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Review #1, by archer_of_the_wolvesLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Two Plus Two

25th August 2013:
Oops, my review on the last chapter was supposed to go on this chapter. Anyway, great story!

Author's Response: No worries, just gives me an extra review ;)

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Review #2, by archer_of_the_wolvesLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: The Werewolf Effect

25th August 2013:
Awww, the ending made me smile so much! Nervous Remus is just about the cutest thing ever!

I'm really enjoying the story, and I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Author's Response: Anything-Remus is the cutest thing ever :)
I'm glad you're liking the story! The next chapter is out right now :)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by archer_of_the_wolvesBrains & Brawn: Cashing in my Bad Luck

4th July 2013:
I was so excited to read about more Charlotte/Oliver but I just knew that something was gonna happen to ruin it all! :P It does make it more believable though. If I remember correctly, Charlotte is the more shy and awkward type so a straight away yes to Oliver would have been ooc.

And wow, 4 years! I don't remember when I first joined this story but I believe it was somewhere in the middle, perhaps 2 years into your story? I'm not sure, it's hard to tell since I was a terrible reviewer xD

So glad you updated and I'm sad the story's about to end too! Can't wait for the next chapter. x

Author's Response: FOUR YEARS. i know. i can't believe it, either. it feels so much shorter. and it's okay, i'm a terrible reviewer as i understand when people review! but when i DO get reviews, it makes me really appreciate them more. ^__^ So, thank you very much for reviewing! it makes me really happy.

and charlotte/oliver ;) they're so awkward, i love it. and you're right. a straight out answer at all would've been confusing -- and let's not forget that charlotte has kind idea what's happening right now. we all know how she feels (or we think we do) but we don't know how she really feels. hehe.

ugh. the story is ending. 4 years. i can't believe it!

again, thank you so much for the review! i really appreciate it ^_^ ♥

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Review #4, by archer_of_the_wolvesLike a House on Fire: Of Hearts and Bludgers

20th June 2013:
Ugh, something glitched and my entire review on chapter 34 didn't show up but the very first line! Anyway, I was just saying how dare you mess with my heart like this! (that's a compliment cause it means you're writing so well I can feel the emotions of the characters!) My heart hurts for the both of them. I think Sirius was being sincere but I definitely understand how hard it will be for Millie to trust him again. As always, I loved the chapter!

Author's Response: I read the incomplete review first, and I was like "Oh, my goodness! I've really offended some people!"

The angst was overdue. They never talk unless there's a huge problem, and even then, they act dumb about it.

I thought Sirius was being sincere, too, but you're right - trust once lost is hard to earn back.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Review #5, by archer_of_the_wolvesLike a House on Fire: Not Now, Not Ever

20th June 2013:
How dare you mess with my heart likes this

Author's Response: :D I am sorry!

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Review #6, by archer_of_the_wolvesLike a House on Fire: Asphodel, Powdered Root of

10th April 2013:
I'm still reading!

Gah, I really have nothing else to say except please believe Sirius, Millie!

So thankful you updated again :) This fic is probably one of my favorites!

Author's Response: :D Yay!

I love how everyone thinks that Sirius is so genuine! Don't get me wrong - I think he's genuine, too, but seriously - cut Millie some slack, here!

And super flattered to hear that this is one of your faves!

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Review #7, by archer_of_the_wolvesCanis Major: Wanting Warmth

9th March 2013:
I felt the breakup was very realistic and because I love Henry so much too I'm glad he was reasonable about it and knew that he was holding Keira back. He loved her enough to let go and let her fly :)

Wonderful chapter and as always I can't wait to read more! Good luck with exams!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll need all the luck I can get. (I've done absolutely no work this weekend, and it's terrible. D:)

I'm glad you thought the breakup was realistic. That's what I was aiming for, but I can never tell if others will view it the same way. :/

I'll try and update as soon as I can. I don't know if school's going to let me, but I'm going to try. The next chapter's half written, although I'm not sure how I feel about it, so we'll see. :P

Thanks for the review. I always love what you have to say.
- A. ^_^

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Review #8, by archer_of_the_wolvesCanis Major: Brownie Hunters In Their Natural Habitat

29th January 2013:
Yay, another chapter already! Thank you!

