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Review #1, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: Truth or Spork

6th May 2011:
Hm, it's nice to see Scorpius being like his dad for a change. And Lorcan is a Slytherin? What about Lysander? (or did he already make an appearance? In that case, I'm sorry!) Yeah, that Sterling guy... I wouldn't trust him much either.
And what to say about Daniel? There are simply no words for him. He really is a creeper. But how did he get all those things? I doubt Ivy would willingly collect them for him.
Oh. I know how Laney feels - getting all those job suggestions thrown at her without anything sounding remotely interesting. And as for why she would go through seven years of magical schooling before becoming a pianist - well, she's a witch. What else do they expect her to do if not go to Hogwarts for seven years?
But um... is Dara maybe doing this to make Fred jealous? I mean, did she ever express any interest in Daniel before he asked her out?
To be honest - I don't really see what's so sacred about Truth or Dare either that you have to speak the truth. Who's going to know if you don't? And Daniel was just infuriating there. Did Dara really believe him so quickly after he tried to say no after saying yes? :S
What has been seemingly forgotten? Rose and her weird muttering at Laney's note? Laney's parents? The criminals who were after them? I have no idea, but hopefully you'll update soon :)

Author's Response: Hello! I dunno, Lysander I always figured would be in Ravenclaw, for some reason. :D Anyway, thank you for this tremendous review! Have an amazing day! I shall update very soon!


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Review #2, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: Snap Decision

6th May 2011:
Hm. That Riley O'Malley doesn't seem too nice :S Though, how could the final score be 280 versus 90 if Gryffindor was winning with over a hundred points and the Snitch is worth 150 points? Did Hufflepuff score a lot of points all of a sudden? And there's no victory party afterwards? Huh, that's new (I don't quite remember if there have been parties in this story before, but it sure happens a lot in other stories). Wouldn't lunch time be over by this time, though?
James and Charlotte... that's interesting. It reminds me of James and Lily (as in, their grandparents. Not James and his sister) a bit. And Daniel and Dara? Well, at least there's an alliteration there. I could read too much in that and begin seeing parallels to Lily and Liam, whose names also started with the same letter, and whose relationship wasn't anything but the guy trying to make some other girl jealous. That would definitely explain the supposed 'jealous yet' look Daniel shot Laney. And - the Rose and Riley relationship (that's an even crazier alliteration) also only exists because the guy has other plans. It's also slightly scary that Daniel and Dara immediately start snogging.
So even Riley's friends don't really like him much? Interesting. I hope Sterling will indeed talk to Riley, and Rose won't fall for his tricks so quickly.
Laney's notes were very funny :) And I wonder what's up with Ivy? And - I bet that was a very interesting Herbology class for those first years :P But I'm glad Al and Laney decided to give it a try anyway :) (hey, at least there's no alliteration there!)

Author's Response: Nope, Riley isn't very nice at all, is he? Thank you so much for such an awesome review!


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Review #3, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: Up to My Old Tricks

6th May 2011:
Of course Ivy would've loved to hear about Laney and Al being/potentially becoming a couple :P But that's an interesting decision they made. It's just - doesn't Hogwarts and two people liking each other not work either? :S
Just wondering - why do they have to have a fully functioning Patronus by the time they have to take their OWLs? Wasn't Harry considered a special case, when he could produce a corporeal Patronus then?
And damn that Rose for planting those thoughts in Laney's head! Funny how, deep down, both Laney and Al don't want to be just friends, though Laney is having a better time accepting the situation as it is than Al. Boys...
And that's quite a messed up situation Lily is in (I repeat: boys...). Liam doesn't sound very considerate, but I'm not sure if we should expect him to be anyway. I hope, though, that after Laney confronted him, when she said that he'd done the right thing, she meant that breaking up with Lily was the right thing, and not getting together with Lily - because that wouldn't be right, I think. But the reactions of Liam's dorm mates were funny :)

Author's Response: Thank you for another terrific review! You always leave such kind, though out ones, and I appreciate it a lot!


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Review #4, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: Right Place, Right Time

6th May 2011:
Hey! :) Sorry it took me so long to get here, but at least I can read four chapters in one go now, right?
Anyway - well, that talk with Harry was... enlightening, in some respects, but very confusing too. I suppose it makes sense for Laney to react the way she does, not wanting to know for sure what her parents do. But Harry's right too - if she didn't take the envelope, she's going to regret it later in her life.
Oh, Rose. I would've probably yelled at her practically the moment she started speaking. Did she make a copy of the letter, or something like that? And she got a book with 20,000 pages? Do books like that even exist? :O The gifts they got Laney were pretty cool indeed, but I wonder what's up with the music box. It would be pretty ironic if the idea behind that present was explained in the letter she threw in the fire.
Fred really has the worst timing ever :D And, while we're at it, also the worst ideas ever. Of course Laney was going to grab that bottle, whether she knew about the joke or not. I'm just glad Al wasn't too shocked or repulsed by her burping and followed her outside - and kissed her, of course :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this awesome review! And don't sweat it -- I am constantly getting behind in my reading, too! :D


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Review #5, by flying_rabbitAccording to Plan: Friends and Enemies

