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Review #1, by _Lady Marauder_Actor: Actor

1st July 2010:
Hey there! Finally here to review these pieces! XD

Anyways, the first thing I noticed was how you painted Scorpius, which was, in my opinion, adorable. He was dry and sarcastic at the beginning, with Albus. He had that little bit of Malfoy pride that wouldnt let him back out of a dare, and the arrogance which went well with the Glee line you got *SQUEE*, but he was still himself, which was very good.

I also liked how you introduced Rose before she ever even came into the picture personally. With your lion imagery, etc.

The change that you described coming ovr Malfoy was like...chilling. I think I have goosebumps lol. Like SERIOUSLY. If I was Rose, I probably would have jumped on his right there lol. I have a weakness for the Malfoys :P

I was curious as to how that pickup line would affect the story, but Im glad you didnt pretend it would have worked lol. Cos its a little, like you said, a LOT cheesy. The was you did it rolled with the rest of the scene quite nicely, I even felt a little bad for Rose for a second that she was getting fooled like that, but I also like how you made her virtually cool with the whole thing, joking back with the boys and such.

All in all, I thought it was hilarious, and I really enjoyed it. The Glee quote I gave you seemed to fit in perfectly with the rest of the scene, and how you protrayed Scorp, which was the purpose!! Good job!!


Author's Response: Woohoo! I'm so glad you like Scorpius's character (in fact, the whole story itself) because I had so much fun writing it! Your review has made me smile a bunch :D Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Review #2, by _Lady Marauder_Coward.: Tell Him

29th May 2010:
Aw I loved it. It was adorable. I dont go out of my way often to read slash, but I do LOVE this pairing so much, especially if its written well like this.

I loved the conflict, it was so realistic. That would be just the sort of thing that snooty, pureblooded Draco would throw a total fit over. Poor Scorpius :(

I do love how they ended up together at the end. The love you described at the beginning, I couldnt picture anything else and then when it said it had been two months, I was practically begging him to go back :P

I loved it!

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Review #3, by _Lady Marauder_Pax: She died screaming his name

29th May 2010:
Oooohh my that is so tragic!! Poor Sirius!! I dont remember anything too huge being said about his love life in canon, so I like these kind of fics that explore those holes.

One of the things I especially liked about this was how little dialouge there was. Really there was only those two lines which, by the way, I thought were a very nice addition. God, If I were that person I would just want to sink into the ground and fade away. Especially after Sirius response. I wanted to reach into the story and hug him after reading that.

OMG at the end -excuse me if this is misinterpretted- when you said "She took her untroubled smile and delicate grace to the grave, with the child no-one but her knew of." You mean she was pregnant and no one knew yet? If so, then HOLY CRICKETS that is so sad :'(


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Review #4, by _Lady Marauder_Coffee?: Damn it, Al.

29th May 2010:
So, I have to admit that this story originally caught my attention because of beautiful Jensen on your banner lol. BUT I am glad that the story was just as lovely!!

Another heartbreak story, lolol. Well I do have to admit, that you are quite good at them :D You know what I really like so far that I have noticed? You kind of leave a little bit of mystery at the end, like we still dont know for sure what will happen between Belle and Albus. It would be snazzy if he really did reform and didnt leave her, but from the way you painted him, Im not sure its possible XD

Another good one!

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Review #5, by _Lady Marauder_White Houses: Maybe you were all faster than me

23rd May 2010:
Oi, how awkward for Rose, being the fifth wheel, so to speak :P I would sink into the ground if I was in her situation, especially if those were my cousins lol. Although, I do think I am taking an especial fancy to Dom. She contrasts the icequeen portrait of Victoire that you make, although it does seem, in this chapter, that both of them do care about Rose. With Victoire and her little makeover, and Dom walking with her to the party.

Oh gosh, Scorpius XD Such a little bugger in this isnt he, although I am partial to the reality check he gives her. No offence meant, but she is a bit wallowy and selfpitying. I take it that is the point though. I am curious after more Rose/Scorpius interactions in the future, as this one had gotten me intrigued.

Teddy is just...Teddy. The feeling I get of him is just like his name: adorable, innocent, and TOTALLY squishworthy :D I cant quite figure him out, although I take it that he considers himself a kind of big brother figure? But if that were to be the case, why would Rose have gotten so self-concious when he saw her and Scorpius? I shall see when you next update, I suppose :)

Brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, it's not enough that she has never been loved or loved, but she has it thrust in her face here!

