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Review #1, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Slug Club Party

23rd July 2011:
Heylo Dear!
I believe I left a review for this chapter, but then my computer had a spaz attack before I could send and it didn't go... ah, well, here I am again!
"Remus calculated that with the amount of food and sugary snacks that Sirius and I eat, we will die by the age of twenty. Sirius will die two minutes before me because, as I mentioned earlier, he eats first, therefore getting more desert."
I seriously cracked up at that one. Loved it - and the fact that James looks like a clown drowning in fabric. Also the fact that James seems to be having problems with his sexuality.
Loved the bit with Lily drunk - she needs to start staying away from alcohol - and the duel with the Slytherin chaps... Sirius seems to have a lot of trouble with them.
There's going to be all sorts of drama with Avery's mum, isn't there? Oooh, that won't be fun... or will it?
All in all, a really good chapter - nice and long, too, which is nice. Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Moments! I've had that problem with reviews too. So nice of you to leave another one!! I need to get around to your story, I'm being horrible with it but I'm so busy right now!

I'm glad you liked their death calculations :P People actually got upset about that because James actually did die around that age so some people took it to heart haha. Didn't mean for that to be the intention!

Yes, Lily and alcohol is never a good combination, whatsoever. She's one of those girls where the worst of them comes out when inehbriated (we all know those girls haha). Thanks for the review! You rule and I need to get around to your wonderfully fantastic story!


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Review #2, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: You Tried to Turn Away

4th July 2011:
So. I absolutely ADORE the idea of having a secret Quidditch rematch. That has to be one of the best things I've read on this site... ever. And also the fact that Avery grew a spine and decided to give Malfoy a little piece of her mind doesn't hurt at all, either!
I'm glad that she finally found out about Remus, and that she's completely accepting of it; that's only right, you know. Having an understanding protagonist. Honestly, when you have a guy as sweet as him, what kind of a monster would you be to say "Oh, no, we aren't friends anymore because you have a problem that is out of your control. Have a nice life!"
It's really, really unfortunate that Avery couldn't come out and tell Sirius that she kind of has feelings for him... but I shall trust you to have it happen on her own time. Though, is it just me, or should I be getting a definate Peter-likes-Avery kind of vibe?

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the idea! One of the best things you've ever read on this site, ever? You make me blush : ) And yes, it was about damn time Avery stood up for herself and SOMEONE needed to punch Malfoy in the face. So bravo for Avery to be the first.

And yes, she had to be understanding. I mean she's been a social outcast all of her life for being slightly out there so how could she judge someone else for having something different about them?

Avery's way too big of a spaz for that to be so easy haha. And you'll find out about the Peter/avery thing : )


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Review #3, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: The New Heavy

4th July 2011:
It may have been a struggle to write, but that end scene was just about perfect! Really, the way you portrayed them was excellant - Avery, with her awkwardness, Sirius with his kindness... so bravo on that!
I was really curious about what was going on with the game - you know, all of the Slytherin students being all nervous and such. It kind of stinks that Gryffindor didn't get their celebration, though. Ah, well, such is life somethimes! Onward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aw I'm glad you liked it! I'm glad you like it so much Moments. Means a lot coming from one of my favorite writers : )


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Review #4, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Snape the Squawking Canary

4th July 2011:
Hello Dear!
For starters, you're completely wrong; this chapter was NOT a filler and it was NOT poorly written. You definately had to have this chapter because of the whole James-Avery first date (which was a wonderful fiasco, I will give you oodles of credit for that) and because we had to see James and Sirius have their little dialogue bit where Sirius denies having feelings for her, AND because we had to see Avery's michevious side. You know, the one that turns Snape into a Canary. Maybe I'm reading in to this too much, but it seemed like that little prank was her way of appologizing to James for a horrible first date. Kind of "I know I made it look like you wet yourself, but here's a joke to make it all better!" sort of thing. But yeah, I thought it was a great chapter; don't be so hard on yourself!