6th May 2011:
I'm sorry for taking so long to review :S
Anyway, James wanted to spy on Fred with something Fred's father made? That should be at least a little alarming, no?
And wow, Shivani's friends' love lives sound very strange and complicated all of a sudden. Sam and the potential vampire, Isabella and Zane breaking up... Shivani was right, of course, when she wondered why Zane moving on quickly was any different from Isabella moving on quickly, but I suppose the involved parties never see it like that :P
Okay - James' plan turned out to be great after all. You know, if they hadn't been caught. But at least Fred and Adele didn't take it the wrong way or anything. And I liked that the two of them could just chat about little things (even if it was only because bigger things should be avoided). Maybe they really are becoming friends :) But... a black market for House-elves? Ouch.
I guess Fred and Adele hanging out more is a good thing, right? Except if something happens and Shivani is left to either pick up the pieces or be blamed for everything.
Oh wow. Rose is a piece of work alright. Somehow I doubt that she really looked for James that morning. Besides - this was an actual Hogsmeade visit, right? Why would you even hold a practice on such a day?
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon :)

Author's Response: no worries! but i'm sorry for taking so long to respond.

haha, yea i wanted to complicate the love lives a bit. it was getting a bit too predictable. :P

yea, rose is manipulative and deff didn't look for him. i dunno how i ended up with this characterization of her, but now it's here and i have to work with it, haha.

thank you so much for the wonderful review, as always. update should be here soon, hopefully. :)

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Review #6, by flying_rabbitRaining: Rose and Scorpius, Seventh Year.

1st January 2011:
That's original - pretending to be Prefects to get away with making out in the corridors? :D But they don't even have badges, or do they? And first years run around the castle past curfew? What has become of the new generation :P
And... that was embarrassing. I can imagine why Rose would be scared of her father finding out. Ron wouldn't be happy about it at all. But - how did they get into the Chamber of Secrets? Does one of them speak Parseltongue, or what?
Wow. Amelie has been in the library once? In the 6+ years of being at Hogwarts? That must be some sort of record, I'm sure Hermione would faint if she heard.
Oh geez, Georgia Watson heard it all? That's not good. Amelie could've known that she'd tell James. And he didn't really take it well - hopefully they'll manage to sort it all out in the end. It's a bit silly how everyone still seems so prejudiced, while the war ended ages ago. Hopefully Amelie will get some sort of revenge on Georgia for this. And hopefully, James won't kill Scorpius or something like that.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #7, by flying_rabbitBaby Steps: Invitations.

1st January 2011:
So, sorry, again, for taking so long to get here. Anyway, your chapter... :)
I think it's very smart of C.C. to try to keep Bryn out of her and James' relationship. They should get comfortable first, and if Bryn keeps trying to meddle, that's not going to happen. Wouldn't it also get awkward for Bryn, if she'd keep meddling all the time? And things already are so awkward for her, with Al. Which, of course, is cute :) And it's always nice that Al is not avoiding her. That would've been a logical reaction, I suppose, in many cases. It's good to know that Al is different :)
So... Al asked Bryn to Hogsmeade? That'll be interesting :) He really seems to have come out of his shell since the beginning of the story. And C.C. smells a weird outdoorsy smell she couldn't place? What did Bryn say James smells like, again? Al's smell is nice too - especially the vanilla part, of course :P
Bryn has some strange gift ideas. It wouldn't surprise me if Al honestly tries to find such an egg doll and gives it to her. Or maybe for her birthday, so it'll be even more surprising that he even remembered.
C.C.'s really good at (directly and indirectly) making sure that Bryn and Al never really kiss, isn't she? I mean, she doesn't do it on purpose, but still... Funny how Bryn and James seem to think alike. Would James have suspected that Bryn would try to make him ask out C.C. if he wouldn't do it himself? And there really is nothing to do at Hogwarts, is there? It's pretty depressing :P What made the Potters suddenly invite Bryn and C.C.? I mean, if Bryn (and C.C. as well?) already knows them, why wouldn't they invite the girls earlier? Anyway, it's nice, and I'm looking forward to see how it'll go :)
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Sorry for taking SO long with my review response, uni has been keeping me busy and I never really have time to get on hpff unless I have breaks and can go home. And I completely agree! C.C. needs to tell Bryn to stay out of her relationship, she thinks Bryn is half of what's wrong with their relationship anyway, haha. And of course the outdoorsy scent C.C. is smelling is James. (: And no it really wouldn't surprise me either if Al decided to find Bryn an egg doll (of course I am the author, so anything can happen). Sorry again for taking so long to respond! Thanks so much for your review, I appreciate them all. (:

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Review #8, by flying_rabbitStarving Artists: Rose has a Human Side

1st January 2011:
Sorry it took me a while to get here. Busy break, and all that. Anyway, happy new year! :D
Oh yes, that's horrible, isn't it? Trying to crack a joke and then have nobody understand it (or maybe they do, but they just don't think it's funny while you're having trouble not to double over laughing).
Lucy's mum's letter sounded funny :) Just wondering, she mentions Dominique at the beginning, and then talks about the eldest Delacour-Weasleys and their partners... so not just Victoire, but Dominique as well? Oh well. The final sentence of the letter was great :D
The group's gathering sounded... festive? The Christmas song Scorpius' old group recorded must've been a great hit, no? ;) And they're ducks again? That's starting to become a recurring theme in the story, isn't it?
That party was quite something, then. A snake? Birds? They really are an odd group :D But it's nice that Scorpius came by to bring Lucy her wand.
It's nice to see that, no matter how much Molly and Lucy seem to fight, they'd still team up against Rose :P Still, it's too bad that Al, James and Louis aren't there. I didn't even know Lucy and Louis got along that well? And it must be awful for Molly (sr) not to be cooking at all for Christmas. Seems like her thing, and nobody else's.
I wonder what was wrong with Rose. Why would half of her friends (are they even really friends, though?) not speak to her anymore? And is it Scorpius she misses? :)
Good thing Rose didn't see that photograph at the end. That would've been painful. For both Rose and Lucy, I think.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hello again! Happy New Year to you too! (I know I'm two months late, but I honestly don't give a flying...flying thing. Happy Chinese New Year? It is closer...)