I didn't want to make Dom or Vic complete cows, although no one in this is meant to be perfect, they aren't all damaged beyond repair either :)

Rose is TERRIBLY wallowy and really needed the slap in the face, so no offence taken at all!

I love Teddy to bits. . and while HE considerd Rose a little sister, she isn't quite so platonic.. I haven't yet decided whether this shall be Teddrose or Scorose, and it will be probably be a slowly revealed surprise.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by _Lady Marauder_White Houses: Love, or something

23rd May 2010:
I loved how your definitions of love lead toward the introduction of Rose. How stubborn, that she thinks love is for fools XD

Oh deaar. Methinks I love your characters already, and that is saying something, coming from me. It usually takes me awhile to become attached to characters, if I do at all, let alone in the very chapter they are introduced! The stark contrast in everything about them versus Rose is hugely powerful. Even the way you use words. All the elegant words used to describe the others, transitioning into swollen throat, stinging ocean spray, and persistantly clinging sand when we move onto Rose. Brilliant.

I have to say, and Im not sure why this happened, but the picture in my head of Scorpius trying to outrun the rain, with the papers clutched to his cchest, just makes me laugh.

Hmm...methinks I can detect some foreshadowing in the last few lines, no?? I cant wait to move on to the next!

Author's Response: Yes, my foreshadowing is never the delicate subtle thing it is supposed to be :) Also, I wanted to assure readers this isn't ALL going to be gloomy depressing depressing.

Oh good, I really wanted that contrast, but not many people have mentioned it so I wasn't quite sure it had come out clearly!

It means a lot to hear that you liked the characters from the little you got here, thankyou very much for the kind review!

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Review #7, by _Lady Marauder_White Houses: I can't resist the day

23rd May 2010:
Ooh, brilliant beginning. You did well in establishing the main conflict with Rose, which is what a beginning is :)

As usual, your narration hooked me right in the beginning and I have to admit that I am hurrying through typing this so that I can continue on. I dont think I have ever come across this particular portrayal of Rose before - judging from what I can already go on. Usually, she is the bombshell Weasley daughter, the heartbreaker. Never the understated disappointment. It is very interesting, and I look forward to seeing where you take that in the next two chapters.

Good start!

Author's Response: Thankyou very much! I have to admit, this beginning just poured itself out after a good conversation on love with a very lovely friend of mine. My ony clear thought was I wanted to play with a non idealised love, and flawed characters. For that reason, Rose definitely is intended to be quite different, I imagine it could be very hard to live to up to such famous parents.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by _Lady Marauder_Game, Set, Match: Game, Set, Match

23rd May 2010:
Hello!! So, sorry these reward reviews are coming late. Finals got the best of me for a long while, but now those are all over so I finally have time to review your lovely stories!!!

The first thing that comes to mind with this is WOW. You seem to have a profound gift for spinning a story from hardly any heading at all.

Your narration style is literally flawless. You paint a picture for us - and a beautiful one at that - that no one can get around. It seems like you hardly need dialouge to make a brilliant and intriguing story, when for most authors that is what they have to depend on to make everything interesting to the reader.

What amazes me about this, is how it is likely something no one knows anything about -me included- but you still manaage to make everything accurate. By accurate, I mean within canon as well as historical accurancy.

The way you portray Alberta is lovely. From the moment when we find out that she has replaced human and social contact with this one thing, this desire to duel to the moment we reach her epiphany about Samuel being the only thing she had left, the reader is wholly enraptured, I know I was.

The relationship you made between the two was very well done. I am curious, was that part canon or was that a little artistic freedom on your part? Whichever it was, it made the piece that much stronger.

Very nice!

Author's Response: Oh, not to worry at all, life takes over!

Haha it's much easier to spin your own story from nothing than work within constraints really! I'm far from flawless, but this piece was edited more extensively than any other piece, and it's good to know that the polishing actually had some effect!

It wasn't canon at all: basically I had the challenge to write about the first female duelling champion, who beat the favoured contestant (Samuel) to win with a blasting curse. Couldn't resist amping up the tension with romance!

Thanks so much for the reviews! They really are lovely!

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Review #9, by _Lady Marauder_Peek-a-boo: Peek-a-boo

8th May 2010:
:D O my gosh i have NEVER read anything like this!!! Ive never read anything with that mermaid before! Im impressed that you even thought of it, honestly. I dont think I would have been able to write a whole fic from her perspective.

