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Review #1, by ChiiboStolen Kisses: Birthday Kiss

27th August 2009:
Aw xD Beautiful. I love Hershey's Kisses, haha =P ..
Very well-written, very sweet (no pun intended), charming, and a joy to read. I'm tempted to throw in a few chocolate-related jokes, but.. I won't subject you to that xD
Awesome! I loved it, lots and lots!

Author's Response: Lol I'd enjoy the jokes :P
Thank you so much for the awesome review :D
Honestly really glad my first one-shot came out this good haha :]

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Review #2, by ChiiboHysteria: A Broken Fairytale

27th August 2009:
That was.. fantastic! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant... Powerfully written, strong, vivid, very interesting.. I loved it!
Absolutely lovedlovedloved it xD I apologize for the short review, but..
Awesome! Moar, please ;D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so so much! Reviews like this make me feel all fuzzy inside ^_^

I love short reviews, don't worry! (Their easier to answer, for one thing XD)

I might do a prequel one day, but I think this may be the end of this story :/

But thanks so much for taking the time to read and review, it means alot!

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Review #3, by ChiiboPerfection: First Taste

26th August 2009:
I've read this whole fic in one go, I loved it! You took a sensitive subject and used it brilliantly, it was addictive reading, very well-written, emotional and gripping. And downright awesome. Wo xD !
I would post more, and I should, but it's late.. Just, huge thank you for writing it O: and great job !!

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Review #4, by ChiiboAway: Away

25th August 2009:
So, you thought you could post Dramione without me reviewing..? MWAHAHAHA!! NEVAHH!!

Erm, well, yes, I'm reviewing this P: lol! It is different, but still retains the cathyyy charm, and my sweet, sweet helping of Dramione is still alive and well ! Huh.. It's late.. I seem to be mixing up my metaphors.. Ah well! Not to worry.

Lovely-ly written, tres interesting, and beautifully emotional in all the right places, and that rather delicious twist of Hermione-chooses-Ron-but-wanted-Draco, which gives me hope that one day JKR will admit she got it all wrong and write an extra few chapters explaining how Hermione actually ends up with Mr.D. Malfoy instead of 'Weasel'. Not that I'm a Ron-hater, or anything..

So, uh, yes, I'm ranting.. But it's true, I loved this lil departure from the norm (altho if the 'norm' doesnt keep coming I'm going to be incredibly upset and begin throwing marshmallows xD ) and, well, i have a feeling that anything you write will be uber-spiffy anyways, and will therefore force you to reply to my growing number of terrifyingly long and nonsensical reviews.
So ahahaha! I lubs the work.

Author's Response: Have I told you that I love your reviews?
They are lovely and hilarious, always makes me smile! haha.

Oh, I have a 'cathyyy charm' do I? I like the sound of that! It's late indeed, so it's okay to mess up your metaphors!

I'm glad you thought it was lovely written! (: It's a lot different from ATC, and I'm glad that the readers of that one approve of this one! :D

Oh, I would love it if JKR admitted that, Dramione 4ever. It's the best pairing ever. Ah. Well, I think we like Ron juuust as much, you and I... Not that I hate him, or anything.

I like it when you rant, haha!
Oh gosh! Flying Marshmallows! Oh no! The norm will keep coming!

Thanks for the spectacular review, hon!
- Cathy

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Review #5, by ChiiboI guess, I ought, I'm sure: I ought, I guess, I'm sure.

25th August 2009:
Eheheheh, beautiful ! Simple, but funny, cute, and subtle, and I loved it ^w^ ! Made me happy, so thank you very much!
Sorry about the short review- I just wanted to post a little something =D

Author's Response: That was not a short review Chiibo, that was a wonderful review! It is always heartwarming for me to know someone somewhere liked what i wrote; that you took the time and effort to review means more than i could express. Also, this little oneshot is very dear to my heart. I am actively involved in my novel-length fic, heir brained, but this little one shot makes me happy too :) sometimes, i'll go and read it to feel happy again, so that it made you happy too, makes me very, very ... you guessed it... happy :)

Thanks a lot,


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Review #6, by ChiiboThe Diary of Jane: March 3rd, 1976

21st August 2009:
Ooooh O.O
I really like this fic- Jane is awesome, believable, and likeable. The story itself is well-written, interesting, and- DUN DUN DUNNN...
I seriously need to know what happens next xD !
So yes, I lubs it, moremoremore! I agree o: it will be fabulous! Definitely!

