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Review #1, by apraaliiCan you see me?: Chapter Twenty-One Our Lives

21st July 2010:
seee... i review ;) xx

Author's Response: ¬¬ Thanks April lol

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Review #2, by apraaliiCan you see me?: Chapter Sixteen - Secrets and Hogsmeade Part 2

15th June 2010:
told ya ;) hehe
this chappy is superbly superb and i loves it especially since its dedicated to MEE!!
wow this is hyper.. loves ya,, and keep writing :)
ciao xxx

Author's Response: Thanks love! :)

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Review #3, by apraaliiThe Blonde, The Brunette and the Red Head: A Marauder Tale: Having a Friend Back

27th May 2010:
Hello Mrs Charlie Cale's Author :)
I rarely never ever everrr leave a review coz I'm like a lurker who just gobbles all the fanfics like pancakes.. but I just thought to let you know that you are an extraordinarily funny lady and I am sehr sehr amused to be reading your fic :)
Your AN for the last chappy was about 'Fred' coming back and since this ones called 'Having a Friend back' I thought it to be an amusing coinkidink and it made me chuckle muchly. My brain is of a four year old.. I am easliy amused haha.
So THANKS in advance for this beautifulla story,, if only it was legal to be as mad as Charlie,, my life would be complete *sigh* MWAH!!

Author's Response: I wish it was legal to be as crazy as Charlie too; my life would be so much more fun!

Thank you for reviewing, to be one of the only authors to recieve a review from you, it means a lot! =) I hope you keep reading!

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Review #4, by apraaliiYou Want To Make A Memory?: Epilogue

10th April 2010:
Absolutely fantastic.. I was close to tears at some points. Thank you for this,, it was truly a wonderful read. This was the first ever fic I read on this site,, tho it had many interruptions from other fics. This is definitely one of the best :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by apraaliiLike Toy Soldiers: Like Toy Soldiers

29th March 2010:
Meaning 1) I love love loved reading this on the site instead of the email haha the last paragraph is still my fave,, well done berry :):)
Meaning 2) another eminem song that we all know and love ;)
Hugs n Kisses xx

Author's Response: awww thanks May! :D

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Review #6, by apraaliiCan you see me?: Chapter Seven Secrets and going back to Hogwarts!

28th March 2010:
your writing is very good my berry :) ooh imagine my speaking in a yoda voice!! :D lalala... when do you update the chapters??

Author's Response: On friday's! :D
but sometimes there are delays and there are on saturdays or sometimes they go really early on thursday! lol
thank May!

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Review #7, by apraaliiCan you see me?: Chapter Five Its the end of First Year

28th March 2010:
favourite chapter! xD

Author's Response: lol because of the sand? :)

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Review #8, by apraaliiCan you see me?: Chapter Three Try-outs

28th March 2010:
haha bogeyman :') i am going to comment on every other chapter dear haha :):) but you love me so its all good ;)

Author's Response: haha very funny :P

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Review #9, by apraaliiCan you see me?: Chapter One Hogwarts for the first time

28th March 2010:
ok so it didnt actually come up that I had been the one to review so i thought i would again ;D ditto what i said before... love you :D

Author's Response: Aww thanks May!
you just gave my story a total of 4 reviews! so boost my self esteem :P

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