Anyways, I thought her voice was good in this. Thinking about how cute Cedric is etc. It kinda goes along with the image we got if her in canon, the flitty giggly mermaid :P

All in all, I really enjoyed it, it was a good read!!

Author's Response: oh my goodness ^_^
Thank you so much for this flattering review! I wrote this story for a challenge, actually. xD I'm glad to know my idea worked out!


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Review #10, by _Lady Marauder_Reflections: Gryffindor

1st May 2010:
Heliw!!! :)

Mmkay, so apologies for the late review. I read the entires a while back, but wanted to hold off reviewing everything until closer to the deadline ;) (very close lol)

That said, this was LOVELY read!!! When you got that pairing, I was seriously wondering how you were going to pull it all off. And I think your method was the most unconventional of them all!!! So good on you for that!

Poor, poor misguided Nick *shakes head* Oh man...what a way to go. I feel terrible for him, which was the point I think, but I also cant help but kinda feeling like he was an idiot too lol

Anyhoo, this was stunning! I did think it was very believeable. The part about a knight and his queen was totally true to history, and I loved the allusions to Arthurian times! Good luck!

Author's Response: Not to worry - I may have said earlier, nearly every challenge I have entered fizzled out, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear from you!

I'm so glad you liked it. . I didn't realise there were 400 years between them when I got the pairing, and it took some thinking to work it out! It's a strange piece that hasn't got many reads, but I'm very attached to it.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by _Lady Marauder_Étrange et Captivant: Étrange et Captivant

1st May 2010:

So first offf, I must apologize for not actually LEAVING a review for this up until now. I read all the entries when the links were put up but had been putitng of reviewing until the end of the contest. So here I am!

That said, this was a very good read. You didnt drop either of their personalities, which would have been hard. They dont have wholly compatible personalities, which was why I put them together in the first place but you pulled it off stunningly!

I have to say, the accent impressed me a LOT. I had to do Krum's accent for a one-shot, and it was hell so I know how hard it is to spell out how they would pronounce english words. Good on you!

Again, it was a very good read, and the little details like adding in French phrases was very well done!

Good luck!

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Review #12, by _Lady Marauder_Peace, Love, and Quidditch: The Great Aerial Battle of Hogwarts

31st March 2010:

Can my cupcake be.erm...CHOCOLATE? xD

I also like your "i will burn you to ashes" speech! :wub:

I wub Ollie. Lots of love. Especially YOUR Ollie. He's so arrogant and cocky that I cant help but love him. Its a thing I have with arrrogant characters, I cant help but be attracted to them (uhuhuh PW anyone???).

And I know Ive said all this before *cough* but I just feel like saying it again. Your characterization of Ron makes me want to laugh at him. He is LITERALLY so stupid, but he's still RON so we cant help but love him!

Zee modifications went splendidly! *highfives* And, the end...AW. I hope Ron and Hermione get together at the end of this. But then again, I also kinda hope that she gets with Ollie for a bit too...I dunno what you're gonna do *pouts* At least I can rejoyce in the fact that I get to see all these chaapters before everyone else!!! *three cheers*

ILY SARAH! You're amazingtastic!!!
XOXOXO Chelsea

Author's Response: AHHH!! XD You know what, girlie? I have never used this adjective with anyone before because I feel like it is the holy grail of incredibleness, and very few things are worthy of being called this, but you, my dear friend, are SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT!!

Your review is pure greatness. Thank you for all of the kind words! :wub: (Even though the emoticon doesn't work here :-/)

Hahaha, you DO have an uncanny fancy toward bad boys! XP As for if the story will be more Hermione-Wood or Hermione-Ron, all I can say is, you're in store for a kerazy love triangle. ;)

By the way, "amazingtastic" is my new favorite word! :D

Here's your giant chocolate cupcake, baked with love! (And here's a few extras, just because I wub you so much)

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Review #13, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: On The Hogwarts Express

30th March 2010:
Ive been meaning to say, those white deviding lines are extremely snazzy! How'd you get those suckers in there!

I must say, I freaked out when I saw the chappie image!! *dies*

Arnold the Pygmy Puff! Id have never remembered about him!!! And, once again, the animals have better instincts than do the humans. One for the animals.

And one for the stupid bloody Death Eaters *grumbles* Taking Luna. I gotta admit, I was really startled when all of the sudden, toward the end, I felt a little prickle in the corners of my eyes, and I am PRETTY sure I didnt suddenly get a piece of dust stuck there ;)

Good job, love! I am QUITE enthralled, and I cant wait to see what comes next!!!