>Oh yes, that's horrible, isn't it? Trying to crack a joke and then have nobody understand it
You have no idea -_- happens to me on a daily basis. Apparently HPFF is the only place where I'm actually vaguely funny.

>Just wondering, she mentions Dominique at the beginning, and then talks about the eldest Delacour-Weasleys and their partners... so not just Victoire, but Dominique as well? Oh well.
You know this fic well enough to know that I'm a terrible proof-reader :') My excuse this time is 'eldest' refers to Bill and Fleur too...(and I think I insinuated via the room-sharing plan that Dom was girl!Dom in this fic when my original plan paints her as a him. Alright then. Let's just pretend I never wrote that.)

>The Christmas song Scorpius' old group recorded must've been a great hit, no? ;)
They sold copies by the cauldronload.

>And they're ducks again? That's starting to become a recurring theme in the story, isn't it?
Who doesn't love a duck every now and again? :') I also notice that tea is a recurring theme - not just here, but in every single thing I seem to write...not doing much to quash British stereotypes, am I?

>It's nice to see that, no matter how much Molly and Lucy seem to fight, they'd still team up against Rose :P
...which, I assure you, will probably be an important plot point later on. But then again I am kind of making this up as I go along, so...

>Still, it's too bad that Al, James and Louis aren't there. I didn't even know Lucy and Louis got along that well?
I suppose they're cousins, they probably see quite a lot of each other and went to school together. I'm actually vaguely sort of working on a prequel to this focussing on Scorpius and Rose's whole Hogwarts fandango, and Louis is possibly a more major character in that. Anyway. I don't know. I'm a very vague person.

>Why would half of her friends (are they even really friends, though?) not speak to her anymore?
Would you want to speak to someone like Rose? (:

>And is it Scorpius she misses? :)
le gasp! How did you know? Was it my supa subtle hinting? Oh, god, that whole 'I miss him' line has to be the most obvious plot point since...since...writing began. I feel shame.

>Good thing Rose didn't see that photograph at the end. That would've been painful. For both Rose and Lucy, I think.
The photograph does make a comeback...hinthint.

Thanks very much for the review! (:

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Review #9, by flying_rabbitSeducing Teddy R. Lupin: Best Friends Don't Forget Each Other

1st January 2011:
Aw :( The goodbye at the beginning was pretty sad. And it's even sadder that she promised him she would never cry anymore and then breaks down again in front of him, because of him.
Anyway. It's actually pretty funny when you think about it - Teddy keeps being annoying and whatnot, Victoire wants to strangle him to death, while he does really like her? Something is really wrong with that boy :D And with all the bragging he does, I can see why Victoire wants his heart to be broken. Soon. That might actually be pretty easy to accomplish, no? I mean, if he already likes her, at least she won't have to make that happen first. She can go straight to the heart breaking :P
That was quite harsh, what he said to her. That must hurt pretty badly. Why did he even go there if it wasn't true anyway? He could've known it would go wrong. Oh well, it's good to hear he actually feels sorry, at the very least. And if Victoire, who hates him very much, is his best friend, in what kind of messed up world does he live? ;)
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: I KNOW! These characters are so silly. But trust me, this will not be easy for either of them ;) And he does think it's a little true, but he just inflated it a little to get a rise out of her. And Teddy does think the world revolves around him so he thinks he can get away with doing whatever he wants.

Thanks for the lovely review! Check back soon! The next chapter's a-coming!

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Review #10, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: A Very Ginger Holiday

1st January 2011:
Wow, long chapter... Anyway, sorry it took me so long to get here - the break's been busy so far. And a happy new year! :)
Ouchie, Laney the pedophile? That's a pretty... painful image. And couldn't they just kick Fred and Dara out of the compartment for the time being? Until they stopped fighting, something they were totally doing?
Hahaha, Ron wants Rose to keep getting detention? I've got a feeling that his own mother won't be too happy about that :D I also really liked the line where Ron rolls his eyes at Hermione's comment about the dirt on Hugo's nose :D Hugo's cute :) I can't believe he and Laney hadn't met yet, but I suppose it makes sense if she and Rose never used to hang out before the start of fifth year. I also don't think I've ever heard the nickname Roe for Rose. Pretty funny :)
I like the fact that you have the Weasleys (and the Potters) living in a normal, not overly large house. While I can see why most people make all the Weasleys live in mansions (they'll probably have more money to spare after the war), it doesn't really seem like them. Besides, if you're only with four people, there's no real need for a big fat manor, right?
I wonder what's up with Riley as well. Hopefully he turns out to be a good guy, but that's hard to believe at the moment, I think.
Poor Ginny. So she didn't get her mum's crazy cooking genes? Does she know that her kids always eat somewhere else, or is she completely oblivious to that?
Rose was pretty obvious there, trying to get away as quickly as possible to leave Laney and Al alone :D Oh, and that stupid child... oh well, I suppose they'll have their chance, right? And I'm glad that they finally figured out how manipulative Ivy has been right from the start. It was about time that they sorted that out :) Also, I'm glad Laney didn't immediately fall head over heels in love with Teddy just like that. That happens far too often :P
Just wondering - why did you make Molly a blonde while her father is a redhead and her mother has brown hair? I mean, I know it's possible, but not very logical, right? Oh well, it doesn't really matter much :) The way those three were just standing there and making comments was pretty funny.
Good thing that Laney wasn't the only one who'd forgotten to buy Rose a gift. It's funny too - Christmas is also my sister's birthday, and I didn't remember to buy her something as well until 1,5 day before. You must be a psychic or something ;)
Huh. The Celia confrontation was weird. She sounds like a scary child, or was Laney just overreacting? I'm glad she didn't get into too much trouble.
Dominique and Victoire sound interesting. Luckily Louis isn't (entirely?) like them. At least one out of the three siblings likes Laney.
Hopefully those criminals won't come after Laney next. And I wonder what'll be in that letter? If it should be discussed on Christmas Eve and can't wait until later, it must be important, right?
Can't wait to see what'll happen next!