I loved Sirius in this. I can't wait to see if Henry confronts Keira about the whole situation in the next chapter :P I also liked how you had Keira feed Sirius' addiction to motorbikes and Muggle things by combining the two in the form of a magazine haha. And it was adorable when James went insane at the end kissing Keira on the head and hugging her and even calling her his favorite xD

Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: So sorry it's taken me so long to reply. D:

I love Sirius, too! *dances* Haha, well you'll have to wait and see, won't you? James is brilliant, and I really loved writing that scene with him. As the whole story if from Keira's point of view, you don't often get to see things from other people's perspectives, or other character interaction (i.e. James and Lily when Keira isn't around) so getting to explore James's character (or the way I see him) was fun. :)

Thank you again for the review, and I'm so sorry it took me so long D:

- A. :)

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Review #9, by archer_of_the_wolvesCanis Major: In Need of Naps

23rd January 2013:
"I was being pathetic, but I was annoyed that my homework wouldn't do its self, which would allow me to head back to the dormitory for a nap.

I was a huge fan of napping."

This sounds so much like me all the time, but especially at this moment. I also liked the Jane Austen reference. Have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube? It's a modern adaptation and it's really good!

Sorry for the lack of substance in this review, but I'm really hungry and I should really be going to bed right now, but just know that I really loved it! I'll forgive the late update since I'm a major procrastinator and queen of laziness so I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't :P

Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: I was so exhausted when I wrote this, and really didn't want to be up writing, so it pretty much turned into me complaining about lack of sleep through Keira. Turned out alright in the end I suppose, even if it wasn't part of the plan, haha.

Yes! The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are awesome. I love Jane Austen. I feel James and Lily are very Darcy and Elizabeth, haha.

Don't be silly! Go eat! And thank you for taking time to review at all. I'm thrilled to hear you liked it. I was worried about this chapter since it's been so long since I've had a chance to write.

Next chapter should be up soon!

- A. ^_^

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Review #10, by archer_of_the_wolvesLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Dislocated Shoulders and Sickbeds

19th January 2013:
Always happy when there's a new update!

Throughout this whole chapter I'm just thinking of the unavoidable heartbreak that's sure to occur when Remus finds out what happened. Great chapter!

And don't let updates stress you out, I'm sure all of us understand the stresses of life! :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the chapter! The next one will be out in a few minutes :)

Thanks for understanding about updates. The thing is, I know how impatient I get about waiting for new chapters ;P So I get a bit stressed out about my own updates...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by archer_of_the_wolvesBrains & Brawn: When You Said You Needed Space

2nd January 2013:
Aaaah, they've finally made up! :D Heh, hopefully after an amazing victory made by Gryffindor something that all your reader's have been waiting for will happen? ;) Also, gotta love Lupin :)

I'll forgive you for the late chapter just because I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't xD Can't wait to see what the next 4 chapters have in store for us, Charlotte, and Oliver!

Author's Response: Yay! Took them long enough, right? I hope you enjoy the Qudiditch part in chapter 28 because it was a pain in my bottom to write it. I literally rewrote that scene 5 times and got out my book and read the chapter on the Quidditch final and then wrote and rewrote it to make it more canon and changed things...blah.

Thanks for the forgiveness! @_@ It was definitely overdo. I hope you can continue to forgive me for the late chapters. Life gets in the way. If it was summer vacation year round, many more updates would be coming. HAHA.

And thank you for taking the time to leave reviews. It means so much to me. ♥

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Review #12, by archer_of_the_wolvesMy Not-So-Imaginary Fiend: II: Every Professor Has Their Quirks

12th December 2012:
Another great chapter! Haha Sally-Anne reminds me of myself. "Is there no pleasing you?" "Nope!"

I looved the scene where Sally-Anne told Remus about Benjamin! I was just waiting for that to happen!

Author's Response: Thanks for your great words! Sally-Anne is so much fun to write simply because she doesn't try to hide her faults. As for the Remus thing, I knew everyone was waiting for that! (And I loved writing that scene just as much as you loved reading it!)

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Review #13, by archer_of_the_wolvesDangerously In Love: Locked Hearts & Hand Grenades

2nd December 2012:
I have all the current fan fics I'm reading bookmarked on my browser and I check them almost daily. The second I saw this had a new chapter I spazzed and accidentally ripped my headphones out of the port :P

ANYWAY. Wow. Such an intense chapter! After Viv found out she wasn't pregnant and the blackmail was no longer void, I thought she was going to end up with Sirius but then lines like "You're not the man I thought you were." and "I hate you and I'll never forgive you." come up and I'm like NO!

Poor Remus :( And Sirius! Sirius was a jerk and deserved that from Dollie but it still pains me. And ah, Remuuus! His best friend! Sirius should have known it was an accident and that Remus would never EVER do that on purpose! Man...

