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Review #1, by halffareprinceA Serpent's Sacrifice: Let Them Come

12th July 2011:
This is the story that got me back into reading fanfiction, entirely on accident, one summer a few years ago when I had nothing else going on. If I'd stumbled on something a little less excellent I might not waste so much time on the fandom now, but I can't blame you for that...

I'd like to write a more thorough review eventually, but I felt really guilty this morning when I remembered out of the blue that I'd never left a review at all. Great story--great stories, I tend to think of them as a unit--and thanks for writing them. You've left me with a love of canon-like, slow-build H/Hr that is--well, extremely difficult to find anywhere else.

Author's Response: Well, thank you for that nice, unexpected review. It fills my chest with pride that my story caused such a reaction, and I know about the time wasting problem, though I don't read as much fanfiction any more.

A lot of fanfiction is pretty forgettable, that is true, but there are those exceptions that make the effort to find them pay off. I'm pleased that you enjoyed my humble effort. G.

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