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Review #1, by AndaRegret: Heartbreak Warfare

14th February 2010:
Wonderful story. Absolutely wonderful, despite the terribly sad ending. I almost expected things to work out, I almost expected them to talk it through, but the actual ending fits the story much better than any happy reconciliation would have.

And the way you described heartbreak is the most real description of the feeling I've ever read.

Author's Response: Dude I really appreciate this. I mentioned it in another review but I was hoping people reading it would actually be able to feel it, you know? Relate and stuff. So totally awesome that you relayed that. And yea, thing about life is normally we end up with the endings that aren't quite what we pictured so I wanted something realistic in that sense too. I'm super glad you liked it. And thank you so much for the review :)

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Review #2, by AndaIndependence: Independence

25th September 2009:
The ending was fabulous. The fact that she dived into the lake and he didn't get to see her resurface was as if he was burying her memory, as if he was accepting that it was the end. I absolutely loved it. Great job!

Author's Response: Ooh! I'm so glad that you liked it! I was really proud of my ending. I actually wrote it right after the first chapter, and I was so glad that it all blended together seamlessly. Thank you so much for your review!! :)

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Review #3, by AndaEleventh Hour: Part One

30th August 2009:
Wonderful. Amazing. Thought-provoking. Intriguing.

Or, better said, it was bloody brilliant. Definitely the best story I've read in awhile!

Now onto the more constructive part of the review, not the babbling. I actually feel a bit bad for Hermione. She just doesn't seem like a bad person in my head, but I don't like her. Actually, I have stopped liking Hermione all together when I read the Deathly Hollows epilogue. She shouldn't have simply ended up married and with kids. It might just be me but I always felt that there was more to her character. Back to the point though. Somehow I think that her reaction to Scorpius and Rose's marriage was pure jealousy even if she might not have meant it. But, truth be told, I find this very real. It sounds more like the character (Hermione) that I liked at some point and not the girl that married her high school love and had his babies (I'm not one of Ron's greatest fans).

Also, is it just me or is that contract more important than Hermione thinks?

And now as an ending, because this is much too long, I'll just say that I can't wait for the next part and that I'm pretty sure that this can either redeem Hermions in my eyes or completely ruin my opinion of her! *laugh*

Btw, your writing style is absolutely wonderful.

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Review #4, by AndaDemented: Welcome to My Personal Hell

30th August 2009:
This idea is really interesting. I'm curious about what Remus has to say to her. It wouldn't be about his "furry little problem" would it, now? I think that's a possibility, right? Still, it would seem a bit too soon for him to trust her with his secret, but that might just be me!

Looking forward to reading more of this :)

Author's Response: It just might be about his furry little problem. or, then again, maybe not. Who's to say but me? Haha. Thanks for taking the time to review!


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Review #5, by AndaNumbers: Sin

28th August 2009:
Aw, this is promising. I can't help but wonder what happens next :)

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Review #6, by AndaComplicated Hexagon: Reunion

28th August 2009:
This was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I loved the love hexagon thing, absolutely genius! It had funny, sad, annoying and heartwarming moments so it's pretty much perfect, as far as I'm concerned. The only flaw I could find was that she had to leave, though I didn't like the other future at all so I guess that's not really a flaw. I'm curious about the sequel so I guess I'm going to check that one out :)

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Review #7, by AndaDefining Moments: Lucius Malfoy: Last Man Standing

27th August 2009:
I always thought that Lucius Malfoy was more than just a Death Eater like Bella and this is exactly how I would have pictured him. Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I have not yet read the other stories (or shall I call them chapters?) but I will soon. Very beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. It seemed to me that Lucius had a pretty complete character arc -- from prince of the world to near-untouchable. I tend to view Lucius as a demonstrably softer character than Bellatrix, which, in some ways, is his downfall and in others, his salvation.

I hope you do read the other chapters, because there is some truly wonderful writing in here.

Best regards,

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