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Review #1, by scattered No Matter What: I.

24th March 2014:

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Review #2, by scattered Clash: Overdrive

17th January 2014:
Love, love, loved it! Can't wait to see how this all pans out!

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Review #3, by scattered Clash: Sugarcoat

28th August 2012:
Loved the update! Thanks :) x

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Review #4, by scattered Aphrodite: A little about The Jeremy Incident.

21st August 2012:
Love, love, love this story! I love the characterization of James and Louis and Nickie—I just can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yay, thanks! Glad you like it :)

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Review #5, by scattered Death and All His Friends: in the end.

12th August 2012:
Oh my God, I love this story. It's so classically, beautifully written. I love the characterization of Penelope and I love her relationship—if you could call it that—with Theodore Nott (am I seeing a Clash link here...?). Well done! xx

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Review #6, by scattered Clash: Point-blank

3rd April 2012:
NO, why did it end there! There must be more! There has to be more! My hormones are to frenzied up for it to end like this! I literally screamed into my computer when I saw that Clash updated—like an honest to God, guttural scream. I WANT MORE AGGY AND JAMES.

But I'm actually ... I don't know, sort of disappointed that he kissed her. Unless—unless he's trying to prove to himself that he doesn't care and in that case ... continue one with your excellent work haha. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #7, by scattered etc. etc. (and life goes on): Everyone Wants Me (Dead)

18th March 2012:
Loved it! This Albus is just so ... freaking hot. I can't wait to find out what Potter's brewing! Update soon (if you can that is :P) xx

Author's Response: Thanks xD I have a bit of next chapter written already, though not in order. I've got way too many things to write.

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Review #8, by scattered Tug Of War: Lessons from James

21st February 2012:
Yay, I'm so happy that you've updated! Loved this chapter immensely and I think Lexie and Cameron would make such a perfect couple, it's hilarious how freaked out he is, like he's never had a girl properly like him before haha. But omg, do you do the IB? Because I do and holy shit, it's horrible haha. Anyways, update son! x

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Review #9, by scattered Still Delicate: Epilogue

19th February 2012:
That was the most perfect ending ever and I love how Aidan turned out so perfectly and this is just perfect I think I'm going to cry and I've said perfect about twenty times now but it's just so PERFECT. I love you, I love these stories and they will be legend! xx

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Review #10, by scattered Resurrect Me: & i will try to fix you.

12th February 2012:
I love this very much. Draco is not perfect, and I've always thought that he'd never wanted any of that, the old pureblood prejudice—especially when he grew up and he was in sixth year and that. This is just perfect :) x

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Review #11, by scattered Still Delicate: Endings

11th February 2012:

This ending was BEYOND perfect. I had honestly gotten to like Tom and everything, but I always had this part of me that really, really wanted Rose to be with Scorpius and of course that was going to happening because HOW COULD IT NOT? They were meant for each other, together till the end.

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Review #12, by scattered Clash: Blur

8th February 2012:
OMG. It is literally almost 2 am here and I was just trolling about on the internet as one does, casually checking up if anyone had updated and HERE THIS IS. IN ALL IT'S AGGY AND POTTER GLORY AND HOLY LORD YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE WAITED FOR THIS.

But it seems like Aggy's ... calmed down a bit. She's more humble I guess, which is a nice change. I would've liked to see more action (pent up, steamy hot sexual tension) between her and Potter, but this is just perfect so hell, I'm not complaining. Anyways, update as soon as you can! Loved it! x

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Review #13, by scattered Atlantis: Atlantis

28th January 2012:
This story is so perfectly written and it's absolutely brilliant! I love the way you've developed Remus and how you added that small bit about Fernir Greyback and how Remus feels sorry for him. The way you wrote about that and his resignedness about never going to a proper school was so perfect! You didn't at all pretend like Remus knew something more than he did at that age.

