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Review #1, by rainbowsocksBrains & Brawn: A Love Scene from a Bad Dream

28th May 2012:
So I was supposed to do my homework. Like a good girl.
But ended up reading all twenty four chapters of this. I didn't even want to review because I was too hooked in reading it.
To be completely honest, I wasn't sure I'd like this fic. I'm very picky with my Oliver/OC fics..and normaly never read them because i get irritated easily.
Claudia is one of my favorite characters. I must say that I love her with every fibre of my being so far.
Oliver, obviously, is just KJKLWJERJWRLE ♥
gotta love him ;)
I really like Charlotte too. Although, this whole fic I've been mentally yelling at her for going through with the job her mom wants her to do.
she should break free. AND GO TO A QUIDDITCH GAME.
I can't wait for an update :)
This fic is amazing!
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Heee. I'm always supposed to be doing homework or writing papers and I always get sucked into writing. It's very inconvenient because whenever I HAVE time to write, I'm too lazy to write or life gets distracting. :(

But I know what you mean about being picky with Oliver/OCs. I just got really sick of reading mainly Quidditch-centric fics. :P I wanted to try something new so...I wrote this. Or, I should say -- still writing it. :)

I'm glad you're loving this as much as I am! And thank you so much for your review! I'm always amazed at all these people who take their time and leave a review. :3

You are the greatest! Thank you ♥

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Review #2, by rainbowsocksFinster, Ella: They Call This Little Tango The Meeting of Minds

29th January 2012:
that's exactly what i think
that was such a good chapter and so amazing and then...
so unfair -_-
freakin jaz.
ruining life.
but i mean everything can't be rainbows and butterflies this fast
even though i wish it could :(
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hi,
Well I'm glad you liked it even if it was VERY unfair of me, I agree. But it's all part of the grand scheme of things and Jaz wouldn't be Jaz if she didn't ruin things occasionally.
I know I wish I could make Ella and Wood run off together but there's still so much to get through before then.
Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #3, by rainbowsocksWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentytwo Stone.

20th January 2012:
i was thinking that you better have a very, very good chapter after the FREAKIN LAST ONE if you want my forgiveness.
but you're forgiven. completely.
that was, depressing, yet funny and AMAZING.
AL! why on earth..ajkfalwjreowueralkwjreawroiewrj
he thinks she doesn't like him
ARIADNE! she needs to fix her mistakes. like now. pronto. ahora. i don't know now in any other language hahaha.
i look forward to an update!!
xoxo ~

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Review #4, by rainbowsocksReturn to Prince Manor: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

17th December 2011:
It's ending :(
I know I haven't reviewed every chapter, I kind of stopped..but I never stopped reading! This fic and it's prequel are one of my favorites on this website, because they're fun and not extremely stressful dark pull-your-hair-out-status and you write very well! I'm sad to see it come to an end!
I was .. /really/ hoping that you would maybe, start a new fic about Harry and Snape and Draco and the whole crew going on to their fifth and sixth and seventh year, because their adventures are so entertaining! But every story has to come to an end.
maybe you'll pick it up later and write a few spin offs or something.
I know this story will never end for me, because I'll constantly read and reread and read again! I've already reread the prequel a good...ten times and this fic about five. I really enjoyed them and you are an amazing writer.
xoxo ~

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Review #5, by rainbowsocksFinster, Ella: The Wronged and the Pronged

8th December 2011:
now oliver is going to ignore her -_-
So busy it seems like youve been avoiding me, he said innocently. Im beginning to think Ive done something wrong.
OHMYGAWSH I DIED! that was so cute!
i loved the chapter, especially the forks part, until of course ELLA DECIDED TO BE AN IDIOT!
xoxo ~