Author's Response: What a nice review! Thanks so much! I really appreciate how dedicated you are in reviewing me! It's so sweet!


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Review #11, by flying_rabbitCalling Bluffs: A Lot to Take In

1st January 2011:
Haha, pretty sweet how Sophia was being so neurotic about getting everything clean for when Charlie came by :D It's really too bad how she got fired - I mean, there weren't any customers around anyway, right?
So... she watched him while he was cooking, so Charlie can cook the Muggle way? Where did he learn that? You'd think that, as a pureblooded wizard, he'd know next to nothing really about the Muggle world. And I doubt he's been cooking to no end in the past month...
Haha, Ginny sounds like a much better psychiatrist than Sherman... couldn't they just tell Charlie to talk to Ginny every week? I'm sure he wouldn't have minded as much ;)
I'm glad the talk worked out that well. At least Sophia didn't ruin away screaming at any point during the night :)
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: my dearest flying rabbit,

One-- you're awesome for reviewing!

Two-- all will be ansewred in the next chapter!

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #12, by flying_rabbitOn the Brink of Insanity: Don't Try This At Home

1st January 2011:
Hm, sorry it took me so long to stop by. Christmas break hasn't really been a break. Anyway, happy new year and all that! :)
I suppose it's a good thing Channing and Topher didn't get engaged yet. Hollie's right, they're a bit too young. And Jade really sounds like a romantic type of girl indeed!
Oliver took Hollie's insane marriage talk pretty well. Other boys might've become slightly uncomfortable there, I think. I mean, sure, she's going pretty insane about the whole ordeal, but it could, possibly, still be interpreted as if Hollie was wondering if, maybe, they should talk about it too. Not sure if I'm making sense right now. Oh, and at some point, you wrote, 'She ignored the comment...' while the rest of the story is in first person POV :)
So even though they always get interrupted at the Astronomy tower, it's still their favourite place for alone time? That's funny. But then again, it's not as if there are a lot of really secluded places in the castle.
Why couldn't Fred and George just do this alone? One of them could distract Filch, and the other could catch Mrs Norris. Plus, doesn't she usually go everywhere Filch goes? Anyway, it sounds like they gave her quite the make-over :D I wonder how Filch will react...
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: No worries! My break has been insane, as well. Happy new year to you, too(:
I think the reason Oliver would take it well is because he knows Hollie is just being, y'know, Hollie, haha. But I thought of that as well while I was writing it!
Yes, Hogwarts does not offer many safe spots for seclusion. And I try to avoid broom closets as much as possible, lol.
Fred and George COULD have done it themselves, very true. But they like to tease Hollie and Oliver and interrupting them like that is kind of an extension of it.
Thanks for the review! (:

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Review #13, by flying_rabbitOn the Brink of Insanity: Ups and Downs of the Holidays

15th December 2010:
Hm, it's too bad that Roger didn't take it as well as their other friends. But I suppose that that was to be expected, from what we've seen before. Ouch. Hollie's family does not sound nice. At least she has her rabbit :P
Haha, go Nick! I bet Jade wanted to strangle him then and there. And I'm glad things between Wes and Maggie have been going well.
I have to say, I loved Hollie's reaction to Oliver announcing that Puddlemere had been looking at him. I don't even know why, since it seems like a natural reaction, but... never mind. Oliver is just too cute. I'm glad he could take Hollie's mind off of her family for the time being.
The Quidditch game sort of reminds me of Hollie's own game last chapter, except Puddlemere didn't win. But it must've been obvious who was the better playing team (at least, I assume that that was the case here) but the other team's Seeker caught the Snitch.
Oh, now Puddlemere might have their eye on Hollie as well? I bet that could make Roger happy; after all, if there's someone from Puddlemere at their next match, he might be spotted as a talented player as well, right? Or doesn't he want to become a professional player after Hogwarts?
It's really too bad that her family didn't really like Oliver, but that was to be expected indeed. I'm glad Buttons liked him, though ;)
I think everyone has that problem - losing the fire for long(er) stories at some point. You're not alone. But as long as you feel like you're not suddenly rushing it just to finish it, it's all good, right? :)
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: I have to admit the main reason Buttons is in the story is because I love bunnies :P Hehe, but yes, it is good she has Buttons.
I'm glad you liked the reaction. I tried to make it as normal and as Hollie-y as possible.
I noticed that about the game as well, but left it as is because I didn't want it to be an absolutely boring game.
Y'know, to be honest, I haven't thought that much about Roger's future. I guess I'll have to consider some things(;
Thanks for the support. Everyone's reviews have been inspiring me to write and I've actually got almost 1000 words written for the next chapter, so hopefully the update will be soon.

