add Honeywater to the water until it turns pink, warm the potion until it turns orange, and then add mint sprigs to make it turn a mint green color. Next, warm it yet again, until it turns blue, then add more mint sprigs. The potion should be pink colored now. Add Stewed Mandrake to turn it orange, then add a little bit of Hellebore, turning the potion blue. To finish, warm it until it is yellow, if you made it correctly, sparks should fly out.

Hilarious. I get what you’re trying to do; make the potion tremendously difficult and such. I know this is trivial, but I have to say it: potions are usually more precise with measurements and I’m pretty sure there are supposed to be some clockwise and anti-clockwise stirring. Perhaps if you include those bits and maybe use more ingredients that sound easier to mistaken, it would sound even more complicated. When I read, all I saw were colours and lots of ‘adds’. Six times to be exact. xD Perfect for a confusing potion, but not realistic.

Told you it was going to be a disaster.

Maybe you could do it without the second person and use something else, like As if he never blew up a potion. Pssht. Or Nothing surprising there; I’m a hopeless cause. I think the second one is better. Scarlett doesn’t seem all that sarcastic to me.

You should use commas, not full stops. Like: "'re early." I said. That happens frequently throughout the fic.

great hall is actually capitalized in the books. ;) I usually forget that, too.

James was a chaser. If Seeker works better for you, ignore my Canon-craze. xD

This kept glaring at me and I was like, ‘Leave me alone, brain!’ until I finally got it. Hahaha, well the colour is spelt scarlet.

This fic was really good. Excellent, to be honest. Although, I think you could have written a bit more about why she hates Sirius so much and let the readers be able to agree with her before making them partners. The plot was slightly rushed.

Also, I find the topic to be slightly an over-used one. The average OC hating the arrogant, handsome, smart Sirius/James II/insert any hot Canon. Furthermore, I’ve seen the potions subject been used frequently. Why not Transfiguration or Charms?

If you’re planning on giving it a twist (I can’t judge three chapters!) then all’s well.

I like Scarlett. I’d make her my bff. :D I wouldn’t like Lily; I’m not her biggest fan.=p

Anywho, great job. I’d like to see how you go on with this. :)

Gosh, your penname looks cool. Mine looks like a whiny teenage fan took over my brain. >.< I am a teenager, but still…

You are a stunning artist.



omg thank you for reviewing! I knew I got his position wrong, darn now I look stupid. *sigh* I know I'm not the best descriptive writer, but it'll explain more of why she hates him in the next chapter! :D Thank you soso much for loving Scarlettt too haha! (And your username is perfectly fine :))

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Review #7, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyThe Octane Generation: The Second Barrage: High Octane

23rd August 2010:

It's been so long! I've been having hallucinations of Al falling for me 'cos I kicked Ryke's butt. But, sadly, Shiori beat me to it.

“Yep, squib and a pilot. I’m also a brain surgeon.”

“What?! Really?!”

“No, that was a joke. I’m also a comedian and a wild love machine,” he grinned and winked at Hermione who actually looked quite frightened.

“Hey! That’s my wife!” Ron growled.

I loved that bit. And Albus' pun rant. Brilliant.

This story is actually a brilliant mix of everything: the villian you love to hate, the smoking prontagonist with a fetish for weaponry, the pregnant women and the druggie. Scorpius is cool, too. I guess...

I could never in a million years use ideas from something (Lethal Weapon) AND keep it originally awesome. Good work.

Kindly don't force us to wait this long again. I'm not sure if you're aware, but Al's puns are ridiculously addictive. I still can't comprehend how and why they effect me to that extent.


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Review #8, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyIdentity: Building Tensions

1st August 2010:

You're a wonderful summerizer. The summary just realed me in at once and I began reading. I liked it. The characters are exactly the way I imagined them - James being the only one intrigued, Albus losing it, Harry just walking out... it made sense.

I really like this plot. I was never a Lily Potter II fan, but this fic changed my perception of her. Let's see where you take this.

By the way, I've noticed quite a few typoes through out the fic. Some are trivial but a few are slightly confusing. Perhaps a beta would prevent any more of those. =)

I haven't got any theories about what's happened to Lily because I suck at that. I'd rather the suspense eat me alive.
Or read it and find out. You get to decide which happens first. =p



Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review! I'm glad you like the summary, because I feel this is the only one of mine which is worth anything at all - usually I suck at them! I'm glad I stayed true to your idea of the characters, because I want them to be believable as humans - especially since it's a less than normal situation.

Lily Potter II isn't necessarily my favourite either - it was more the need for a close family like the Potters, and Lily made the most sense to disappear - babied by her brothers, close to her parents ect.

