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Review #1, by still_flyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyfour - Checkmate.

2nd January 2013:
Saval! Come back. For me? :)

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Review #2, by still_flyStupid: Stupid Secrets: #8-10

13th November 2011:
Seriously. James makes me melt.

Author's Response: me too! *sigh*
thanks so much for reviewing again!

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Review #3, by still_flyStupid: Stupid Secrets: #1-7

13th November 2011:
James is just so...James. I don't even know how to explain it. You just make him sound so freaking attractive! *Swoons*

Author's Response: haha glad to make you swoon- more like I'm glad JAMES made you swoon :) thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by still_flyGame Theory: Act I. A Plea.

1st November 2011:
I really like the idea you have. I also really like the writing. One line that struck me was this: "she took advantage of the aura it afforded the Supposed Seer as thoroughly as any of those big film studio executives took advantage of the peons underneath them to fetch coffee and read horrid scripts."
I really get a picture of what Aisling is like just from that one sentence. This was such good writing. For real. I liked it.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! So glad you liked it, and that line too. I did a lot of stylistic experimentation with this before finally settling on the third person act/scene structure, and I'm really liking that choice. Thanks for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #5, by still_flyvolatile. : you and her and she and he.

28th October 2011:
you know how you asked for me to read this a while ago on formspring? sorry that i'm just now doing that..
anywho! 2ND PERSON POV WOOHOO! i like it, i like it. i would never be able to pull it off, but you did a good job at it! enjoyeddd mucho.

Author's Response: HAHA usually i forget too ;)
Thank you!!

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Review #6, by still_flyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone – Mates.

16th October 2011:
...i am speechless, beyond speechless!
i think you've managed to just rip my speaking abilities out of.. well, wherever you keep those kinds of abilities. THIS WAS SO GOOD, SAVAL. UPDATE SOON OR I WILL DIE AND THEN COME BACK TO LIFE TO HAUNT YOU. FOREVERR. i know thats really creepy, but quite frankly - i don't care. you must update this as soon as possible. seriously.

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Review #7, by still_flyUnhinged: Poisoned

16th September 2011:
I'm still loving their family. Draco is rapidly becoming my favorite character. He's funny :) Update soon!

Author's Response: glad you liked it! and just between you and me (and anyone else who happens to read through the reviews for this chapter), he's one of my favourites as well :') i'm glad you think he is. although he'd rather be thought of as a real badass.

give it six days! (according to the queue.) thanks for all the reviews, really appreciated ^^

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Review #8, by still_flyReal Ladies.: Of Delilah and Quadruple Dates.

16th September 2011:
good chapter as usual!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #9, by still_flyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twenty – Adrenaline.

8th September 2011:
there better be.
anyways good chapter :DD

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Review #10, by still_flyLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

3rd September 2011:
i thought this chapter was uber cute :)
not to mention really funny - i mean, ghost farts?
where do you come up with this stuff?!

Author's Response: It literally comes from some deep weird pit in my brain that likes to spew out random crap. It's my favorite part of my brain.

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Review #11, by still_flyFinster, Ella: Past, Present and Future Walk Into A Bar....It Was Tense....

10th August 2011:
oh goodness do i love this story. it's so well thought out and greatly written! update soon(:

Author's Response: Hi :)
So glad you hear you like my little story - it's always great to hear! So much time and energy has gone into it - nearly four years now! Makes me feel old.
New chapter has just been submitted so keep posted.
Thank you for a lovely review and keep reading!

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Review #12, by still_flyUnhinged: Judged

31st July 2011:
"I was winning!"

Draco's character in this story hasn't failed to amuse me yet. I find it adorable that he and Astoria act like they don't get a long even when they get incredibly jealous and stuff. This really is a great story and I hope you'll update soon :)

Author's Response: haha, 'adorable' :') i'm not sure which of them would be first to avada you for using that word of all words to describe them :')

i love Draco, mainly because he doesn't intend to be amusing - he literally whines because he's whiny. which makes him so much fun to write about :')

chapter five, Poisoned, ought to be out at the end of the weekend, hopefully! thank you for your reviews! ^^

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Review #13, by still_flyUnhinged: Silenced

31st July 2011:
one second i'm reading the beginning of this chapter and the next, i'm already at the end! i'm just eating this story up; it's soo good!