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Review #14, by flying_rabbitCalling Bluffs: A Morning to Forget

15th December 2010:
Well, that didn't start too well :( But isn't it a bit too obvious that Charlie just disapparated like that? I mean, wouldn't it be weird for Sophia that there were no footsteps? Shouldn't she wonder about that at least a little bit?
Hahaha, you've got to love Dominique and Victoire :D They're awesome. Funny how little kids can sometimes give the best and most honest advice. I love the letter they wrote, and how they wouldn't let Charlie answer the phone because he was supposed to be a dragon xD They really have him wrapped around their little fingers.
It's also nice that both Charlie and Sophia realised that they were in completely over their heads. That's a good sign, right? Hopefully the kids will set Charlie free soon so he can go back to the pub :)
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

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Review #15, by flying_rabbitStarving Artists: The Shape of the Pear

9th December 2010:
Wow, that was quite the Howler Lucy got there. I think it's quite imaginable that wizards send those to their debtors after some time of not receiving payment :) Just wondering, and I'm sorry if this has been mentioned before - why doesn't Lucy just apparate towards the school? Seems much easier, and less of a hassle. Or is she really that afraid of splinching herself? Sounds almost like she and Scorpius got their apparating licenses just so the instructors were finally rid of them.
Wow, that school really knows where to get its students xD Now they're doing yoga all of a sudden? Alright, if there's nothing else to do... but still. Where do you get your ideas :)
Scorpius really sounds like a big wimp, doesn't he? It's as if he has absolutely no strength in his body at all.
So... drinking too much gives them both a headache, which makes Scorpius stop thinking and/or worrying about Rose so much. He should do this more often :D
I bet it was quite a change for Scorpius - from his life in luxury at his parents' house to this shabby flat. But that's cool; I mean, I don't think I've seen this happen to Scorpius in other stories :) And it's a pity indeed that he failed his Potions NEWT. But why did he say earlier that it didn't have a label, and later, it's his own potion? Even if he made it himself, he could've just grabbed the wrong vial, right? It wouldn't have anything to do with his Potions grade...
Hahaha, Al's definitely cool. It's quite funny how he, pretty much like everyone else, I suppose, stays around even though/because the performance will be bad. You'd think Scorpius is used to it by now. Haha, and Lucy thought Al referred to Scorpius as 'that skinny boy'? I don't know why, but pretty funny :D And Lettuce sounds even more disturbing than he did last time.
Scorpius threw a daffodil? That's pretty hardcore indeed for him :D Did he really quit the band now, or will he be back? One thing though - Albus talks about his sister at the end; do you mean his cousin or does Lily also have something against Scorpius? Either way, if I were Scorpius, I'd hide. And, maybe Lucy should do so too, once they find out that she and Scorpius have been hanging out together for some time now.
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon! :)

Author's Response: I shall begin by being soppy and saying thank you for your super long reviews. I love hearing what you think about the chapters, you always have so much to say! So thank you (:

Okay, soppiness can be banished now. Onto the response.

Eek! Okay, now it's peppersweet-makes-lame-excuses-time! Lucy doesn't apparate because:
a) She's often quite tired/hungover/sickly/in the midst of a blonde moment and this affects her apparition performance.
b) She lives in muggle-infested London, so people would get the heebie-jeebies if she randomly dissapeared from the middle of a street and turned up on the other side of the city.
c) She likes the feeling of the wind in her hair (and pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.)
Er, I did just make that up on the spot, but I hope it sufficed (:

Where do I get my ideas? Unfortunately, from real life. I signed up for yoga class at school and lay on a mat that smelled of feet listening to my PE teacher hollering all sorts about positivity and energy for about ten minutes before I decided it wasn't for me. She was all 'You are a POSITIVE soul! You bring LIGHT to others! SOULS!' etc and all I could think was 'I'm quite cynical and pessimisstic, actually.'

'So... drinking too much gives them both a headache, which makes Scorpius stop thinking and/or worrying about Rose so much. He should do this more often :D'
He may just take that advice in chapters to come.

'But why did he say earlier that it didn't have a label, and later, it's his own potion? Even if he made it himself, he could've just grabbed the wrong vial, right? It wouldn't have anything to do with his Potions grade...'
More lame excuses time! Er, Scorpius made the potion about a bajillion years ago, didn't label it, then mistook it for a headache potion. that okay? Gosh, I should really proofread more often.

'One thing though - Albus talks about his sister at the end; do you mean his cousin or does Lily also have something against Scorpius?'
Proved by this. That's a huge typo on my part. I meant cousin D: I'll correct that when the queue opens again, it's utter stupidity and too many 2am writing sessions on my part.

'Did he really quit the band now, or will he be back? '
Screaming Bloodthirsty Disco are finito (:

Thank you very much for another super review! Looking forward to hearing what you think about chapter 8 (argh, it's so festive) ;D

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Review #16, by flying_rabbitJe t'aime: Finding Him

28th November 2010:
Wait... so she was lying there, unconscious, on the ground, while it was freezing... and it took two hours before someone 'found' her? That's pretty bad. Shows what sort of world this is :S Oh well, at least she was found in the end.
It was sweet that Louis was there. Was he all better now, then? He didn't have to stay in the hospital any longer? It's nice that Fleur stood up for Stephanie as well there, even though Louis didn't like that much. Okay... so it was a surprise even for him that Madeline was there all of a sudden? And it's been 1,5 years? Odd. I hope that he'll explain it all soon.
It's too bad that she was too late to stop Louis from really leaving :( But, I'm glad that she eventually went to see him, behind her mother's and Hannah's back :D At least he turned out to be home... but it's sad that he didn't want to let her in :( I'm glad Stephanie managed to get it through his thick head that they do need each other in the end. I'm sure they'll get through this :) If they'll just try and be honest and such things, they'll make it through. I hope. It'd be sad to see them break up for real and never see each other again. I'm glad Louis did take her in there - it would've been incredibly cruel if he hadn't, of course. At least they're going to talk about it :) Let's hope Hannah and her mother won't be too worried when they notice that she's gone. On the other hand - where would she go if not to see Louis? :) Nice chapter!
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: hi! Thanks for reviewing!
yeah she was there for awhile. I suppose it doesn't make much sense and I wasn't thinking logically about it. thanks for pointing that out!
Yes, Louis was pretty much better by then. Louis will definitely explain the situation with Madeline. I debated on whether or not she could've caughten up to him.. i decided not to. I wanted her to end up at his apartment. That was a place in my head I imagined them quarreling again.
Yes, it is quite sad. However, I couldn't see Louis letting her in after what happened. He feels bad and is blaming himself. And I am glad you liked that he let her in. I couldn't see Louis being heartless. :P
Thanks for reviewing! It means a lot to hear from you! :D
I have the next chapter written actually. I just need to post it. I'll do that tonight. :)

