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Review #1, by blackzeroNo Wands At The Wedding: The Bride

9th October 2017:
Superb...the comic factor is thoroughly enjoyable. Update soon.

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Review #2, by blackzeroNo Wands At The Wedding: Rude Boys

30th September 2017:
Well thanks for the update.Hope you update soon to know who Albus is bringing to the wedding..

Author's Response: Yup posting a new chapter tonight! Albus's date will be revealed soon... Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by blackzeroHow not to be a Woodley: Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
Thanks for the update. The story has became awesome to the superlative degree possible. Long delay arises fear story being abandoned. Peace and health to you and your boyfriend. Again thank you very much for continue to write this amazing and wonderful piece of work

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Review #4, by blackzeroReinvention: a memorable meeting.

14th August 2017:
Wwll thanks for the update.The start is bit complex, and intriguing.

Author's Response: No probs :) glad you found it intriguing!

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Review #5, by blackzeroBeing a Falmouth Falcon: Day Drinking

28th June 2017:
I want more...Still something is better than nothing...Why does he want Gigi.. ? Update soon

Author's Response: LOL don't worry, there will be more! I'm not even half way through this series ;)


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Review #6, by blackzeroMasquerade: Don't We?

18th June 2017:
Al really likes her a lot...but does she...It all depends on you .Can't wait for another quick update...

Author's Response: Hmm we'll have to wait and see... Your continued support means so much thank you!!

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Review #7, by blackzeroStrictly Quidditch: The Platform

15th June 2017:
Well stsrt is promising... Keeping fingers crossed for next one

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #8, by blackzeroFluorescent Adolescent : crisp white shirt

14th June 2017:
I don't know how they will be able to keep their relationship .kissing Micky and writing to the James...Please don't break them.It has evolved into a super complicated knot.Thanks for such a large chapter...

Author's Response: ahh you'll just have to wait and see! thanks so much for leaving a review !! xxx

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Review #9, by blackzeroWrong number: Third call

14th June 2017:
A quicke update is always nighr.And now please let them meet in real.

Author's Response: Thank you! they'll meet in the last chapter ;)

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Review #10, by blackzeroWrong number: Second call

13th June 2017:
Please update soon.It was sort of a cliffhanger

Author's Response: chapter is up to validation! there will be a total of five call but maybe i'll do a sequel ;)

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Review #11, by blackzeroWrong number: First call

13th June 2017:
Oh wow...that was extremely funny.goood start

Author's Response: so happy you like it! next chapter will be up by tomorrow! ;))

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Review #12, by blackzerouncharted.: eight.

10th June 2017:
Wow...way to go...the way she dressed diwn James was awesome

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all of your reviews! I really enjoyed reading them!!

I'm really glad you enjoyed how Cass stuck it to James :)!

Thanks for your kind reviews!

Much love,


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Review #13, by blackzerouncharted.: seven.

10th June 2017:
She is slowly inducted into the Wotters.good chapter

Author's Response: Thanks again! Wotters are so fun to write cause they can just be anything you make them, ya know?

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Review #14, by blackzerouncharted.: six.

10th June 2017:
A good Goyle...? Superb storylines

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!! I think Grayson adds a special element. He knows where Cass is coming from, ya know?

Thank you!!

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Review #15, by blackzerouncharted.: five.

10th June 2017:
Wow.a duel.all ingredients added one by one...wonderful

Author's Response: You're so kind!! I was so nervous about posting the duel so it always make me happy to hear reviews like this :)

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Review #16, by blackzerouncharted.: four.

10th June 2017:
Fred's character is awesome.superb way for its introduction

Author's Response: Thank you! This Freddie scene is still one of my favorites in this entire story. Thank you for your kind review!!

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Review #17, by blackzerouncharted.: three.

10th June 2017:
The whole Hogwarts population seems to know her by sir name. Good...comic sequences were good

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! I know, it's quite the infamous surname, right?

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Review #18, by blackzerouncharted.: two.

10th June 2017:
Fenrir...there is full load of death eater family here...Nice chapter

Author's Response: Ha so true, great point!! Thank you for your review :).

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Review #19, by blackzerouncharted.: one.

10th June 2017:
A Nott and a Delacour with Hermione as Minister... I like it.Good start

Author's Response: Aw, thank you for the review, blackzero!!

Hermione definitely deserves to be the Minister out of our three famed heroes, don't ya think?

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Review #20, by blackzeroSleeping Habits : { sleeping habits }

9th June 2017:
A very good read.light and fluffy

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #21, by blackzeroHolly Fest : Lysander Scamander's part-Veela Girlfriend

8th June 2017:
One of Lorcan and Lysander's best characterization

Author's Response: Hehehe, they're definitely fun indeed. ;)

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Review #22, by blackzeroHolly Fest : We're camping with the Wotters?

8th June 2017:
Nice intro for the story.character formation has made character likeable...update soon

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll update as soon as I am able!

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Review #23, by blackzeroHolly Fest : Camp Wotter (Part One)

8th June 2017:
Superb.the length was impressive.. and that Dom thing is hilarious. Btw i hope you find the motivation to finish The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads

Author's Response: Thanks so much :)
And I've recently read through Potter Boys and I forgot how much fun I had writing it, and how much I still love the characters. I started that one when I was still in high school so my writing style has changed quite a bit. But I can see myself still finishing it at some point. It'll just take some time.

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Review #24, by blackzeroThe Redhead: One-Shot 1: 20 Years After Hogwarts

1st June 2017:
It's been ages ...where is one shot 2. One of the best stories

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Review #25, by blackzeroOnce In A Lifetime: I

28th May 2017:
I still believe he deserves to be with Faye.If you are still writing ...please make it happen.I just read all in one go.It as an amazing piece of work.May be one short chapter but make it happen.He feels so much empty and again did the same mistake when she was pregnant of not being courageous ...You are splendid Thank you

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