Author's Response: They're line breaks. When posting, check the little tool bar and you'll find it. I can't remember quite which button it is, but I'm sure you'll find it :)

The sixth sense that tends to be ignored ;) Listen to the animals, dear children. Arnold is so cute. He's PURPLE... need I say more?

Poor Luna :( Thankyou. I think I had a prickle too. Maybe at some point, but that may have been the dust.

Thankyou! I hope to get the next chapter up before I go away (in like, 3 hours) but if not, when I get back. I might just make it a short one.

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Review #14, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: Detention With Hagrid

30th March 2010:
Aww, can I get a woot woot for Hagrid? I love that big lug! I also luuurrve how you've kept his accent in there!! That's fabulous dahling! I love it when people spend extra effort to do those sort of things! Accents being the foremost, of course (I did Krum's once in a one shot of mine. Holy crap it was killerly hard!)

Did you invent those lovely little mushrooms, or are they canon? I dont recal them, but I suppose I could be forgetting.

I like how they are sharing their ideas over Harry. When reading Deathly Hallows, it is SO easy to forget that no one else in the wizarding world had any IDEA what Harry was doing on his prolonged camping expedition. To them, Lord only knows what they thought was happening.

Ahhh... Hagrid really IS smarter then he's letting on! Good boy, Haggie!

Eagerly continuing!

Author's Response: This was kind of a fluffy chapter. A sneak peak of what is to come. I tried to make him talk as little as possible, because accents are really hard! I applaud those (like you) who take on Krum's or Fleur's accents, because they'd be even harder than Hagrid's.

No, they're my little invention. I couldn't find a real plant that would fit the storyline.

As readers, we have the advantage of knowing what's going on at each stage of the plot. For example, at this point the trio would be split, Ron at Shell Cottage and Harry and Hermione at Godrics Hollow. The others don't know any of this, and as you said, it's really easy to forget that sometimes.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: The Second Mission

30th March 2010:
Aww I find the fact that Michael is compromising himself by being an indirect part of the breaking-in plot adorably loyal and heartwrenching!

I wonder, would the portraits really have tattled on her? I mean, I know they owe alligience to the Headmaster, but to Hogwarts also, and I wonder if they would have known Ginny was attempting to help?

I like how you havent forgotten that Snape was acting. Yay! Even if you hadnt had the section at the end, that one little glimmer of pride that she saw in his eyes would have been enough to make me recognize how much you have thought this story through, and how thorough you tend to be (not like I hadnt notoced before).

As it is, the piece at the end was brilliant! It shows how much Snape is really vulnerable, and it reminds us that he isnt the bad guy here. That he is trying to HELP. You're winding this all in with what we know of Harry's 7th book canon really really well. I am continuously impressed by your ability to take a totally unknown storyline, and make it LITERALLY seem like it was all happening!

Good job, but now I wouldnt expect anything less!

Author's Response: Hey
He's not going to give up. Thanks. He IS Ginny's ex, so he would have some loyalty still there, even just a little bit.

We will never know, will we? Because the portraits didn't know what was going on, and thus didn't tattle or keep it secret. I suppose some may understand what they were doing, but others (eg Phineas Nigellus Black) would probably have run to Snape.

Even when he was meant to be evil, I could never truly hate Snape. Dislike him yes, but never hate him. I love it how he ended up to be the best good guy of them all.

Thankyou! Everyone knows the basics, I'm just filling in the specifics. I'm really enjoying writing this story. Thanks for the awesome challenge, by the way :D

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Review #16, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: Now... or Later?

30th March 2010:
Hello again!

Once again, you still are impressing me, m'dear! I continue to be thoroughly creeped out by Carrow. And everytime Colin does something really adorable, it jsut makes me go 'aw'! He really is a sweetie, and I like how you've changed him to fit your needs for the story. All we got in canon was Harry's undoubtably biased view of Colin, so our picture is incomplete. I have to say, I like this one better!!

Also, youve managed to make me feel PITY for Ginny, which is a huge feat, and you should be proud of! I never liked Ginny all that much, but I actually suprisingly LOVE your Ginny! So three cheers for that!!!

I adore how wonderfully you have managed to mesh drama, action, horror, and romance! You would think they are all paradoxes, but youve proven that wrong! Its a lovely balance, so keep it up!