Thanks for the tip about the typos! I'll definitely take your advice about a beta.

Haha, I'd love to hear the theories anyway! I hope the story will keep you in suspense :D.

Thank you so much again!

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Review #9, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyConfessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of depression, cousins and punches

27th July 2010:
Amanda, it took you long enough! :P

I would've really liked a Eleanor POV. I dunno, but she's beginning to seem a tad bit like me. After laughing at her for awhile, I've seen lots of similarities. I sometimes don't pickup the sarcasm in someone's voice and I'm pretty sure there's a reason my mum monitors the amount of Red Bull I intake.

But, I'm pretty sure I ain't no stupid sushi like her. :)

“You know,” says Siobhan. “Your brother really should be more manly.”
I like Siobhan. She's a lot like my best mate, yet less hateful and more spoilt.:P

You should be really proud of yourself. This is a brilliant fic. You shouldn't be having any second thoughts about it.



Author's Response: I know, I know! And I'm really sorry!

It will come... eventually, because it can't be the next chapter because that needs to be in Adhara's POV. Haha, I'm glad that readers can relate to her.

Haha, Eleanor is the stupid sushi and I'm pretty sure you aren't, either.

The whole really blunt thing is a lot like one of my really good friends, too.

Aw, thank you! You're really sweet! I'm so happy that you think so. Thank you, I can't help it, though.

You're so unbelievably nice and I really appreciate your encouragement! Thank you thank you thank you! :)


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Review #10, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyMy Identity: My Mythos

25th July 2010:

I think fate made you review my story. This is unbelievable. I was searching for ways to get in touch with Andromeda's character and here is a NaNoWriMo winner - all about Andromeda Black.

I like the way you made Andromeda unsure. To me, she was a Black. So she was haughty, full of her self. She was raised to believe she was better then everyone else. She fell in love with Ted because he knocked her down a notch and showed her what she was missing out on in life.

But your less-then-1000-word introduction gave me a lot to think about. Maybe she was unsure. Lost. And Ted was the one that helped her out. Ted helped her find herself.

And I really like that thought.

Thank you for posting this. It sincerely helped me. And to further increase my understanding of Meda, I think you should start updating. You did ask someone to nag you about it and I happily oblige. =P

But you promised! *pokes you* You said so. *pokes again* You posted another NaNo! *pokes harder* Update! *chants annoyingly*

I believe I've done a good job with the nagging. It's one of my many abilities.

Congratulations on winning! :) - even though I'm four years late. =P



Author's Response: THANK YOU!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

I was just browsing my page and saw 2 reviews listed under this story and said "hm that's odd." To see a decently sized unread review really made my days. Like gave me chills.

I'm really flattered that you liked this so much, especially since it is just a very brief intro. That really means a lot to me, since I admit I have been at odds with this story for a LONG time.

I also am glad that it made you think of Andromeda a little differently, even with just this tiny intro. My main goal in writing this was to paint a very different picture of her than is generally accepted, and I think I have done that. If I have done that well remains to be seen. :) Too many people see her as all Black or all good, like Sirius. In this story I show how she can be both, leaving, as you said, a very lost and confused woman.

Anyway, you're nagging is not in vain! It so happens that, after three/four/however many years, I have finally finished this story. This month, actually. It was really daunting as it has been breathing down my neck for the last several years and I'm really not that crazy about it, but I got it finished, making it my first story to be completed other than a one shot. I am, however, facing a very difficult editing process on it. It has a ton of issues, but I'm hoping to get through a full edit, send it off to a beta, and then finally start posting updates! I just need to stay inspired and determined, and you've just helped me with that.

Methinks I'm going to go get back to work...

Thanks for the review and the nagging.

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Review #11, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyblood.: Not Exactly Friends

25th July 2010:
Wow. I actually liked being in Dexter's head. He's very entertaining and as soon they get out of this mess alive (which I'm now convinced they won't. You really like killing people, don't you? =P) I'm pretty sure I'll like his character. In a weird, twisted sort of way.

I still can't believe that the Granger-Weasley kids ar over. Finito. Dead. I always liked Hugo. :( But I suppose it's a must...

Your brilliant. I love what your doing with this. :)

Keep updating quickly!


Author's Response: Hello! And thank you sooo much for the review, and I'm sorry for the delay in responses.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter being from Dex's POV. And right, he's amusing even if he's untrustorthy, and callous, and such...but he's super fun to write. and about them making this out alive.

can't say. sorry.

And yeah, poor, poor Hugo!

Thanks so much for the review and the compliments. I know there was a terrible delay in updates, but they're coming quickly now.

Thanks again!