Great chapter! And no matter how long the updates, I will stick with this story to the end :)

Author's Response: My deepest apologies for this uber-late response! I read this and spazzed out myself and I just kept coming back and re-reading this wonderful review, not knowing how to respond.

For one, I'm touched and honoured that you bookmarked this story. Since this, I've been looking forward to your reviews, they've really kept me motivated to finish this story.

This entire story has been about crossed lines and miscommunication/misunderstandings. People either don't say or are too afraid to express their feelings. If Dollie, Sirius and Remus had, I think this could have easily been a one-shot :P. It's messy, just like real life is.

Not to make excuses but Sirius was just looking out for his girl, though you're right, he should have known Remus would never do anything like that on purpose. That's the Sirius temper on full throttle, something he unfortunately inherited from his 'charming' mother.

I am very particular about canon so you can expect a lot of tie-ins and explanations to what happens in the books themselves. This is my attempt at trying to fill in the gaps JKR left for us.

Thank you so much for this excellent review. :D

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Review #14, by archer_of_the_wolvesMy Not-So-Imaginary Fiend: I: Back to Hogwarts

10th November 2012:
How did I not guess the ending? Oh goodness, that made my jaw literally drop! I can't believe it and I soo want to know what happens in the next chapter!

I think you're doing a good job so far with the canon characters. I imagined Hermione awkwardly being the odd one out in the girls' dorm since she only hangs out with Ron and Harry, which is what you did!

And you're forgiven for not getting this story out til now. I understand stresses of life, writer's block, or even plain procrastination :) Can't wait to see where this story leads and if Sally-Anne will get her happy ending!

Author's Response: Oh yes, there wouldn't be a plot if our beloved Benjamin didn't find something to get upset about. :)

Thank you for the words of encouragement! I know I didn't have Sally-Anne spend a lot of time with her friends in this chapter, but it's nice hearing that I got Hermione right so far!

And thank you for forgiving me! I suffered from all three of the reasons you gave as to why it took me more than a week longer than my promised publishing date. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Sally-Anne, shall we? Thanks again!

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Review #15, by archer_of_the_wolvesCanis Major: Was It Something I Said?

24th October 2012:
I miss this story :/ It's been while since the last update! :( I love it, please don't stop! I don't mind slow updates, I just wanna make sure you're not abandoning it! :P

Author's Response: I'm not stopping! Updates are on their way! School's been terrible, which is why I've taken forever to get around to writing, but I'll be updating this soon (fingers crossed). There's no way I'll abandon this, or if I do, you'll all know about it. I won't just leave it.

I'm really glad to hear that you like it, and I promise I'll update soon. :)

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Review #16, by archer_of_the_wolvesLike a House on Fire: Valentine's Day

24th September 2012:
I'm still here! :) And trust me, this chapter totally made up for the super long wait! Sirius is just as adorable as ever! And I'm in my last year of high school too so I know how you feel!

But anyway, trust me, I will finish you're story out to the end :P I've made it this far and it's just so good that I don't wanna stop!

Can't wait for the next update, even if it's after the new year ;P (hopefully it won't be THAT long, but you know what I mean :P)

Author's Response: I'm glad that you are still here. And seriously? I wasn't really fond of this chapter - it felt weird to write this story again and I think it's going to take me some time to get into the flow of things.

And I promise I won't make you wait until the new year!

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Review #17, by archer_of_the_wolvesMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: Epilogue: One Journey's End is Another's Beginning

19th September 2012:
You know, sometimes the best endings (and some of my favorite!) are the ones that don't end in happily ever after. No one expects it and it's not often done so it was extremely refreshing! I'm so glad to have finished this out with you and I'm looking forward to the sequel next month! :)

Author's Response: It makes me happy to hear that you enjoy the unhappily ever after of this story! I agree, it's not done too often and I wanted this story to be different. Thank you for sharing your appreciation of this story and I hope the sequel lives up to all expectations!

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Review #18, by archer_of_the_wolvesMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: XIX: Everything Around Here Has Its Place

6th September 2012:
Oh man. I'm feeling all the feels for Marta. Wow.

As always, can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Yeah, this was all intense. Marta just couldn't get a lucky break, could she? Thanks for reviewing, and the epilogue will be out in about a week or so.