Author's Response: I know, I'm so cruel ;) BUT the reason she ran away was because my dear little Ella is still an honourable girl at heart; she won't steal another girl's boyfriend. So she won't kiss Wood when he's with Jaz because it goes against her morals even if she is in love with him. Does that perhaps give you some clues as the circumstances of the kiss in the next chapter hehe?
I promise they do kiss in the next chapter and it's very passionate lol.
Hope you keep reading, the new chapter will be out sometime in January.
Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #6, by rainbowsocksIn Her Place: In Her Place

20th November 2011:
oh that was the best!
especially the ending.
never ever ever stop writing.
i think your draco is the best draco i have ever read in a fanfiction in my life. he's exactly the way i imagined him in the actual books.
the ending was perfect! the whole entire thing was the best.
loved it
xoxo ~

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Review #7, by rainbowsocksToujours Pur: A Long Way To Go

30th October 2011:
Draco is so sweet!
I can't wait until this story develops know, the good stuff :D
Narcissa is the best! and I hope Lucius can somehow pop into the story from time to time, I love lucy!
Good job!!
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Sweet. Huh. Last thing I was thinking. Well, not really, but still. I can't either! I really should get to writing the good stuff, no?
I'm glad you like Narcissa, I feel like the books hardly ever do her any justice. She's amazing, she is.
I love Lucy :P hahahaha. Yes. Well, we'll just have to see about that...
Thank you (:

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Review #8, by rainbowsocksToujours Pur: Narcissa's Tale

20th October 2011:
"Is Sirius alright?" he asked, voice quieter than before.
that just broke my heart :(
Okay so all of Draco's little smart remarks like KILLED me. they were hilarious
i approve of Draco ;)
Moving on to Narcissa, she was really...Narcissa like.
sweet, motherly, calm, delicate...yet strong at the same time. if that made any sense whatsoever
i look forward to chapter three!!
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hahaha thank you (: Regulus is absolutely amazing, as is Draco. I'm so so SO glad you approve of my Draco and Narcissa, I'm trying extremely hard to portray them as in character as possible! Chapter three should be up sometime next week hopefully (:

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Review #9, by rainbowsocksWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone Mates.

17th October 2011:
NONONONO! i got so excited when some EMOTIONS finally came and they were SO CLOSE and then albus turns around and leaves?!?!? what is this?
he is DEAD when i get my hands on him.
that's not how it's supposed to go! they're supposed to be happy and cheery and :(
Quidditch is going to be awkward.
xoxo ~

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Review #10, by rainbowsocksToujours Pur: A Familiar Face?

15th October 2011:
hahahaha I'm so excited for this fic!!
Especially when Draco..starts to talk more :)
My only problem was a really short chapter
but i guess since it's a prologue ish thing, i'll excuse you
you do NOT know how excited I am! but like, more for the chapters to come.
my favorite color is purple by the way
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hahaha yes (: I think I checked the validation page 5 times a minute...literally! This is so exciting for me :D. Chapter two is on the way! And validation time decreased from three to two!
Draco is amazing. 'Nuff said.
You know I love my cliffies (:

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Review #11, by rainbowsocksWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twenty Adrenaline.

1st October 2011:
I could kiss you right now! He cried, still refusing to relinquish his death-grip on me.

My mouth fell open. You could kiss me right now? DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.
okay enough with the caps
anyways, I loved this chapter! she kicked butt!
i'm proud :D
albus is such a cutie ♥
i normally read James/OC fics and albus is always the awkward little brother
BUT, this fic, has totally changed my perspective :)
xoxo ~

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Review #12, by rainbowsocksLove You Always: Back to Hogwarts

2nd September 2011:
It seems like a really cute story!
Hahah well I can't really tell from Chapter 2, but it seems pretty awesome
xoxo ~

Author's Response: thanks so much :)

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Review #13, by rainbowsocksFinster, Ella: Past, Present and Future Walk Into A Bar....It Was Tense....