Author's Response: Moments! Hello! I'm glad you didn't think it was a filler, but the writers tend to be horribly hard on themselves. It's honestly an accomplishment if I like a chapter I've written.

I'm glad you see all the strong points in this chapter, with the date (which I did need to add more Avery/James time since it seems to be lacking, I realized, but I wrote this story almost 2 years ago...).

Haha I never thought of it that way, Avery doing the prank to apologize to James (in some sort of way) but it could work! I could see where you thought that :) It was really more of a moment for Avery to show how bad ass she could be.

Thanks for all the encouragement!


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Review #5, by Moments ReprieveHidden Away: Prolouge

14th June 2011:
Hey dear! You left a review on one of my stories, asking me to stop by and tell you my thoughts - so here I am!
It was really good - good plotline, and your main character seems to have a pretty interesting life. There were a few gramatical errors that you might want to have a look at - left off letters, no spaces between words - but other than that you grammer was really good. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I love your story, so it means a lot that you like mine ;). Thank you!!!

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Review #6, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: My Unusual Friend

21st February 2011:
Hey dear!
Okay, so upon reading the opening of this chapter I have to say: Most sincere form of epicness ever. Really, that was great - secretly a woman? Wonderful.
I think it's good that you've started to emphesize Remus's condition a little more, and with Sirius getting hurt Avery's probably going to get a lot more curious - and a lot more tenacious. I hope so, anyway. Their little moment in the Hospital Wing was rather adorable.
Honestly, I liked the switch-up. It gave us a bit of nice insight to Sirius and Avery's relationship and how big it's getting on his side - I think you should continue to switch it up. It's kind of like shaking a bottle of soda before you open it - lots and lots of fun all around, not to mention the sticky mess it'll leave!
Oh, and this time I have a favorite quote:
"What I like best about being a guy is that one moment there can be a problem with us and then next we're having a contest seeing how many pieces of toast can fit into James' mouth. And just for the record, it's six pieces of toast and half an egg."
Completely excellant!

Author's Response: Haha at first I was like...sincere? I don't think this chapter was particularly profound in the beginning haha. But yes, woman theory, makes sense. Being a werewolf is very similar to being a woman. I'm glad you liked the hospital scene, it turned out a lot better than I had originally planned it. I liked all the tender moments that went unnoticed by Avery but slowly are developing into Sirius's increasing affection for her, if that makes sense?

And yes that quote is one of my favorites, and so true to guy form. Most of my friends are guys so I feel like I can tap into their minds quite easily, and they are quite simple creatures for the most part :P


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Review #7, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: These Things Move in Threes

21st February 2011:
Hey dear!
I appologize for the random, caps-lock, poorly constructed setence above. It will be elaborated upon in due time.
For starters, I was almost expecting more of a personal conversation with Dumbledore, but the way you did it was good - short, sweet, and not so time and space consuming. Very well done.
I enjoy the fact that suddenly everyone is hitting on Avery just because she's been noticed by James - or rahter, pretending to hit on her while actually trying to rile him up. I thought that was a pretty nice touch there.
Of course. James WOULD be upset that Slytherin got dammaged. It's so him.
The fact that Nial knows about Avery and James is a nice twist - do we smell blackmail, or is that just something less appealing like chocolate?
Okay, not chocolate. As much as we love reading about blackmail, chocolate wins.
You wrote the Quidditch scene very well, I think - and the bit about Sirius having it out for Amos was a nice touch. A definate insight to his emotions towards a certian young woman main character... always fun stuff. I liked the ending, too - it was a good way to sum it all up. All in all, well done!

Author's Response: Hahah I write quidditch good? Thank you :) I'm always worried about that since writing sports in stories is a bit of a daunting task, especially since it's a sport none of us have ever played before, makes it a bit more difficult. And people hitting on Avery I thought added a funny little anecdote to the story. And nial is mean like that, he's too much of a teddy bear :/ No evil in that boy.