I wonder what she will end up doing! The choice seems obvious to me, but Im obviously biased towaard Colin. And ive just remembered, Colin dies in canon doesnt he? I wonder if you are going to stick to that canon, or tweak it a bit?? We'll see though!!

Well done darling!

Author's Response: Hey!
Thanks. Colin is really OOC compared to the books, but as you said, it was just Harry's view of him. But who really knows what he was like? We really didn't get a clear image of him since the second book, only mentioning him in between. I like this Colin too. He's not as annoying ;)

YAY! I actually didn't pay much attention to Ginny until... the fourth time I read the sixth book. Then I noticed how deep her character was. But not everyone shares my view on that. Thankyou! I feel like I've converted somebody! lol.

Wow, thankyou. I didn't know what I was doing was meshing paradoxes. Sounds fancy ;)

To be continued! You'll find out eventually, even if it's after the deadline. I'll keep going even after the competition is over. I may... I may not. Wait and see ;)

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Review #17, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: They Can't Crush Us

30th March 2010:
Hello love! Me again, and lets jsut pretend that it hasnt been months since Ive reviewed my challenge entries *shifty eyes*

Before I even get STARTED on the story part: YAY! The chapter images are GORGEOUS! The one for this chapter literally almost made me faint. Of course, it helps that you have an unbelievably smexy Colin *wants Colin* :D NEVER thought I would say that!

Oh no no no! Poor Michael! The way you described it, I could just SEE how bad it was in my head - which was obviously the point.

EEe! That conversation with Carrow made me so uncomfortable! In the most amazing, splendid, awkward sense of the word, of course! What a major crepp!

I siriusly (Siriusly, get it? lol) love how you have portrayed Death Eaters. The divide between good and evil here is so amzingly abrupt and powerful, that it is quite reminiscant of how JKR herself wrote it!

Keep up the good work! I am moving onto the next now!

Author's Response: Hello :D
Yeah I love the chappie images too. Thank the awesome person who made them ;) No, he's MY smexy Colin *sits on Colin* :D

I wanted it to be Colin who helped Ginny, but that wasn't canon. Oh well. He helped later :)

That's how I imagine they would be. Creepy Carrows ;) I get it lol. Thankyou, that's siriusly [;)] the best compliment you could give me.
Thanks for the awesome review and for just being awesome!

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Review #18, by _Lady Marauder_The Potions Project: To Change The World

2nd March 2010:
Ron is such a bloody dunder-head! Sheesh, writing to PERCY about that? Uh...okay Ron, off in your little fantasy world not knowing that Percy tells everything under the sun to his precious Minister. xD

For some reason, this: "it wasn’t like she actually was involved with Draco. She just had a baby with him." is possibly my favorite line that you've ever written. Seriously, I found it hilarious!!!

Damn girl, you write a complex Draco! I cannot for the life of me figure him out. Too many times he's just BLAH see-through, and too often he turns good too quickly. I like how you've kept that dark edge to Draco, despite how he acts with Cammie. Kudos! ^^

INTENSE get away scene chica!! I love your Draco and Hermione, they work together so well!!!

Okay I supposed to remember who Cassiopeia is? Hehe, oops :(

Brilliant chapter! Waiting in suspense for the next!

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Review #19, by _Lady Marauder_The Potions Project: Percy's Folly

25th February 2010:
OMG Percy you idgit! I LOVE the first couple paragraphs about Percy xD It was hilarious. I think you characterized him quite well. At least, the Percy we see from the beginning of Book 5 to the end of the 7th.

Your transition in Percy's thoughts, the way he got to Ron...was so good. And kinda true when you honestly think about it!

Percy's letter was devious. And...dastardly xD But Ron's conclusion actually kinda makes sense when I think about myself in my half sleep state. And they honeymoon thing worked out perfectly didnt it? Did you plan it before hand? OR was it one of those things where you were writing an just had an 'ooh that works out perfectly!' kinda moments?

AWWW i flipping love Draco! He walks straight in, takes the baby and lounges back, still feeding her the bottle. I can totally see it in my head and it makes me go 'aww'

Author's Response: lol, i haven't heard anyone say idgit in like 6 years. hee hee, i think I may have someone say idgit in the next chpter, lmao. I like making fun of percy and ron so having them both in the same chapter was great for me.

lol, everything i write is half worked out, half made up on the spot. So it was kinda both.

I love DRaco too, i always thought he would be an awesome dad!