21st August 2011:
I really missed ella and wood and indy. not jaz. I don't really miss her haha
I actually really liked the makeover! She's still ella on the inside, and she just needed something to help her with her confidence.
ahh but what if the whole revealing of secrets goes wrong? what if wood doesn't believe her? because he knows she is in really bad terms with jaz, and he might think that she just stooped low enough to ruin jaz's relationship in order for her to gain the thrill of revenge. that would be horrible :(
and then what if jaz reveals ella's secret? oh goodness that would just be...beyond ugly.
I trust that you'll give this story a happy ending, so I'll leave the how up to you :)
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hi
I TOTALLY love how you got this chapter, from Ella's makeover to the conundrum she now faces - it's exactly what I was planning! Ella will spend the next chapter contemplating what to do and what she concludes might be VERY interesting.
Well as I plan to write a spin off one shot when this is completed I'm almost 100% certain it will have a happy ending...or will it? Ah another conundrum.
Thank you for a lovely review and keep reading!

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Review #14, by rainbowsocksThe Very First Kiss: Breaking the Curse

14th August 2011:
I just don't see how they're going to get together in the end.
if they are. hopefully.
but hermione's outburst was entertaining :)
xoxo ~

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see! And thanks! :)


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Review #15, by rainbowsocksThe Very First Kiss: Silent Secrets

14th August 2011:
he's my fiance by the way! hahaha in case you were wondering!
i must have like accidentally skipped over it when looking at the most recently updated dramiones or something.
it was fabulous! so excited for him to FINALLY kiss her.
they should marry in the end :)
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Yay! I love Blaise too! Haha oh really? Can I come to the wedding? ;)

Haha I updated fast! haha no problem:) Thank you so much! And you'll have to wait and see.


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Review #16, by rainbowsocksLady Malfoy: Into the Sunrise

1st August 2011:
I do admit that I'm extremely depressed this story is coming to an end. I remember reading this for the first time, with my best friend at like, four in the morning. We read until the last chapter updated...and I kept begging her to not read while I used the restroom so that I wouldn't miss anything.
This story marks my beginning on this website. It's always been there, a story I could look forward to reading. And now, it's completed.
It's brilliant. I had no idea how you were going to tie together all these loose ends, but you did it. I can honestly say this is one of the best stories I've ever read. Not only on this website, but in real life.
It's romantic, it's action packed, it's filled with suspense, and it's beautiful. I can only hope you plan on writing more and more stories. I don't think I can survive not having a fic written by you to look forward to.
You didn't rush the romance, you didn't rush the action, you didn't rush anything. You balanced out the gains and the losses, and you stayed completely to character for everyone.
I honestly must commend you for such a wonderful story!
I look forward to reading more things by you :)
xoxo ~

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Review #17, by rainbowsocksHunting The Hunters: Perhaps a Vacation

28th July 2011:
So I was casually biting into a peach and scrolling down the list of updated draco/hermione stories, not expecting much. My eyes literally bulged out when I saw Hunting the Hunters and completed written together. I literally tossed the peach onto the table and went into full reading mode.
I've read hundreds of fabulous stories on this website. Ways I would have wanted J.K. Rowling to end Harry Potter (with some Dramione), or fun little adventures that would have been interesting.
This story, by far..hands down, is my favorite. It's extremely exciting, tense, and adorable all at the same time. I love the personalities of each and every character, and how you managed to NAIL Draco's character.
Having said that, my annoyance alarm did ring a little bit when I read that Draco had a crooked smile. Haha not because he doesn't look good in one, but because it reminded me of twilight and edward's lame crooked smile. -.-
no offense if you're a twilight fan hahaha
But anyways, I adore this story. I'm excited to see that it's ended with such a happy joyful & satisfying ending, but I'm disappointed to say goodbye to Hunting the Hunters. I'm looking forward to reading whatever fic you write, and I'm sure I'll love it all the same
Thank you for such a beautiful story ♥
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review =) I pity your poor forgotten peach and hope that you did go back to finish it? I'm more of a nectarine person, plums on the occasional morning, but--wait a second, why am I talking about fruit?!
I'm so glad you loved the personalities of my characters, I did try very hard to keep them in character. Let me assure you, I loathe Twilight as much as any self-respecting reader and in NO WAY did I mean to liken him to that sparkly moron Edward Cullen. haha
I've got a rough first chapter of my next story written, but as of yet I lack a title and time to write more. It'll eventually be posted here, but fanfiction dot net will have it first simply because the site is easier to navigate and I don't have to wait for validation.
Thank you again for the review, as well as for your other reviews that I have always enjoyed reading! Thanks for getting to the end of this story with me =)