Thanks again for the awesome review! Glad to see my favorite writer reviewing my stories, always puts a smile on my face :)


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Review #8, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Sound the alarm

21st February 2011:
Hey dear! I know it's been a dreadfully long time since my last review - my bad for that - but I got to thinking that maybe a couple waiting for you would be a nice welcome home present, yeah? So here they are!
As bad as this sounds, it was good to have a little bit of bad, ommious things happening at Hogwarts. You got a really good insight to Sirius's relationship (or lack thereof) with his brother - well done with that. Avery's growing emotions for Sirius are good, the kind that seem like they're going to blossom whether encouraged or not. It was a good tidbit, throwing Aragog in there - most stories kind of forget about him, but you haven't, obviously. Hagrid to the rescue? Talk about three cheers! I liked the slippage about Sirius's less human form, and honestly? His feelings for her seem well-placed. Not too extremely quick, but not slower than molassas either. Very well done with that.
Well, looking foreward for the aftermath of this little event - that should be exciting, yeah?

Author's Response: Moments! How lovely of you to stop by! Which reminds me, I've read all your new chapters but haven't left any reviews because they were on my iphone and it would take far too long to leave the long reviews I usually leave. Anyway, done rambling...

Thanks again for the lovely present. I'm glad you liked the semi insight into Sirius's relationship with Regulus, the twisted relationship that it is.

I'm glad you liked all the different elements I threw into the story. i'm really trying to seperate this from other Marauder stories and adding totally different events, glad you're responding well to them :) Thanks for the awesome review!


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Review #9, by Moments ReprieveBęte noir: Impertinent Gargoyles

24th January 2011:
Lorelei? Awesomest name ever!!! And a golsiping Michelle? Ever true!
Really good chapter, honestly - it will be nice to see where she's heading off to and who awaits her there. Poor Jackson T_T - that's some depressing stuff. Nice job, and can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'm so glad you liked it! Yes indeed, poor Jackson... I honestly love that boy...

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Review #10, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Little Lion Man

20th October 2010:
Heylo Dear!
I'm sorry, but the bit about Remus having a menstural cycle is definately the best thing ever. Seriously halarious - and Voldemort sexually confused? Dear, you are quite the genious!
I love how she's getting so much more of an attitude the more we get to know her - it's absolutely fantastic.
You're giving Sirius a past, too - that's good.
The flying lessons were really cute, and I like how Avery is really starting to like Sirius.
Aw, he got them tickets! That's so epic!
Romantic moment ruined by classic clutziness - sadness...
And a little bit of a cliff hanger again - good!
Great chapter once again; 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you found it amusing :) I'm always worried my jokes aren't funny and people won't get them as my sense of humor tends to be a little...out there. Genius? *Blushes* you're too kind.

I'm glad you like Avery's change! I was scared it was going to happen to soon but people seem to think she's developing just fine :)

Oh and Sirius's past comes into play a lot more as the story continues. I figured it was about time to get some AVery/Sirius action going. But I hate writing fluff. Love reading it but writing it is PAINFUL. I try to go off my past relationships but even then I'm like wanting to puke a little :P Thanks for the lovely reviews :)


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Review #11, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Until the Morning

20th October 2010:
Heylo Dear!
Haha, way to abuse your not-boyfriend, Avery! Love the facial smack with the pillow! And then a little later, with the whole very impressive rant to James? Very epic. Very epic indeed.
I like how Avery is getting really good insight to James's character - a nice touch!
"Drunken Muze festivities" - ha!
I loved the birthmark bit - absolutely hystarical!
I liked the touch about the Death Eaters and the battle against Voldemort - a lot of Marauder stories seem to forget that.
All in all, an excellant chapter! 10/10!