This has to be the longest review I have ever given, haha, but I just love this! xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It really bothers me when people make characters out to just KNOW things, like those nagging feelings that are realistically so improbable and impossible, with Remus's situation especially. I think it's so important to his character that he has this stretch of believing Hogwarts is impossible for him. It's incredibly sad, but so touching. Thanks again for the review, glad you enjoyed it (:

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Review #14, by scattered Welcome to the Chase: chapter.twentytwo – Stone.

20th January 2012:



(a scattered freak out)
((oh, and I abso—freaking—lutely loved this))

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Review #15, by scattered Cry For You: Impressions;

18th January 2012:
Loved itt! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks! So sorry this one came so late!

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Review #16, by scattered Still Delicate: The Other Side of Normality

17th January 2012:
Oh my god... I can't believe she died. I almost cried, it was so terrible the way it all happened—and it happened so fast! I ... I honestly have no idea anymore about what's going to happen. At first, I seriously thought Rose and Scorpius would end up together, and I'm a passionate shipper of theirs (SCOROSE ALL THE WAY), but after Tom, it just felt good again. I thought maybe Scorpius would feel better being away from Rose... but I should've known that he'd never stop loving her. I wish they could be together, but I love Rose and Tom as well. Just not the whole unhappy-my-mother-just-died-and-the-love-of-my-life-is-engaged Scorpius :P Anyways, this was a lovely updaate!

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Review #17, by scattered Clash: Stunned

6th January 2012:
OHMYGOD. I literally screamed when I saw this update. And I think Potter's absolutely right—and the thing is, I hadn't even realized how bratty Aggy was being, not until he pointed it out. I just feel so bad for her. I mean, she's finally admitting everything they had meant something to her, and he just sort of told her to ... not. Care, I mean.

WELL. Anyway! Such a brill chappie, can't wait for the next one! Seriously going to be waiting like a lunatic, re-reading and re-reading this over and over again until I throw up or something :P

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Review #18, by scattered Tug Of War: Silver Linings

17th December 2011:
Holy crap, I just found this story randomly and I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter ... I wish they weren't closing the queue in six days :P 10/10

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Review #19, by scattered Pretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 2: Ironic.

16th December 2011:
HOLY DINOSAUR SHAPED NUGGETS ... You're back. With a new chapter. With Louis. With his face. Love this chapteer!

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Review #20, by scattered LOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Yelling, Snogging, And Dancing 101

5th December 2011:
GAAAH. I love it! I've been waiting for this chapter for decades and it does not disappoint :) It's literally one of the few stories that actually make me lol.

Author's Response: Awe, really!? I'm so glad! I had half of it written out before November came around but literally EVERYTHING in my life stopped me from finishing it and posting it. I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #21, by scattered Welcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone – Mates.

15th October 2011:


I don't even.

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Review #22, by scattered Clash: Beautiful

4th October 2011:
Loved it! Can't wait for the next chapter :D

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Review #23, by scattered Clash: Wrecked

3rd September 2011:
Oh ... my ... god.

I don't even.

...What just occurred? I'm so confused and practically bursting with this craziness ... I'm just ... whoa.

Nora. The Bipolar (I'm assuming? That's what it sounds like). Potter beings SUCH AND UNBELIEVABLE fucker. Wow.

I thought I knew where this story was going... but I don't anymore. It was amazingly brilliant, I loved it so, soo, much, and I can't wait for the next one! :) 10/10.

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Review #24, by scattered Clash: Swirl

19th June 2011:
Maan, I seriously hope something gives and they just realize they're madly in love with each other. Even if ... you know ... that would be completely out of character and slightly, well, weird .__. but anyways! I loved it, as always and I wish your chapters were longer, as always :P updaate as soon as you caan!

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Review #25, by scattered Find Your Love: This is Not Funny

1st March 2011:
I loved it! It think it's such a light and funny story. Nothing's really too serious and I like that, it's fun and hilarious. Keep on keeping oon :D

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