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Review #18, by rainbowsocksJust Like That: the youngest daughter

19th July 2011:
they're so cute♥
despite whoever says that lucy dear is a bad guy. I think he's the biggest softie on earth(:
almost, ALMOST, as much as voldemort himself. voldemort just had a bad childhood which turned his heart cold, or else he'd be skipping away with unicorns and singing happy songs to babies.
that was so cute!
xoxo ~

Author's Response: rainbowsocks,

dude, you should be my bestest friend. i think the exact same thing about Voldie --he just needed a hug, someone to understand him.

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Review #19, by rainbowsocksLady Malfoy: Of Humans and Monsters

7th July 2011:
ELI? what?
Eli was probably one of my all time favorites!
So I was actually thinking, right before I saw this fic, maybe last night, at how mean people are to Ron in their fics
but you, you nailed him! When I was reading his conversation with Pansy, you really got Ron's character right!
Which I must praise you for because little authors have been able to do that.
As for the rest, Pansy. I totally understand where she is coming from, I can just hope that her and Ron get together as soon as possible because they're adorable ♥
The fact that Cassius's child was a baby daughter, and his thoughts about her, it makes me want to give him a big hug. He's been through so much :(
ahh it is pure bliss :)
i miss eli already
i can't wait for the epilogue/final chapter
xoxo ~

Author's Response: I totally see where you're coming from about Ron. I've read a whole bunch of fics where, in order to further Draco and Hermione's relationship, they make Ron appear dumb, or irrational or just plain mean. I'm lucky in that I had a full forty chapters to figure out his character and I think my portray of him matches my perception of him from the books as well - he's a sweet, simple guy. And that's all there is to him.

haha I miss Eli too.

thanks for reading!
much love,

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Review #20, by rainbowsocksReturn to Prince Manor: A Family at Last

10th June 2011:
aw :)
that was so cutee!
i missed hermione and katie!!!
and YEAY. she's a part of the family now!
love her
xoxo ~

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Review #21, by rainbowsocksSimply Irresistible: St. Mungo's

7th June 2011:
what the bloody hell?
now that we have that cleared up, FINALLY! AN UPDATE!
i loved it :)
and teddy is the cutest critter ever
xoxo ~

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Review #22, by rainbowsocksThe Very First Kiss: Hypothetical, of Course

1st June 2011:
hahah draco was hilarious
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Hahaha the suspense is so intense! yayy I thought he was too:) The next chapter is in progress!


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Review #23, by rainbowsocksLady Malfoy: Live and Let Live

1st June 2011:

i just have three words to say
well actually...more
i'm very happy that this was a happy chapter. except the fact that ginny is...WHERE?
but honestly, after thirty something chapters, draco and hermione finally got their romance
if i could define perfect paced would be this.
so many fics have a bunch of drama and twists and turns going on and draco and hermione are admitting their love in three chapters or less. but now, you got it RIGHT ON THE SPOT.
based on their background, the amazing plot, you got the relationship perfect
and that was just too cute!
i loved it
i'm so excited to read the epilogue.
this story is amazing. it really is:)
i hope you realize what an amazing author you are.
xoxo ~

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Review #24, by rainbowsocksWelcome to the Chase: chapter.nineteen - Catch.

28th May 2011:
just kiss already
xoxo ~

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Review #25, by rainbowsocksWelcome to the Chase: chapter.eighteen Gone.

28th May 2011:
that was depressing.
that was so depressing.
i love this fic soo much
xoxo ~

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