Author's Response: haha, this made me smile a lot :') they're monsters of chapters, i don't do small chapters, so wow, you must read pretty fast!

...just typed a really bad joke about 'eating this story up', which i think i'm not going to share (: i'm glad you're enjoying it, thank you! ^^

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Review #14, by still_flyUnhinged: Irritated

30th July 2011:
the bit with astoria and draco in their room when scorp walks in was priceless. loved it!

Author's Response: well, it was bound to happen with Astoria and Draco being who they are, and Scorpius being so clueless :')

i'm glad you enjoyed that moment! ^^

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Review #15, by still_flyUnhinged: Biased

30th July 2011:
the relationships the malfoy family has with one another is really amusing. it's exactly how i pictured the malfoy family to act. great job!

Author's Response: funnily enough, it's exactly how i imagined them acting as well :') i'm so happy you liked their relationships with each other! i love writing the Malfoys, so it's great to know i'm not the only one enjoying it :p

thank you for leaving such a sweet review! ^^

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Review #16, by still_flyThe Day After Tomorrow: One

30th July 2011:
this is very well written, and i'd love to see you write more :)

Author's Response: Rockin, thanks. :P
I'm working on it now, promise.

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Review #17, by still_flyReal Ladies.: Of Fred and Strategies.

29th July 2011:
great writing as usual, can't wait to

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on an update as we speak.

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Review #18, by still_flyReal Ladies.: Of Chocolate and Holden.

29th July 2011:
this chapter was so good!
like forreal, i was biting my nails in suspense when dom was freaking out. you writing is so good. most scenes i read where the girl is kind of sort of attacking/freaking out on a guy are kind of awkward, but you did a great job of it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #19, by still_flyHopeless: Not-So-Subtle-Stalking

29th July 2011:
Al and Fruity are so cute.
I like how Al and Malfoy don't like each other. People usually make them best friends or something. But yeah, great chapter once again!

Author's Response: A Potter and a Malfoy friends? Preposterous! Ahaha, I could never willingly write them as friends. Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by still_flyMy Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Bonding

28th June 2011:
cliffhangers = lamee!
but not this chapter :) this chapter was hilarious, as per usual. update soon!

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Review #21, by still_flyDéjà Vu: More Pranks, Christmas Dinners and The Almost-Full Truth

30th May 2011:
my thoughts whilst reading this chapter:
sakDGHJSDGHKhhjahjgfdhsjfaw7rytrfvhsjkdc !

yeah, i think that about sums it up.

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Review #22, by still_flyClair de Lune: Encounter

20th May 2011:
aww cute, i'm loving thiss savalll :)

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Review #23, by still_flyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.nineteen - Catch.

10th May 2011:
they're holding hands.
they're. holding. hands.
omg cute!
al is such a keeper, too bad he's meant for ariadne ;)

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Review #24, by still_flyAnd So We Lived: Prologue

8th May 2011:
I liked Sirius' point of view in this, and the writing was really well done. It was a little slow (only a LITTLE!) but I'm sure it'll pick up after a couple of chapters. You were just introducing people, after all :)

Author's Response: I do apologize for being slow. :) I tend to have a bad habbitt at that and beleive me, you're not the only person who likes the point of veiw! Thanks for the reveiw!
*made a rhyme! 100 points to Gryffindor for me.

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Review #25, by still_flyReal Ladies.: Of Letters and Parents.

3rd May 2011:
You're making me scared for next year!
I'm taking three AP class :/
AP Calc, AP World History and AP Language and Composition.
I wish I could've taken AP classes this year to get some over with, but my school thinks Sophomores are stupid and won't let us.

But anyways, great chapter as per usual :)

Author's Response: I'm taking AP Calc next year! Senior year though. Sad. :(

AP Language is kind of crappy. Not gonna lie. I have to take that test tomorrow. :(

And thanks!

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