Author's Response: Wow, your review has been smiling so much! I'm absolutely estatic that you like Jane so much! I agree with you; she is by far my favorite OC so far, especially because she's actually well defined and doesn't just do what I need for the plot. :P And to think someone thinks my story is well-written in a thrill in itself; comments like those make me want to write chapter five right now (I've already written chapter four, which should be up quit soon).
Ahhh, yay! Thank you for the review! :) You guys mak my day, I swear!

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Review #7, by ChiiboWelcome to the Circus : Haunting

21st August 2009:
Wow =D ! Fantastically intense. Brilliantly written! Amazing use of language, terrific action, and, I'll admit it, it's incredibly HAWT as well.
But still intense o: Hermione needs to do something about this! It's all very well and good being sexily violently mauled by Draco, but I figure she's too angry to just let this whole thing slide.. Heck, though, you're the writer, and I'm going to be drooling over this chapter until the next one's out.. At which point I will drool over that then post a long, rambly review.
Sounds like a plan! Thank you for writing this ^__~ !

Author's Response: Lmao, your very very welcome. I love reading reveiws like yours, there so enthusiastic and positive! The next chap will be up as soon as possible! Thankyou so much !

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Review #8, by ChiiboDraco, Please Don't: Stop

19th August 2009:
Wow.. I cried at the first part- then at the middle- then again somewhere in between- then again at the end, out of pure happiness that there could be a happy ending ^o^ ! I was bracing myself for a sad ending.. so thank you so much for that beautiful little up-turn note.
Written incredibly.. just written so goddamn WELL! Easily one of the very best fanfics I've ever read, from any series or anything, just.. Wowzorz xD.
And yes yes yes! I definitely enjoyed it! Sublime >0< !

Author's Response: THANK YOU!!! i love compliments from strangers about my writing lol =]
im sorry you cried though

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Review #9, by ChiiboShampoo: Chapter Ten - The End

19th August 2009:
OH MY GOD. I loved your version far more than JK's, for sure.

Harry Potter suddenly stood up.

"Look at me!" he cried. "I'm a pretty pony!"

PMSL XD I couldn't stop giggling. That and other parts. Genius! Loved every second of your incredible fic.. Literally, every second, it was just - LOLTASTIC! Gyaah! I can't do it justice xD !
Ah well. Just rest safe in the knowledge you delivered me a huge, sweet-smelling, toasty parcel of shampoo-shaped awesomeness.

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Review #10, by ChiiboNew Beginnings: Let The Games Begin!

19th August 2009:
No, really, more please. I loved it xD was funny as hell !
I likey the writing style; it's detailed in all the right places, if you get what I mean XD
i lubs it! moar, or else ! xD

Author's Response: Hahaha, yeah i wanted it to be a little funny :)
thanks for the complements, i wasnt sure if it was that good!
yeah i getcha :) thats what i wanted, just to focus on the important details and such... anywho, im just waiting for Chapter 6: Dreams and Decisions, to be validated, so check back in a week or so :) THANKS!!

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Review #11, by ChiiboI'm Already There: A Semblance of Normalcy

14th August 2009:
Please please more T.T they need to get back together! Immediately!
But still, awesome story =D tres good!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!

I'm glad you liked it.

I'll probably have more up soon... :]

Thanks so much for your feedback!


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Review #12, by ChiiboAbove the Clouds: New Years pt. 2

14th August 2009:
Okay! *deep breath* I'm ^0^ !! , btw, I just got myself a proper account xD. So yay! Now, I have capital letters at the start of sentences =D and really cool writer stuff like that xD.

So! No.1 = Massive huge fantastic hugs and yays to you! Oodles of them! Keep updating this KICK-ASS story! And quickly! No pressure, though xD.