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Review #12, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

24th July 2010:
I love this!

I missed sarcastic Rosie, annnoying, unwanted Daisy, frustrating Scorpius, adorable Aiden and Still Delicate. I hope your doing well with the demise of a loved one.

I missed Hogwarts and this was a brilliant way to bring back the memories. And That Broom Cupboard. Especially That Broom Cupboard.



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Review #13, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyFleur de Lys: C’est la vie

24th July 2010:
Lovely! :)

What I meant by slightly cilche was... like, Confessions of a Shopaholic. She's not exactly Becky, but then the whole being in debt and all is sort of like it.

I like Gabrielle. It's how I see my relationship with my sister (the one I can relate to).

Brilliant. Keep 'em chapters coming!


Author's Response: Thank you! :)

I never really wrote her to be like Becky, but I see why you could compare them. I'm just writing a slightly fluffy humor story of what I think Fleur's like. Hopefully once I get the story rolling, it'll seem a little less cliche.

I like writing her. Oh, yeah, those scenes with Gabrielle and Fleur are exactly like me and my younger sister. I'm glad you can relate!

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I will keep the chapters coming! :)


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Review #14, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyFleur de Lys: Tête-à-tête

18th July 2010:

Amanda, you've outdone yourself! This is slightly cliche but, hey, I like it. The humour is brilliant and I'm pretty sure, as you said, the plot is coming.

"She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the patent-leather blue Mary Janes in the window."

I swear that happens a lot. With maybe a bit of drool and my head tilted a wee bit to the right. :P

Update soon!


Author's Response: Hey there!

In a good way or bad way? Hopefully once I move the plot along, it'll be a little less cliche. I'm glad that you like it, though :)

It happens to me all too much! Haha, well, I'm glad I'm not the only one :P

The next chapter is in the queue!


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Review #15, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyHazard: Trance

18th July 2010:
I LOVE this chapter! :D I can't wait for the next. It's like I'm seriously apart of all this; I can feel the adrenaline and the anticipation makes my breath get caught in my throat. You're a very eloquent writer. :)

Update soon.



Author's Response: WOW thank you! That means so very much to me. I'm really glad I've connected this story with you. Chapter 12 is in the works, and should be up within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the review!


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Review #16, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyblood.: The Possibility

18th July 2010:
Wow. That was a lot to take in. The Granger-Weasley kids are gone, Scorpius had to kill her with his own hands and the possibility that Al is...

Wow. This story is brilliant. Update before the queue closure, pwease!



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Review #17, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyNo Solid Ground: People Are Puppets Held Together With String

18th July 2010:
I love this. I love this. I love Al.

Enough said.



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Review #18, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyThe Octane Generation: The Second Barrage: Turbulance

3rd July 2010:
He walked over to the cargo bay opening and pressed the spin trigger causing the six air cooled, electrically driven barrels of the machine gun to rotate rapidly. Before pulling the trigger, he couldn’t help himself.

He had to say it.

“Hasta la vista, baby!”

I loved that! You make Albus so hot! ;) I'm totally an Albie now; sorry Scorp but those emerald eyes are death. *swoons*

I love Ringo! At first I thought he wouldn't appear again, but here we have him, stoned and ridiculous!

You are awesome. Amazing. Brilliant. Great. And awesome. :)



Author's Response: hehe, yeah, I'm not gonna b getting rid of Ringo just yet. ;) I'm glad you like Al, he's not much like his old man is he? :P

Thanks very much for the review. :D

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Review #19, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyThe Mental Diary of Pants: My Boyfriend

25th June 2010:

OMG I LOVE Post-Hoggy fics! Especially Drastoria! I was going to scream in frustration for the lack of amazing Drastorias and always being bombarded with Dramione. Thankyou for this! Your the reason my sanity's intact!

I loved the prequel and J'amour (correct me if I'm wrong. I'm trying to brush up on the forgotten French I used to take back in Canada. :p) the summaries! I can't believe I almost forgot that rhyme!

I'm pretty sure you'll be updating soon. It's summer; you have to! Unless you're travelling, which sucks. :( I'm stuck in this heat. 50C! Never visit Dubai during the summer, I warned you!

I'm rambling 'cos I'm still so happy! I found an awesome Drastoria! A novel at that! Ye!!

Waiting for a quick update!

Huggles and smuggles for this AMAZING read!


Author's Response: So I haven't exactly gotten back to this story like I'd planned, but perhaps if I find time over Christmas break I'll write some more. I'm thrilled that you liked it, and thanks so much for the lengthy response! Reviews like this are beautiful in so many ways.