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Review #19, by archer_of_the_wolvesLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: The Talk and The Tryout

1st September 2012:
Aah, no, you can leave us with that cliffhanger of a preview! :D

I really enjoyed the reactions of her roommates when she came back happy :P And I can't wait to see Remus and Myra acting normally together again! Three weeks is gonna seem like forever to see what happens next! Great job :)

Author's Response: Haha, it's a lovely cliffhanger, isn't it?

I'm glad you liked the chapter! Normalcy for Myra and Remus, will not be for a few chapters yet though... Dun dun dun...

Don't worry, three weeks is nothing. For me, time flies by way too fast. It's scary, actually.

But thank you so much for the review!

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Review #20, by archer_of_the_wolvesDangerously In Love: Monster Unleashed

20th August 2012:
Update? ...Please? I was really looking forward to chapter 19. You left us at such a huge cliffhanger!! Please finish out the story? :D

Author's Response: I'm working on Chapter 19 as we speak! I promise it should be out within the next few weeks, at least before the month's over. Don't worry, I'll finish this story, by hook or by crook ;).

Thanks for leaving another review!

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Review #21, by archer_of_the_wolvesMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: XVII: The Storm Outside Looks Nearly Over

9th August 2012:
Gah, no! I knew things were too good to be true! (Figure of speech of course cause I had no clue) At the end of the last chapter I was like "Is this it? Is it really over? Yay! :D" and then I just thought this was going to be a nice filler chapter and got excited when she started talking about her dad. I knew something was up when the word perfect kept coming up though! (Not very impressive considering that was only two paragraphs before the last line.) But gawl dang it, no! xD I wanna know what happeeens! Excellent cliffhanger, by the way!

Author's Response: Ah, yes, it was too good to be true indeed! I wanted it to feel like "Yay, Benjamin's gone, let's go tie up some loose ends!" The last few paragraphs were written somewhat quickly, so I didn't realize 'perfect' came up that often (I'll just leave them alone anyway). But the Benjamin that lives in my head and told me to write this story in the first place refuses to go away so quickly. We'll have to see what he wants in the next chapter. Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #22, by archer_of_the_wolvesCanis Major: 'The Incident'

9th August 2012:
"Id written a solid four sentences and decided it was time for a break." BAHAHA that's probably my favorite line in this chapter. I can completely relate with this. Terrible habit of mine.

It's been awhile since I last read this so could you refresh my memory on why Keir wasn't eating? I seem to remember something about a diet but I'm not sure...

Anyway, I'm excited that there'll be faster updates, and good luck with exams!!!

Author's Response: Story of my life. I'm like, 'wow. I actually opened a blank document after half an hour. I should take a break now.' Haha, we can form a club. And get jackets. Because jackets are cool.

Yeah, she has body image issues, and thinks if she skips meals it'll be fine. It's not the major plot to the story, obviously, but it's a re-occuring thing throughout. She resorts back to it when things aren't going well (she just doesn't realise there's a pattern to it yet.)

Yes! Once I hand in my two assignments on Monday and catch up on a weeks of missed sleep, then I plan on trying to get chapter nine done as soon as I can, before working on chapter thirteen. Hopefully I'll be able to keep ahead! (Fingers crossed, yeah?)

Thanks so much for the review, and I'm glad that you liked the chapter!

- Adele :)

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Review #23, by archer_of_the_wolvesBrains & Brawn: Never Been Anywhere as Cold as You

18th July 2012:
A new chapteer! :D And now Oliver and Isabella have broken up!! :D I'm very curious about the plot thickening with Claudia and Isabella. Hm... Oh, I so can't wait to see what happens next! :O

Author's Response: I did not know when Oliver and Isabella were going to break up, but my fingers just sort of took over and it happened! :) Better late than never, I say!

I'm glad you're curious about the plot! :D I'm really excited to reveal everything!! But you know what people say! All in due time. :D

Thanks so much for the review ^_^ ♥

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Review #24, by archer_of_the_wolvesLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Of Firewhiskey and Freefalls

17th July 2012:
Nice job with the chapter! I really liked it! Can't wait to see what else happens! :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! The next chapter should be out within two weeks :)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by archer_of_the_wolvesLike a House on Fire: Christmas Morning

12th July 2012:
Well this chapter was just full of adorable, wasn't it? :D I loved Sirius's present! If it weren't for the boathouse scene, then I'd think he was being a little arrogant by technically giving Millie himself as a present :P (Though he kinda did with all the kisses!)

Can't wait for the next chapter! :D Good luck with school!

Author's Response: Adorable is... well, adorable! Yeah, when I was writing I thought Sirius was being a little high-handed too, but he's too cute, so I reckon he balances out!

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