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Review #1, by SpankingHaloMidnight: A Dead Geranium

28th January 2010:
Please, can we keep the reviews from becoming a flame war? While I appreciate it's all fuelled by passion, which is a lovely compliment, everyone reviews in different ways.

I'm afraid I've been extremely busy recently, and have been spending a lot of time in hotels on corporate joytrips which work wonders for the career but are lousy for hobbies.

The next chapter is on the way, along with some amendments to Ch 10, which have come from the - very useful - criticism offered in the reviews here and which, I assure you, I am extremely grateful for, and take it with the same spirit that it was given.

Let's keep it peaceful, please.

Author's Response: [replying to wipe it off my unanswered list]

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Review #2, by SpankingHaloAnd the Shimmering Light: On Tomorrow

23rd November 2009:
What a great piece. I really enjoyed this: you conveyed the depth and the intimacy of their relationship beautifully, with elegant prose and a beautifully set scene. I love this kind of quiet, simple writing, and the emotion shone right through.

Favourite line: life had brought him so much that Nicholas couldn't believe death would be one bit less magnificent.

This was sweet, sad and wonderful at the same time. Thank you for writing it.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks :) That's just how I imagined their relationship would be after so many years, and couldn't see any other way to write it. I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by SpankingHaloAnd the Willows Wept: And the Willows Wept

22nd September 2009:
I really enjoyed this story. It was put together nicely; Lucius' feelings, the impact of his memory loss, how inextricably everything Narcissa did and was became tied up with him. The lost memories were nicely done - the bittersweet nature of the loss.

I loved this line:

His wedding day was now a vague haze of white lace and pretty blue eyes.

Very poignant. I thought your word choice was great - the language precise, and I could picture just what you were saying with each sentence. And I thought the twist was a nice, if evil, touch.

Thanks for posting this - it's not something I would normally read, but I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sorry its taken me an age to reply. I'm so glad you liked it. That's one of my favourite lines as well :)

Haha glad you liked the ending...even if it was a bit evil! I couldn't help it...the story just felt so right with that ending.

Thank you so much for reviewing! :D xxx

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