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Review #1, by BlackLicoriceReckless: Impulsive

7th September 2009:
First i just like to say your banner is what made me read this story, your writing kept me reading and your writing is also whats keeping me waiting in excitement for your next chapter.

Amazing story, great details overall a great read can't wait for the next chapter :)!

Author's Response: First, I would like to thank you for even clicking on my story. I am very proud (even if that is a little arrogant) that my banner drew you in. I think it's serving its purpose then.
Second, thank you very much for praising my writing.
Your review made me smile - thank you so much, BlackLicorice. Also, I will definetly try to get the next chapter out soon.

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Review #2, by BlackLicoriceDelicate: An April Fools Prank Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

25th August 2009:
i love this story !
wow u really had me with the james dying thing i was literally shouting at my computer ...and then the shouting turned to uncontrollable laughter..ur brilliant !

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Review #3, by BlackLicoriceHarry Potter and the Overdone Plotline: Of Cliffhangers and Random Rivals

23rd August 2009:
let me begin with a LOL!!X10978766521
this story had me hooked from the summary i also get annoyed with these horribly predictable same plot (sirius shag me i'm a new girl i make all the old ones look ugly/o crap im a were wolf too/OMG james is so sensitive..its so out of the blue o i think i like him) maurader stories ..even though im am immensly guilty of reading them ...well i stop at any one with a bad plot / writing, some of them are just really nauseatingly horrible and your story is a great spoof on those..can't wait to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: I agree, they are such a gulity fangirl pleasure. I'm addicted to the overly-fluffy Lily/James love ones. It's a problem.

Thanks for reviewing!

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