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Review #1, by blackzeroWelcome to London: Dreaded Days

7th December 2016:
Thanks for the update. It's been ages and I was fearful that the anticipated update may never come.
Finally the story got a chapter image and that too a very good ne.

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Review #2, by blackzeroI Blame It On Our Past: Surprise!

3rd November 2016:
Aha.. .Poor Mason.. ...Thanks for the update.. ..

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Review #3, by blackzeroYes... I Am A Star : Meet Me in Hog's Head

2nd November 2016:
Thanks for detail insight on Amanda's and James relationship .

Author's Response: Sure, it was a long-time coming! Thanks for the review.
- Alex

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Review #4, by blackzeroThe Rules Of Law: Black Rock

27th October 2016:
Good going. thanks for such a wonderful story

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Review #5, by blackzeroThe Rules Of Law: Puddingshire

27th October 2016:
Good way to introduce Freddy and that too other being working at Joke Shop.

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Review #6, by blackzeroThe Rules Of Law: Diagon

27th October 2016:
Well it's good to see James doesn't have aby daddy issues. I think Octavia likes Harry Potter despite being a Slytherin as hero

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Review #7, by blackzeroThe Rules Of Law: Hogsmeade

27th October 2016:
That Pygmy Puff dialogue was hilarious. Suspense and comedy in one package.

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Review #8, by blackzeroThe Rules Of Law: Knightsbridge

27th October 2016:
Investigative stories are rare on hpff .The premise is splendid .Octavia's characterization is refreshing.

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Review #9, by blackzeroBeing a Falmouth Falcon: Going Home

17th October 2016:
Superb return by Gigi...I bet James is bringing Camilla as his date

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Review #10, by blackzeroFallen: Pancakes

14th October 2016:
Who's that pretty lady ? Children are very possessive over their parents belongings and the cuteness which this line was executed was marvelous. James and Cassie's relationship is quite complicated. Thanks for the.update

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Review #11, by blackzeroI Blame It On Our Past: First Night Over

11th October 2016:
Good going .Their kid's name still confuse me...Update soon.Well how happy will be she when she wins the bet ultimately

Author's Response: I'm not going to lie, it confuses me too sometimes. :)

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Review #12, by blackzeroFallen: The Hen Party

10th October 2016:
Oh my god what a evil way to end the chapter.Thanks for the update.The last few lines were amazing

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you're still enjoying it xx

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Review #13, by blackzeroThe Switch : The One Where Fred Shows Up With Good News

10th October 2016:
Can't wait for the next chapter. Finally they are free from the marriage fiasco.Update soon.The story is at a point that you want to read what happens next.Thanks

Author's Response: I will. I already wrote the next chapter. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #14, by blackzeroThe Sacred Twenty-Eight Club: The Truth Comes Out

1st October 2016:
Wow.The pace with which the story moved in this chapter was awesome. So intense and emotional.Please update whenever you can but do complete this story. It's awesome

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Review #15, by blackzeroThe Proposal: The Next 3 Years...

28th September 2016:
Wonderful.Thabks for the one shot. The proposal trekking was a wonderful idea. Can't wait for the sequel.

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Review #16, by blackzeroNo Strings Attached: Estate

23rd September 2016:
Well Charlotte's father loves her very much but for the sake of her mother he stays quiet.He has to interfere and stop her nother at sone tineThe introduction of her was mother exactly the same and rather more vicious as promise at rhthe start of story.James softer side is touching Charlotte. The story is going awesome thanks for update

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Review #17, by blackzeroRisk It All: Is This Over?

22nd September 2016:
There were intense emotions in this chapter. Hugo and Todrick are scheming to kick James out of Esne's life.Esme is unsure whether to believe it or not Waiting to see how Esme will fibd the truth.Thanks for the update

Author's Response: I'm glad that the emotion got across, I was worried about how it would turn out. Mmmm your questions shall be answered soon! :D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by blackzeroYes... I Am A Star : The Decision

19th September 2016:
A good insight into Amanda's insecurities. Quidditch sequences were very good

Author's Response: Thanks! Amanda has become one of my favourite characters and her and James are my favourite couple in the book. I was worried that people wouldn't like the Quidditch because I don't actually show a whole lot of it. - Alex

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Review #19, by blackzeroFallen: Dress Fitting

18th September 2016:
I am loving every bit of it.And the quick updates are highly appreciated. Good waybto end the chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! Next chapter coming soon :) xx

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Review #20, by blackzeroAnd All That Jazz: Acting, Lying, And All That Jazz

17th September 2016:
Oh they are finally together.Superb. Waiting how Jett reacts to the news.

Author's Response: yep, they are ;) well, they're trying to make sure he doesn't find out, at least for a while... so we'll see if that works out or not.

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Review #21, by blackzeroHopeless Manifestations : Of Returns And Reunions

16th September 2016:
Well the introduction seems excellent.Waiting for next chapter for further character development of Aria.

Author's Response: Aw I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the introduction and thank you for the review!
As for Aria I'm hoping to develop her into a deep and well rounded protagonist as there's nothing like a bit of good old character development. It annoys me when characters seem shallow or underdeveloped so I'm hoping Aria doesn't turn out the same but I do have a few ideas in mind for her.

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Review #22, by blackzeroBeing a Falmouth Falcon: It's All Downhill From Here

15th September 2016:
I think James is being an arrogant jerk.He has taken his relationship with Gigi for granted.He should have put an end to Gigi's fear at the beginning but instead his single minded attitude towards quidditch has sabotaged the relationship Camilla has her sight on James from the beginning and has played well. Gigi needs to focus back on quidditch.Sone time away may be in the form of loan move will do her good since i believe she cannot take James/ Camilla pairing. I would love to see how she reacts. Hoping for an eventual James/Gigi. Keeping finger crossed.

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Review #23, by blackzeroFallen: The Escape

4th September 2016:
A good chapter. Al and Liv have become a almost perfect couple. Liv blatantly confronts Cas that she came back because of James.I am loving every bit of drama in it.Thanks for a quick update

Author's Response: I'm really pleased you're enjoying it. I quite love writing Al and Liv. Thanks for the lovely review xx

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Review #24, by blackzeroFallen: The Birthday

21st August 2016:
Wow.they way Ginny and Lily attacked Ca like a tigress. I am loving every bit of it.Thanks for the update

Author's Response: I feel like it was probably a bit harsh but also I quite like vicious Lily. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

Emma xx

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Review #25, by blackzeroMiss Nothing: Blonde

21st August 2016:
Well it was interesting.It could be two or three shot. Anyways keep rocking

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