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Review #17, by flying_rabbitAn Object of Interest: Of Pub Coffee and Meetings

27th November 2010:
Oh wow, what an ending! You're right, this really was an open ending. I can understand why you don't really feel like writing a sequel - this could go on forever. Plus, everyone will have their own opinions on how it should go, so it might be disappointing for some readers anyway. Now at least everyone can figure out how they want to see this continue. Smart move :)
Anyway, I haven't even talked about the chapter yet, so I will now ^^
I'm glad Georgie and James are still happy (and) together. And Freddy and Hollie? Who'd have thought :) Poor Rory though ;)
And wow, Josh... can't say I didn't see this coming at all, though. I mean, he hinted at it before, didn't he? I'm just glad that he's not doing it because he agrees with the Death Eaters, but because he's going to be a double agent. Not that that's not dangerous, of course, but at least he's not a bad guy :P And as long as he doesn't turn out too much like Snape, it's all good, right? ;) Is Josh in the Order as well? I mean, since it was Harry's idea and James and Fred have been working for the Order all along and they knew? On the other hand, if Josh was in the Order, he might not have told Georgie that she and James will live far away from everything, because they simply can't if they have to fight, or whatever they'll do.
It's interesting that McGonagall comes to talk to them about this in Hogsmeade. Chances are big they'll be overheard, right? Wouldn't it have been safer to talk to them in her office, or somewhere like that? It's hilarious that Molly compared Zoe to Voldemort; that's not exactly a compliment :D And it's absolutely great, especially for Molly, that Russell is going to stay for a while. I'm sure she's thrilled! :D Langley has been in the Order all along? That explains a lot, but couldn't someone have asked him to tone it down a bit, then? Oh well, at least Georgie knows that, if she were to join the Order (which her mum, I'm sure, would love), she hasn't seen the last of Langley yet at the end of the year. Haha, and she hoped James had joined a book club in north Russia? :D That's wouldn't have been very practical, would it? ;)
So... again, a great end to a great story! :D Thank you for the fabulous read!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I don't know what I'm going to do without you! I have always looked forward to your reviews, every chapter! Thank you for being so lovely! :D
I'm glad that someone caught on to my plan for the ending, people seem to be either upset or happy about the ending, but it's cool to know that you got why I did it.

Freddy and Hollie were a pair that I hadn't really considered before, but I kinda liked the thought, but I don't like the idea of everyone from the same year pairing up, so I left that ending open to :P

Yesh, Josh had been hinting, but no one really expected him to do it, neither did I really until after I had written it, then I just thought 'oh, wow - odd'.
Josh wasn't in the order, until he was approached by Harry with the idea, because Josh is a pureblood and obviously his parents would be all for the idea, he seemed like the perfect person to do the job.
I guess that they could be over heard, I hadn't thought of that, but I guess McGonagall would cast a charm or something.

I'm sure that Langley could have toned it down a bit, but then he wouldn't have been Langley :P

Thank you very much for the review. I'm glad that you've enjoyed it!

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Review #18, by flying_rabbitGuardian Angel : Oliverís Return

27th November 2010:
It's good to see that she's back in the castle :) How did Megan conclude that she's been all over the place lately? Wasn't she pretty much nowhere, lately?
Haha, of course Steph's friends would start talking about Oliver! I can imagine that she's not really comfortable right now! But it's probably true indeed, if any of them had been practising at night, especially during a thunderstorm (if the weather had been nice and calm, it's somewhat understandable, but still), Oliver would've killed them (if they had survived the storm first, of course). I wonder what Megan was about to say there?
Oh, wow. He recognised her, then? I mean, why else would he look at her like that? I bet Steph just loved that! And it's pretty bad that none of the girls had even read the note. Are they so used to not seeing her for days that they didn't think anything was up this time?
It sounds hilarious, the way she crawled away from Oliver underneath the table. Too bad her cover was blown when she bumped into that kid. I wonder how Oliver will now attempt to speak to her! :D
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: All over the place = them not seeing her. They think she's been busy, when they are the ones who have actually been busy while she's been avoiding them/been recovering. And yes, they just had to talk about Oliver. Gossip gossip gossip! And Megan, time will tell. ;)

He recognized her? He didn't recognize her? You'll have to wait and see! And yeah, it is pretty bad with the note. I put that in to really show how invisible Steph really can go sometimes. They just don't think of her unless she's in plain view.