*going to next review!*

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Review #20, by _Lady Marauder_The Potions Project: Into Their World

27th January 2010:
ONNA ILY! You never cease to amaze me! This was another loverly chapter, OF COURSE, but I was expecting nothing less by this point!

"Like leprechaun gold, it would probably disappear in an hour." This line made me laugh lol. Oi, Draco can be so stupid sometimes and yet we love him still *sigh*

"She was fast." No bloody kidding! Circumstances call for quick running! VERY quick running. I would be booking it at like 15mph if I was her!

“And I’d be right at assuming Mr. Malfoy is the father?” I just have one thing to say...BLOODY HELL!!! This is intense Onna, I swear to high heaven I was freaking out the entire chapter.

"When she opened her tiny bow mouth and yawned a squeaky yawn, he saw his salvation." aw...AWW! That is so adorable that I 'aw-ed' out loud.

"I’ll see what’s acceptable for a Malfoy to wear in all of this stuff...I won’t have my daughter wearing puce.” How adorable, our little man is turning into a daddy! I like how you write the transformation in him, it was really cute. And he's still stuck-up in typical Malfoy fashion.

GOD! I am jealous of your amazing skills! And I have NO idea how you ever thought this up, because all of the sudden everything from the beginning is making lots of sense and making me mroe amazed, which is saying a lot because I was pretty amazed to begin with. I love everything about it! I am VERY curious to see how things go with the baby when life starts up again...Just out of curiosity, how long were you planning on making this story?

I loved the chappie!!! Woot Woot! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Awe, Chelsea! Thank you so much! I love this story. I'll tell you a secret. I read a story called 'The Polyjuice Potion Baby' which is really cute, and the baby in that story came from Hermione changing into Pansy for Order work and getting drunk them sleeping with Malfoy. Somewhere along the line of reading that story, this idea came to me. So it's all my plot, just inspired in a very small way by that story.

I think you'll like the next chapter! It's should be up in 7 or so days, hopefully!


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Review #21, by _Lady Marauder_Sunrise: Chapter Five

17th January 2010:
Hey again!!!

I think I have said this before (a lot), but I cannot get enough of this story! I love your characters so much! (or love to hate haha)

When Alice won the bear for Colton, I smiled so hugely. It was a cute little role reversal. And her reason for needed to be good at aiming were funny as well.

I cant get over Sirius haha. He's so adorable, "Team Black versus – er, well, Team Everyone Else." I thought this line was hilarious. It seems like something that would happen. Either because they all ganged up on his or his ego told him that he would be able to defeat them all single handedly ^_^
Here as well: "Okay, we need a game plan...Er-well I was rather hoping you'd have a plan" oh Sirius...LOL
Oh yes, and here: "Are you going to do me and I can do you?" I think my own cheeks heated up the same as Alice's here haha. Who knew little Alice had such a dirty mind? :]

"It allows us to judge who the wittiest of the pair is"--> Wow, James said this as if that sort of banter goes on frequently, which I am sure it does. Speaking of that short little banter about the list, I thought it was very humourous. I like how youve taken a cute 'aww' worthy story and interjected little hilarious parts like that in. It DOES feature the Marauders after all, how can life not be hilarious with them?

"I promise I won't rock the seat"--> haha aww. Sirius says this like its the reason shes saying no lol. I like how it kinda reflects that childish side of Sirius we saw in the flashbacks during the books.

I think it's Colby who makes you shy--> Yay! Sirius figured it out! Good boy Sirius!

I wouldnt have minded the extra 1000 words. Honestly ^_^

I couldnt say if it was to Canadian (or even American lol). I am an ignorant American myself, so...yeah haha.

I am wondering a little how you are going to get Colton and Alice apart and Alice and Sirius together. Hmm much to ponder...and then if youre planning to make this follow canon, how you are going to het her with Frank (or maybe you will just leave her happy with Sirius and let us make up a way she got with Frank?) I dont know...but I guess I will find out in the future!!

Awesome story! Still love it!

Author's Response: SO sorry for the delayed response - I'm horrible, I know. I've been so busy and the prospect of responding to so many reviews was daunting, and they've just piled up =S Anyhoo, so sorry!

Aw, thank you :) I also love to write (and love to hate in the case of Colby and Bradley) them, so glad it translates well!

Yes! Exactly. Alice obviously had no experience with boys, so she's not going to be a normal date. Which is why I stuck the her-winning-the-bear-for-him thing in there.