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Review #20, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyHazard: Another Point of View

16th June 2010:

I can't believe I still haven't reviewed! I'm madly in love with this fic. I love the slight Rose/Jace we saw so far and I'm biting my nails in anticipation for the Scorpius/Rose/Jace triangle that I hope is on it's way.

I loved this chapter. Now things'll shift into full gear, I suppose. Jace has to get Rose out then they all start planning and whatnot. Oooh, I can't wait!

Why isn't Jace in the banner? I think he's a main character of sorts, too. And I'm so rooting for Rose/Jace alll the way.

He turned back to Lily, who was running inside, and their eyes met before he was swallowed in darkness.

I hope Lily doesn't butt in again and ruin their non-existent relationship that I most probably just created on my own. Or I hope she does. She'll spice up the story even more. ;)

Update soon, pweasepweasepweasepwease!



Author's Response: Haha well the reason for the banner and Jace missing is that when I started writing this fic, I didn't even have Jace as a character. But I think I'm going to get an entirely new banner, or at least an updated one so he's a part of it. Thank you so much for your review.


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Review #21, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyConventional Wisdom: Here Comes the Bride

16th June 2010:
Hello and congratulations! You did a brilliant job with this story. :)

I have to admit this is my favourite pregnancy story. I love Mara so much that I tend to forget she's a fictional character. I'm going to miss her so much.

Some chapters in this story brought tears to my eyes, especially this one and the one where Jack got sick. I love that baby, too.

He was looking at me. A tear slipped down his cheek and he smiled.

I smiled back.

That was the most beautiful moment in this chapter.

So, congratulations again and thank you for this brilliant read.



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Review #22, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyThe Octane Generation: The Second Barrage: Let's Get High

12th June 2010:
Heya! :)

“Don’t worry, his drug problem doesn’t affect his flying skills,” Han assured.

I just LOVE Ringo! Where do you get these characters from? And I loved this chappie. Funny Al and Scorpius are back! I can't wait til they go off to Africa to save Rosie. The hilarious battle scenes are my favourite.

Keep updating insanely fast!



Author's Response: Ringo will be quite a big part of this from now on. He's a bit like Leo to Aland Scorpius's Riggs and Murtauge (if you watch Lethal Weapon). And yes, very big battle scene coming up. :D

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Review #23, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyAccording to Plan: Showdown at Puddifoot's

4th June 2010:

Dobby's sock! I missed this fic and James/Shiv and Dele and you! Why are your teachers so selfish?

Lucky you, you're done with school! I've got my A-levels left then I'm off to uni, too.

This chappie was cool. I liked how Shiv daydreamed about the wedding 'cos I can relate. Us Arabs have lavish weddings, too. Though you lot have outdone us with the elephants. :P

James is a git. I love him. :)

Update soon!



Author's Response: yes, thankfully i'm done with school, and i got exempt from all my finals! woo! ask my teachers, cuz i have noo idea why they gave so much work.

ahaha, the elephants. well i have never actually attended a wedding with elephants, but i know that some have them! horses, yes. elephants, not yet.

thanks for the review! :)

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Review #24, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyThe Octane Generation: The Second Barrage: Adiago For Weasley

1st June 2010:

First time reviewing! Okay, this story has me hooked so bad... I'm going mad trying to figure out everything while I read. The end of this chapter didn't bother me too much; I have some unknown conviction they'll break out and save Rosie. This chapter made me feel so sad about Louis - which was awesome. Fics usually don't effect me that much.

I missed funny Albus, though. His ridiculous puns and that scene in The Octane Generation when he stuck that poster of dancing Scorpius... priceless.

I missing Scorpius, too. Your characterization of him is my second favourite of all the other ones I've read!

Anyways, keep going. As in don't stop. Make a fifth installment if you have to.



P.S How on earth do you update so fast?

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm really glad that you're enjoying it. Don't worry, Al and Scorpius will have some funny moments soon and you can expect the puns to be there as well. ;)

I get into these funny little writing moods where I just type away for about five straight hours. :P

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Review #25, by mrs_scorpiusmalfoyBreaking the Quidditch Code: The Aftermath

30th May 2010:

I want Victoria. Mum'll agree only if she doesn't poop a lot. Hmm, never read of Victoria's poop. She eats so much and never once was her poop mentioned (perhaps it was and I forgot).

Avery should stick her wand up James' nose (my 12+ way of expressing myself). He's such an adorable git. :)

Update soon, can't wait for Binky's punishment!



Author's Response: I don't really know that I'm allowed to mention her dung in the story, haha. But I'm sure she doesn't a lot. Your mum will be very happy to know that!

Good idea about the wand-up-the-nose bit. I think she might have to do that.

Thanks so much, I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapters :)

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