You touch on nearly every sneaky plot point I slip in! Very good. :) Thanks for the review! Hugs,

HPB :)

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Review #19, by flying_rabbitChase: Chapter Thirteen - The World in Hindsight

25th November 2010:
Ah, yes, if the hindsight could be of any help... I can see why she still doesn't like asking Oliver out, despite being all for feminism. It sounded pretty awkward indeed. Oliver's eyes were full of emotions she couldn't read? That's a good sign, right? In this case, at least? Haha, she was just wearing heels because she couldn't stare down Oliver if she didn't? :D And if only she knew about Dumbledore reading her thoughts...
Hm, and who knows how grabbing Kendra's wrist made Oliver's stomach tie in knots ;) Her mother sounds, once again, a bit sickening. Not just her outfit of choice, but also how she dealt with Oliver. I can see why Kendra doesn't like that much, even if she didn't like him. It must be nice to hear indeed that her mother gets a far better compliment than Kendra herself...
I bet Oliver liked to hear that Kendra's going to Healer school. She won't, right? I mean, she's so crazy about Quidditch... Troy sounded interesting, even though he did not like Quidditch... too bad for Kendra that Oliver chased him off. He is pretty annoying, haha. He was bored with Kendra's outrage before she even started? :D Still, it would be nice for Kendra if she could make a point every once in a while. But hey, it's good that they're back together now, sort of. And the baby shower hasn't even really started yet! (or did it? I'm not really an expert when it comes to those things...)
Hopefully you'll update soon!

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Review #20, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Puff

22nd November 2010:
Woah, long chapter! :D
Haha, their project doesn't sound very acceptable to me, but there have got to be some perks to having a family friend as a Professor, right? :P
Just wondering, why would they need to go to the Astronomy Tower for planning? They're all Gryffindors, right? They could've easily stayed there, and James (or Fred) could've used the Map to make sure nobody overheard... But I do like Ivy's explanation of Laney's being out late. Snogging Al shouldn't have to happen in the corridors either though, should it?
Laney overreacted quite a bit there, but it sounds as if Rose really caused some trouble there. I wouldn't like to be Dara at this moment! One thing though - weren't they all fifth years at the start of the story? And now Laney goes to get Al from the sixth years' dorm? (later in the chapter, they're talking about a fifth year class being cancelled, too...)
It's a good thing they didn't really get in trouble for being out so late. Just... I can imagine why Al thinks Laney's hard to read. Her reaction, though, was still funny :D She must've been shocked to hear that Al likes spending all that time with her. Haha, and Ivy was almost being prophetic, earlier in the evening, about Laney snogging Al in the corridors xD
Oh, wow. That meeting with Ginny was definitely not something I was expecting. It must be flattering indeed to hear that Al talks about her so fondly, and Lily too (and James a bit as well?). Now I really can't wait until Christmas anymore, to hear the story.
Hm, that's odd indeed. Surely that Riley kid must know Rose and Al are related, so if he'd really like Rose, he should be nicer to Al as well. I can see why Laney doesn't trust him.
Oh wow, everyone in school knows there's going to be a prank? :D That's pretty great. Ivy's scared of Pigmy Puffs? Aw, they're so cute! She had it coming, of course. It's also awesome that the entire house was telling her off for kicking the poor little things. Al was seriously becoming dangerous there as well :D Which, I suppose, is good. And the part with that second year was nice too. I guess Laney really is popular now! Kids might actually start copying her... which their parents might not like :P
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: It WAS a long chapter, wasn't it? Who would've thought? Well, I guess it's bound to happy when your story is like, 90% dialogue. Bahaha. I do adore my dialogue. See, the thing is, I'm horrified of description! It's bad, I know. I just doubt myself so much. Hehe. Anyway, thanks for the terrific review!


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Review #21, by flying_rabbitScorpius Malfoy Must Die: Magically Masculine

22nd November 2010:
Hm, the final idea... Rather funny! So was Val's sister in Teddy's year, or what? Or how does she know him?
Where did the juice... pollution come from? Was that also the girls' work? Yes, it was a pretty good idea, just too bad it didn't work out as they planned. Though, they could've known that reactions like these would follow the gifts. If Scorpius really has such a reputation, it must be hard to break it apart by only one such prank. Fred's great though, with his phases of wisdom and of pure goofiness. I suppose Angelina's genes come into play here indeed, but it's rather different from how Fred is usually portrayed, I think. I hope the girls will manage to bring Scorpius down in the end!
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: Yes, Val's older sister and Teddy Lupin were Gryffindors and friends. Nah, the juice was just a random tiny problem to start off Scorpius's bad morning ;P

You're right, of course, Scorpius's reputation is too hard to break, but the girls aren't finished yet!! I'm glad you liked Freddie. I had fun with him. Thanks for the long review!! I appreciate it and I'll try to update soon.


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Review #22, by flying_rabbitAn Object of Interest: Of Owls and Admittance

16th November 2010:
I suppose it's a good thing Molly's concerned about both of them, right? Still, the eye-spoon thing is rather extreme...
And ouch. How did her father find out about her visit? From the Healers? I can see why Georgie doesn't want to write him back, but Hollie and Molly have a point as well. It must be a rotten situation to be in anyway.
Zoe's back in the dorm? And who had to sign the peace treaty? Zoe as well, I hope? Otherwise it would be highly unfair.
Oh wow, all those problems they're facing... so are James and Fred really alright again, or is it just a facade? And I feel bad for Molly, with her best friend leaving and all that... though I can imagine that it might be hard for the others to be around her, if her temper's really that bad. She does seem like a drama queen indeed :)
But oh dear... Damon was killed? That's horrible for Georgie - I hope that in the end, it turns out that it wasn't her fault. But I can imagine that she might want to scream at her father now (or anything else, for that matter). And they also caught Kevin? Well, it's all getting better and better :S Hopefully Josh won't do anything stupid indeed. He might just want to become a double agent now.
So... it's getting more and more serious now, yet the next chapter is the last? How are you going to do that? Of course, it could be an epilogue of sorts in which everything will be explained and ended and they lived happily ever after, but... I'm not sure. Unless, of course, the Death Eaters are weaker than everyone expects and Harry Potter figures something out indeed. Or would Georgie somehow get involved in this whole battle? I can see James not being too happy about that ;)
Hopefully you'll update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Molly is a rather extreme person, she doesn't know when to stop.
Her father works for the Ministry, the assumed that he would check up on his son, no matter what he had done to him, and that he found out that way.
Everyone had to sign the peace treaty, so that no damage to a person or object was done :P :D
I will update soon with the last chapter, I have to admit, I leave the ending rather open, so that you as a reader can form your own opinion, so many like Damon, but then again, a lot don't. Some want Georgie to be evil and leave James and go back to France - someone told me that once :P I couldn't make a good ending for everyone, so yes, I have written one, and you will see how I have done it when I update. :D