Hahaha yes, Sirius is SO much fun to write!! Sometimes I struggle with him (seriously, capturing his amazingly stunning good looks and hilarious sense of humour is a daunting task) so it's always great to hear compliments on him.

You have no idea how awesome it is to hear that I made you laugh! Sometimes I feel like a boring, droning author and I pity my readers for having to endure it - my constant fear with this fic is that I'm not funny enough.

Ah, the ending. I do know where I'm going to end this but I'm not going to say, just so I don't spoil it for you or anyone :)

Thanks so much for another fantastic review! Seriously, you make my day every time I see you've left a review!

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Review #22, by _Lady Marauder_What Makes You Different: What Makes You Different

15th January 2010:
Hello! Yay! Time to review this piece of loveliness!!!

Lemme start with Neville. Aww, he was so cute at the beginning part, and I think you got his character right on! He shows that nerdy-nerdy side of him when he starts on about the plants, but you didnt forget who Neville IS, ultimately a big 'fraidy cat, like when he was scared of the forest. Speaking of the forest, I am really glad you had him flash back, however quickly, to the scene from first year. People seem to forget that it was NEVILLE not RON who was the fourth person in detention. Oi, the movies can be so misleading. And, I always knew Neville was gay! haha The way he is planning to use Malfoy in the beginning--the part about Draco being an attractive lure--is really witty, and Im glad you showed yet another unexpected (though not necessarily untrue) side of Neville's character. And I like how you didnt have him immediately fall prey to Malfoys considerable wiles. He was so awful at school, it makes more sense for Neville to be skeptical, like how you wrote him.

Okay, I already know you're good at writing Malfoy ^_^ And you definately didnt disappoint me. I know we have no idea how Malfoy turned out in canon, besides the fact that he lived long enough to be features in the epilouge, but you came to a logical conclusion for him. Gosh, his reactions when he found out that Neville took him to a gay bar were so priceless! All the blabber about his 'image' and 'reputation' were typical Malfoy. And then how by the end, how he didnt care about that reputation anymore was really quite cute and romantic. The way he became friends with Neville makes much sense. After all, they didnt really KNOW each other in the books, Malfoy just hated him on principle, based on the fact that he was a gryffindor, he was bad at magic, and he was good buds with the trio. Its good that you didnt forget that Malfoy WAS on the wrong side during the war, and they surely wouldnt have let him off scotfree after Voldemort was defeated. Repercussions were probably inevitable. Draco's enthusiasm about his potion definately made me smile. Its like Draco is this hard, harsh character with a snippity mouth but when he talks about his potion, this...innocent excitement shines through, and you get to see the softer side that we never saw in the books (with Harry's jaded view of Malfoy, I mean). I think I can picture where you might have had to change it, like you were saying, to fit ToS, and though I dont have the first to compare it to, I think I can say that it didnt take anything away from the character. I still got hints of Malfoy's abrasive character in the beginning.

"Fine then, let's have a gay evening, shall we?" This line is quite good. Its like even though Draco is accepting the fact that he is where he is, he cant get rid of that little snarky tone in his speech.
"A wizarding gay bar in London. Diagon Alley was certainly expanding its borders." That is a hilarious line. It suprised quite a few chuckles out of me as I read it.

The way Malfoy finally 'told' Neville about how he felt was so sweet, and it made me go, "Awww!" He really put it all out there with that kiss huh? But I suppose Draco has probably never been turned down before (I wonder why? haha *raises eyebrows and tries to look nonchalant*) And the last line was awesome, of course. It left me hoping that they would be together for a while.

You've turned this pairing into something that might happen, and seems realistic, which was the whole point of the challenge. This was a hard pairing, and I was wondering how you would do it, but you pulled it off with flying colors! Good job!!! I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Hi Chelsea!

Thanks for this lovely, long, in depth review! It was a pleasure to take part in this challenge, and I look forward to doing more challenges one day. However I really need to finish a couple of WIPs first! But it was great to get my mind going in another direction for just a little while. (o:

Neville - it was interesting writing him, trying to take into account who he was in years 1-5, and sort of who he grew to become in 5-7, and then how he might have continued to have grown, matured, or changed after schooling. Sometimes the nerdiest people in school end up being the most successful. You never know, really. I could see other ways that Neville might turn out, but in this case, this is how he developed, and I think it's neat...