Author's Response: Hey hey! (I think greetings are always necessary in reviews)
Glad you liked her rant! I'm always worried when writing rants in that they'll come off contrived and totally fake and over the top, but glad you liked mine :)

I thought with her drunken activity instead of being over the top I would just drop subtleties here and there, like a running joke :)

And glad you liked my introduction of the war :) That's going to start playing a big part in my story and its direction. Thanks so much, you rock :)


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Review #12, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Alter the Ending

11th October 2010:
Heylo dear!
I love the interaction between Sirius and Avery at the begining of the chapter - a good way to open up!
I also really like your version of Sirius - he's kind of funny in a bit of a harsh way, which is good!
The almost-fight scene between Avery and Lily was really good - you did an excellant job with that, and I think it's rather funny how drunk Avery got.
All in all, good chapter - 10/10, and cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks again for the reviews! Seriously it makes my day that one of my favorite authors on the site is reading my story!!! I'm glad you like Sirius :) It's quite important that my depiction of him is well liked by people!


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Review #13, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Uprising

11th October 2010:
Heylo Dear!
Finally James says he's sorry! Lord, I thought that boy was downright heartless!
Finally, things are getting less awkward! I mean, I love potentially embarasing situations as much as the next person, but I'm glad that they can sit down and not spit food on each other!
Moonstone - who be this? Someone interesting, I hope?
Oh Avery! I love how oblivious you are - "what the hell does semi-formal mean?"
Greatest fake pet name ever - snicker doodle.
Nail seems nice enough, a good break for Avery's suddenly hectic life, and it will be interesting to see where you go with him.
All in all, this was a really good chapter! It showed a lot of growth with Avery and her relationships, which is good! It makes your character seem deep and real. I just love her more and more with every chapter - good job with her! 10/10, and cheers!

Author's Response: Aw James can't be heartless, otherwise no one would like him!

You'll find out who moonstone is later on don't worry :)

Nial is a good friend to have, I kind of like him and am hoping to have him evolve as the story goes on and in the sequel. I'm glad you liked this chapter and Avery's growth :) You rock!!


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Review #14, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Fell Down the Stairs

11th October 2010:
I love Lelani - she's a pretty cool person - will we see more of her later on?
I still love Avery's way to think of things, and how she has this odd feeling of innocence about her that makes her that much more likable. Especially the bit about clowns :)
Okay, deffinately love how she made Lelani attack her with lip gloss. Literally made me laugh.
I like how the Marauders are all so brotherly with each other. It's really great.
Lunch = disaster... LOVE IT!
I adore how Avery acted like she knew nothing but ended up correcting SIRIUS BLACK's play. That definately made my day. But I kind of hope that it won't be all awkwardness for her as she gets used to everyone - people don't spend ages going on about hiporgiff dung.
By the way - best ending line ever.
10/10 - Cheers!

Author's Response: Hello!!! I'm trying to respond to my reviews quickly because I saw that you've updated and I'm about to like squeal! And that didn't really make sense :P

Lelani I don't really have plans for her now but she will be in the sequel for sure, I just don't think she's going to play anymore roles in this story.

I'm glad you liked the Marauders brotherly-ness. I was worried I would concentrate too much on Sirius/Avery and then the bond between them would be lost but I'm glad I've still included that :)

Don't worry, her awkwardness does fade, it will never be lost (otherwise she wouldn't be Avery) but she will become more confident in later chapters :) Thank you so much! You're awesome for reveiwing. Gosh I'm a little out of it, it was homecoming at my college yesterday so I'm out of sorts right now.


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Review #15, by Moments ReprieveBęte noir: Of Gurdyroots and Fresh-Water Plimpies

23rd September 2010:
Heylo Rid! Long time no see, yeah?
Poor Rory! It sounds like she has a rough time at Hogwarts! I hate both Vivian and Helena, but love Jackson - wasn't that your point? Over all, a good chapter - I enjoyed it, though I wish you had made the fight scene bigger! Anyway, 10/10 - good one!