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Review #23, by flying_rabbitJust Ordinary: A Lovely Feeling

7th November 2010:
Oh, wow. That was certainly unexpected. Harry knows Laney's parents? I wonder what he found out about them, but we'll just have to wait, I suppose ;) I'm glad Ron and Hermione will take her in for the Christmas break :)
That Quidditch practice sounded awful. James sure knows how to make the players work. Glad I'm not on that team :P Haha, Liam and Lily? They have a nice alliteration going on there xD It's nice that Laney offered her help (and funny that he was kind of scared of her), and that is seems to have worked :) Lily was certainly cute there.
Their project seems a bit... well, how to put it? It doesn't seem to be going well. And of course, Ivy had to come along. My, she's jealous. I bet Al just loved what she said.
Haha, where did that Riley kid come from all of a sudden? And why did he approach Rose that way? I kind of wonder, did he really not know her name? For some reason, that just seems weird to me. I don't know; let's just hope he's not up to something.
Oh, dear. Ivy's really a (non 12+ word, I'm afraid), isn't she? Could she sink any lower? But, isn't it strange that McGonagall punishes Laney and Rose, but not Ivy? Sure, as Ivy said, there's no proof that it was her, but they could find a way to get it out, no? Besides, wouldn't it make sense that Rose wouldn't hex someone except when she has a really good reason?
And the entire family laughing at Rose for getting a detention? I would say that getting detention is a pretty common thing to happen to the Potters/Weasleys... It's a nice thing indeed, that Laney's friends with James and Fred. Oh, Ivy is in for it now :D
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon!

Author's Response: Agh! I'm so sorry FR I've been reeeally behind in reviewing. It's difficult to keep! Thanks for such the awesome review, though! You always leave such terrific reviews all full of rhetorical questions and what-not! :D Thanks again! You're wonderful!


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Review #24, by flying_rabbitAn Object of Interest: Of in Sickness and in Health

7th November 2010:
Sorry for my lateness. Nano stuff and homework and all that... I was a bit busy. Anyway, great chapter! I like the talk Georgie and Josh had, even though it was kind of dark. I feel bad for Josh, having to make such a decision :( But, I hope that he will talk to Hollie, since Georgie went off to talk to James too. Hopefully they'll all be okay in the end. One thing though - in the fourth paragraph (and some other places in the chapter, actually), you briefly switch to present tense and back. But I liked the idea of moving to a farm in Canada :P It's a bit creepy how Georgie has a feeling that she won't last long; I guess that's kind of logical, given the situation she's in, but still.
It's sweet how she just wants to be in that dorm, to take care of James :) It's also a relief that he seems to have forgiven her, and he also didn't appear to have ever been mad, but mostly just shocked. He really is a smart one, not talking to her about that ;) Anyway, I liked their talk as well :) And of course, I'm glad they made up.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: You're not late, and besides it's my turn to apologise with the lateness of this reply. :)
Good luck with the Nano! I bet yours will be brilliant!

Yeah, Josh is in a bit of a difficult decision, but he will sort himself out, find the right path for who he wants to be :)
Thank you for the warning on the present and past tense thing, I will check that out and correct it as soon as I can.
I will update soon! Thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by flying_rabbitOn the Brink of Insanity: Sweet, Sweet Victory

1st November 2010:
Hm, it's a good thing Hollie's not too nervous. And it's even better that Maggie doesn't play indeed :P Ah, and aren't all the Quidditch Captains the same? :) They all want everything to go perfectly. Which of course it probably why they were even picked as Captain in the first place :P
Wow, haha, that sounded like quite an easy game! Poor Hufflepuffs though - I can imagine that such a loss is not very nice. Especially since they didn't score any points at all. So it was a close win after all. But, even if Hollie hadn't scored that last time, they would be even, wouldn't they? That must've been one desperate moment for the Ravenclaws! I feel kind of bad for Cho - hopefully she'll manage to catch the Snitch against Slytherin, then.
The Weasley twins were seriously there to entertain? I mean, of course, they're everywhere to entertain, but people expected them to show up at the Ravenclaw victory party? Haha, I'm fairly sure indeed that Oliver will save Hollie the next time :) That was just sweet. Hollie's sudden insight came right on time, and I suppose she has a point - they were never friends, and now they only wanted to be friends because they felt that they couldn't be anything else? That was bound to go wrong someday - though this outcome doesn't really classify as wrong, of course ;) So yeah, nice chapter, great ending!
Hopefully you'll manage to update soon! I can't wait to see how everybody reacts!

Author's Response: Yes, I do feel bad for the Hufflepuffs in my story. I'm not very nice to them! But I do like them, just apparantly I use them for not so nice purposes in this story, haha.
I don't know if I really intended for people to EXPECT the twins (although Hollie did), but they definitely did their best to entertain, even if they weren't wanted (as is the case with the girls they were trying to impress, hehe).
The sudden insight was kind of my sudden insight, too. I was wondering how to make them get together and I realized that it wasn't working because it wasn't really supposed to work, if that makes any sense.

As always, thank you for the review! (:

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