I'm so glad you felt I got his character right-on. (o: I've not really written him before, besides in passing mentions. As for the flashback to the forest in first year - I'm glad I remembered, too! My beta helped me, also. But I knew Neville and Draco were there, so I wanted to draw on that, and what it might make Neville think, years later, in the Forrest with Draco again. As for Neville being gay - I can imagine worlds where he's straight, and others where he's gay. *shrug* I like that fanfic allows me to see many different versions of their world. (o:

As for Malfoy - haha! I do enjoy writing him. (o; He's so amusing. I'm glad you liked him in this story. Of course I took some liberties, not knowing what happens aside from the Epilogue, but I was hoping it would be a reasonable conclusion for him. And I'm really pleased that you found him to be in-character, even though it might at first seem out of character for Neville and Draco to be in a fic together. (o:

And I always try to keep my fics as canon as possible - in the examples of Draco having fought on the wrong side of the war, and having some kind of repercussions. I'm a big fan of realism within fic, and I think a lot of time that's the challenge in writing the things I like to write - trying to make the realistic and believable.

As for what I changed in this 'version' of the story, it was only a line, really, and a bit of shuffling of the surrounding lines, so you're not missing anything. (o: I'm satisfied with the compromise.

Thanks so much for quoting the lines you liked! I love seeing which lines stand out to a reader. (o: I certainly had fun writing Draco, teehee. And even Neville, too. Neville surprised me. (o:

So glad you liked Malfoy telling Neville what he was feeling/thinking. And yeah, he really did put himself out there with the kiss. Like you, I doubt Malfoy has rarely been rejected.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, and offering such enthusiasm and encouragement. (o: I'm glad I could be a part of this challenge and I hoped others had as much fun and growth as I did, doing it. (o: Thanks so much!

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Review #23, by _Lady Marauder_In the Closet with Fred Weasley: In the Closet with Fred Weasley

11th January 2010:
I cant express how funny this story is. Seriously, it gets funnier everytime I read it, and i think I am going to add it to my favorites so I can read it whenever I want to!

The way you portrayed Fred seems really like how he could be in canon, and Hermione gets a littel OOC at the end, but honestly, its better for the story that way.

Geez, nice timing Malfoy! Way to ruin a moment! Wonder what would have happened if he hadnt come along...well, maybe I know ^_^

Anyways, I love this story, as always! Good job!

Author's Response: Dear Chelsea,
your review made my day :)
I really appreciate you enjoyed this crazy piece of writing :)
Hugs xxx

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Review #24, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: Down in Dungeon Four

22nd December 2009:
Oh. My. Goodness. All I can say is poor POOR first years! That is so tragic! Who could do that to the poor little ickles? You have portrayed the grimness and evilness wonderfully so far.

Seriously, I cant get over how real this all feels. I think its pretty epic to tell you the truth! You dont have any down time, which I love. Every scene is packed with action, and emotion, and tension.

Yes! Loved last paragraph hehe. Dearest little Colin lol. Really cant wait to see where this goes! I will be watching out for more updates (once the queue reopens ^_^).

Merry Christmas to you too!

Author's Response: Yes poor ickles :( Death Eaters truly are awful people. Naw thankyou! I afraid it was getting a bit too Ginny/Michael there, so I added that bit on the end just to remind everyone ;) I've been working on the next chapter, so hopefully when the queue reopens, there'll be a new update waiting for you. Probably won't be as exciting as this one, but who knows what the future holds ;)
Merry Christmas and thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by _Lady Marauder_The Power of the Weak: The Plan

22nd December 2009:
EWEWEWEW! Carrow is such a major creep! That scene sent shivers down my spine! AHH!

"What she didn't know was that just her moving dot on a map had eased the worried heart of a person miles away in London, a million plans running through his mind as he prepared himself to risk it all." Oh my God. That is so cute. It left me speechless ^_^ It took me a couple reads to get it, but after that I went 'AWW!'

I like how Neville is one of the people others look up to. He deserves some cred, and he grew up so much in the mast few books.

Hmm, dungeon rescue mission. Potentially fatal, guarentee of entertainment and suspense...BRING IT ON!

Author's Response: Evil creepy little so-and-so, Carrow is. That bit with Harry, I was going to cut the whole scene because nothing really happens, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I left most of it :) I always liked Neville, especially since OOTP. He definitely deserves it, but I still think he's a bit stiff. I'll try to losen him up a bit ;)
Thankyou, once again, for the review. I'm pleased you're liking it so far!

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