Author's Response: Thanks, Rep!
You were most definitely supposed to love Jackson. Vivian and Helena... not so much. Don't worry, though. There are plenty more fights where that came from!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: The Sound of Settling

18th September 2010:
Heylo Dear!
I don't agree with you - I thought this chapter was great! It definately showed the potential that is there for Avery and Sirius, as well as giving us some good insight to both of their characters. I'm begining to like Avery more and more as time passes, and you're portrayal of Sirius is good - very caring for James. All in all, excellant! 10/10!

Author's Response: You're amazing for actually reviewing my chapters! Seriously, most appreciative author on this site. I'm glad you like :) And that you like Avery/Sirius. I want them to get together so bad but I'm trying to pace myself and not have it by chapter 4 be like, oh hey we're in lurve. Now I have to draw it out for 20 more know how it goes. Enough rambling. thanks again!!!


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Review #17, by Moments ReprieveDuck and Cover: Not the Same After That

17th September 2010:
Hello Dear! You left me some wonderfully epic reviews in the past, so I figured I may as well return the favor!

For starters:

"I don't.

He wears an eye patch.

I don't date pirates.

Or any person that carries sharp objects with them. "

The above quote literally made me laugh out loud. Seriously, that is pure brilliance right there!

"I really think Lily is an attention whore."

That one there was great too, and pretty much describes her down to a tee.

"It does make for some excellent gawking when I hide creepily in the corner and have nothing better to do but stare at him."

Yes, yes he does.

This was really completely and totally fantastic! Really, I laughed a few times, and I really love how you've created Avery. She's shy and more than a little mentally insane, but that makes her a really excellant, origional character. She just keeps making these little, snide quips that sort of have nothing to do with anything but are so funny that they somehow fit.

I like how you've automatically established Lily as the kind of person I read her as in the actual books. Kind of a snob, up-tight, rather rude, but you've left pleanty of room for growth. An excellant start for her!

I also like James already. This was the kind of hasty desicion that he always makes - one off the top of his head that really shows his personality!

All in all, I thought it was an excellant beginning to what I think will be a lovely story. I will review more chapters later, but I have to jet at the moment - I will see you soon, my friend! (and, for the technical record, this is a definate 10/10!)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh I saw your name and I was like...wait...I thought I was on my reviews haha. And then I was delighted when I saw that you were reviewing one of MY stories. What a lovely twist of events :)

I'm glad you liked it so much and left such a lovely, long review :) You, my dear, rock.

I'm glad that you like Avery :) And yes she is a little insane, but that's kind of the loveable part in her, yeah? :P And I'm glad you liked my portrayal of Lily, I tried to make her different than how others have depicted her.

I'm glad you like it! you're fantastic for leaving a review!!! :)


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Review #18, by Moments ReprieveIt's Possible That–: The Ominous Escapade

13th August 2010:
Salut Rid!
Where the heck did Sirius go in the first place? Yeesh, talk about abandonment!
Anyway, the actual review.:
What was written on that little bit of paper? Cuiosity is a twitch!
Woah, talk about an alcoholic! Wow, Triscut can really chug them, can't he?
Mary... and drugs? Wow, Kat needs to do something about that pronto!
Sirius to the rescue! ~enter superman music~
All in all, a lovely chapter. 10/10 - beau chaptre, mon ame!

Author's Response: Thanks, Rep!
He was visiting Olivia, remember?
The paper? You mean the thing at Christmas? This will be explained later...
Haha! Yeah, I thought that I would give Tristan a bad wrap at that point. He has to have some flaws, you know?
I LOVED putting the dog into that scene! It seemed so perfect. I just HAD to do it!
Yeah, Mary... she's just... confused... and it's mostly Lily's fault. Again, this will be explained later...
~Superman music~ Sirius!
Thanks for the review, mon ami!

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Review #19, by Moments ReprieveIt's Possible That–: Modern Warfare...?