Pansy was brilliantly portrayed, Blaise fulfilling his amusing, puppy-dog role perfectly, the fight was dramatic, and done very well ; I also LOVED LOVED LOVED the New Years countdown kiss. Beautifully written. *romantic sigh* =D

The letter; awesome! You never get overly soppy and sappy, instead making a story which sends vast amounts of happiness to my fan-girl, appreciative-of-literature heart, with PLENTY of wonderful Dramione, which you do very well o: Dramione has never been so smexy o:

*hints at added lovely make-out-ness..* But I don't need anything particularly, explicit, just well-written ^o^ Which I get in ace supply from you already, so hell, that's okay =D !
Lub it! Utterly! And I shall continue to post long rambling annoying reviews =D mwahahaha!

Author's Response: Oh, hi! Yay, me like proper accounts ;)

First of all, thanks for such a funny and cute and nice review.

I'm just wrapping up chapter 28! According to my kind of - Beta, it's the funniest one so far, so yay! But it's also.. not so funny. You'll see what I mean =)
I do, however, have a one-shot which is going to come out before this story is updated. It's a Dramione set 4 years in the future, and I hope you'll read and like it!

I'm so darn happy that you like how I've portrayed Pansy, and glad that you like Blaise(he's like my favourite character) and yay you like the fight and, ah, the kiss! I've been itching to write that kiss! :D
Thank you!

I'm glad I don't get overly soppy and sappy, lol.
Never been this smexy, you say? I'm flattered! haha.

There will be some heavy making out, I assure you! =D

Yes, please do continue to leave long, funny, rambling reviews! THEY AREN'T ANNOYING! :D

- Cathy

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Review #13, by ChiiboPrice to Pay: End of Days

14th August 2009:
Absolutely brilliant xD
Yay! Lubbed it. Very much! The ending was fantastic - hell, the whole story was awesome. Lovely, lovely Dramione, and funny too =D Thanks you very muchly for writing it!

Author's Response: yay thanks so much! So great to hear that you liked the chapter and the story, especially since the story is a, lets say, and the chapter took me a while to get right. So thanks!
and no worries--writing it was a lot a lot of fun =D I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it.

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Review #14, by ChiiboPrice to Pay: Judgement Day

14th August 2009:
KYAH! Wow.. I really, really hoped that'd happen xD Thank God! I would put a lot more, but, I'm sure the next chapter is even better.. *runs off to read it*

Author's Response: well thanks for reading and reviewing, and I hope the next chapter WAS better ;)


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Review #15, by ChiiboRoommates: Chapter Five

14th August 2009:
AUGH Dx Please let her be okay! Draco needs to get there, STAT, before anything happens Dx
But still, I love the story =D Tis interesting! Very well done, and it's well written, too, good everything.
One problem, tho.. There isn't another chapter o: you need to remedy this! xD Thank you for reading my ramblingness.

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Review #16, by ChiiboTrapped: Trapped

12th August 2009:
That was beautiful.. Very well done.. But- but- *wails* why couldn't they be together afterwards? I'm just upset here, because they had to part T.T It's unfair. Well, life isn't fair. But whatever. Still a tres, tres awesome fic. The ending is sad, but the rest.. Speshly after her confession, I lubbed. So ty. ^^

Author's Response: Ee.! Glad! :D

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Review #17, by ChiiboSweet Revenge: Not a Terribly Brilliant Idea...But Still.

12th August 2009:
:O We needs more, stat. LUBBED the kissing. Fantastic. Moremoremore, of this wonderful dramione-interaction.
*whines* Pleeease?
Have fallen in love with this fic, and draco, and possibly draco's tongue; depending on how much more you include it *evil grin*. Must have more.. T.T Thank you for writing it, and your incrediblenessity o:

Author's Response: Hahah. I will include more! PROMISE! Great review. More please! (jokes, jokes! not really.)

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Review #18, by ChiiboSweet Revenge: Warning Signs

12th August 2009:
You're a genius. Praise be. Review would be longer, but I need the next chapter.

Author's Response: Teehee, thanks!

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