27th July 2010:
Salut Rid!
Yeesh, it took long enough for Sirius and her to be on first-name basis, huh? Poor Eloise, poor Remus, and poor Mary though! Wow, awesome non-filler-like chapter! Cheers! (10/10)

Author's Response: Merci, Rep!
Thanks for the review, mon ami. Yeah, I had to draw their "relationship" out a bit so it didn't look like they became "friends" too quickly. I'm glad you found it to be un-filler-like. *grins*
Hope everything is okay on the Kylie home front!

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Review #20, by Moments ReprieveIt's Possible That–: Close Encounters

21st July 2010:
Heylo Rid!
Aaaah, the baby!!! You can deffinately tell that Kat is beginning to have feelings for Sirius in spite of her blantant denial of it, and that's deffinately getting cuter! Good bit with Slughorn's party, and I'm glad James and Lily are all right! 10/10, and Cheers!

Author's Response: Salut, Rep!
Yes, yes... the baby. I knew people were going to notice her feelings with the whole hug thing, but I didn't realize that I made it so bloody obvious...
Yay, James and Lily! (That's really all I can say about them. They're just adorable. Thanks, J.K. Rowling.)
Au revoir!

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Review #21, by Moments ReprieveIt's Possible That–: The Most Dangerous Game

18th July 2010:
Heylo Rid!
Awesome chapter, must say. I love the Sev-Kat interaction and the hinting at El's love of Sirius - this is deffinately shaping up to be one heck of a plot, girly! 10/10. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks, Rep!
Glad that you dig Sev's hormonal outburst. Eloise... dear God. I'm starting to hate her... Is that bad?! Thanks for the review, mon ami!
Au revoir!

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Review #22, by Moments ReprieveIt's Possible That–: Heathcliff

6th July 2010:
Heylo Rid!
Gotta love the Tristan/Sirius scene - and then that bit about Heathcliff? I died, in a good way. I love how James knew the book and such, and then The Hobit refferance. haha...
Lily starting to crumble under James, Mary being in a huff, the mystery about Kat's hand - all of it lovely, dear. Though one question - WHEN exactly did you stop sending me stuff!? Really, you know how much I love reading it before hand and you've been depriving me! Anyways, lovely chapter, 10/10, and Cheers! (Hope the witch-burning is going well, by the way ~winks~)

Author's Response: Thanks, Rep!
(By the way, I sort of feel like PotterWatch when we talk... Rid... Rep...*grins*)
I love that you love this chapter!
I didn't send this to you because I wanted to post it first... sorry! I just wanted it to be a surprise!
Au revoir, mon ami!

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Review #23, by Moments ReprieveDarkness Falls: Betrayal

29th June 2010:
Heylo DracoMuggleLuver 01!
Aw, poor Mione! That's kind of a rough way to find out about a cheating boyfriend, isn't it? Well done - Cheers!

Author's Response: Thanx so much!

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Review #24, by Moments ReprieveFinally: About Time

29th June 2010:
Heylo Bookworm045!
This was pretty good in a small, random, cute way. I was kind of expecting it to be a little bit wilder from the summery, but it was still interesting. I loved how everyone was screaming non-stop in the begining - talk about vocal! Cheers!

Author's Response: Moments Reprieve,

Heylo, M.R. -hehe, just like Mr. But not. Moving on...- I am happy to hear that. And yeah, it could have been random, but you know, I'm all about surprises. XD Glad you liked it anyways. :D Cheers!

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Review #25, by Moments ReprieveIt's Possible That–: Odysseus and Calypso

29th June 2010:
Heylo Rid!
It did not sound like a filler - it had pleanty of action!
Hahahahaha, Beastly. And then Sirius, being back with better flowers... I love this competition bit going on with these two - it makes things so much better. Yey, Lily went on a date with Jamesy! Woot-woot for the lion seeker!
Very good - Cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks, Rep!
I'm so glad you appreciated our lurvely little Beastly...
Yes, yes... we all love Lily and James... as much as we hate to admit it... (wink wink)
Thanks again. So glad you like it!

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